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Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

page, capture, image, pages, extension, permissions, images, chrome, bug, click, fix, fixed, screenshot, full, tab

Markdown Here Chrome extension download
Markdown Here Write your email in Markdown, then make it pretty.

markdown, email, write, web, github, great, code, works, pretty, thunderbird, extension, click, render, chrome, quot

Animal Crossing Music Chrome extension download
Animal Crossing Music Play Animal Crossing's smooth background music in real-time throughout your day.

music, extension, crossing, animal, copyright, github, nintendo, project, fair, page, slider, day, weather, play, real

Grunt Devtools Chrome extension download
Grunt Devtools Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for Grunt

tasks, tools, multiple, projects, developer, gruntfile, page, installation, supports, github, chrome, extension, grunt, adding, extends

OkCupid (for the Non-Mainstream User) Chrome extension download
OkCupid (for the Non-Mainstream User) Are you using OkCupid? You should definitely be using this extension.

plugin, categories, questions, open, okcupid, page, friendly, profile, ideas, time, drugs, issues, file, demeanor, user

Web Inspector Chrome extension download
Web Inspector Have you ever wanted to know which is that stylish font used on a certain website? Or the text color used? Or have you ever wanted…

extension, page, item, font, case, click, chrome, source, wanted, web, color, inspector, url, github, element

nzbget-chrome Chrome extension download
nzbget-chrome Interact with and send NZB-files to NZBGet

download, nzbget, support, downloads, popup, nzb, show, history, click, integration, chrome, category, fixes, current, dakky

GroupMe Chrome extension download
GroupMe Allows sharing to GroupMe from desktop

groupme, messages, github, post, videos, notifications, ogg, option, links, images, previews, easier, track, added, search

showModalDialog shim Chrome extension download
showModalDialog shim A shim for showModalDialog

showmodaldialog, shim, github, chrome, issues, map, showmodaldialoggoogle, removed, web, applications, page, api, report, open, legacy

RPi-youtube Chrome extension download
RPi-youtube This extension runs youtube videos in chromium through omxplayer allowing a much smoother viewing

youtube, chromium, video, script, github, installed, viewtopic, allowing, locally, omxplayer, org, https, smoother, rpi, open

New tab URL Chrome extension download
New tab URL Redirect new tabs to a given URL.

page, chrome, extension, url, tab, simple, redirect, github, blank, report, newtab, lightweight, quot, super, default

SaltBot Chrome extension download
SaltBot This extension automates betting on

github, saltbot, extension, reconman, stuff, page, requests, betting, issues, time, support, saltybet, collect, data, google

Classic New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Classic New Tab Page Classic New Tab Page is an extension the brings back the Classic Chrome New Tab Page.

page, v1, github, issue, extension, chrome, tab, issues, locale, quot, obnoxiously, button, api, truncate, screenshots

Syncpad for Simplenote (Updated) Chrome extension download
Syncpad for Simplenote (Updated) Easy to use, yet powerful plaintext notepad for Chrome. Synchronizes with all your Chrome installations, Devices and PCs.

extension, chrome, syncpad, simplenote, github, bugs, updated, page, community, time, maintaining, fixes, project, future, https

fartscroll.js Chrome extension download
fartscroll.js This extension will load fartscroll.js from The Onion on all pages (

js, fartscroll, pages, extension, github, fart, page, covered, theonion, onion, http, farts, noises, web, scroll

SCPper Chrome extension download
SCPper Handy little thing to improve your SCP browsing experience

scp, http, branch, features, wikidot, wiki, foundation, adds, scpper, extension, creative, article, quot, branches, page

Sips Horn Chrome extension download
Sips Horn Puts the horn back in Sips

horn, page, work, kerpow, github, making, chrome, sipsthanks, puts, kerpows, reddit, contact, refreshing, continues, link

Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail Chrome extension download
Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail Add links to GitHub threads and shortcuts to your Gmail interface.

github, gmail, view, notifications, thread, visit, requires, organization, list, named, enabled, return, ctrl, label, extension

Twitter detector - detect twitter accounts Chrome extension download
Twitter detector - detect twitter accounts This extension adds a twitter icon into the url / address bar when it finds all twitter accounts for the page its on.

twitter, page, extension, github, detector, https, accounts, chrome, contribute, finds, code, detect, app, ideas, www

Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Chrome extension download
Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Allows you to navigate any paged website using the left and right keyboard keys.

keyboard, github, navigate, page, navigation, website, keys, click, turn, chrome, code, bug, left, hosted, bugs

Lovely forks Chrome extension download
Lovely forks Show notable forks of Github projects.

projects, forks, fork, extension, notable, repository, original, github, stars, effort, making, pull, request, installing, buggy

Yet Another Hints Extension Chrome extension download
Yet Another Hints Extension A simple hit-a-hint extension

hint, extension, page, ctrl, hints, elements, click, return, generates, element, pressing, bugs, writing, github, documentation

WicketSource Chrome extension download
WicketSource Adds a Developer Tools sidebar with Wicket source code location for the selected DOM element.

source, wicket, plugs, code, element, module, pages, page, jump, web, extension, chrome, created, provide, trip

Diaspora* Publisher Chrome extension download
Diaspora* Publisher Share your favourite pages with your Diaspora* friends and receive notifications directly on your browser.

added, diaspora, page, fixed, image, pod, chrome, quot, support, updated, share, options, option, markdown, language

5 minute fork Chrome extension download
5 minute fork Adds a button to GitHub pages so with one click you can view the files of the repo hosted on the web by

repo, github, clone, click, webpage, fork, extension, button, minfork, hosted, minute, chrome, files, creates, quickly

NFC Reader Extension for Win32 Chrome extension download
NFC Reader Extension for Win32 Send Felica and Mifare card ID to web pages by just clicking the button.

extension, card, page, win32, id, application, cards, github, mifare, web, felica, read, file, element, ic

Make GitHub Pages Full Width Chrome extension download
Make GitHub Pages Full Width Makes the GitHub Pull Request, Commit, and Blob pages span the full width of the browser.

github, width, page, pages, full, browser, expand, simply, developers, easier, request, commit, pull, blob, extension

GitHub - LGTM Chrome extension download
GitHub - LGTM Display LGTM on

lgtm, github, display, adds, extension, page, pr, style, count, sources, button, chrome, change, unstable, https npm badges for GitHub Chrome extension download npm badges for GitHub Display npm badges on GitHub README files for Node.js packages

github, number, readme, badges, js, nodei, node, npm, download, downloads, visit, time, published, extension, chrome

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