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TooManyTabs for Chrome Chrome extension download
TooManyTabs for Chrome Manage your tabs, improve your browsing, and maintain your sanity when you have many tabs open.

tabs, tab, http, chrome, toomanytabs, gl, goo, google, license, tmt, firefox, closed, restore, custom, developed

VoiceNote II - Speech to text Chrome extension download
VoiceNote II - Speech to text Typing with your voice and speech recognition. Simple and functional notepad.

speech, chrome, voicenote, extension, http, vmdybq, notepad, voice, app, simple, located, text, typing, gl, goo

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) Chrome extension download
Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) Handy extensions, applications & themes manager.

extensions, manager, extension, applications, gl, sensitive, policies, personal, goo, privacy, http, handle, enable, data, disable

Neater Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Neater Bookmarks A neater bookmarks tree popup.

bookmarks, quot, extension, http, search, chrome, gl, neater, goo, extensions, gmail, os, address, issues, neat

FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager Chrome extension download
FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager Need simple session management? Several users on the same Chrome? FreshStart is a simple cross browser session manager.

session, sessions, windows, save, multiple, freshstart, http, gl, tabs, click, simple, merge, goo, window, allowing

Announcify Chrome extension download
Announcify Listen to your web

announcify, extension, chrome, http, tired, reads, listen, eyes, google, relax, quot, handy, goo, gl, kariem Instant Dictionary Chrome extension download Instant Dictionary Dictionary Bubble (Instant Dictionary): quickly lookup word definitions with audio pronunciation as you browse the web.

dictionary, word, goodwordguide, bubble, instant, lookup, extension, definition, web, chrome, click, definitions, report, google, tabs

TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator Chrome extension download
TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator A new way to navigate your tabs. Easily access most used tabs, associated tabs, and closed tabs. Allows tab locking too.

tabs, tab, tabjump, http, gl, chrome, goo, restore, closed, manager, jump, frequently, molly, closing, license

Reverse Youtube Playlist Chrome extension download
Reverse Youtube Playlist Add a button on Youtube to reverse the order of playlists.

youtube, playlist, order, http, gl, extension, created, scroll, adding, goo, en, reverse, report, compatible, work

VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Chrome extension download
VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Open YouTube videos in VLC.

vlc, extension, video, find, youtube, doom, streams, controls, http, console, interface, icon, ctrl, shift, open

Skyload - Download of music and video Chrome extension download
Skyload - Download of music and video Download music and video: Facebook, SoundCloud, Vimeo, VK, Yandex.Music, Odnoklassniki and more, from 99.9% sites

download, video, skyload, extension, music, files, facebook, manager, vk, file, size, features, vimeo, audio, http

Scroll To Top Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Scroll to top and vice versa in a window.

top, gl, scrolling, scroll, http, page, version, mouse, key, keyboard, goo, bar, home, tiring, experience

Native URL Shortener Chrome extension download
Native URL Shortener The smart URL shortener that shortens your links natively, providing you official short links.

shortener, http, quot, shorten, url, link, links, native, short, official, data, extension, gl, goo, websites

cookies.txt Chrome extension download
cookies.txt Exports your cookies super fast in a format compatible with wget

cookies, extension, chrome, download, tld, file, compatible, format, github, version, paypal, http, goo, txt, abandoned

Referer Control Chrome extension download
Referer Control Support direct link!

extension, chrome, http, jp, support, hoge, referer, background, manifest, version2, control, bikegekacbblppaohcnibbaohnihpjca, direct, link, kage

memeticon Chrome extension download
memeticon When u dn't know how 2 say what u want 2 say, say't by memes.

fb, clipboard, copy, simple, ctrl, mantained, chrome, extension, paste, img, http, emotitext, red, goo, post

Circloscope Free (Inactives+) Chrome extension download
Circloscope Free (Inactives+) The NEW Circloscope is LIVE! Click on the Circloscope icon to try the NEW product for FREE!

circloscope, goo, gl, free, icon, extension, inactives, chrome, product, http, mhwhii, click, live

Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+) Chrome extension download
Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+) The NEW Circloscope is LIVE! Click on the Circloscope icon to try the NEW product for FREE!

circloscope, goo, gl, free, icon, extension, uncirclers, chrome, product, http, mfmu4v, click, live

History Search Chrome extension download
History Search Quickly search through your browsing history from the Omnibox.

search, quickly, paste, http, easy, type, opening, gl, browsing, chrome, papercuts, save, sync, goo, notes

ChocoChip - Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
ChocoChip - Cookie Manager Fast, easy-to-use cookie manager.

cookies, chrome, domain, cookie, manager, current, store, web, goo, feedback, rating, easy, extension, fast, chocochip

KAT UI - Kickass Torrents Special Chrome extension download
KAT UI - Kickass Torrents Special Improved user interface of KickassTorrents (kat).

ui, extension, kat, http, torrents, improved, pirate, hides, tag, bay, cloud, goo, suggestions, kickass, special

Backtick Chrome extension download
Backtick Powerful commands in your browser.

backtick, extension, http, chrome, development, store, powerful, web, buying, license, goo, gl, scripts, continued, explanation

Remove from Feed Button for YouTube Chrome extension download
Remove from Feed Button for YouTube Easily remove items from your YouTube subscription feed with a single click

gl, http, goo, feed, youtube, single, https, videos, remove, subscription, github, coffee, button, follow, updates

Google URL Shortener Chrome extension download
Google URL Shortener Google Shortener is a lightweight and quick extension that allow anyone to quickly shorten any URL

url, shortener, extension, quickly, shorten, google, goo, gl, quick, lightweight, short, copy, service, website, current

Die2Nite Agent Chrome extension download
Die2Nite Agent A set of tools and utilities for Die2Nite zombie survival game.

die2nite, extension, game, map, set, chrome, quot, external, http, applications, remember, zombie, gl, goo, survival

Reddit UpVoter Chrome extension download
Reddit UpVoter Upvote everything on the page

extension, single, arrow, page, goo, reddit, version, http, stress, syndrome, quot, automate, votes, updated, leaner

AweSci - Science Everyday Chrome extension download
AweSci - Science Everyday is a one-man science magazine where you can learn one new thing everyday - no more, no less.

science, awesci, everyday, chrome, topics, cover, aren, http, appeal, extension, app, appealing, space, fascinating, aspects

Wget GUI Light Chrome extension download
Wget GUI Light Add to context menu for links, images and media option for sending url to "Wget GUI Light". Check "Settings" before use!

gl, quot, goo, light, gui, sending, option, chrome, media, extension, images, add, links, context, menu

YMP One Click Installer Chrome extension download
YMP One Click Installer Install software using one click installer link on openSUSE

install, chrome, click, installer, software, extension, chromium, changelog, works, gl, minor, gflefk, work, link, users

Humans.txt Chrome extension download
Humans.txt Show humans.txt for the current website, if it exists (see

humans, txt, google, update, extension, http, text, website, chrome, icon, matmuchrapna, https, quot, remove, feedback

Hybris EDT Woot - Chrome extension download
Hybris EDT Woot - AutoWoot Hybris EDT Woot for

woot, edt, auto, http, features, plug, show, awaiting, time, estimated, goo, eta, extension, dj, autowoot

Goodbye,! - bypass links Chrome extension download
Goodbye,! - bypass links This extension lets you skip any links. It will speed up your daily Twitter productivity -- if there is such a thing.

twitter, version, links, extension, release, web, slow, ui, code, feedback, profile, goo, shortlink, http, skip

Reddit DownVoter Chrome extension download
Reddit DownVoter Downvote everything on the page

dislike, arrow, chrome, pagehaving, goo, extension, downvote, version, http, reddit, day, show, unleash, updated, leaner

Big Nate Chrome extension download
Big Nate Big Nate comics

comics, extension, nate, install, big, key, todays, day, navigate, gocomics, jx0n, left, goo, follow, comic

iForum Chrome extension download
iForum ?????????? ??????????????????

gl, quot, alt, forum, ge, iforum, chrome, extension, goo, sql, html, download, helper, wrzzf, ah2dd

xCurrency Chrome extension download
xCurrency An easy to use currency convertor that looks up multiple currencies at the same time instantly.

http, currencies, mobile, app, easy, xcurrency, multiple, gl, currency, instantly, extension, convertor, converter, android, phone

Teamwork PM Quick View Chrome extension download
Teamwork PM Quick View See your open tasks from every time you open new tab

teamwork, open, http, plugin, time, tasks, changelog, manager, project, bugfix, api, view, quick, goo, chrome

Compact Density for Google Contacts Chrome extension download
Compact Density for Google Contacts Reduces the amount of unnecessary padding in the new Google Contacts manager to allow more space for content

google, density, compact, contacts, space, padding, unnecessary, users, extension, gl, goo, http, fixes, contact, organization

NITC Authenticator Chrome extension download
NITC Authenticator Authenticate your internet connection automatically using this extension. Built for use in NIT Calicut.

extension, page, authentication, chrome, login, password, click, opening, http, automatically, credentials, goo, calicut, address, bar

Auto Loop Chrome extension download
Auto Loop ??Loop????chrome??

loop, oncereply, gl, github, goo, auto, chrome, extension, xiami, https, autoloop, http, mhkts, qq, logo

Tabs Board Chrome extension download
Tabs Board Easy way to manage your opened tabs like cards on board, pin your important tabs on extra drawer board, search by voice, and more!

tabs, board, tab, extension, page, search, opened, easy, www, gl, chrome, http, access, goo, style

HashMask Chrome extension download
HashMask Secure password visualization for Chrome.

password, hashmask, sparkline, remember, meant, http, sparklines, v1, extension, fixed, rate, fields, issue, chrome, gl

Mute Button for Google+ Chrome extension download
Mute Button for Google+ One-click mute buttons for posts on Google+ (Google Plus)

google, http, gl, mute, goo, click, posts, buttons, coffee, follow, jerome, facebook, twitter, dane, updates

Sound Cloud Replay Button Chrome extension download
Sound Cloud Replay Button Finally Enjoy Repeating Your Favorite Tracks on Sound Cloud

sound, enjoy, cloud, tracks, donation, gl, repeating, link, accept, goo, button, chrome, replay, extension, support

TracksFlow Audio Player Control Chrome extension download
TracksFlow Audio Player Control Tracksflow audio player control

button, http, gl, tracksflow, control, track, player, audio, previous, chrome, extension, controlallows, buttons, jnfc5, goo

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