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ibossConnect for Chromebook Chrome extension download
ibossConnect for Chromebook ibossConnect for Chromebook

chromebooks, user, iboss, extension, web, security, directory, premises, based, chromebook, network, detect, management, single, google

Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in Chrome extension download
Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in Okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in

okta, cloud, applications, user, extension, plug, secure, identity, single, people, improve, thousands, mobile, adobe, allergan

Flatbook Chrome extension download
Flatbook New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.

facebook, news, access, extension, email, design, quick, ads, faster, works, suggestions, similar, ideas, roftentik, main

Video Speed Controller Chrome extension download
Video Speed Controller Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.

speed, video, playback, extension, page, rewind, accelerate, html5, indicator, controller, player, hide, quick, read, shortcuts

Browse Faster Chrome extension download
Browse Faster This extension increases your internet browsing speed by predicting and downloading content automatically a head of you.

download, page, content, extension, privacy, head, personally, info, identifiable, card, information, credit, address, data, internet

TransOver Chrome extension download
TransOver Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech)

quot, fix, popup, translate, chrome, tts, language, word, translation, text, selection, speech, api, google, youtube

OpenDyslexic Chrome extension download
OpenDyslexic Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help.

opendyslexic, letter, extension, font, bottoms, open, button, https, pages, weighted, brain, dyslexia, chrome, letters, news

Font Size Increase Chrome extension download
Font Size Increase With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be increase.

font, size, chrome, increase, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, decrease, website

Pablo Chrome extension download
Pablo Engaging social images in 30 seconds

pablo, image, images, social, text, twitter, facebook, media, click, beautiful, create, sizes, share, instagram, add

Stop Reclame Chrome extension download
Stop Reclame Get rid of ads for free!

opportunity, deleting, extension, ads, site, extensions, web, blocking, statistics, chrome, notifications, rid, displaying, members, users

iProxy Chrome extension download
iProxy iProxy will give you the following benefits: - Access to websites if it is unavailable for you; - Improved connection speed if you…

connection, iproxy, access, data, give, benefits, safety, increased, extension, websites, transferred, speed, bad, chrome, unavailable

1 Click Translator Chrome extension download
1 Click Translator Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

click, translator, translation, extension, translate, google, api, support, language, fix, popup, issues, working, text, page

Subtitles For YouTube Chrome extension download
Subtitles For YouTube Use this extension to add drag and drop subtitles to any youtube video

subtitles, youtube, support, video, added, extension, fixed, size, subs, adding, page, file, srt, keyboard, opensubtitles

Font Size Decrease Chrome extension download
Font Size Decrease With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be decrease.

font, size, chrome, decrease, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, increase, website

Thin Scroll Bar Chrome extension download
Thin Scroll Bar Thin Scroll Bar to increase screen space for little more visibility. It is thin to show current position on the document

scroll, bar, extension, mouse, chrome, current, keyboard, space, thin, document, position, page, bug, related, key

Invert Page Colors Chrome extension download
Invert Page Colors Invert all colors on a page.

page, dark, colors, website, invert, increase, eye, reduce, vision, people, hacker, works, migraines, life, unnecessary

Openvid Screen Recorder capture & share video Chrome extension download
Openvid Screen Recorder capture & share video Capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. 100% free!

video, videos, recording, openvid, share, desktop, communication, capture, product, quality, making, time, record, instantly, download

Vine for Chrome Chrome extension download
Vine for Chrome Awesome Vine app for Chrome. Fun, Quick, Simple

vine, version, chrome, comment, added, login, comments, icon, fixed, menu, app, feed, vines, profile, explore

Blue Light Filter Guard Chrome extension download
Blue Light Filter Guard Blue Light Filter Guard may follow the use of the environment and individual status, set the filter level and mode.

eye, filter, mode, light, blue, increase, health, guard, brightness, contrast, gray, filters, color, green, individual

Context Menus Chrome extension download
Context Menus The extended menu, integrated 300+ function menu and super drag links.

increase, search, menu, drag, text, google, button, super, bug, correction, cloud, error, custom, links, code

Bookmark Search Chrome extension download
Bookmark Search Search for bookmarks from the omnibox.

quot, bookmarks, option, page, match, permission, javascript, extension, tab, due, version, bookmark, chrome, fixed, changed

Youtube Playback Speed Control Chrome extension download
Youtube Playback Speed Control Control speed of the youtube playback using keyboard. Press '+' to increase and '-' to decrease the playback speed.

playback, speed, extension, youtube, rate, added, user, version, keyboard, player, fixed, control, time, embedded, bug

facetalk: send Facebook voice message on PC Chrome extension download
facetalk: send Facebook voice message on PC Send voice message on Facebook from your computer

facetalk, facebook, extension, voice, update, messages, chrome, app, install, fixed, message, send, api, host, require

Evercontact Chrome extension download
Evercontact Evercontact is the highest-rated Contact Management App on Google Apps. Grab contact details from ANYWHERE or let it happen…

evercontact, contact, contacts, service, gmail, address, management, amp, data, extension, google, chrome, book, click, save

FlowSurf Chrome extension download
FlowSurf FlowSurf

extension, pages, google, flowsurfflowsurf, increase, browse, search, allowing, speed, substancially, chrome, flow, flowsurf, click

Defer (formerly Instachrome) Chrome extension download
Defer (formerly Instachrome) Defer your readings to Instapaper™, Pocket™, Readability™, Kippt™, Pinboard™ and Buffer™.

update, tab, kippt, fix, extension, defer, add, page, popup, instachrome, option, support, link, readability, buffer

aProxy Chrome extension download
aProxy aProxy will give you the following benefits: - Access to websites if it is unavailable for you; - Improved connection speed if you…

connection, aproxy, access, data, give, benefits, safety, increased, extension, websites, transferred, speed, bad, chrome, unavailable

DeepDyve Plugin Chrome extension download
DeepDyve Plugin DeepDyve Plugin for Chrome

deepdyve, google, articles, scholar, performance, plugin, privacy, link, direct, increased, adding, rewritten, ground, plug, easy

Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor Chrome extension download
Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor Enables various hotkeys to speed up and generally make YouTube's video editor more usable.

clip, video, update, playback, youtube, add, current, editor, start, preview, button, pause, player, fixed, play

Minimal Scrollbar Chrome extension download
Minimal Scrollbar Minimal but Useful Scrollbars

hover, scrollbars, scrollbar, iaarchiver, suggestions, minimal, transparent, background, github, gmail, services, web, comments, google, bug

Broken Link Checker Chrome extension download
Broken Link Checker The Easiest Way to find all broken links (404 errors) on the web page. Find more! Save more!

links, content, site, pages, broken, website, page, link, search, report, check, external, additional, availability, number

CrowdCast Chrome extension download
CrowdCast Displays the most popular cheers, jeers, and emotes used by the stream viewers on Twitch.

chat, stream, phrases, phrase, extension, popular, shows, emotes, messages, crowdcast, twitch, create, increases, total, popularity

CommonKey Team Password Manager Chrome extension download
CommonKey Team Password Manager CommonKey | team password management and sharing for collaborative companies

commonkey, company, passwords, manager, access, password, collaborative, sharing, team, set, common, share, doc, filled, encrypted

Better Chrome extension download
Better Improves the watching experience of the player.

tv, size, increases, version, stream, player, watching, video, coming, created, information, improves, experience, mlg, channels

Flickr Reference Chrome extension download
Flickr Reference Super Lightweight Flickr Extension that finds 20 pictures relevant to your query.

flickr, query, clickable, update, extension, clean, offer, suggestions, chrome, lightweight, functionality, input, box, increase, design

Admitad Chrome extension download
Admitad Work more productively with admitad! We glad to introduce the multi-purpose tool for web-masters from admitad Company, which……

links, work, admitad, extension, subid, deeplink, limits, chrome, google, fixed, high, added, service, discovered, shortener

Bliss Chrome extension download
Bliss Become happier and more successful with the most effective exercises from positive psychology.

exercises, happiness, happier, bliss, find, life, positive, increase, people, work, journal, outlook, brain, proven, creative

Playback Speed for Embedded Vimeo Videos Chrome extension download
Playback Speed for Embedded Vimeo Videos Increase playback speed for embedded Vimeo videos. Designed for ClinCalc Academy (

vimeo, speed, embedded, playback, controls, videos, academy, designed, plugin, increase, rudiedirkx, websites, clincalc, enabled, tested

LEO Dictionary Quick Search Pop-up Chrome extension download
LEO Dictionary Quick Search Pop-up Easiest and fastest way to look-up a word in LEO dictionary.

extension, leo, dictionary, search, pop, open, orschiro, chrome, github, added, word, field, alt, https, quickly

Ebsta for Bullhorn Chrome extension download
Ebsta for Bullhorn ebsta for Bullhorn connecting you to Bullhorn in Google Chrome.

bullhorn, ebsta, sales, create, web, records, chrome, work, share, knowledge, business, significantly, reduce, workflow, improve

LongClick New Tab Chrome extension download
LongClick New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding for a half second.

click, tab, links, bug, sites, opening, open, background, link, performance, issue, improvement, extension, reader, memory

Click-To-Dial, from Vonage Business Solutions Chrome extension download
Click-To-Dial, from Vonage Business Solutions Click to Dial numbers marked-up on web pages

click, dial, phone, web, call, start, numbers, marked, business, browser, extension, chrome, vonage, page, quot

AngularJS Inspect Watchers Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspect Watchers Inspect the scope watchers of an Angular app

extension, angular, watchers, app, angularjs, page, action, inspect, number, debug, scope, navigate, info, performance, web

OpenText Secure MFT Chrome extension download
OpenText Secure MFT OpenText Secure MFT

secure, transfer, mft, user, file, extension, opentext, managed, time, single, increase, save, solution, dashboard, web

GetKicks Chrome extension download
GetKicks Latest release of the ultimate Nike sneaker extension

cart, nike, added, bug, v1, fix, add, avoid, retry, queue, line, extension, size, branch, quicker

XKCD Alt Text Chrome extension download
XKCD Alt Text The XKCD Alt Text extension makes it slightly easier to read the XKCD web comic. It's primary function is to add a description…

comic, text, xkcd, read, extension, disabled, add, feature, description, beneath, works, update, hover, visibility, function

Rebrandly Chrome extension download
Rebrandly Rebrandly is the easiest way to create Branded Links to share your online stuff

link, links, rebrandly, branded, create, share, brand, company, optimize, trust, visibility, increase, personal, include, easiest

Read Chrome extension download
Read Read - Speed Reading via RSVP

reading, read, word, words, v0, speed, v2, clicking, point, settings, process, icon, page, time, bar

DyslexicReader Chrome extension download
DyslexicReader Allows Chrome to use the Open Dyslexic font which is better for dyslexic users!

open, dyslexic, font, extension, chrome, readability, increase, created, reformat, browsing, experience, readers, option, sourced, dyslexicfonts

Google+ - Optimizer Chrome extension download
Google+ - Optimizer The Google+ - Optimizer increases the user experience with Google+.

google, content, feature, youtube, comments, extension, optimizer, autosave, unwanted, stopwatch, arrange, contacts, increases, user, animated

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