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QR Image from URL Chrome extension download
QR Image from URL Get a Scannable QR Image for Any Webpage Instantly!

qr, image, url, phone, instantly, web, data, scanned, code, banner, hear, images, codes, screen, extension

Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc. Chrome extension download
Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc. A very simple and useful reference for the codes that can be used to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp.

emojis, github, codes, extension, emoji, basecamp, items, mobile, selected, copied, categories, view, automatically, simple, reference

Cell Phones & Accessories Chrome extension download
Cell Phones & Accessories Find cell phone accessories for your phone including batteries, chargers and Bluetooth accessories and more.

phone, accessories, mobile, cell, phones, telephone, chrome, cards, motorola, wide, batteries, access, amazing, chargers, bluetooth

VoIPGRID Chrome extension download
VoIPGRID Chrome extension for Click-to-Dial, status updates and queue monitoring

phone, dial, busy, queue, availability, voipgrid, click, plugin, easily, extension, status, red, calls, browser, colleagues

Mobiplay Chrome Plugin Helper Chrome extension download
Mobiplay Chrome Plugin Helper Chrome Native Messaging for Mobiplay Plugin Player

mobiplay, chrome, plugin, mobile, contact, tablet, laptop, computer, devices, contents, tv, lets, movies, programs, shows

ServiioTube Chrome extension download
ServiioTube Manage youtube feed subscriptions on serviio directly from youtube

serviio, youtube, serviiotube, http, manage, log, subscriptions, feed, playstation, xbox, tv, video, server, extension, favourite

SMS to Phone Chrome extension download
SMS to Phone SMS to Phone enables you to send a website link to mobile phones.

sms, website, phone, extension, send, app, hoiio, link, developer, id, chrome, button, url, shortener, google

Zipwhip Texting Chrome extension download
Zipwhip Texting Zipwhip Texting Extension

text, texting, phone, zipwhip, number, landline, email, existing, conversation, mobile, customer, browser, service, toll, reply

InTouchApp Save / Call contacts from Web Chrome extension download
InTouchApp Save / Call contacts from Web Manage your phone contacts from Chrome! Save and call contacts from WhatsApp web, LinkedIn and other sites to your phone!

phone, contacts, intouchapp, web, contact, add, android, write, select, save, whatsapp, chrome, single, intouchid, extension

Offline QR-Code Generator Chrome extension download
Offline QR-Code Generator Generate QR Code without internet connectivity or server lag.

qr, text, code, messages, quick, codes, extension, phone, laptop, internet, mobile, generate, lag, ios, android (ex-VK Music Control player) Chrome extension download (ex-VK Music Control player) is an application to play music with control from android device

music, control, flittr, app, enjoy, smartphone, pc, chrome, vk, player, android, program, translate, play, phone

Direct URL to QR Code Chrome extension download
Direct URL to QR Code Generate QR Code From current URL

qr, code, url, current, chrome, extension, generate, mobile, phone, urlshare, direct, click

Tonido for Gmail Chrome extension download
Tonido for Gmail Access Tonido directly without leaving your Gmail window to send files and save attachments

tonido, access, files, share, cloud, computer, photos, works, gmail, personal, server, windows, phone, secure, media

xCurrency Chrome extension download
xCurrency An easy to use currency convertor that looks up multiple currencies at the same time instantly.

http, currencies, mobile, app, easy, xcurrency, multiple, gl, currency, instantly, extension, convertor, converter, android, phone

Excalibur - seamless authentication [beta] Chrome extension download
Excalibur - seamless authentication [beta] Excalibur provides a unique patent pending solution to seamlessly or as we like to say - automagically - authenticate on the Web.

excalibur, phone, authentication, token, automagically, security, seamlessly, multiple, solution, universal, act, sensors, pending, patent, unique

Recharge Mate Chrome extension download
Recharge Mate Recharge Mate is used by Unnati’s Partner Stores to (a) enroll informal sector workers for the Unnati Employment Exchange and (b)…

recharge, unnati, mate, partner, store, enroll, worker, workers, enrolled, chrome, account, india, employment, exchange, commission

kdeconnect Chrome extension download
kdeconnect Send or push url of a web page of your current active tab in desktop Chrome to KDE Connect on your android mobile phone Open…

chrome, code, install, kdeconnect, native, source, https, system, github, open, phone, tabs, written, messaging, bc61836a282b2b7e

Films Chrome extension download
Films Films Download Full Films For PC And Mobile Phone,TV And Mobile Device: iPad,Tablets,Etc… High Quality Film.

films, mobile, device, pc, film, extension, ipad, download, full, tv, phone, high, quality, tablets, chrome

unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock Chrome extension download
unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock unlockriver free and easy sim unlock solutions.

unlock, free, iphone, phone, sim, htc, mobile, network, learn, unlockriver, step, nokia, pin, instructions, wireless

Quick QR Chrome extension download
Quick QR Create a QR-Code from every site on the web, for instance for your mobile-phone.

qr, code, quick, page, url, fix, bug, create, phone, update, web, site, folders, options, fixed

DSS Satellite Phone Chrome extension download
DSS Satellite Phone The DSS Satellite Phone for Urban Dead

phone, messages, urban, game, extension, dss, satellite, choose, cost, send, dead, add, encumbrance, messaging, mobile

Scandid Chrome extension download
Scandid Scandid, Savings ka Sahi Jugaad- Now on your Browser! Compare, Save.

save, scandid, deals, product, browser, coupons, products, televisions, prices, information, cameras, empower, sahi, merchants, tablets

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