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VkOpt Chrome extension download
VkOpt ?????????? ????????? ???????, ?????????? ????? ????????? ( Official site and support:

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DownAlbum Chrome extension download
DownAlbum Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album.

download, album, page, save, facebook, photos, load, amp, chrome, zip, https, http, opera, fancybox, instagram

Print Chrome extension download
Print Print the current page you see.

print, button, google, browser, page, option, design, https, web, project, chrome, night, video, focus, turn

Tampermonkey BETA Chrome extension download
Tampermonkey BETA The world's most popular userscript manager

beta, tampermonkey, bugs, chrome, http, faq, https, google, version, net, edit, userscripts, enable, disable, scripts

EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites Chrome extension download
EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites Synchronize your bookmarks, FVD Speed Dials. Secure online access. Backup, restore your bookmarks. Sync favorites between computers

bookmarks, sync, chrome, favorites, http, dials, access, fvd, https, everhelper, speed, backup, app, eversync, add

Zoom Chrome extension download
Zoom Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.

zoom, extension, web, video, browser, page, website, button, google, option, youtube, lights, increase, player, default

Translate Selected Text Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text Translate selected text with Google Translate

extension, google, text, translate, https, user, bugs, beta, selected, chrome, test, translateselectedtext, web, github, changelog

SingleFile Core Chrome extension download
SingleFile Core Page processor used by SingleFile

page, chrome, https, detail, webstore, popup, processor, extension, quot, singlefile, icon, pagearchiver, ziptabs, user, interface

VLC Capture Chrome extension download
VLC Capture Open web videos in VLC

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Falcon Proxy Chrome extension download
Falcon Proxy Falcon Proxy. Simple, clear and easy to use.

proxy, improve, fixed, translation, extension, falcon, socks, https, speed, chrome, bug, auto, stability, pac, features

Content menu 'Open link in IE tab' Chrome extension download
Content menu 'Open link in IE tab' content menu on link show: 'Open link in IEtab'

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Unsplash Instant Chrome extension download
Unsplash Instant Beautiful photos from Unsplash in your new tabs.

unsplash, photos, tab, instant, beautiful, chrome, download, https, twitter, facebook, faster, lighter, simplified, profile, interface

Awesome Weather Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Awesome Weather Widget [ANTP] Awesome weather widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]

widget, awesome, weather, extension, page, chrome, data, tab, https, quot, wide, tall, antp, cached, location

Delicious Tools Chrome extension download
Delicious Tools Quick access to saving Delicious bookmarks. Customizable keyboard shortcut. Selected text populates your notes field.

delicious, extension, chrome, update, issue, https, longer, chromedeli, popup, shortcut, window, save, text, toolbar, version

History Button Chrome extension download
History Button HistoryButton creates a shortcut to the chrome:history page.

chrome, history, page, extension, historybutton, creates, shortcut, extensions, buttons, toolbar, access, click, button, google, https

Pixiv Downloader Chrome extension download
Pixiv Downloader Pixiv???????????????????

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Bookmark manager Chrome extension download
Bookmark manager Access the Bookmark manager window directly from the toolbar.

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uTorrent for Google Chrome (No Ads) Chrome extension download
uTorrent for Google Chrome (No Ads) µTorrent for Google Chrome

gt, extension, chrome, tv, torrent, configuration, google, www, support, utorrentchrome, website, gui, world, web, server

LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker Chrome extension download
LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker Check your texts for style and grammar problems everywhere on the web

languagetool, grammar, text, extension, check, checker, https, browser, style, commonly, shortcut, words, works, including, google

Ambient Aurea Chrome extension download
Ambient Aurea Bring your image to an ambient lighting effect with just one click on the button.

image, google, https, extension, ambient, shows, aurea, facebook, browser, focus, option, photo, chrome, pinterest, ambientaurea

Full Screen Chrome extension download
Full Screen Go full screen with one click on the button.

screen, full, video, web, youtube, extension, browser, page, option, auto, lights, html5, chrome, feature, project

Fast Bookmark Scanner Chrome extension download
Fast Bookmark Scanner Scan your bookmarks and show duplicated links, duplicated folders and empty folders.

extension, duplicated, https, remove, urls, empty, folder, operations, google, chrome, click, bookmark, detail, folders, bookmarks

History Chrome extension download
History Access the History window directly from the toolbar.(Ctrl+H)

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Date Today Chrome extension download
Date Today The best clock to see in one glance the current day and time. With an option to see the digital clock in the browser toolbar.

current, clock, option, today, browser, date, night, time, number, chrome, https, show, menu, extension, change

Craigslist Peek Chrome extension download
Craigslist Peek Inline Image Preview on Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, facebook, 58同城. Multiple cities. Suggestions in cars and motorcycle list.

craigslist, listing, extension, cities, multiple, cars, facebook, search, list, fast, marketplace, suggestions, chrome, page, section

Markdown Reader Chrome extension download
Markdown Reader Read markdown file in Chrome.

software, chrome, file, markdown, copyright, including, copy, copies, extension, markdownreader, code, mode, wang, gmail, https Chrome extension download - ???????????? ???????? ???????????

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the paper link for PubMed Chrome extension download
the paper link for PubMed Add direct PDF link; display F1000 scores, Impact Factor, Peaks and much more... (by Liang Cai)

v2, pubmed, extension, fix, page, quot, thepaperlink, https, bug, link, http, www, v0, js, pdf

Autocomplete on Chrome extension download
Autocomplete on Changes 'autocomplete=off' to 'autocomplete=on' in web pages, so your passwords will be remembered.

clone, passwords, autocomplete, access, chrome, start, https, trust, extensions, websites, related, source, ecpgkdflcnofdbbkiggklcfmgbnbabhh, code, updated

Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Chrome extension download
Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Toggle between your current and last used (focused) tab with a keyboard shortcut (ALT+Q by default) or mouse click on the icon.

extension, chrome, keyboard, shortcut, tab, alt, tabs, orschiro, default, https, bug, switcher, github, toggle, type

Weather forecast Widget [FVD]  Chrome extension download
Weather forecast Widget [FVD] Weather forecast Widget with basic settings (degrees. pressure, City, Wind) for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, widget, dial, speed, https, chrome, widgets, catalog, http, webstore, weather, visit, google, suggestions, forecast

SickBeardConnect Chrome extension download
SickBeardConnect SickBeard extension for Google Chrome.

fix, sickbeardconnect, sickbeard, https, issues, version, show, quot, chrome, api, widget, section, support, github, comingep

Clipboard History Chrome extension download
Clipboard History Keeps your clipboard history

clipboard, history, copied, item, text, https, extension, chrome, copy, date, lose, information, css, ajiejmhbejpdgkkigpddefnjmgcbkenk, content

Font Playground Chrome extension download
Font Playground Preview your site with Google web fonts and get the css code.

fonts, font, https, extension, chrome, preview, google, web, url, settings, text, click, detail, names, selector

Screen Capturing Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing Capture full-screen or specific application's screen on any HTTPs domain!

extension, screen, quot, webrtc, https, chrome, capturing, html, pages, sharing, master, tree, deploy, code, getscreenid

Finance Toolbar Chrome extension download
Finance Toolbar Get real time stock market information about your favorite stocks. With mini-charts of the currency value.

toolbar, information, option, finance, google, yahoo, stocks, extension, chrome, stock, add, bar, browser, https, microsoft

no.tify Chrome extension download
no.tify no.tify enables other extensions to get the notifications for websites like Gmail, Google Reader and Windows Live Mail.

notify, tify, chrome, items, notifications, extension, extensions, set, google, https, page, click, rss, install, site

Regex Search Chrome extension download
Regex Search NOTE: Most ratings and reviews refer to an outdated version. Any bugs reported from past versions have been fixed. If you find any…

extension, chrome, search, github, issues, bugs, report, page, https, refer, regex, question, details, http, reviews

nicoCast Chrome extension download
nicoCast ??????0.2525.3:???? ????????ChromeCast???? by 3846masa?

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Proper Menubar Chrome extension download
Proper Menubar Add the black menubar below the address bar. To get easy and fast access to all your Google products.

google, option, bar, menubar, black, add, browser, change, chrome, great, project, drop, proper, https, extension

Chrome Tabs - fast access [FVD] Chrome extension download
Chrome Tabs - fast access [FVD] Quickly access Chrome administrative tabs like History, Extensions, Settings, Downloads, Bookmarks etc.. for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, chrome, dial, https, access, widgets, speed, catalog, http, webstore, tabs, visit, google, suggestions, hl

Recently Closed Tabs [FVD] Chrome extension download
Recently Closed Tabs [FVD] Recently Closed Tabs quick access widget for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, closed, speed, https, widget, chrome, widgets, tabs, catalog, http, webstore, quick, visit, suggestions

Advanced REST client Chrome extension download
Advanced REST client The web developers helper program to create and test custom HTTP requests.

client, rest, connection, jarrodek, chrome, advanced, https, custom, test, create, program, helper, github, request, developers

Downloads Chrome extension download
Downloads Access the Downloads window directly from the toolbar.(Ctrl+J)

chrome, extensions, extension, https, downloads, detail, access, ibiiaimghkbhffgkkdogldehnidojjga, bookmark, manager, active, cpu, automatically, page, background

Day - Night Time Clock [FVD] Chrome extension download
Day - Night Time Clock [FVD] Stylish Clocks with Day - Night animation and nice settings for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, speed, https, chrome, widgets, catalog, http, webstore, night, stylish, visit, google, suggestions, day

Site Spider, Mark II Chrome extension download
Site Spider, Mark II Update of 'Site Spider' to manifest 2

spider, chrome, project, site, google, version, ability, wait, https, format, fix, updated, manifest, dom, ii

demado Chrome extension download
demado ??????????

chrome, demado, webstore, prisc, detail, hl, ja, github, otiai10, https, extension, google, gghkamaeinhfnhpempdbopannocnlbkg, dmm

Host Switch Plus Chrome extension download
Host Switch Plus ???? Domain-IP ???????? Hosts ??????????????????????Switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment

hosts, chrome, switch, proxy, fiddler, https, host, domain, set, www, manage, easy, switchhosts, system, net

Download Support Chrome extension download
Download Support Download Picasa pictures on the stream of Google+.

download, google, chrome, https, pic, pictures, webstore, picasa, source, extension, quot, blog, code, github, features

Turbo Download Manager Helper Chrome extension download
Turbo Download Manager Helper browser integration for turbo download manager

extension, download, chrome, quot, turbo, manager, helper, downloads, monitor, button, browser, kemfccojgjoilhfmcblgimbggikekjip, integration, managerthis, webstore

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