Best Hand Gestures Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total hand gestures plugins - 0
Leap Motion Integration (Beta) Chrome extension download
Leap Motion Integration (Beta) Enables hand gestures with LeapMotionā„¢ for browsing the web.

extension, chrome, hand, leapmotion, tab, page, move, quot, gestures, open, left, integration, device, beta, finger

PG Chrome extension download
PG Point Grab Gesture Control

gesture, pointgrab, control, picture, facebook, extension, grab, computer, hand, availability, distance, gestures, volume, pause, youtube

Yoda - Gesture control Chrome extension download
Yoda - Gesture control Feel like a Jedi! Control your browser using hand gestures

extension, control, yoda, obi, websites, favourite, browse, stage, chrome, kenobi, development, gestures, hand, wan, mouse

AudioScroll Extension Chrome extension download
AudioScroll Extension Scroll the page using hand gestures that are detected by a doppler speaker/microphone process

extension, scroll, speaker, microphone, hand, pages, detected, doppler, audio, github, click, tone, gestures, page, source

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