Best Mouse Button Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total mouse button plugins - 5
Bookmarks Menu Chrome extension download
Bookmarks Menu Shows bookmarks menu. Works with Chrome and Google bookmarks.

bookmarks, click, open, bookmark, menu, button, options, mouse, tab, google, works, extension, chrome, middle, https

AutoScroll Chrome extension download
AutoScroll This extension adds customizable autoscroll support to Chrome.

chrome, autoscroll, mouse, scroll, work, sticky, extension, changelog, button, hold, github, press, mac, page, lack

Open with Photoshop Chrome extension download
Open with Photoshop Open images with Adobe Photoshop with a quick right mouse button click.

host, photoshop, install, github, extension, source, adobe, chrome, sh, open, curl, inspired, messaging, untested, mouse

uSelect iDownload Chrome extension download
uSelect iDownload Open or download several links at once with a simple selection.

extension, open, button, links, click, download, previous, step, visit, mouse, suggestions, issues, chrome, file, manager

Thin Scroll Bar Chrome extension download
Thin Scroll Bar Thin Scroll Bar to increase screen space for little more visibility. It is thin to show current position on the document

scroll, bar, extension, mouse, chrome, current, keyboard, space, thin, document, position, page, bug, related, key

Bookmark Search Chrome extension download
Bookmark Search Search for bookmarks from the omnibox.

quot, bookmarks, option, page, match, permission, javascript, extension, tab, due, version, bookmark, chrome, fixed, changed

Tabs saver Chrome extension download
Tabs saver You could save opened tabs, if you may need them in future

tabs, group, ability, google, open, window, export, opened, icon, save, current, click, rename, https, tab

No Scroll Bars Please! Chrome extension download
No Scroll Bars Please! Remove the scroll bars and increase the screen space. Scroll feature works normal using middle mouse buttons and keyboard arrow keys

scroll, chrome, extension, extensions, mouse, keyboard, bars, arrow, people, scrolling, successfully, increase, screen, normal, works

Save my Tabs Chrome extension download
Save my Tabs Save all tabs at once.

tabs, save, open, click, links, directory, select, paste, sg, web, monteverde, send, choosing, button, choose

Smooth Gestures Plus Chrome extension download
Smooth Gestures Plus The Complete Mouse Gestures solution

gestures, mouse, extension, pages, smoothgesturesplus, actions, privacy, click, chrome, permissions, gesture, license, issues, https, http

Scrollbar Anywhere Chrome extension download
Scrollbar Anywhere Click and drag anywhere to scroll the page.

extension, scrollbar, drag, chrome, pages, mouse, scroll, button, left, fixed, clicking, leave, dragging, style, scrolling

Right-Click enabler Chrome extension download
Right-Click enabler Re-enables the context menu on sites that block this right-click menu.

extension, menu, noright, disable, enables, click, mouse, functionality, test, give, dynamicdrive, site, http, allmighty, chrome

Music Bubbles Chrome extension download
Music Bubbles Floating quick controls for Google Play Music

google, play, quick, music, extension, bubble, tutorial, bubbles, tab, control, song, github, location, hide, controls

Cortex Chrome extension download
Cortex Share Fast

share, cortex, button, instapaper, gmail, backplane, posterous, extension, tumblr, news, twitter, blogs, videos, facebook, graphics

ImageZoomer Chrome extension download
ImageZoomer Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the right mouse button and scrolling the mouse wheel. Left click to reset.

mouse, extension, images, button, image, page, left, great, works, click, hold, http, information, chromium, rating

Proofread Bot - Grammar and Style Checker Chrome extension download
Proofread Bot - Grammar and Style Checker Check text for grammar, style and plagiarism issues.

text, check, proofreadbot, button, bot, grammar, click, extension, style, checks, proofread, press, left, issues, selected

AddToAny: Share Anywhere Chrome extension download
AddToAny: Share Anywhere Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and any other sharing or saving service quickly and easily with one share button.

share, google, services, addtoany, button, ru, sharing, menu, email, click, service, mail, instantly, app, bookmarks

Animated Gif Capture Chrome extension download
Animated Gif Capture Capture visible content of a tab, desktop screen, or selected application window as a animated GIF image.

capture, extension, icon, screen, gif, animated, demouth, image, page, github, conversion, options, remaining, net, modified

LinkedNotes Chrome extension download
LinkedNotes The extension adds a handy list of notes that synchronizes with Google Bookmarks. A text selected on a web-page can be saved in the…

version, notes, note, quot, fix, list, menu, extension, text, links, button, syncronization, google, page, sync

InstaSave Chrome extension download
InstaSave The easiest way to download photos and videos from

photos, mouse, click, video, photo, extension, easiest, instagram, quot, solution, download, downloading, videos, button, chrome

ImageZoom Chrome extension download
ImageZoom Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the middle mouse button down and moving mouse left-right.

image, mouse, zoom, button, middle, images, size, move, left, work, bytes, opening, extension, link, url

zoomWheel Chrome extension download
zoomWheel It will give you an easier and better way to zoom webpages...

zoom, mouse, scroll, chrome, button, work, quot, give, hold, set, holding, default, contact, step, kdfgigbjonaniokmpfflpflkhahhbaej

Universal Social Wishlist | Wishtack Chrome extension download
Universal Social Wishlist | Wishtack Wishtack is a free service for managing your wishlist and finding unique gift ideas for your friends and family.

wishlist, wishtack, friends, click, gift, simply, websites, wishlists, unique, quot, family, ideas, share, registry, extension

GooEdit Chrome extension download
GooEdit Image editor that helps you to edit your pictures/photos/images easily and fast, on html 5 online without need to download.

image, images, gooedit, mouse, page, local, data, edit, online, users, editor, object, extension, button, add

scroll style Chrome extension download
scroll style Like android's scroll bars .?android????

scroll, chrome, android, bar, extension, web, middle, store, mouse, activity, display, fix, don, bugs, style

MiddleButtonScroll Chrome extension download
MiddleButtonScroll Adds smooth scrolling for the middle button auto-scroll and improves the UI.

chrome, plugin, scroll, pages, issue, april, http, note, scrolling, version, adds, fix, click, dev, extension

Calculator Chrome extension download
Calculator Very simple and functional calculator.

buttons, calculator, green, button, extension, simple, change, features, choose, mouse, press, easy, uncommon, chrome, functional

Open Link in Same Tab Chrome extension download
Open Link in Same Tab Makes links open in the same tab

links, tab, open, extension, click, website, add, button, alt, press, mouse, left, bar, address, dragging

Snap Links Lite Chrome extension download
Snap Links Lite Drag with right mouse button and open links

links, reading, research, chrome, mouse, open, button, lite, opens, blog, web, holding, clicking, text, select

force font Chrome extension download
force font Forced to change the font page

font, browser, program, page, menu, change, chrome, force, options, swimming, time, browse, add, mouse, button

WebCensor - Profanity Filter Chrome extension download
WebCensor - Profanity Filter Blocks the swear words, bad, strong, foul language, swearing, cursing, etc. Make browsing safer and Internet cleaner!

words, quot, word, fixed, plugin, added, list, webcensor, profanity, content, language, swear, internet, filter, ability

Completed Listings on Ebay Chrome extension download
Completed Listings on Ebay 'CLEER' is the '(C)ompleted (L)istings on (E)Bay (E)xtension for (R)esellers'. I developed it for anyone who wants to quickly…

item, ebay, mouse, title, click, completed, quickly, product, cleer, amazon, sell, email, check, search, text

Drag to Resize Images Chrome extension download
Drag to Resize Images Drag to zoom into any image.

image, drag, res, resize, work, hold, script, extension, mac, command, big, sites, gpl, mouse, reddit

DupeOff - Plagiarism Check with Google & Bing Chrome extension download
DupeOff - Plagiarism Check with Google & Bing Check duplicate content / plagiarism.

text, check, button, plagiarism, duplicate, press, left, click, content, dupeoff, issues, extension, mouse, ctrl, webpage

3dStereo Chrome extension download
3dStereo Create 3d/Stereo/autostereogram picture from image

image, brain, create, autostereogram, dimensional, background, generation, nodes, egortitov, subversion, code, coordination, www, automatic, overcome

Flexible UserAgent Chrome extension download
Flexible UserAgent Flexible UserAgent is extension that allows change User-Agent header on the fly, within user friendly manner.

extension, browser, user, chrome, clicking, uninstall, agent, google, installing, link, useragent, upgrading, button, header, download

Boss Key and Button Chrome extension download
Boss Key and Button Press F9 or the right mouse button to hide browser.

chrome, key, f9, extension, button, boss, version, windows, versions, choose, f12, browser, hide, mouse, num

MouseZoom Chrome extension download
MouseZoom Zoom in and out with the right mouse button and left click or wheel.

zoom, chrome, quot, zooming, button, mouse, changing, mousezoom, extension, wheel, removed, firefox, api, offers, official

Tumblr Video Download Chrome extension download
Tumblr Video Download Chrome extension for download video from tumblr

video, tumblr, chrome, extension, download, github, click, quot, poppinlp, install, repo, https, store, web, mouse

G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Chrome extension download
G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Opens Google Plus photos in a new tab with resolution up to 2048px!

click, photo, extension, works, image, v1, chrome, previews, tab, release, userpics, existing, extensions, site, fullsize

Auto refresh actual webpage Chrome extension download
Auto refresh actual webpage Automatically reload webpage in actual tab. You can set refresh interval.

refresh, automatically, webpage, tab, actual, extension, change, button, mouse, clicking, menu, context, activated, set, easily

YouTube Mix Music Chrome extension download
YouTube Mix Music YouTube Mix Music can mix music videos from youtube.

music, youtube, mix, click, video, videos, app, extension, twitter, share, maker, rate, online, great, clips

tabtiles Chrome extension download
tabtiles Control your tabs with tiles - useful for large monitors and full screen (F11) browsing.

bar, tabs, button, tab, page, screen, search, mouse, mode, bug, fixed, full, address, chrome, extension

Temporary Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Temporary Bookmarks Add actual page or any web links on actual page into temporary bookmarks. You can open these web links later.

bookmarks, delete, web, click, open, temporary, add, page, actual, bookmark, link, icon, popup, links, sites

How To Train Your Dragon Gallery Chrome extension download
How To Train Your Dragon Gallery How To Train Your Dragon Gallery contains photos about 3D animated fantasy films, Hiccup, Toothless, dragons.

gallery, dragon, train, films, hiccup, dragons, toothless, add, button, animated, fantasy, mouse, click, astrid, application

Enhanced Image Viewer Chrome extension download
Enhanced Image Viewer Enhances Chrome's image viewing capabilities.

image, mouse, chrome, default, mousewheel, vertically, horizontally, left, rotating, www, button, scrolling, size, ctrl, viewer

Middle Click To Go Back Chrome extension download
Middle Click To Go Back Go back with your middle mouse button.

quot, added, middle, click, firefox, tab, page, windows, close, linux, overcome, mouseup, button, www, onclick

Kaomoji Chrome extension download
Kaomoji Japanese emoticons kaomoji. Quick access to any website.

kaomoji, extension, alt, clipboard, button, copy, japanese, quick, superpower, charged, mouse, menu, open, close, show

MTG Wishlist Chrome extension download
MTG Wishlist Make your custom Magic The Gathering Wishlist

wishlist, card, cards, magic, version, http, price, mtg, column, clicking, set, expansion, format, english, prices

Aliexpress Search Chrome extension download
Aliexpress Search Quickly search on with browser address bar (omnibox), search on Aliexpress by image, photo or text on any pages

search, aliexpress, text, button, select, mouse, image, menu, pages, quickly, browser, quot, easy, bar, photo

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