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Avast Online Security Chrome extension download
Avast Online Security Avast Browser Security and Web Reputation Plugin.

avast, data, website, browser, site, security, bank, automatically, check, phishing, ll, blocks, users, online, chrome

Spell Checker for Chrome Chrome extension download
Spell Checker for Chrome Spell Checker extension for Chrome. It's easy to use and fast. This extension supports 12 languages for spell check.

spell, check, chrome, user, support, spanish, languages, english, finnish, extension, words, danish, spellings, russian, polish

Cntv Live2 Chrome Live Plugin Chrome extension download
Cntv Live2 Chrome Live Plugin Cntvlive2 for chrome 42+

chrome, live, amp, cntv, add, install, check, change, icon, extension, live2, plugin, cntvlive2, windows, cn

LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker Chrome extension download
LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker Check your texts for style and grammar problems everywhere on the web

languagetool, grammar, text, extension, check, checker, https, browser, style, commonly, shortcut, words, works, including, google

Webpage Spell-Check Chrome extension download
Webpage Spell-Check Easily spell-check the web page content in Chrome

page, spell, check, spelling, web, chrome, extension, lets, easily, happen, sites, feel, free, typo, day Mini Chrome extension download Mini Spell checker and thesaurus lookup tool for Luxembourgish words.

fir, chrome, checker, spellchecker, words, luxembourgish, extension, spell, ieren, lu, korrig, wierder, sem, ze, projet Chrome extension download Check the spelling across your entire website today with TypoSaurus. It’s quick, effective and simple to use.

spelling, typosaurus, mistakes, website, check, extension, voracious, bone, headed, button, typos, simple, quickly, making, missed

Reverso Translate in Context Chrome extension download
Reverso Translate in Context Translate words and expressions in context and improve your language skills. Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, etc.

context, expressions, russian, translate, translation, site, italian, spanish, french, dutch, arabic, words, checker, text, spell

Plain Text Offenders Alert Chrome extension download
Plain Text Offenders Alert Tells you when you're on a site that stores your passwords in plaintext

alert, site, sites, chrome, password, code, offenders, github, passwords, giving, database, plain, text, insecure, tab

Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens Chrome extension download
Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens A powerful, free spelling and grammar checker. Scribens corrects 250 types of grammar mistakes. English and French.

scribens, grammar, checker, powerful, area, french, drop, menu, extension, free, chrome, spelling, text, choose, click

Twitter Lists Redux Chrome extension download
Twitter Lists Redux Quick and easy access to Twitter Lists.

lists, find, click, twitter, timeline, brings, checkbox, small, redux, noisy, starts, add, timelines, list, fun

Spell Check Chrome extension download
Spell Check Highlights misspelled words on the active webpage.

words, misspelled, shift, check, spelling, errors, requires, cmd, special, permissions, page, spell, web, inline, chrome

Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Chrome extension download
Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Adds RAW TEXT button to your ghost editor. Switches editor to the simple mode where the browser spell checking is working.

ghost, text, spell, raw, editor, hack, adds, version, github, browser, simple, code, working, extension, button

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