Best Messages Quot Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Sign-Plugin "PrivatBank" Chrome extension download
Sign-Plugin "PrivatBank" Extension plug-payments without signing Java

extension plugpayments, usb, signing java, java, extension plug payments

Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Extension for "Anything" on Namie Amuro's new album "_genic" (Release date: June 5, 2015).

music video, release date, album genic release, google chrome, special namie amuro, album genic, new album, normal version, open google chrome, unsolved riddle, watch music videos, namie amuro, special homepage

"Page Up" Button [Atavi] Chrome extension download
"Page Up" Button [Atavi] Page Up and Page Down buttons on any site for ease of use!

key pressing, support atavi, button atavi extension, extension icon, extension icon settings, new extension, page visual page, extension visual page, atavi bookmark adding, bookmark adding, visual button, classical atavi bookmark, long time, unwanted buttons, keyboard key, button atavi, settings disable, quick bookmark, atavi bookmarks, extension page, perfect chance

Secretbook Chrome extension download
Secretbook A steganography tool for hiding secret messages within photos on Facebook.

prying eyes secretbook, photos protect, facebook, research project, messages, facebook hide messages, hiding secret messages, eyes secretbook, send secret messages, steganography tool, oxford university, secret messages

Smashcast+ Chrome extension download
Smashcast+ Addons for

different highlight format, last unique messages, darker color set, desktop notification, additional triggers, additional features, desktop notifications, dark theme, tracked messages, highlight format, dark theme changes, hide image messages, chat box, remember messages, image messages, image url

SpamBlocker Chrome extension download
SpamBlocker Block spammers (or anyone) with 1 click.

free oneclick filter service, catching viruses, block spammers, gmail, unwanted messages, messages, anyone, phishing attempts, gmail messages, click filter service, click, blocking messages, click spamblocker automatically filters

mattermost-chrome-badge Chrome extension download
mattermost-chrome-badge A chrome plugin to show the number of unread messages in mattermost.

unread messages, channel unread messages, chrome plugin, black otherwise, new messages, chrome badge, private group, icon turns blue, unread private messages, question mark, private groups

Message deleter for Slack Chrome extension download
Message deleter for Slack Delete Slack messages in bulk - channels, private channels and direct messages supported

new version therefore, direct messages, delete slack messages, original slack interface, export message, slack messages, private channels, new ones, channels private channels, history upgrade, warranty uncertainty, developer note, new slack app, direct messages supported, full history, slack channel

GIFUC - Google Inbox Favicon Unread Counter Chrome extension download
GIFUC - Google Inbox Favicon Unread Counter See how many unread messages are in your Inbox at the tab's icon.

unread messages count, watch dom changes, google inbox account, unread messages, bugfix hide badge, google inbox, multiple accounts thx, thx paulo tavares, thx folks, many unread messages, unread messages thx, gmail atom, badge color, gmail atom feed

Messenger Standalone Chrome extension download
Messenger Standalone A Chrome extension that isolates the in-browser Facebook Messenger

messenger tab, inbrowser facebook messenger, unread messages, facebook ping sounds, instructions click, many unread messages, tab update, messenger standalone isolates, extension icon shows, new messages, browser facebook messenger, messages arrive, extension icon

dA Message Notifier Chrome extension download
dA Message Notifier A notifier for deviantART messages. Keep track of your dA inbox!

extension version, detailed feedback , messages notifications, added support, group deviations, support messages version, new presentation help, deviantart message center, deviantart message, message notifier, new messages, fixed bug, new credits page, notifications page, da inbox, deviantart messages

TextUs Extension Chrome extension download
TextUs Extension Business-class Texting Software - Start texting directly from your CRM, ATS or any website.

oneclick contact import, contacts message, google chrome allows, send group broadcast messages, textus extension, textus web app, detect mobile, textus phone, text messages, messages import groups, text message, account please visit, receive text messages, use textus emojis , businessclass texting software, textus extension dramatically, import send

VK Online Chrome extension download
VK Online Momentary notifications about the new PM and online status changes of your friends in VK social network

online status changes, friends online statuses, online statuses, new pm, momentary notifications, new inbox messages, unread inbox messages, new messages, inbox messages, choose specific friends, online status, social network

Twitch Plays Pokemon Chat Fix Chrome extension download
Twitch Plays Pokemon Chat Fix Removes seeing other user's commands in chat, so that you can actually see what matters

extension hides messages, user commands, read actual messages, matters, removes, actual messages, commands, chat, user

SAML Message Decoder Chrome extension download
SAML Message Decoder Collects and displays SAML messages

firefox popup window, copy messages, large saml messages, usual formdata object, scroll vertically, weird authorization issues, window height, recent chrome update, firefox popup, saml messages, extension look decent

Crunchyroll Widescreen Chrome extension download
Crunchyroll Widescreen Resizes page elements on Crunchyroll to be 1280x1020 pixels.

nonpremium crunchyroll members, extension expands, resizes page elements, minor bug fix, overlapping odd, crunchyroll videos, viewing videos, blue crunchyroll messages, full screen, premium crunchyroll members, sidebar clickability, important messages, crunchyroll messages, uk version, ads button due

Sms Trackers - best app for SMS monitoring Chrome extension download
Sms Trackers - best app for SMS monitoring Sms Tracker works by installing a small hidden app to the device to be monitored.

blocking apps remotely, android ios platforms, excellent support team, photo video files, outgoing sms, company cell phones, small hidden app, outgoing text messages, incoming outgoing, jailbroken nonjailbroken devices, gps location monitoring, sms tracker, skype messages, text messages, standard sms service

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

delete messages, dont forget, deleting conversations, message deleting, message permanently, facebook chat, extra settings, chat message, privacy problem, facebook messages, single mouse click, personal discussions, facebook youll, chat history, permanently delete, delete multiple messages, person contacts, deleting messages, undo message deletion

YouBlock Chrome extension download
YouBlock Since the recent update in YouTube the extension is a little buggy but it works with new messages... most of the time. It will not…

recent update, little buggy, click options, old messages, submit reports, github link, new messages, youtube streaming, report message

Pandor - encrypt the content of your emails Chrome extension download
Pandor - encrypt the content of your emails The extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail.

send messages encrypted, openpgp keys, gmail, keys, automatically generates openpgp keys, openpgp, send secure, encrypted messages, send messages, send secure encrypted messages, send, gmail webmail, user create profile

Office 365 Mail Notifier Chrome extension download
Office 365 Mail Notifier This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your Office mailbox.

office online web site, unread messages, office online webmail account, office online calendar, new message, appointments save, office notifier checks, mailbox system notification, office mailbox, new messages, messages arrive

Facebook seen message remover Chrome extension download
Facebook seen message remover Prevents other people from seeing when you read their messages.

people, active others, messages, facebook messages, simply block, unblock, read, prevents

Zimbra Mail Notifier Chrome extension download
Zimbra Mail Notifier This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your zimbra mailbox.

zimbra mailbox, unread messages, zimbra calendar, default zimbra login interface, privacy policy, zimbra mail notifier checks, zimbra webmail account, mailbox system, preauthentication interface, new messages, messages arrive, specific website, tracking ongoing tasks

AUTh Cert Signing Chrome extension download
AUTh Cert Signing Send text messages to be digitally signed by a native application, with the use of a hardware crypto device.

digitally signed, use, hardware crypto device, native application, text messages, send text messages

AutoRemote Chrome extension download
AutoRemote Send and receive messages to and from your Android Device through AutoRemote

android devices, call message, setup commands, open pages, redirect messages, setup command, direct call task, autoremote extension, autoremote profile, receive messages, call command, click selection, total automation, shortcuts ctrl, send autoremote messages, android device

VSecure Chrome extension download
VSecure Block alerts, popups and popunders and browse freely.

several javascript features, robust features, alert messages blocking, features block, false alert messages, web browsers, blocking pop, powerful tool, prevent websites, alert messages, shot weapon, sure shot weapon

GCM Sender Chrome extension download
GCM Sender Send messages using Google Cloud Messaging.

thought, gcm applications, use, send google cloud messages, google cloud messages, send messages, app, google cloud messaging, simple app

Yappy Chrome extension download
Yappy Send & Receive text messages from Chrome using your Android phone

send receive text messages, receive, android phone, install android app, send messages, android, chrome, sync notifications, receive text messages

Slack - Windows tray notifier companion Chrome extension download
Slack - Windows tray notifier companion Passes Slack notifications to a Windows tray application (must be installed seperately).

slack notifications, incoming messages, recent messages, application, additional windows application, windows, installed seperately, readunreadmention status, windows tray application, full instructions, unread mention status, preview incoming messages, passes, opening slack

ABV Notifier Chrome extension download
ABV Notifier Official notifier

email accounts, official abv, messages, abv email account, newly received messages, visual notifications, supports, extension notifies, bg notifier

Let Me Out Chrome extension download
Let Me Out Prevents actions (like alerts) when navigating away from a page.

leave feedback, extension blocks, messages, alerts, extension blocks popup messages, new techniques, update new versions, prevents actions, sure, page, doesn work

FirePHP4Chrome Chrome extension download
FirePHP4Chrome Show FirePHP log messages in the Chrome Developer Console

wildfire services, firephp log messages, dated extensions, chrome developer console, experimental extensions, log messages, firephp messages, sample files, sample files didnt, google chromes, google chromes developer tools console, outdated extensions

Slack Bot-Filter Chrome extension download
Slack Bot-Filter This extension allows one to filter bot messages out of a slack channel.

love slack, filter bot messages, future change, slack layout, relative positioning ipo absolute, version control, project management, slack channels, use integrations, continuous integration, integration messages, bot messages, version control project, future change adjustments, slack channel

Zimbra Notifications Chrome extension download
Zimbra Notifications Alerts you whenever you receive new messages in your Zimbra account

unread messages, new tab, webmail account, open source extension, zimbra webmail server url, zimbra account, options page, persistent settings, zimbra notifications, source directory, zimbra webmail unread messages, receive new messages, zimbra webmail

Yes Life Web (Extension) Chrome extension download
Yes Life Web (Extension) Go SIM-less with Yes Life. Make and receive calls and send and receive SMS with your own Yes 018 number, all within Chrome.

sms messages, receive sms messages, storage enjoy, full email, enjoy email call sms cloud storage, email tasks, receive calls, create shopping lists, compose sms messages, domain email address, cloud storage services, receive sms, cloud storage, multiple email accounts, free cloud storage, life web, satsun public holidays, digital storage needs

Biker Planet Chrome extension download
Biker Planet Notifies you of new messages, views of your profile and how many members are currently online.

messages views, views, real time, many members, favorited view, new messages, biker planet experience, instant notifications, notifies, profile

SlinkyApp - Templates for LinkedIn Chrome extension download
SlinkyApp - Templates for LinkedIn SlinkyApp is an extension that allows you to create templates for LinkedIn messages, InMails, and introductions.

introduction templates, relevant pages, good luck, send messages, top right corner, load profile, browser extension, linkedin messages, create templates, sales efficiency, slinky icon, message inmail

facetalk: send Facebook voice message on PC Chrome extension download
facetalk: send Facebook voice message on PC Send voice message on Facebook from your computer

increase maximum duration, extension host app, host app version, voice messages, thirdparty sites changelogs, install facetalk, native messaging api, host app, send facebook voice messages, google chrome, send voice messages, fixed facetalk, update host app, send voice message, update options page, doesnt require python

MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer Chrome extension download
MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status

android app, chrome web store review page, excessive internet connection error popups, web app text notification, android phone number, android phone, text messages, receive sms text messages, text message, chrome web, sms app, phone number, blank popup notif bug, sms notifications, web app beta release, mightytext chrome, upgradetonewweb app text notification, text messages notification, popup notifications, popup notification, sms text messages, mightytext name image file, android notifications, fixed bug, android app notifications, web app release, sms notification, web app

Twitch Danmaku Chrome extension download
Twitch Danmaku Display Twitch chat messages on streaming player.

vary popular, japanese acg website, display twitch chat messages, display chat messages, player, chat messages, video website, change danmu color, danmu color click, screen, display, danmaku, japanese acg

MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Chrome extension download
MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Send & Receive text messages from Chrome using your Android phone

email text, messages mobitexter, text sms message, chrome desktop, mobitexter realtime text messaging features, date range print, google play store, google account, text sms, sms text messaging, free real time, text messages, download app link, device texting send text message, emoticons support synch messages, email text conversation thread, text messaging, text message

Virtru Email Protection Chrome extension download
Virtru Email Protection Surprisingly easy email protection and control for Gmail.

protect sensitive data, maintain control wherever, virtru terms, gmail messages, virtru software, easy email protection, data privacy, sharing data, protect gmail messages, full collaboration lifecycle, email messages, data loss prevention, protect data wherever, protect data, email protection, simple chrome extension, reinforce security awareness, gmail google, persistent file protection

Kindling for Campfire Chrome extension download
Kindling for Campfire Adds useful features to 37signals Campfire.

remove enter leave, timestamp messages, useful features, desktop notifications, emoji sound, open source, convenient features, show user, new messages, campfire experience, 37signals campfire, sound auto

Best Mobile Spy & Tracking Apps Chrome extension download
Best Mobile Spy & Tracking Apps Best Mobile Spy & Tracking Apps

skype whatsapp, excellent support team, monitoring app, multimedia files, skype messages check, mobile spy runs, incoming outgoing, gps location monitoring, jailbroken nonjailbroken devices, text messages, mobile spy, android ios platforms

AutoDub Chrome extension download
AutoDub Automatically upvote on QueUp.

fm account, every time, room chat, queup room, upvote timer, desktop notifications, automatically upvote, new song, chat alerts, features optional, join leave messages, joinleave messages, next song starts, someone downvotes

PassLok for Email Chrome extension download
PassLok for Email High security encryption for email. PassLok is in no way associated with Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

hidden messages, high security encryption, encrypt message, nacl encryption engine, endtoend secure encryption, 255bit standard elliptic curves, decrypted message, webrtc realtime chat session, email includes, mode encrypted messages, encrypted messages, recipients supply, encrypted message, open source algorithm, encrypted chat, 256bit xsalsa20 symmetric cipher, recipients open, hidden message, open source, champion steganography tool

Join Chrome extension download
Join Bring your devices together

sms messages, send sms messages, whatsapp message, android app, handy clipboard bubble, open web pages, android pc, time payment, deep tasker integration, open web, day trial, join app, automatically open, android device

Zipwhip Extension Chrome extension download
Zipwhip Extension Text from any CRM or web app without disrupting your workflow

utilize powerful features, existing business, text messages, send text messages, send text, phone number, view contact details, existing text conversations, zipwhip contacts, update contact information, zipwhip web, optional phone number autodetection allows, adhoc group messages, zipwhip texting, business phone number, powerful features, existing business phone number create, assign contact details, view contact, zipwhip extension, zipwhip account, receive text messages

CipherPost Pro Chrome extension download
CipherPost Pro Read and respond to your secure messages without leaving your webmail such as Gmail, OWA, Yahoo Mail.

cipherpost pro extension, enterprise level installation, gmail owa, create secure messages, manage compliance policies, cipherpost pro, large file transfers, manage compliance, real time message, enterprise email, secure messages real time message tracking read, real time tracking, secure messages, flexible enterprise email encryption, patented delivery slip

reddit companion Chrome extension download
reddit companion Turn your browser into a redditor's best friend.

submission bar, reddit open, view comments, new links, unobtrusive info bar, reddit companion, companion issues, open source, messages orangereds, new messages, bug companionissuesnew, reddit posts, receive desktop notifications

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