Best Library Extension Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total library extension plugins - 16077
Amazon Library Linky Chrome extension download
Amazon Library Linky This extension searches libraries for books that you are viewing on Works with any Bibliocommons library.

regional library new brunswick public library service, bibliocommons library, amazon library linky, public library cooperative computer services, city libraries, viewing amazon, library strathcona county library, library system, fat knowledge rockmaster thanks, public library new york, seattle public library shortgrass library system, bibliocommons libraries, public library santa, public library, county library, regional library system, city county library vancouver, includes work, regional library, public library johnson county, vancouver public library, public library santa clara county, carrick mundell fat knowledge rockmaster, county library system, city public library system santa

GAS Library Manager Chrome extension download
GAS Library Manager Google Apps Script Library Manager.

visit librarybox caution right, library box, license source code gas library manager, apps script library manager, searching global published library, whats gas library manager gas library manager, license mit license source code gas library manager, apps script library, gas library manager server, server side, managing apps script library, building published library server, librarybox gas library manager server, gas library manager gas library manager, gas library manager, road map building, gas library manager library box gas library manager server library box

WikipeDPLA Chrome extension download
WikipeDPLA See relevant content from the Digital Public Library of America in Wikipedia

american library association, transmit user data, public library, libhack hackathon, use analytics, user data, relevant content, american library, open source, midwinter meeting, digital public library, extension queries, relevant items, wikipedia article

Channelkit Old Chrome extension download
Channelkit Old Organize links, articles, places, books or anything on the web into neat channels for personal or public use.

browser extension collect, extension collect, library card, web pages, every link, organize links, library properly tags channels groups categories, personal web library, public use, organize web, short note, articles places books

NTU Library Proxy Chrome extension download
NTU Library Proxy NTU library proxy helper

version chrome, use http connections, academic database, major academic databases, extension tool bar, new format requirement, ntu library proxy helper, allow 35 seconds, technological university students, , full text, extension redirect, former ntu phd student, ntu library, ntu logo

Library Extension Chrome extension download
Library Extension See books, music and more at your local library as you browse the internet

complete list, libraries, local libraries, supported libraries, feedback page, new libraries, local library, library supported, various sites, books music, instant availability information, catalogs offered

iOS Developer Library Search Chrome extension download
iOS Developer Library Search Adds an “id” omnibox command for the iOS Developer Library.

id omnibox command, id command, ios developer library, uiview query including, uiview query, simple magic, open source, relevant ios developer library, search bar, ios developer library entries matching, developer library search, id uiview, google chrome omnibox

Validador de HTML Chrome extension download
Validador de HTML Validador de HTML para Google Chrome

tidy library, offline html validator, html5 validation library, tidy html validation library, validator please note please, excellent tidy library, html validator, html para, automatically check, javascript port, validation library, development tools panel, address bar, development tools

Mac Developer Library Search Chrome extension download
Mac Developer Library Search Adds an “md” omnibox command for the Mac Developer Library.

library entries, nsview query including, relevant mac developer library, md omnibox command, mac developer, developer library search, relevant mac developer, md command, mac developer library entries matching, google chrome omnibox, md nsview, mac developer library

Harvard Library URL Chrome extension download
Harvard Library URL Adds to a URL

harvard, hul, adds button, url bar, allow authentication, library system, edu, ezp prod1, resources harvard subscribes, url, ezpprod1, harvard library system, website hostname, quickly appends

Books for DC Chrome extension download
Books for DC See if books, ebooks, and audiobooks are available at the DC Public Library while browsing Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble.

browsing amazon goodreads, find match, extension finds, match link, dc extension, gmail dot com, twitter booksfordc, tip jar, washington dc public library, dc public library, dc project, dc extension allows, important note, small contribtion

Kingsquare HTML Validator Chrome extension download
Kingsquare HTML Validator A HTML5 validation library, using a JavaScript port of the excellent TIDY library

offline html validator, html5 validation library, tidy html validation library, html validator, excellent tidy library, automatically check, javascript port, please note, validation library, development tools panel, address bar, development tools

LearnPlatform for Educators Chrome extension download
LearnPlatform for Educators LearnPlatform provides product evaluations for educational websites you visit.

learnplatform product library, product impact analyses, educators chrome extension, individual products, edtech library, edtech products, tools product, schoolprovided user id, related web sites, individual educator accounts, edtech tools, learnplatform ondemand edtech ecosystem, contextual product reviews, educators manage, product library, learning tools, ondemand edtech effectiveness platform, entire learnplatform product library

Destiny Discover Chrome extension download
Destiny Discover It’s easier than ever to locate your Destiny® resources! You can now use Google to search for resources from your Destiny catalog.

leave review, destiny resources, quick google search, library management system, destiny discover extension, google search, standard google search result pages, new destiny discover extension allows, use google, destiny library, destiny library manager, new destiny discover extension, books ebooks, ebooks webpath

Email templates for Gmail Chrome extension download
Email templates for Gmail Supercharge Gmail with a gallery of email templates - emails designed for business, personal or fun.

gmail newsletters, email templates, gmail email compose window, gmail email, html email templates, gmail templates extension, gmail template library, advanced email editor, flashissue gmail template library, business newsletter email templates, gmail add, layout email templates, basic layout email templates, flashissue newsletter, pre designed, add library, email templates library, email newsletters, gmail email templates, flashissue newsletter creator, template library, email mailing lists

Library Detector Chrome extension download
Library Detector Detects the Javascript libraries running on a page and displays their icons in the address bar.

think anything, javascript libraries, every version, extension discovers, library detector extension discovers, cool libraries, awful cocktail, address bar, popular sites

Twemoji for Instagram Chrome extension download
Twemoji for Instagram Add support of Twemoji (Emoji library by Twitter) to Instagram (

twemoji emoji library, little donation, extension twemoji, add support, instagram www, twemoji library, twemoji, twemoji support, new extension twemoji, every website, emoji library, latest version

Koios Chrome extension download
Koios This extension shows availability of books, movies, and music in your local library.

availability, books, supported websites amazon, books movies, extension shows availability, many libraries, info koios, bring koios, local library, library

Simple Form Recovery Chrome extension download
Simple Form Recovery Never lose anything you type into a web form again!

extension allows, js library written, form, forms text field values locally, close accidentally, precious data, text field values, web form, anything, extension maintained, js library

MailCheck Chrome extension download
MailCheck Suggests a right domain when you misspell it in an email address.

zepto js library, email address, localized options page, library mailcheck, user hotnail, suggest user, javascript library mailcheck, chrome ui bootstrap, added options page, options page, fixed bugs, user types, zepto dependency, support english

Reload with proxy Chrome extension download
Reload with proxy Reloads the current webpage through a proxy

harvard, content, library access chrome plugin, current webpage, university library, proxy, reloads, accessing content, harvard library access chrome plugin

Syntaxtic! Chrome extension download
Syntaxtic! Performs syntax highlighting on files visited in the browser based on their extension

extension options page, perform syntax highlighting, added support, syntax highlighting, disable line numbers, perl alias, syntax highlighting library, core library update, small bug fixes, default webkit viewer, accessible version control system

GPGT (Got Picture Got Talk) Chrome extension download
GPGT (Got Picture Got Talk) Take screencap, grab picture or videos into Picasa or Imageshack and share them at any Forum with a simple drag & drop!

gpgt extension, youtube icon, open gpgt library, grab youtube, picasa icon, youtube videos, screenshots pictures, browser icon gpgt, grab picture, drag drop screenshots, screenshots grab pictures, youtube video wanna share, imageshack feature , gpgt library, youtube feature version, ur gpgt library, open gpgt library , picasa feature version

Publication Finder Chrome extension download
Publication Finder Annotates web pages of digital libraries with direct links to online research publications.

direct links, direct download link, digital library web pages, digital libraries, web page, clear icon set created, acm digital library, google scholar search results, google scholar, digital library, online research, web pages, online research publications

NEU library redirector Chrome extension download
NEU library redirector By Hooman Javaheri. This extension provides access to the online literature via Northeastern University Library.

favorite search option, neulib button, download full text, option google, download academic, northeastern library, northeastern university library, northeastern university students, northeastern university, full text, northeastern library privileges, push neulib button, article online, article push neu, red button

Launch and DTM Switch Chrome extension download
Launch and DTM Switch Enables the developer to locally override the embedded Launch or DTM library for testing.

dtm library, record environments, dynamic tag management, search discovery allows, anonymous usage data, anonymous usage, launch library, allows environment selection, adobe launch, search discovery, debug mode, anonymous usage tracking, debug mode tells, launch switch extension, staging mode, understand usage patterns, staging library, launch api endpoint

42Yogis Yoga Video Library Fullscreen Fix Chrome extension download
42Yogis Yoga Video Library Fullscreen Fix Turns on the Fullscreen Button for the YouTube videos in the 42Yogis Yoga Video Library.

yogis yoga video library, new html5 video player, fullscreen button, turns, youtube videos, extension adds, watch yoga videos fullscreen, yoga video library, embedded videos, html5 video player, videos, yoga videos

Bookari Chrome extension download
Bookari Read and annotate web articles on Bookari

send interesting articles, simple operation, web websites pages pdf, web page, websites pages, web articles, epub files, storage tag, saved synchronize, annotate web articles, bookari library, extension icon, reading comfort, bookari personal library Chrome extension download Fix sharepoint scrollbar function on Chrome. Provide an easy access for library and list.

develop update, caml query, sharepoint scrollbar function, show list library, listlibrary columns details, list library columns, sharepoint site show list library columns details execute caml query, fix sharepoint scrollbar function, sharepoint scrollbar, sharepoint client script library, listlibrary columns detail, fix sharepoint scrollbar, list library list, sharepoint site, caml query utility version, fix scrollbar problem, listlibrary belong sharepoint site show

Web Maker Chrome extension download
Web Maker Blazing fast & offline playground for your web experiments

html css, atomic css support, external library ux, auto code, settings bugfixes, auto code alignment bugfixes, configurable auto, similar ad blocker tools, optional new tab replacement feature, add library policy changes, popular css library, local language support, web maker, configurable settings, infinite loop protection, preview atomic css, atomic css, user specific data, support maker Extension Chrome extension download Extension Extension for Add torrent directly by right clicking, view your account informations

accurate auto reload bug fixes, fix bug, adding options page v2, bug fixes, subtitles v2, search bar video page improvements v2, video v2, upgrade transfer page auto refresh, upgraded user interface v2, page auto, library improvements, transfers badge, page v2, video page improvements v2, files view v2, improvements v2, menu home update v2, add transfers, change default download folder v2, bug v2, add library, options page fix, library improvements bug fixes v2, fixes v2, small ux improvements v2, bug fixes v1, adding badge v1, files v2, ui fix server status v2, bug fixes v2

Ember Chrome extension download
Ember Save webpages to your Ember library.

ember extension, mac app store, ember library, ember library apply tags, annotation tools, save webpages, incredibly easy, mac, ember browser extension requires ember, please note, browser extension, ember annotation tools, mac app, apply tags

Plex Search Chrome extension download
Plex Search Quick Plex Library Search

menu bar, quickly search, quick plex library search, plex, plex search extension, tv, simple extension, search, tv library

Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU Chrome extension download
Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU Automatically load journal websites using Becker and Libproxy. By Nick Semenkovich

load journal websites, update journals, icon update list, visit journal, full text versions, automatically redirect, update network detection, many security changes, fix lancet breakage, updated journal list, journal list update, minor codebase tweaks, nick semenkovich semenko alum, library proxy chrome extension, extension icon, sites work, additional network detection tweaks

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Chrome extension download
DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Batch delete Items from your kindle library @

kindle library, location url, batch delete items, provide operation steps, kindle library amazon, delete kindle items, bulk delete, previous version desnt work, simple tool help, javascript void function

Available Reads Chrome extension download
Available Reads Displays availability of ebooks and audiobooks from your local library on GoodReads pages.

ebook availability right, ebooks, goodreads, extension adds simple listing, goodreads review page, displays availability, local library ebook availability, multiple libraries, local library, simple listing, add multiple libraries, goodreads pages

Lazy CUHK Chrome extension download
Lazy CUHK Automatic login to CUHK services including ResNet, wifi, library, mycuhk, ERGWAVE, IEWAVE,etc. (unofficial)

cuhk office, cuhk services including resnet wifi library mycuhk ergwave iewave, cuhka wifi, automatic login, contribution bud reporting send, y5zone wifi, cuhk library, pccw csl wifi, uhs booking system, checkout contribution bud reporting, cuhk wifi, chrome type

ReadCube Papers Chrome extension download
ReadCube Papers Easily import articles and webpages to your ReadCube Papers library.

instant access, readcube papers browser extension, additional instant purchase option buttons, readcube papers library, streamed pdf, access document delivery services, pdf reading experience, readcube papers enterprise, paper multiple times, pdf reading, highres figure browser, full text access, full text, new readcube papers, new addition, access library

Mendeley Web Importer Chrome extension download
Mendeley Web Importer Fast, convenient import of references and PDFs to your Mendeley Reference Manager library.

convenient import, free storage, mendeley reference manager library, full texts, mendeley account, save read, free storage space, mendeley web importer, mendeley library, retrieve metadata, import, mendeley web importer icon

Edgar Chrome extension download
Edgar Meet Edgar: the only app that stops social media updates from going to waste.

social media channels, handy browser extension, content library, social media, social media updates, social media application, prewritten social media posts, automatically generate social media updates, social media presence, social media posts, weekly email update, edgar auto, automatically generate, create library, post content, edgar automatically, worldclass support team, generate posts

Bookworm Chrome extension download
Bookworm Integrate aNobii, Hong Kong Public Library and Features like searching Hong Kong Public Library in aNobii pages.

anobii click, anobii anobii, hong kong public library, anobii anobii click anobii, integrate anobii, click , anobii anobii anobii click anobii, , anobii hong kong public library, kong public library, anobii , anobii pages,

Joel's Password Generator Chrome extension download
Joel's Password Generator A password generator built with security and password-memorability in mind.

include numbers, password generator, joel walters licensed, certain password requirements, xkcd password strength, schneier generator, provide random values derivative, crypto library, provide random values, password aids memorability, copyright joel walters, stanford javascript crypto library

mPublications Chrome extension download
mPublications Search publications from the National Library of Medicine.

digital collections, online archive, professional medical advice, unique access, free online archive, medicine digital collection, search publications, professional medical, national library, microhealth therefore support, search national library, microhealth employees, nlm rich, current medical, current medical practices, medicine digital

SharePoint Analyzer Chrome extension download
SharePoint Analyzer For SharePoint users, administrators and developers.

analyze users, user user, sharepoint groups search, show group members, external data source, groups search, user name, explore groups, analyze current user, related content types, sharepoint users, document library, lists document library, explore lists, group membership

OctoLinker Chrome extension download
OctoLinker OctoLinker – Links together, what belongs together.

present stefan buck, octolinker links, octolinker project, github project, related github project page, github api, core library method, tweet octolinker, api docs sucha, docs docs, org docs, api docs, orgendocs docs, octolinker links dependencies, core library, present stefan buck licensed

Javascript Injector Chrome extension download
Javascript Injector This extension injects any JS library from into a page.

js library, ve wanted, lacking lot, ui needs, chrome injector, extension injects, latest version, google cdn api, handle injecting, main file, inject jquery, serious work, store inject

Gremlin.js Testing Extension Chrome extension download
Gremlin.js Testing Extension a extension based version of, also known as monkey testing.

monkey, code, use, version, javascript, extension based version, monkey testing library written, simple extension, monkey testing

CSVHub Chrome extension download
CSVHub Shows useful diffs for CSV files on GitHub

host csv files, shows, extension uses, csv files, cell diffs, useful diffs, useful cellbycell diffs, coopyhx library, default diffs arent, github youll

Later - Save Images for Instagram Chrome extension download
Later - Save Images for Instagram Find and save photos for Instagram from across the web using the Later Chrome Extension.

postworthy photos, adobe spark, perfect social media, original url, save photos, media library, page title, chrome extension helps

Mega Movie Watch Chrome extension download
Mega Movie Watch Watch full movies online free on

trailers online free, biggest library, download full movies stream content fast, watch full movies online free, stream content fast, trailers, free full movies, watch, com, library, watch full movies, megamoviewatch, full movies

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