Best Google Translate Chrome Extension Alternatives

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划词翻译 Chrome extension download
划词翻译 划词翻译(可划长句),使用Baidu提供API,多语言支持,终身免费。

automatic translating, translate ex, baidu api, g translate ex, first time, google api, app, language translating, top right corner, , dianjifzm gmail, google translate ex, google translate

Omnibox Google Translate Chrome extension download
Omnibox Google Translate Quick access to Google Translate from Omnibox

specify default languages, ru en, address bar ctrl, address bar omnibox, google translate languages, translate text, google translate, reverted languages, select address bar, translate current page, supported english french dutch spanish italian, translate current page use, additional language pairs, translate text simple command, en ru

GTranslate Chrome extension download
GTranslate RightClick google translate

translate, google translate, selected text, chromes, app, spam agreed, item, rightclick google translate, default language, google, option page, chromes context menu

Google Translate Chrome extension download
Google Translate View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.

highlight text, click text, entire page, every time, google translate, view translations, privacy policy, extension options, translations easily, visiting click, automatically show translation, google translate team, google terms, translate icon, change extension options, browser toolbar

Smart Translate Chrome extension download
Smart Translate Your smartest multi language translator.

searched word, suggest relevant phrases, multiple languages, auto detect, smart translate uses, show dictionary entry, multi language translator, translate words, current language, smart translate, google translate

Flashcards for Google Dictionary/Translate Chrome extension download
Flashcards for Google Dictionary/Translate Flashcards extension for Google Dictionary & Google Translate

article title, google translate users, save button, contextual sentences definition, google dictionary, dictionary google translate, article title clicking, flashcards extension, google dictionary google translate, google, contextual sentences, google translate

Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps Chrome extension download
Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps Look up Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Google Maps, and Oxford American Dictionary.

translate word, wikipedia wiktionary, background resources, whole text, manually change, oxford american dictionary, google translate, context menu, options page, wikipedia wiktionary google translate google maps, google maps, american dictionary, many similar extensions, word text address, mouse cursor, open chrome

Translate Selected Text Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text Translate selected text with Google Translate

google inc, google translate app, translate selected text, google translate, selected text, google translate whenever, extension context menu, final user knows, source code, context menu, extension context, translate selected text beta selected text, web pages, chrome web store, beta version

Popuplike-window Translator Chrome extension download
Popuplike-window Translator In a translation window like a popup, Translate selected text with Google Translate.

translate texts, google translate, jp anznet program t4j, call translate form, delete toolbar icon, change locale codes, press context menu, context menu, extention use localstorage, translate window, context menu xx, popup translate, chrome extensions simple

Context Menu for Google Translate (To Arabic) Chrome extension download
Context Menu for Google Translate (To Arabic) Adds a right-click menu item that makes it easy to translate selected text in Google Translate to Arabic ™.

translate, click menu item, translate selected text, text, arabic, rightclick menu item, easy translate, google translate

Omnibox Translator Chrome extension download
Omnibox Translator Use the omnibox for quick translations. Syntax: tr fromLanguage toLanguage text0 text1 text3 ... textN

write dot, active tab, tr fromlanguage tolanguage text0, google translate page, extension uses, tr fromlanguage tolanguage text0 text1 text3, simplify translations, write tr, google translate service, google translate, quick translations

Quick Translate Chrome extension download
Quick Translate Automatically translate selected text or text under cursor by Google Translate or Yandex Translate (other services comming soon)

push ctrl, yandex translate, simple usage, dont forget, restart browser, chrome webstore pages, installing extension options, reload early opened pages, similar extensions doesnt work, google translate

TransOver Chrome extension download
TransOver Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech). Translator.

fix web components deprecation warnings, translation popup showing, translate word, text selection translate, translate popup, option autodetect, fix broken translation, translation popup, google translate api, change google translate api url, don show, selection translation, change default autodetect method, fix translation popup, fix broken popup, chrome page translation, fix selection translation, don translate, fix showing, prevent chrome page translation tool, google api, word translation, showing translation, text selection, selection translation popup, options page, owa new email form, google translate api rate limit, fix xss security issue, show type, fix broken, show popup, language autodetect, language options, fix chrome, fix api, use speech synthesis api, translate selection, language option

Popup Translate Chrome extension download
Popup Translate A lightweight translation tool giving you a hotkey to translate words or phrases without leaving the page.

hit alt, google translate breaks, english youll, set spanish, translate words, young bull industries, lightweight translation tool, english speakers, young bull icon, page youre reading, option translate text, young bull, nonnative english speakers

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Chrome extension download
Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Provides keyboard shortcuts in the Google Translate™ page.

lang list source alt, source listen alt shift, keyboard shortcuts, google translate page, translate shift, lang swap, lang list, ncccwd qrsgbw vauyqm sxyapx kpxv6h, result listen alt, translate button, source input alt, shift l, options page, indexed button, alt shift key, shift, translate page

Select & translate - context menu Chrome extension download
Select & translate - context menu Context menu to translate selected text

translate selected text, click context menu, handy rightclick context menu, chromebased browsers, browsers action bar, based browsers, minor bug fixes, options dialog, options dialog added support, context menu, select translate context menu, translate xxx xxx, select translate, selected text, google translate

Helper for Google+ Chrome extension download
Helper for Google+ Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts with TTS (Text To Speech). Share Posts via twitter.…

translate posts, update chrome extensions, update chrome, notification sound, public google posts, bookmark posts, tts notification options, page action icon, search search, delicious share posts, extension icon options, fast ttsnotification options, share posts, chrome manifestversion, google translate, share google posts, google posts, chrome bookmark google posts, google update, translate link, google profile bookmark posts

Translate Italian to English Chrome extension download
Translate Italian to English Translate an Italian page to English

select translate italian, translate, extension enables, italian page, quickly translate, select, simply navigate, context menu, translate italian, page

Select Translator Chrome extension download
Select Translator Online Google English-Chinese Translate Context Menu Add-in.

online google english chinese translate context menu add, google, online google, englishchinese translate context menu add

Translate Chinese Simplified to English Chrome extension download
Translate Chinese Simplified to English Translate a Chinese Simplified page to English

translate chinese simplified page, extension enables, translate, quickly translate, select, simply navigate, context menu, chinese simplified, page, select translate chinese simplified, translate chinese

Translate Japanese to English Chrome extension download
Translate Japanese to English Translate a Japanese page to English

extension enables, translate, quickly translate, select translate japanese, select, simply navigate, japanese page, context menu, translate japanese page, page

Translate German to English Chrome extension download
Translate German to English Translate a German page to English

extension enables, translate, translate german page, quickly translate, select, simply navigate, select translate german, context menu, german page, page

Translate selection Chrome extension download
Translate selection Translate selected text

translate, translate selected text, chrome webstore, select, translate text fragments, works, text, translate selection, translate selection let, select text

Translator Chrome extension download
Translator Translate selected or entered text

yellow right part, translate web page method, required web page press, required text, translate web page, extensions button, extension button, translate foreign texts, autodetect source language, use translate toolbar, selected text, translate foreign, translate selected, web page, method press, default target language, translate text method, press translate, foreign web page, text selected text

Translate Selected Text 2 Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text 2 Translate selected text with Google Translator

translate text selected, github selected, translate selected text, long answers, selected text, header footer, original translator interface, every time translator, google translator, unnecessary components, toolbar button, translator interface, pull request, rewrite whole extension, send issue, easy access

Instant Translate Pro: Select and Translate Chrome extension download
Instant Translate Pro: Select and Translate Translation, text-to-speech, transliteration on pages and in the pop-up for 100+ languages.

translations translate, menu set, context menu set, screen unpin, instant translate pro, enter highlight, pronounciation browse, text fragment, translation text, key combinations, translation listen, languages unpin, contact insttranslate

Quickrr Translator Chrome extension download
Quickrr Translator Easily Translate Text

translation chrome, fran ais galician, lietuvi kai macedonian, free translation chrome extension making use, nederlands english estonian eesti filipino finnish, espa ol swahili, google translate api, slovenian sloven ina spanish, chrome productivity extensions, rom n russian, portugu s romanian, google translate, quickrr translator

myVocabu Chrome extension download
myVocabu Translate, learn and train words from foreign languages

mongol kele myanmar, fran ais galician, m ng hungarian, translation page added, bahasa melayu malayalam, google page, krey l ayisyen hausa, te reo mori marathi, basa jawi kannada, translate words, added ability, languages hausa igbo maori, workout chrome, google translate, bahasa indonesia irish

Auto-Translate Chrome extension download
Auto-Translate Automatically translate selection/mouseover text by google translate

several seconds, unfamiliar word, translate selection mouseover text, instant text, unfamiliar languages, auto translate pro, translate text, instant text translation, simple work, particular unfamiliar word, foreign language, selectionmouseover text, auto translate, word means

Cool Tooltip Dictionary 14 Chrome extension download
Cool Tooltip Dictionary 14 영어, 일어, 중어, 한자 단어 또는 문장에 마우스를 올리면 툴팁 사전이 뜹니다.

pdf esc, alt f1, alt , caps lock, pdf viewer pdf, ch ch, pdf, woops popup, cooltooltip translate, pdf pdf, left alt, ctrl alt, cool tooltip translate, enable translate

Translate Anywhere Chrome extension download
Translate Anywhere You can translate sentences that you select on the web page into various languages. You can also translate the whole page.

translate, icon displayed, english chinese korean french german italian spanish, web page, languages, upper right corner, various languages, context menu, whole page, translate sentences

Go Translate Chrome extension download
Go Translate Translation Plug-in from CDAC-GIST

translate website dynamically, plug, fly, click, translate website, cdacgist, cdac gist, translation plug, button

Translate Chinese Traditional to English Chrome extension download
Translate Chinese Traditional to English Translate a Chinese Traditional page to English

extension enables, translate, quickly translate, chinese traditional, select, simply navigate, context menu, select translate chinese traditional, chinese traditional page, translate chinese traditional page, page

Kindle Optimizer Chrome extension download
Kindle Optimizer Adds instant Google Search and Translate functionality to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

note edit note title, note title, design delete highlight title, kindle optimizer, kindle optimizer helps, search text, instance translate text, instant google search, kindle cloud reader, search translate, current design delete, instance copy text, google search, kindle cloud reader account, chrome web store, google translate

Translate Selection Chrome extension download
Translate Selection Translate the selected text!

translate, press context menu translate, click press context menu translate, select, last time, text, click, recognizes, want, translated text, selected text

GlotDict Chrome extension download
GlotDict Improve the workflow on

translate, wordpress, glotdict extension implements, translate plugins themes wordpress, org, workflow, related projects, translate plugins, many new features

1 Click Translator Chrome extension download
1 Click Translator Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

translation popup, google translate api, second language click translator v7, support translation, fix translation issues click translator, big translator apis , support click translator, fix translate, translate api, fix translation issues add, click translator, fix translation issues, google reader layout, fix issue, issue extension, click translator v7, language click translator, add support, increasedecrease font size, click translator v6, langs support click translator v8, new themes

Myanmar Translate Chrome extension download
Myanmar Translate Automatically translate selection/mouseover text by Ornagai translate

usage simply select text, ornagai api, ornagai api www, automatically translate selection mouseover text, text, myanmar, english automatically, ornagai, selectionmouseover text, ornagai translate, translated text, double clicking, translate english

Quick Translate Chrome extension download
Quick Translate This extension provides quick translation of selected texts

force translation source language, inputs textarea input, quick translation, destination language, added text, page translate, browser action button, google translate whenever, browser action, added ctrl, shift button, options page, source language, show translation, translation source language

Yandex Translate Chrome extension download
Yandex Translate Installs a context menu item to translate selected text using Yandex Translate service.

translate, translate selected text, select, page open context menu, installs context menu item, selected text translated, new tab, installs, context menu item, click translate, open context menu, yandex, yandex button, yandex translate service

Simple Translator Chrome extension download
Simple Translator A simple tool that helps to translate texts from web pages by using More details at…

outil est, st pour les intimes, la complicit tue donc, dans les pages web, web pages, translate existe d j dans, un clic droit et choisir, la traduction de, sur le site, appuyant sur le site www, ou st, onglet avec le site de google translate, st le, st le r utilise afin, dans la, de traduction, textes dans les pages, a fonctionne complexity kills

Quick Research Chrome extension download
Quick Research Allows you to make quick research without making a new tab

added settings menu added, copy link address, settings menu, default mode, context menu, suggestions popup search, youtube google, google search, translate bug, iframe size, youtube search, search suggestions, added settings menu, translate tab, link address, use source code

Translation on selection Chrome extension download
Translation on selection Manipulation, language translation and speak any html selection range on webpage using Goole Translate and Google TTS service.

translation popup, multiple versions target, messages en, freeze key, press tts key, source language, user settings change realtime, google tts service, experimental google tts voice, html selection range, language html atribute, source target language, delete popup, selection range, popup contains style, tts key, translate key, translate selection, language translation, smooth color difference source, language html, click width

MHX Wiki Translator Chrome extension download
MHX Wiki Translator Translate armor skill names and other data on Japanese language wikis for Monster Hunter Cross.

monster hunter cross, japanese language monster hunter cross, translate armor skill names, japanese language wikis, new wikis, translate parts, useful links, information sites, translate armor, armor set, chrome menu

Word Translator Chrome extension download
Word Translator Look up and translate the word under your mouse to your native language. Can work with Phonetically Intuitive English (PIE).

translate, intuitive english, show word pronunciation, native language, phonetically intuitive english pie project, look, word translator, google translate, phonetically intuitive english pie, word

Readlang Web Reader Chrome extension download
Readlang Web Reader Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.

create flashcards, translate webpages, short story, read websites, short story sites, learning translate words, learn foreign language, translate words, language learning, ll create flashcards, word lists, learn language, open readlang, effective way

Google Search Preview Chrome extension download
Google Search Preview Google Search Preview

ricerca di google web, nei risultati della ricerca, ricerca non esitate nel, aggiungere feature espandere il servizio su, google search preview, di ricerca, della ricerca, google search, della pagina, ricerca di google, il servizio su altri, un anteprima della pagina, add thumbnails, google translate, google search web

Translator Chrome extension download
Translator Translates selected text into opted language.

dropdown list, preferred language, specific part, make use, absolutely required, translate texts frequently, line translation, translator icon, another language, translate specific, please use, specific word

SweDic (Swedish - English Dictionary) Chrome extension download
SweDic (Swedish - English Dictionary) Swedish - English Dictionary by look up at The People's Dictionary.

instant audio player, extra links, people dictionary, online dictionary, click play sound, english dictionary extension, english dictionary, add popup, select word click extension, type ctrl, word click extension translate, add ctrl, swedishenglish language learner, type word, dictionary cannot search, google translate, add extra links

Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension download
Replies and more for Google+ Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

author links, adds reply, adds extra functionality, shiftenter submit, additional sharing options, extra functionality, google comments, post adds, replytoauthor buttons, local language translate, plusissueslist itll ask, easy mentions

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