Best Mobile Phone Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total mobile phone plugins - 1025
Call From Browser Chrome extension download
Call From Browser Call From Browser - Make your mobile call numbers you click in your browser!

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xCurrency Chrome extension download
xCurrency An easy to use currency convertor that looks up multiple currencies at the same time instantly.

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Cell Phones & Accessories Chrome extension download
Cell Phones & Accessories Find cell phone accessories for your phone including batteries, chargers and Bluetooth accessories and more.

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Films Chrome extension download
Films Films Download Full Films For PC And Mobile Phone,TV And Mobile Device: iPad,Tablets,Etc… High Quality Film.

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Vialer Chrome extension download
Vialer Click-to-Dial, status updates and queue monitoring

end users, voipgrid plugin, voip desk phone, mobile phone, dial status, voipgrid platform, desk phone, busy lamp field functionality, status updates, dial availability, red busy, queue monitoring, special phone icon, phone numbers Chrome extension download | Send music and pictures to your phone

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Dolphin Connect Chrome extension download
Dolphin Connect With Dolphin Connect, you can sync tabs and bookmarks, send webpages and more directly to your mobile devices.

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WeChat Web Grab Chrome extension download
WeChat Web Grab Shake web pages from your browser to your phone

send webpages, friends easily share content, web grab, computer browser, share content, mobile app, wechat mobile app, phone install web grab, shake web pages, phone shake, web pages, phone web grab shake webpages

DSS Satellite Phone Chrome extension download
DSS Satellite Phone The DSS Satellite Phone for Urban Dead

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unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock Chrome extension download
unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock unlockriver free and easy sim unlock solutions.

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S1 Demo Chrome extension download
S1 Demo Opens Salesforce1 Mobile in a new phone-sized window.

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Sendola Chrome extension download
Sendola The Sendola browser extension lets users send contact details from any website to the user's mobile cell phone instantly & for free.

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Burner - Number Manager Chrome extension download
Burner - Number Manager Burner - Number Manager

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TouchPhone Simulator Chrome extension download
TouchPhone Simulator Simulate touch-based phone behavior and mobile user agent string

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QR Image from URL Chrome extension download
QR Image from URL Get a Scannable QR Image for Any Webpage Instantly!

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Watchpresenter Chrome extension download
Watchpresenter Control Google Slides from your Android phone or Android Wear device. No USB dongles, no remotes, no hassle. Just this Chrome…

google slides, play store, control google slides, android wear device, mobile app, phone, android phone, usb dongles

AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Chrome extension download
AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Drag-and-drop to quickly prototype your mobile app User Interface. Export the generated HTML/CSS/JS. It's that simple!

opensource rib project, export readytouse code, jquery mobile, app builder, windows mac, jquery mobile properties, jquery mobile app builder drag, mobile website, drop html, mobile widgets, mobile app, internet connection, source rib project, import custom jquery mobile themes, lite html5jquery mobile app builder

Nokia Drop Chrome extension download
Nokia Drop Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content and notifications to your device from public websites

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Beepe Phone Chrome extension download
Beepe Phone Beepe, a cloud phone extension

audio call, beepe phone, communication technology, cloud phone extension, beepe phone allows, simple audio call, phone call, beepe cloud phone, new technology, regular phone, social networks, digit phone number, revolutionary new product, add people

DoubleVision-Mobile Sync+Send to Phone Chrome extension download
DoubleVision-Mobile Sync+Send to Phone Send any website to your mobile device instantly. Videos & content even play on your mobile lockscreen.

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To Pushover Chrome extension download
To Pushover Quick push urls, images, text and dial/phone numbers from Google Chrome via Pushover.

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Mobile-Friendly Checker Chrome extension download
Mobile-Friendly Checker This extension checks if a page passes Google's mobile-friendly test

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kdeconnect Chrome extension download
kdeconnect Send or push url of a web page of your current active tab in desktop Chrome to KDE Connect on your android mobile phone Open…

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QR URL Chrome extension download
QR URL Show current web URL as a QRCode so you may scan with your mobile device.

create qrcode, active tab, show current web url, qr code, non chrome phone, web page, free text, current url, create ean8 barcode, chrome phone, current web url, ean8 barcode, mobile device

Ringio Click to call Chrome extension download
Ringio Click to call Ringio is a CRM-friendly phone solution for businesses that love their customers and want to improve phone interaction quality!…

ringio, google docs spreadsheet, phone solution, extension turns numbers, call extension, clickable phone numbers, phone interaction quality, improve phone, numbers, turbo boost, helpdesk ticketing system, crm screens, phone numbers

Reverse Phone Chrome extension download
Reverse Phone The Ultimate Reverse Phone Lookup Online Service

free service, phone detective cell phone number search phone numbers, please note, phone detective cell phone number search phone numbers scan information, ultimate reverse phone lookup online service, scan information

Ripple Emulator (Beta) Chrome extension download
Ripple Emulator (Beta) A browser based html5 mobile application development and testing tool

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Browser To Phone Chrome extension download
Browser To Phone This extension pushes the current tab url's to your registered phone, so that you can continue reading on the go!

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Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Chrome extension download
Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Need to know who’s calling you from an unfamiliar number? Install ReverseGenie and discover who is contacting you by phone!

unfamiliar number, text containing, select phone number, install reversegenie, phone number, free callerid, enjoy instant reverse phone number lookups, phone, reversegenie plugin, instant reverse phone number lookups

Glimpse Chrome extension download
Glimpse Take a quick glimpse at the mobile view of any Web page.

important information front, wonderful place, instant access, find mobile site, mobile browser, web sites, quick glimpse, mobile version, quick easy access, arc90 lab project glimpse, mobile view, mobile version loads

TV Chrome extension download
TV TV Mobile TV Elite - The Ultimate Phone TV Software. SatelliteDirect - The Ultimate PC TV Software. TVFreeLoad - The Ultimate TV…

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Video remote Chrome extension download
Video remote remotely controlled playing of video, Use your cell phone as a remote control!

video playback, qr code, simply scan, video, use, cell phone, playing, control, remotely controlled playing, remote control, phone type, controlled video playback, mobile

DialMonk Chrome extension download
DialMonk Transform phone numbers into dial-able links!

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Quick QR Chrome extension download
Quick QR Create a QR-Code from every site on the web, for instance for your mobile-phone.

create qrcode, specify size, qr code, mobile phone, new optionspage, urldisplay fix, firststart bug, update backgroundfolders, options page, every site, create

Direct URL to QR Code Chrome extension download
Direct URL to QR Code Generate QR Code From current URL

qr code, generate qr code, mobile phone, current url, click, share

Phone to Chrome Chrome extension download
Phone to Chrome Receive links from your phone

android app, play store, pro version, settings page, different links, mobile app, receive links, queue links, ve received

Instagram from Computer Chrome extension download
Instagram from Computer send or upload picture and image to instagram from computer and pc without phone and without any mobile device.

upload picture, pc, computer, phone, send, instagram, mobile device, image

Asterisk Click2Call Chrome extension download
Asterisk Click2Call Calls a phone number highlighted on a web page using Asterisk PBX

ami ajam, asterisk pbx, asterisk click2call extension allows, phone number, web page, calls history, user license, calls phone number, open customer profile, new helpdesk ticket, webbased applications, web pages, phone calls, incoming calls, phone numbers

AMP Accelerated Mobile Page Reader Chrome extension download
AMP Accelerated Mobile Page Reader The AMP Project is all about improving the reading experience on mobile devices but it's not a technology limited to mobile. This…

mobile devices, ll show, amp versions, reading experience, desktop users, technology limited, mobile, original page, amp project, amp version

Dialpad Extension Chrome extension download
Dialpad Extension Quick launch the Dialpad app and link phone numbers to call via Dialpad

contact email address, email address, quick launch, text anyone, phone number, website exceptions, link phone numbers, unformatted phone numbers, quickly call, contact card, dialpad app, phone numbers

FluentCloud ClickToCall Chrome extension download
FluentCloud ClickToCall FluentCloud ClickToCall enables instant dialing of phone numbers and display of live calls on the FluentStream Cloud Phone System.

crm integration capability, auto generate phone calls, incoming phone number, cloud business, zendesk clicktocall, dial number, cloud telecommunications platform, fluentcloud clicktocall, fluentcloud web, phone calls, fluentstream cloud phone system, new client page, minor bug fixes, fluentcloud business phone extension, extension number, cloud business telecommunications platform, fluentstream cloud phone, incoming call, phone numbers

Toodledo Mobile Site Popup Chrome extension download
Toodledo Mobile Site Popup Open the official Toodledo mobile interface in a popup bubble directly from the Chrome toolbar.

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Biscuit for Chrome Chrome extension download
Biscuit for Chrome Biscuit - Dictionary & Flashcards

evernote devcup bronze award biscuit, mobile app store, mobile devices, biscuit mobile app, ux read english content, app stores, mobile app, use study alerts, read english content online, english words

Turtle Dialer Chrome extension download
Turtle Dialer Control your IP phone from Google Chrome

calls notification, phone book, trigger call, google chrome, ip phone, yealink t20p, missed calls notification, phone, call log, gmail contacts

Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc. Chrome extension download
Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc. A very simple and useful reference for the codes that can be used to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp.

selected items, generate emojis, crossbrowser extension, mobile phone keyboards, source code, emoji codes, useful reference, popular sites, automatically copied, search emojis

Cisco Dialer Chrome extension download
Cisco Dialer Let your Cisco phone dial a number by the click of a button right within your Google Contacts.

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NEW Google Mobile Friendly Test Quick Access Chrome extension download
NEW Google Mobile Friendly Test Quick Access Send your current page to Google Mobile Friendly Test tool to verify if it is Mobile-Friendly, if it is responsive web design.

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Click2Dial - Snom Chrome extension download
Click2Dial - Snom Dial the selected number using your Snom phone.

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Linked Union Emulator (Beta) Chrome extension download
Linked Union Emulator (Beta) A browser based html5 mobile application development and testing tool

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SIP Caller click to call Chrome extension download
SIP Caller click to call SIP Phone Click2Call. Detect telephone numbers on the web and convert them to sip, tel, callto (click to call links)

update history v2016, sip url, sip phone click2call, url sip phone number, click2call app, call app, custom url, click2call browser extension, sip phone click, calls click phone number, phone number, calls v1, click phone number, custom protocol, support http get request, send http request, sipcaller app, page youre browsing, ip telephony system, page click sipcaller, protocol support, browser extension service collects, click2call browser, every phone number

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