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ADV Tab Manager Chrome extension download
ADV Tab Manager Manage your too many open tabs in chrome effectively.

tabs, tab, manager, manage, chrome, features, adv, search, resource, click, great, developer, extra, tool, extension

Trellists: Trello Lists Master Chrome extension download
Trellists: Trello Lists Master Allow to hide and show lists at Trello's boards.

lists, list, bar, trello, extension, board, implemented, status, top, fixed, menu, updates, page, show, lot

three.js inspector Chrome extension download
three.js inspector Three.js Inspector is an extension to inspect three.js page. It allow to interact with almost all three.js demos out there.

js, debug, work, tool, parameters, inspector, extension, fine, demo, strong, great, understand, chrome, inspect, love

Designer Tools Chrome extension download
Designer Tools A set of useful tools including eyedropper and ruler for web designers, frontend developers, etc. Will add more tools later.

tools, chrome, web, support, color, http, github, ruler, picker, developers, annotation, extension, features, chromedesignertools, changelog

Falcon Chrome extension download
Falcon Learn about anyone, anywhere.

quot, social, details, hovering, tool, falcon, browser, dreamed, google, learn, slideshare, names, chrome, extension, angellist

TWF Buy Box Scope BETA Chrome extension download
TWF Buy Box Scope BETA Displays Category and Best Seller Rank At Top of Amazon Product Page w/ Calculation of All Buy Box Eligible FBA Sellers

box, buy, fba, category, sellers, displays, page, amazon, top, rank, price, wholesale, sourcing, oa, save

Vocabulary in Context Chrome extension download
Vocabulary in Context Save vocabulary in its context and review them later. A highly efficient tool to improve vocabulary when learning foreign language.

words, vocabulary, review, mac, context, extension, browser, tool, works, learning, cloud, command, url, articles, ctrl

Datacruit - LinkedIn Advanced Sourcer Chrome extension download
Datacruit - LinkedIn Advanced Sourcer Datacruit - LinkedIn Advanced Sourcer

save, visited, profiles, advanced, time, linkedin, search, amount, significant, straight, candidates, evaluation, great, bookmark, plugin

Games For Kids Chrome extension download
Games For Kids Only the very best games for kids, safe, cool, play online in your Chrome browser!

games, kids, skills, online, language, math, chrome, school, elementary, educational, science, ve, place, great, building

RightSpeed for YouTube Chrome extension download
RightSpeed for YouTube Great tool for easily adjusting the speed of YouTube videos, at YOUR speed, the RIGHT speed.

speed, rate, extension, youtube, video, great, videos, rightspeed, motion, advantages, double, tuning, highly, slow, switch

Open Graph Inspector Chrome extension download
Open Graph Inspector Opens up a popup after submitting the current URL to Facebook's open graph object debugger

graph, og, chrome, open, debug, url, popup, inspector, hosted, facebook, pages, give, results, page, web

URL Uncover for Chrome Chrome extension download
URL Uncover for Chrome Uncover any short url including, and more with ease

url, link, chrome, click, uncover, short, great, tool, find, real, button, addon, hiding, icon, simple

SORC'D Web Clipper Chrome extension download
SORC'D Web Clipper Capture and Recall Snippets of Relevant Content important to you!

information, content, employees, capture, recall, snippets, business, hours, pitching, estimated, searching, online, relevant, important, chrome

Twitter Unfollow All Chrome extension download
Twitter Unfollow All Allows you to unfollow many users on Twitter with a simple click

unfollow, twitter, people, follow, users, button, click, simple, tool, great, sites, network, ratio, accounts, social

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