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Read Mode Chrome extension download
Read Mode Puts Google Chrome into read mode for a pleasant reading experience.

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Text Mode Chrome extension download
Text Mode Browse the web without distractions via simple text based pages.

text, pages, images, easier, web, based, video, load, ads, software, mode, image, replacement, content, click

DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from within your browser with the click of a button

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Earth Mode Chrome extension download
Earth Mode Switch to Carbon-Neutral Browsing

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Twitter Web - Night Mode Chrome extension download
Twitter Web - Night Mode Android/iOS like night mode for twitter web app

twitter, mode, night, extension, theme, web, dark, issues, app, android, tsriram, default, quot, ios, feedback

DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from your browser's new tab page

added, torrent, tv, duckietv, search, shows, chrome, download, v0, browser, mirror, calendar, netflix, standalone, episodes

Text-Only Mode Chrome extension download
Text-Only Mode Allows opening and viewing of pages in text-only mode, with no images and/or other multimedia

mode, text, extension, images, open, page, chrome, requests, feature, reports, multimedia, pages, click, www, company

Stealth Mode Chrome extension download
Stealth Mode Protects your identity and sensitive personal info from thousands of online trackers

mode, stealth, information, trackers, cookies, online, data, hides, requests, browser, personal, adguard, website, actions, google

Doge Mode Chrome extension download
Doge Mode This will add more doge to your browsing experience.

doge, extension, click, bar, address, turn, picture, quot, internet, add, chrome, screen, occurrence, mode, image

9gag Night Mode Chrome extension download
9gag Night Mode Night mode for the 9gag website!

night, mode, chrome, extension, gag, enable, website, desktop, unofficial

Turbofilm Cinema Mode Chrome extension download
Turbofilm Cinema Mode Made for your pleasure! On today's list are user subtitles and playlists, enhanced blogging and notifications!

mode, chrome, subtitles, enhanced, playlists, turbofilm, cinema, extension, user, blogging, pleasure, list, notifications, tv, today

Design Mode Chrome extension download
Design Mode Allows you to make temporary edits to any page.

extension, mode, page, text, design, development, edit, chrome, html, typing, existing, editable, element, style, standard

Auto Incognito Mode Chrome extension download
Auto Incognito Mode spoofs User-Agent of request headers.

mode, incognito, hp, agent, user, spoofs, extension, chrome, match, headers, request, open, filter, auto

Netflix God Mode Chrome extension download
Netflix God Mode God Mode Extension for Netflix that allows for easy viewing of movies without scrolling

extension, movies, netflix, viewing, https, mode, thomasrockhu, god, github, hu, viewed, bookmarklet, www, scroll, beshimov

Reader Mode Chrome extension download
Reader Mode Puts Google Chrome into read mode for a pleasant reading experience.

read, mode, chrome, page, extension, alt, reset, icon, click, google, font, animations, increase, version, address

Cinema Mode Chrome extension download
Cinema Mode - This extension lets you enjoy your online videos without any of the distractions by dimming all of the other elements on the web…

page, cinema, mode, enjoy, lets, http, facebook, extension, restored, level, web, previous, elements, dimming, preferred

TLV Night Mode Chrome extension download
TLV Night Mode Convert all websites to dark color scheme.

extension, website, color, chrome, theme, dark, convert, favorite, screen, stare, image, brightness, contrast, fixed, disadvantage

Panic Mode Chrome extension download
Panic Mode Once Panic Mode is on all requests issued by your browser will be forced over SSL.

mode, secure, panic, extension, world, browser, stays, sites, break, issued, online, guarantees, requests, ensures, insecure

NightMode Chrome extension download
NightMode Transforms the web for night time reading.

solution, page, web, bright, usage, nightmode, eyes, quot, time, reading, turn, removed, tuned, hundreds, ugly

9gag Nightmode Chrome extension download
9gag Nightmode This extension grants the power of the darkside to your pc-master race rigg!

extension, pc, master, harmed, painful, improved, feel, email, brought, send, free, darkside, power, user, fillfey

Vimium + Visual mode Chrome extension download
Vimium + Visual mode The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.

vimium, chrome, mode, control, navigation, shortcuts, extension, spirit, visual, keyboard, hacker, vim, browser

Trello Compact Mode Chrome extension download
Trello Compact Mode

trello, compact, extension, chrome, mode, refresh, github, pennyapp, https, install, voila, modecan, cards

WhatsApp Web Incognito mode Chrome extension download
WhatsApp Web Incognito mode Blur out your private conversations on the whatsapp web client

web, whatsapp, extension, chrome, blur, mode, private, incognito, conversations, client

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