Best Major Currencies Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total major currencies plugins - 368
xCurrency Chrome extension download
xCurrency An easy to use currency convertor that looks up multiple currencies at the same time instantly.

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Count My Crypto Chrome extension download
Count My Crypto Crypto currencies are volatile. Keep your eye on the ball. Everywhere. Always.

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OnionLink .onion plugin Chrome extension download
OnionLink .onion plugin Enables surfing Tor's .onion sites with unparalleled ease.

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Fold Viewer Chrome extension download
Fold Viewer A tool for web designers to view the fold of a website in the most common screen resolutions.

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Nitrosafe Chrome extension download
Nitrosafe Malware scanning for Google Drive. Scan files in your Google Drive for Malware and viruses

easy tool, major cloud, dropbox google drive, personal data, scan files, malware scanning, personal files, major cloud providers, military grade, google drive, cloud storage, major cloud platforms, every virus, scanning powered, constant protection, malware viruses

Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Currency Converter Real-time multiple currency converter powered by Yahoo! Finance

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Piss off, publisher frames! Chrome extension download
Piss off, publisher frames! Tells journal publisher frames and popups to piss off!

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Qmee Chrome extension download
Qmee Qmee rewards you for the searches you do everyday.

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Indian Newspapers Chrome extension download
Indian Newspapers Your one stop place for all the major Indian Newspapers.

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Law360 News Chrome extension download
Law360 News Law360 is your one-stop source for legal news and analysis.

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MLB Message Boards Enhanced Chrome extension download
MLB Message Boards Enhanced Improvements and fixes for the Message Boards

gameday threads, com website, com message boards, click view, major league baseball, search bar, mlb forums easier replaces, full message, default search, next page, major league

MakkhiChoose Chrome extension download
MakkhiChoose Instantly know the lowest price of a product while you shop online, whether you are on Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, or SnapDeal

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EliteUnzip Chrome extension download
EliteUnzip Compress and decompress files easily – all from one FREE & convenient EliteUnzip Chrome New Tab and supporting application!

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MySmartPrice 2.0 Chrome extension download
MySmartPrice 2.0 Get the best price on 10 million+ products across 100+ online stores. Find more! Save more!

mysmartprice helps, wide range, integrates deals, major retail stores, major ecommerce stores, online travel agencies, online stores, goibibo etc mysmartprice finds, categories including mobiles computers electronics fashion books flights hotels buses

International On-Screen Keyboard Chrome extension download
International On-Screen Keyboard International On-Screen Keyboard to type and search internet in your native language

major websites, screen keyboard, international onscreen keyboard, ctrl alt shift, free online, write email, touchscreen computers, ukrainian urdu, major social networks, clipboard post, ctrl alt, academic network

Social Engagement Analyzer Chrome extension download
Social Engagement Analyzer Monitoring your social network life can’t get any easier

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Jobisjob Alerts Chrome extension download
Jobisjob Alerts Instant notification of new jobs which match your search criteria

interesting job offers, match job alerts, major job boards saving, instant notification, search engine, new jobs, spend browsing, job offers, new offers, major job boards, new job offers, receive direct notification

Related Content by Zemanta Chrome extension download
Related Content by Zemanta Increase your pageviews and improve your blog posts with related posts, images and links!

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JackSepticEye Chrome extension download
JackSepticEye Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye.

fixes, ya, ya laddies, bug fixes colors, major bug fixes, top, major bug fixes feed fixes, feed fix, mornin, feed, stay updated

FindYogi Price Comparison Chrome extension download
FindYogi Price Comparison Automatically get lower prices of products you are browsing on popular ecommerce stores.

lowest price, popular ecommerce stores, findyogi automatically, major online stores, online stores, integrate coupons, every category, minimum price, online shopping, start integrating, major categories

Pricedekho Chrome extension download
Pricedekho Get the best price over 1.5 crore products from 100+ online stores. Explore More! Shop More! Save More!

lowest price, extensive range, extra cashback, different stores, online stores, search products, major ecommerce portals, fashion apparels, ample number, lowest prices, categories including mobiles cameras laptops electronics fashion, major stores, pricedekho collects prices

MNO Marketplace Cash Back + Referral Cash Chrome extension download
MNO Marketplace Cash Back + Referral Cash Over 3000 stores. Earn Cash Back PLUS Referral Cash when your friends shop too!

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V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) Chrome extension download
V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) An Adblocker that replaces online display ads with your own personal and customisable study notes

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MLB by ScoopsZone Chrome extension download
MLB by ScoopsZone The leading FREE chrome add-on for Major League Baseball! Follow your favourite MLB team in real time.

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GiveBuy Chrome extension download
GiveBuy Use GiveBuy to donate while you shop.

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Preventon Chrome extension download
Preventon Block malware infected web sites!

block malware, antimalware cloud, site classifications, major search engines, security software ltd, privacy policy, major search, host malware, update site classifications, preventon terms, security companies, site contains, search page

Music and Lyrics Chrome extension download
Music and Lyrics Get the latest music news from Music and Lyrics.

music, music news, lyrics, major music segments, upcoming songs, major music segments pop rock, latest music news, r b, new lyrics, music videos, country indie, updated daily

There Be Dragons Chrome extension download
There Be Dragons Unleash dragons. Replaces selected words with different words. Just forget you even have this installed. No mercy.

washington post wall street, huffington post, abc news, usa today, unleash dragons, atlantic wire, major news, subtly replaced, major news websites, wall street journal, washington post, guardian bbc nbc usa

UX Profiler Chrome extension download
UX Profiler Extends the Developer Tools, adding ability to measure and profile UX by grouping related events together.

events xhrs, profiler profile, time measurements, supports apache cordova, asynchronous stack trace, user feels, major javascript frameworks including, user transaction, tools adding ability, x polymer react, entire user transaction, major javascript frameworks, developer tools, user transaction view

91Mobiles Chrome extension download
91Mobiles Get Price Drop Alerts for products on your favourite stores.Compare prices across Flipkart, Amazon & major stores across categories.

flipkart amazon major stores, flipkart amazon, products, price drop alerts, flipkart, instant real time price drop, favourite stores, compare prices, major stores, availability alerts

Shopping-Bag Chrome extension download
Shopping-Bag A shopping bag for every website!

shopping bag, ca currency rates, fun time shopping, supporthl nl, entire web, different occasions, user shopping bags, every page, add items, shopping lists, currencies listed

ZemanBlock Chrome extension download
ZemanBlock Jediná možnost, jak číst zpravodajské servery.

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One Source for HealthcareSource Chrome extension download
One Source for HealthcareSource One Source for HealthcareSource

candidates, job, verified candidates, passive candidates sourced, 75100 passive candidates, every major professional network, passive candidates, global resources, job requirements, resume database including linkedin monster dice careerbuilder, deliver passive candidates, major professional network, resume database, verified candidates delivered

One Source for HRSmart Chrome extension download
One Source for HRSmart One Source for HRSmart

candidates, job, verified candidates, passive candidates sourced, 75100 passive candidates, every major professional network, passive candidates, global resources, job requirements, resume database including linkedin monster dice careerbuilder, deliver passive candidates, major professional network, resume database, verified candidates delivered

One Source for Greenhouse Chrome extension download
One Source for Greenhouse One Source for Greenhouse

candidates, job, verified candidates, passive candidates sourced, 75100 passive candidates, every major professional network, passive candidates, global resources, job requirements, resume database including linkedin monster dice careerbuilder, deliver passive candidates, major professional network, resume database, verified candidates delivered

One Source for netMEDIA Chrome extension download
One Source for netMEDIA One Source for netMEDIA

candidates, job, verified candidates, passive candidates sourced, 75100 passive candidates, every major professional network, passive candidates, global resources, job requirements, resume database including linkedin monster dice careerbuilder, deliver passive candidates, major professional network, resume database, verified candidates delivered

DutchReader Chrome extension download
DutchReader Browse your preferred articles and get vocabulary support by just clicking on the word you don’t know.

vocabulary support, example sentences, sentences playful, major dutch news, focus vocabulary, support articles, varied tasks, learn dutch, major dutch news outlets, short exercise, preferred articles, language level, language level focus vocabulary highlighted translations

Pulse by Zerodha Chrome extension download
Pulse by Zerodha Pulse by Zerodha - Latest financial and market news from all major Indian news sources aggregated in one place

finance news aggregated, zerodha, major indian news sources aggregated, market news, zerodha latest financial, indian business market, finance news, pulse, indian business, major indian news sources, market, major news sources

All Maps StreetView Extension Chrome extension download
All Maps StreetView Extension This extension adds StreetView window to the major maps sites such as Google Maps, YahooMaps and BingMaps .

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Kite by Zerodha Chrome extension download
Kite by Zerodha A nice HTML5 trading app built with speed, simplicity, and ease of use in mind. Built exclusively for Zerodha clients.

speed simplicity, sell stocks listed nse, nice html5 trading app built, built exclusively, speed, nice html5 trading app, major finance, nse etc, google finance, major finance websites, zerodha clients, finance nse, yahoo finance, sell stocks

Context Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Context Currency Converter This extension allows you to convert currencies from your context menu.

context menu, extension allows, currency converter, convert currencies

Ever Chrome extension download
Ever Shop Items In YouTube Videos

integrate shopping functionality, small icon, major youtube channels, select major youtube channels, reveal current items, beauty videos, supported channels, youtube videos, youtube video, current items, youtube fashion, seamlessly integrate shopping functionality, happy shopping, shop items

Video Accelerator Chrome extension download
Video Accelerator Increase videos download and streaming speed

increase, youtube, increase videos download, major socialvideo websites, speed, vimeo, youtube vimeo metacafe, major social video websites, streaming speed, metacafe, video accelerator, video accelerator help

Document and Image Converter Toolbox Chrome extension download
Document and Image Converter Toolbox Document Processor and Image Converter Toolbox.

major image formats, local files, converts latex documents, image converter toolbox, load local files, chrome extensions, optical character, image converter, converts word, major image, security purposes, converts pdf, converts latex, optical character recognition ocr, online files

Is There A Cubs Game Today? Chrome extension download
Is There A Cubs Game Today? Adds an icon indicating if there is a Cubs game today and at what time. Enable 'Fan Mode' to get real-time game updates!

cubs game, cubs game today, context menu, empty context menu items, fan mode, icons context menu, major league baseball, major league baseball properties, bug caused, time score, respective team, realtime game updates, fixed bug, home cubs game today, respective teams, api data, game completion winner determination logic, context menu options, time game

Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Currency Converter Currency Converter

currency converter, simple currency converter, realtime currency rate, money, target currencies, real time currency rate, google finance, chrome productivity extensions, money source, enter sum

Exchange Rate Monitor Chrome extension download
Exchange Rate Monitor Watch the exchange rate on the go.

update style, qr code, exchange rate, currency setting, recent changes, maintenance mode, selected currencies, last checked time, fix issue, fix donation button, donation button, checked time, every minutes

Currency Exchange Rates Chrome extension download
Currency Exchange Rates Retrieves currency exchange rate data from Provides a currency converter

yahoo, updated information, xchange, retrieves currency exchange rate data, shows rates table, shows rates, finance, currencies, information, currency converter

FlipShope - Price Tracker Extension Chrome extension download
FlipShope - Price Tracker Extension Automatically find and apply coupon codes in one click, Get features like Auto buy, Price Graph, Compare and much more

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Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Currency Converter Exchange rates are always at your hand. Multi currency converter, powered by Yahoo! Finance.

exchange rates, multi currency converter, multiple feature, true numbers, multi currency converter powered, currency converter supports, hand, youre receiving true numbers, simplest currency converter, different currencies

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