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Drumpfinator Chrome extension download
Drumpfinator Add this app to your Chrome browser and replace all instances of "Trump" with "Drumpf."

chrome, quot, replace, browser, extension, app, instances, add, drumpfinator, trump, drumpf

Product Hunt is Bot Hunt Chrome extension download
Product Hunt is Bot Hunt An extension that replaces all instances of the word 'Product Hunt' with the word 'Bot Hunt', @rahulr047

product, extension, hunt, post, world, instances, replaces, living, bots, products, bot, chrome, longer, word, rahulr047we

Salesforce Colored Favicons Chrome extension download
Salesforce Colored Favicons Overrides the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. Also, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances.

icon, colored, salesforce, based, instances, supports, separate, extension, overrides, standard, chrome, favicons, cloud, favicon, experience

Lord Harambe Chrome extension download
Lord Harambe Replaces all instances of 'God' with 'Harambe'. Dicks out

instances, chrome, extension, outreplaces, dearly, departed, friend, harambe, replaces, dicks, word, lord, god

Maximize Tinychat Chrome extension download
Maximize Tinychat This extension makes tinychat suck just one iota less..

tinychat, window, higher, extension, moves, updating, permissions, works, frame, embedded, maximizing, latest, instances, resize, browser

Close Duplicate Tab Chrome extension download
Close Duplicate Tab Close tabs which are duplicated. Only tabs with exact URL matches are closed.

tabs, duplicate, open, close, tab, instances, multiple, closes, url, lots, urls, identifies, extension, chrome, closed

Tabula (New Tab To-do List) Chrome extension download
Tabula (New Tab To-do List) Replace your New Tab Page with a beautiful to-do list that logs your work and is always in sync.

items, list, tab, chrome, page, automatically, show, previous, entries, google, random, logs, replaces, place, beautiful

Bug 2 Trello Chrome extension download
Bug 2 Trello Import bug information to a Trello card.

bugs, github, trello, code, chrome, extension, bug, google, sourceforge, open, instances, released, license, issues, information

Pyrocynical Fix Chrome extension download
Pyrocynical Fix Replaces all instances of "Pyrocynical" with Leafy Clone.

replaces, quot, chrome, extension, pyrocynical, instances, fix, clone, instance, leafy

Remi Chrome extension download
Remi Simple and easy to use reminder tool for Chrome

reminders, chrome, create, extension, simple, remi, background, settings, google, easily, missed, interface, notifications, manage, built

Dome9 Instant Access Chrome extension download
Dome9 Instant Access 1-Click Secure Access to Any Server and Cloud Protected by Dome9 Firewall Agent

dome9, access, servers, secure, account, cloud, click, username, server, app, ports, service, clouds, security, private

Collective Intelligence Framework Client Chrome extension download
Collective Intelligence Framework Client Client for the collective intelligence framework api

data, search, extension, api, multiple, framework, client, types, formatted, comma, nicely, space, return, submit, delimited

JIRA Drag&Drop Chrome extension download
JIRA Drag&Drop Allows to drag&drop JIRA subtasks

jira, drop, subtask, background, move, drag, task, automatically, tab, version, required, subtasks, moving, fields, greenhopper

Water Reminder Chrome extension download
Water Reminder Choose to have an audio, visual, or audio and visual reminder to take a drink, along with a wide audio selection.

reminder, audio, chrome, notifications, browser, visual, convenience, synced, multiple, hydrated, include, setting, longer, acknowledged, ability

BitBeans Chrome extension download
BitBeans Replaces 'bitcoin' with 'magic beans'.

replaces, chrome, extension, bitbeans, github, sourced, https, magic, beans, fun, family, argusdusty, open, instances, bitcoin

Cookie Clicker, Chrome Syncer Chrome extension download
Cookie Clicker, Chrome Syncer This extension allows you to save your game to your (online) space and load it anywhere.

game, extension, chrome, load, browsers, cookie, save, computer, quot, home, multiple, storage, growing, intend, requests

Demandware BM Session Keep Alive Chrome extension download
Demandware BM Session Keep Alive This extension prevents your session from expiring while you are connected to a Demandware sandbox BM. By default the extension…

extension, session, staging, instances, bm, demandware, enabled, development, security, connected, expiring, alive, work, default, sandbox

Icinga Multi Status Chrome extension download
Icinga Multi Status Icinga Multi Status helps you monitoring your (multiple) Icinga instances with comfortable alert badges and notifications.

icinga, host, added, chrome, instances, hosts, api, status, updated, service, services, problems, bootstrap, v0, instance

Hot to Dank Chrome extension download
Hot to Dank Changes the work hot, to Dank.

hot, dank, word, chrome, extension, work, instances

What do you think of Tottenham? Chrome extension download
What do you think of Tottenham? Add this app to your Chrome browser and replace all instances of "Tottenham" with "Shit."

quot, app, chrome, replace, browser, add, instances, shit, extension, gooners, coyg, tottenham

CIF Client Chrome extension download
CIF Client Client for the Collective Intelligence Framework

data, extension, api, multiple, cif, client, types, search, highlighted, text, submit, supports, servers, query, frameworkthis

Cool Kids Chrome extension download
Cool Kids Add this to your browser and replace all instances of 'millenials' with 'cool kids'.

chrome, drumpfinator, extension, replace, reading, entitled, quot, code, sick, pieces, instances, lazy, browser, piece, add

Go Back There Chrome extension download
Go Back There Go Back There

extension, history, open, multiple, click, website, source, option, menu, tab, configure, github, hold, testing, relative

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