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WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

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Google Font Previewer for Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Font Previewer for Chrome Lets you choose a font from the Google Font directory with a few text styling options, and preview them on the current tab.

font, directory, lets, chrome, google, quickly, page, find, star, quick, preview, options, entire, fonts, styling

Font Playground Chrome extension download
Font Playground Preview your site with Google web fonts and get the css code.

fonts, font, https, extension, chrome, preview, google, web, url, settings, text, click, detail, names, selector

gooreplacer Chrome extension download
gooreplacer A replacer for google fonts/api/themes.... to load page faster!

extension, fonts, replacer, google, load, themes, chrome, api, page, faster, gooreplacer

MTG Quick Search Chrome extension download
MTG Quick Search Quickly view Magic: The Gathering cards without leaving your tab.

extension, search, cards, quick, connection, mtg, card, gathering, magic, minimal, tab, frequently, chrome, images, minutes

Huruf Chrome extension download
Huruf Allows you to set the font and size of Arabic text, making it easy to read.

font, arabic, huruf, text, written, licensed, fonts, set, ofl, sil, language, read, quot, images, extension

CreativeStart Chrome extension download
CreativeStart Start page / New Tab for Creative People and Web Designers: every time one new Royalty Free Photo and Google Font to discover!

free, discover, resources, creative, google, random, page, tab, font, designers, royalty, photo, download, extension, people

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