Best Google Play Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total google play plugins - 11
Desktop Notifications for Android Chrome extension download
Desktop Notifications for Android Receive Android notifications in your browser.

android, chrome, phone, store, feedback, google, firefox, app, extension, notifications, hcilab, org, desktop, messenger, facebook

Direct APK Downloader Chrome extension download
Direct APK Downloader Download free APK files from Google Play Store

apk, chrome, play, download, google, visit, extensions, downloader, extension, free, files, storedirect, androidappsapk, https, information

Music Plus for Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Music Plus for Google Play Music Music Plus adds controls, notifications, support, downloading, global keyboard shortcuts, and lyrics to Google Play Music.

extension, music, fm, google, http, play, lyrics, donate, notifications, adampash, mini, player, support, control, userscripts

Tower Ghost for Destiny Chrome extension download
Tower Ghost for Destiny Formerly known as DIV. This app allows you to transfer items between profiles, with various filters.

filter, store, app, transfer, items, auto, windows, issues, extension, xp, gun, towerghostfordestiny, personal, stats, characters

Android SDK Search Chrome extension download
Android SDK Search Adds an 'ad' omnibox command and view source links for the Android SDK.

source, support, android, links, google, search, add, gt, code, sdk, developer, view, link, class, reference

Sales Prospecting - Datanyze Insider Chrome extension download
Sales Prospecting - Datanyze Insider One tool to research accounts, build prospect lists and find email addresses. Integrates with CRM and sales communication platforms.

version, popup, support, live, added, search, email, insider, sales, salesforce, datanyze, bubble, mobile, indicator, window

Google Play Scrobbler Chrome extension download
Google Play Scrobbler Scrobbles songs from Google Play to

play, keyboard, shortcuts, issues, page, google, scrobbles, github, extension, scrobbler, chrome, toggle, song, quot, icon

scroblr Chrome extension download
scroblr A lightweight scrobbler that scrobbles the music you listen to on the web.

fm, music, scroblr, internet, listen, magazine, rhapsody, songza, somafm, sndtst, time, track, order, lightweight, services

Music Bubbles Chrome extension download
Music Bubbles Floating quick controls for Google Play Music

google, play, quick, music, extension, bubble, tutorial, bubbles, tab, control, song, github, location, hide, controls

Play Music Lyrics Fetcher Chrome extension download
Play Music Lyrics Fetcher View your song's lyrics on Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, Rdio, Pandora, Deezer, Superplayer, etc.

support, lyrics, music, fetcher, source, youtube, erichlotto, deezer, github, play, accuradio, superplayer, google, rdio, iheartradio

SnapPea Photos Chrome extension download
SnapPea Photos A very fast way to access photos on your Android phone.

photos, snappea, extension, chrome, google, terms, install, privacy, play, service, http, app, www, store, mobile

Proper Menubar Chrome extension download
Proper Menubar Add the black menubar below the address bar. To get easy and fast access to all your Google products.

google, option, bar, menubar, black, add, browser, change, chrome, great, project, drop, proper, https, extension

1Mobile Downloader Chrome extension download
1Mobile Downloader Over 800,000 free APK files direct download.

download, apk, app, google, devices, play, file, downloader, mobile, direct, websites, url, link, users, files

APK Downloader Appsofto Chrome extension download
APK Downloader Appsofto Direct Download APK from Google Play with chrome extensions, 100% SAFE

apk, play, download, chrome, extension, google, downloader, android, device, fastest, computer, appsofto, direct, files, safedirect

Play Plants vs Zombies 2 Chrome extension download
Play Plants vs Zombies 2 Plants vs Zombies 2 - start playing by clicking the little button in the top right corner of the browser.

zombies, play, plants, app, apple, published, games, worldwide, popcap, top, developed, button, game, video, tower

Play Store Reviews Chrome extension download
Play Store Reviews Get all your Play Store Reviews in a JSON file, packaged in a zip container.

extension, reviews, app, play, file, button, zip, chrome, store, page, list, review, logged, browser, json

Torch Music Chrome extension download
Torch Music Play Torch Music

music, torch, friends, play, listen, free, start, library, playlists, store, ios, version, coming, stay, continue

Chrome Battery Status Chrome extension download
Chrome Battery Status Chrome battery status works with all your android devices so you can see their battery status and get alerts when they are low.

battery, android, status, store, chrome, devices, desktop, level, quot, play, loopsuite, current, app, drops, notifications - Website Remote Control Chrome extension download - Website Remote Control Control the sites you love remotely with

mote, io, control, youtube, extension, vimeo, rdio, hype, machine, tunein, google, play, music, web, spotify

Google Play Music Tab Close Alarm Chrome extension download
Google Play Music Tab Close Alarm When listening to music, you'll get a warning before you close the Play Music Tab. Never accidentally close it again.

close, music, play, extension, tab, privacy, statement, google, accidentally, abort, chance, gist, raw, give, warn

CastImage for Chrome Chrome extension download
CastImage for Chrome Share images on a Chromecast

castimage, images, chrome, image, extension, google, cast, entry, snapshot, play, file, current, tab, store, local

Google Music Equalizer Chrome extension download
Google Music Equalizer An audio visualizer and website color transformation for Google Play Music. Features 6 different themes

visualizer, color, music, equalizer, extension, audio, bar, app, play, change, version, options, chrome, transformation, features

Lyria for Google Play (TM) Music Chrome extension download
Lyria for Google Play (TM) Music Displays lyrics for the current song in Google Play (TM) Music

lyrics, extension, google, tm, github, play, service, quot, contributors, current, music, integrate, installation, preferably, loaded

Recipe Folder Chrome extension download
Recipe Folder Save Recipes to your Recipe-Folder Account

recipe, folder, app, mobile, store, recipes, website, extension, computer, device, save, phone, print, itunes, hundreds

DeskPhone Chrome extension download
DeskPhone SMS from your PC using your Android Phone number

phone, deskphone, android, computer, google, receive, call, sms, time, chrome, app, note, send, application, rating

MiniPlay Chrome extension download
MiniPlay Control Google Music, Pandora, and Spotify with a popup and keyboard shortcuts.

v0, miniplay, music, google, support, tabs, fm, notifications, play, rich, popup, chrome, settings, requires, shortcuts

@Voice Add To List Chrome extension download
@Voice Add To List Add the current article to @Voice Aloud Reader Android app reading list

voice, list, google, android, app, articles, chrome, hyperionics, trashed, store, reading, article, drive, files, desktop

Speedy Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Speedy Google Play Music This extension adds css and js to make Google Play Music faster and better

google, css, music, extension, play, faster, adds, js, chrome, parts, remove, slow, shadows, javascript, data

HTML5 Audio Tag Sound Effects Chrome extension download
HTML5 Audio Tag Sound Effects 10 Band Graphic Equalizer/Chorus/Delay/Reverb

video, audio, tag, click, page, google, delay, html5, chorus, chrome, left, effects, play, sound, equalizer

GrooveOrca Chrome extension download
GrooveOrca GrooveOrca allows you to add features to Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music or Microsoft Groove. * Scrobble your plays from your…

grooveorca, play, display, article, extension, control, player, fr, add, scrobble, previous, media, music, pause, source

Reach Chrome extension download
Reach Reach your phone

reach, phone, communication, messages, text, reachmyphone, history, send, number, extension, easier, android, device, google, feature

Play To Cafe Bazaar Chrome extension download
Play To Cafe Bazaar Simply find Google Play apps and games in Cafebazaar

extension, find, play, google, games, apps, chrome, bazaar, cafe, simply, cafebazaarwith, install

FriendlyVox Chrome extension download
FriendlyVox Ozvu?ený portál, kde mají nevidomí p?ednost.

ch, port, na, en, nevidom, ji, friendlyvox, je, kter, ce, lu, ozvu, chrome, nab, google

Web Search Menu Chrome extension download
Web Search Menu The most convenient way to use the most popular search engines. Available a mouse context menu and a drop-down menu for searching.

search, menu, extension, web, chrome, great, engines, shortcuts, access, convenient, tab, type, store, drop, types

Battery Genie Chrome extension download
Battery Genie Battery Genie enables you to see the battery status of all your devices, and receive low battery alerts on your desktop.

battery, devices, device, app, chrome, level, phone, pc, alerts, download, mac, check, extension, alert, status

Match Audio Chrome extension download
Match Audio Match Audio makes sharing from music services better.

music, google, sharing, match, rdio, deezer, click, youtube, sites, inline, groove, share, extension, itunes, audio

Play Music Remote - Client Chrome extension download
Play Music Remote - Client Client script that connects to an external server, allowing control of Google Play Music(TM).

google, music, control, gmail, play, version, quot, tm, url, library, chrome, remote, https, client, paid

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Keyboard shortcuts for Google Play Music Keyboard shortcuts for Google Play Music.

chrome, commands, music, play, keyboard, shortcuts, google, github, quot, websites, access, permission, requiring, avoid, functionality

URL2QR Chrome extension download
URL2QR This extension generates a QR code for the current tab's URL.

qr, code, mobile, barcode, store, extension, url, free, quot, chrome, share, offline, current, codes, app

Playstore Apps List Chrome extension download
Playstore Apps List Create custom apps lists in google playstore and install them in one click

apps, install, google, create, list, playstore, store, play, extension, custom, lists, chrome, clicklet, click

Play Movies Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Play Movies Fullscreen This extension will play movies on in the full window.

movies, extension, player, play, space, quot, watch, movie, fullscreen, lot, don, window, weird, small, mode

Remote for Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Remote for Google Play Music Enables devices using the app to remotely activate the Google Play Music player controls.

play, google, music, remotely, mobile, app, extension, http, remote, providing, access, laptop, actions, start, email

Clean Copy Chrome extension download
Clean Copy Copy URLs from sites like Youtube and Amazon without all of the junk. Makes it nice for linking people in EMails or IM without URL…

sites, pages, custom, chrome, google, github, play, added, youtube, copy, im, emails, people, fork, optimizations

Go to Tablet Chrome extension download
Go to Tablet This extension permites send your present url to an android device.

extension, device, code, web, computer, android, tablet, url, present, send, app, put, site, visualizing, install

S-Vault Chrome extension download
S-Vault Use your fingerprint enabled Samsung device to automatically fill in passwords on any web site!

password, vault, passwords, device, extension, fingerprint, encryption, browser, keyboard, samsung, app, internet, rsa, icon, enabled

GLaunch Chrome extension download
GLaunch GLaunch is a simple extension that provides a popup panel linking to various Google services - Chrome Extension.

google, service, search, services, chrome, extension, panel, glaunch, https, design, icons, quickly, play, version, rights

Play Genius Chrome extension download
Play Genius Adds lyrics from Genius to Google Play Music

v1, lyrics, open, button, play, music, themes, google, extension, genius, queue, elegant, icon, displaying, menu

gMusic Chrome extension download
gMusic Control Google Play Music with a browser extension.

music, cheese, marmite, google, chrome, extension, coding, love, tabs, open, update, meeting, button, talk, pauses

Sendroid Chrome extension download
Sendroid Easily share text or link from browser to android device.

sendroid, browser, device, android, app, text, id, click, store, extension, link, registration, share, setting, visit

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