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Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension download
Adobe Acrobat Convert current web page to an Adobe PDF file (Windows only)

adobe, acrobat, files, convert, pages, web, pdf, extension, dc, chrome, windows, page, www, html, http

360 Internet Protection Chrome extension download
360 Internet Protection 360 Internet Protection

malicious, url, total, web, security, cloud, anti, protection, extension, chrome, www, website, http, version, official

Search By MovixHub Chrome extension download
Search By MovixHub Search By MovixHub

search, movixhub, movies, extension, showtimes, trailers, movie, favorites, http, policy, find, www, privacy, track, list Deals + Cash Back Chrome extension download Deals + Cash Back Simplify your online shopping & get rewarded! Enjoy deal alerts, plus Cash Back, so you can save time & money everywhere you shop.

cash, extension, shopathome, deal, information, shopping, automatic, free, deals, online, policy, stores, www, shop, buy

Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync... Chrome extension download
Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync... New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited

dial, visited, http, bookmarks, tab, app, speed, store, background, dials, eversync, sync, www, page, groups

MovixMuze Start Chrome extension download
MovixMuze Start MovixMuze Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick movies,trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.

movie, extension, click, search, chrome, convenient, terms, trailers, movies, page, tab, movixmuze, privacy, policy, www

History Eraser Chrome extension download
History Eraser Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on the Eraser button!

click, history, eraser, clear, https, chrome, lightweight, extension, www, data, cookies, cache, http, browsing, download

SwagButton Chrome extension download
SwagButton SwagButton - Extension

swagbutton, swagbucks, sb, earn, website, find, web, swag, watch, videos, eula, terms, codes, http, coupons Add-On Chrome extension download Add-On Best Coupons. Best Cashback. Best Service. Guaranteedâ„¢.

coupons, cash, grocery, online, restaurant, stores, coupon, earn, restaurants, befrugal, http, weekly, ad, alerts, add

Search By goMusix Chrome extension download
Search By goMusix Search By goMusix

search, terms, http, gomusix, extension, privacy, music, query, page, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, needed

Highlight to Search Chrome extension download
Highlight to Search Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.

search, keywords, google, extension, highlight, icon, en, chrome, box, intl, glass, easily, policy, http, html

Cool Clock Chrome extension download
Cool Clock An extension fully loaded with tons of useful time-related features... But the best part is, it is totally COOL.

time, clock, chrome, calendar, extension, http, google, bar, hide, cool, softpedia, windows, page, show, internet

PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode Chrome extension download
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode This extension helps develop your websites with per pixel accuracy!

extension, support, perfectpixel, welldonecode, overlays, shift, websites, image, pixel, www, developers, ads, shortcuts, arrow, keys

DISH Anywhere Chrome Video Player Chrome extension download
DISH Anywhere Chrome Video Player DISH Anywhere Video Player Extension for Chrome

dish, extension, http, player, information, www, chrome, video, terms, sling, enabled, devices, visit, support, united

getMovies Search Plus Chrome extension download
getMovies Search Plus Search Plus is a powerful search engine, offering you a variety of unique features and search tools.

search, extension, chrome, browser, click, getmovies, quot, privacy, find, policy, engine, http, icon, information, features

PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

facebook, photolive, albums, http, photos, large, bulky, extension, download, iphotolive, simply, www, compromize, account, information

FastAccess Face Recognition Web Login Chrome extension download
FastAccess Face Recognition Web Login FastAccess SSO manages all your website logins.

fastaccess, face, recognition, chrome, windows, extension, website, purchase, http, videos, left, visit, www, automatically, log

Search By MovixMuze Chrome extension download
Search By MovixMuze Search By MovixMuze

search, extension, find, movies, movixmuze, showtimes, terms, privacy, policy, www, http, trailers, movie, list, track

Visual Event Chrome extension download
Visual Event Know what event is bound on each dom element

dom, extension, javascript, allan, version, jardine, event, standard, events, http, www, chrome, works, link, visual

Music Plus for Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Music Plus for Google Play Music Music Plus adds controls, notifications, support, downloading, global keyboard shortcuts, and lyrics to Google Play Music.

extension, music, fm, google, http, play, lyrics, donate, notifications, adampash, mini, player, support, control, userscripts

Reaction Packs for Facebook Chrome extension download
Reaction Packs for Facebook Swap out Facebook's reactions for something a little more fun. View packs at

facebook, tab, packs, chrome, extension, pictures, quot, reactions, http, www, default, replaces, instructions, pack, choosing

Test IE Chrome extension download
Test IE Test websites in all versions of real Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) and Edge straight from Chrome browser, through BrowserStack.

browserstack, test, testing, http, mobile, local, explorer, browsers, browser, sign, devices, www, websites, lion, internet

Quidco Cashback Reminder Chrome extension download
Quidco Cashback Reminder Never miss out on cashback ever again with the Quidco Cashback Reminder.

quidco, cashback, enjoy, reminder, http, retailers, chrome, registered, media, www, maple, clarks, boots, currys, agreement

Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay Chrome extension download
Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay This extension places a 'Snipe it' link on eBay listings for easy access to Auction Bid Sniper.

myibidder, ebay, http, auction, sniper, code, www, information, page, service, form, forums, manage, provide, quot

U.S. Consulate Guangzhou Air Quality Monitor Chrome extension download
U.S. Consulate Guangzhou Air Quality Monitor The U.S. Consulate has an air quality monitor to measure PM 2.5 particulates as an indication of the air quality on the Consulate…

pm, aqi, health, quality, air, index, epa, particulates, monitor, pollution, information, http, guangzhou, gov, effects

Comtrade DigSig plugin Chrome extension download
Comtrade DigSig plugin Comtrade DigSig plugin

comtrade, za, je, digsig, extension, chrome, ki, component, google, http, na, www, namestitvene, file, financni

Enable Copy Chrome extension download
Enable Copy Enable Copy

v0, www, http, remove, quot, net, typeerror, read, cn, manifest, money, udn, export, import, enable

Share with Fluency Tutor Chrome extension download
Share with Fluency Tutor Shares reading passages using the Fluency Tutor for Google app.

fluency, tutor, extension, read, students, content, app, share, shares, choose, website, passages, reading, teachers, chrome

Remember The Milk for Gmail Chrome extension download
Remember The Milk for Gmail Task management goodness.

gmail, tasks, extension, code, support, http, addon, www, features, forums, troubleshooting, add, google, milk, remember

Poonama Chrome extension download
Poonama Poonama - Style Your Feed

poonama, experience, backgrounds, tab, amazing, privacy, style, cool, brings, feedpoonama, creative, ways, web, change, stay

Mainichi Chrome extension download
Mainichi Learn Japanese each time you open a new tab.

mainichi, japanese, tab, http, www, chrome, touch, extension, time, utm, lifeboxset, japones, facil, email, amp

SocialNewPages Chrome extension download
SocialNewPages Connect to all your friends on all top social media with a quick access all in one place.

search, social, friends, socialnewpages, extension, media, terms, quickly, http, policy, www, privacy, quick, click, companies

SocialNewPage Chrome extension download
SocialNewPage Connect to all your friends on all top social media with a quick access all in one place.

search, social, friends, media, terms, socialnewpage, quickly, widget, policy, http, tab, www, privacy, click, quick

Color Icons for Gmail Chrome extension download
Color Icons for Gmail This extension will replace monochrome icons in Gmail themes with color ones.

icons, gmail, lipovszky, color, http, famfamfam, silk, extension, themes, monochrome, www, user, experience, replaced, keve

PriceJump Chrome extension download
PriceJump Does Amazon really have the best prices? PriceJump has the answer!

amazon, price, pricejump, extension, prices, www, savings, frequently, asked, questions, http, visit, scouring, uk, thousands

SocialMediaNewtab Chrome extension download
SocialMediaNewtab Connect to all your friends on all top social media with a quick access all in one place.

search, social, friends, socialmedianewtab, extension, media, terms, quickly, http, policy, www, privacy, quick, click, companies

Type-ahead-find Chrome extension download
Type-ahead-find Find text or links as you type

search, extension, page, text, http, type, chrome, links, issues, start, quot, matches, set, options, find

Popup Notifications for Craigslist Chrome extension download
Popup Notifications for Craigslist Checks Craigslist every 5 min for your saved searches.

craigslist, craigshunter, posts, shows, chrome, notifications, min, checks, support, tray, saved, popup, contact, detects, http

Better Image Viewer Chrome extension download
Better Image Viewer Better Image Viewer is the best replacement of the original Image Viewer, allows you to view images and galleries!

image, viewer, jpg, galleries, images, extension, view, http, www, php, wp, channel, original, y5, alpha

Color Change for Facebook Chrome extension download
Color Change for Facebook Change your Facebook page color

facebook, color, www, extension, change, bar, policy, adblock, privacy, html, conditions, terms, changer, apps, google

FlashSaleTricks Chrome extension download
FlashSaleTricks Buy Anything from FlashSale - Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and MiIndia

flipkart, flashsaletricks, buy, mi, http, amp, sale, redmi, open, latest, offers, india, www, code, electronics

the paper link for PubMed Chrome extension download
the paper link for PubMed Add direct PDF link; display F1000 scores, Impact Factor, Peaks and much more... (by Liang Cai)

v2, pubmed, extension, fix, page, quot, thepaperlink, https, bug, link, http, www, v0, js, pdf

getTV Search Chrome extension download
getTV Search getTv Search

extension, gettv, search, chrome, click, quot, privacy, tv, browser, icon, policy, http, hand, corner, uninstall

Search By myTV Chrome extension download
Search By myTV Search By myTV

extension, search, mytv, chrome, click, quot, privacy, tv, browser, icon, policy, http, hand, corner, uninstall

Timewarp Chrome extension download
Timewarp Time Warp kindly reminds you not to procrastinate when you need to get things done.

time, site, timer, warp, quote, facebook, ve, timewarp, kindly, www, features, wormholes, turn, social, http

Destroy the Web Chrome extension download
Destroy the Web Turn any webpage into a shoot-em up video game

web, webpage, info, em, video, shoot, soundtrack, www, high, fun, scores, http, destroy, leaderboards, chrome

Color Change for Instagram Chrome extension download
Color Change for Instagram Change your Instagram page color

instagram, color, www, extension, change, facebook, adblock, policy, privacy, html, conditions, terms, apps, google, youtube

SnapPea Photos Chrome extension download
SnapPea Photos A very fast way to access photos on your Android phone.

photos, snappea, extension, chrome, google, terms, install, privacy, play, service, http, app, www, store, mobile

Space invaders Chrome extension download
Space invaders The Old Space Invaders

popup, extension, space, chrome, invaders, credit, game, version, flash, shows, anytime, boss, teacher, play, www

utf-8 and unicode characters Chrome extension download
utf-8 and unicode characters utf-8 characters

http, fonts, unicode, characters, utf, extension, www, code2000, org, firefox, html, chrome, han, wazu, gallery

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