Best Mouse Click Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total mouse click plugins - 2
Tab Hibernation Chrome extension download
Tab Hibernation Sends your inactive tabs to sleep

restore, tabs, extension, hibernation, inactive, hibernated, single, version, https, data, fork, hit, fields, key, space

mobile browser emulator Chrome extension download
mobile browser emulator Test mobile and responsive web pages on your desktop

screen, mobile, resolutions, click, open, window, windows, option, show, works, local, tab, chrome, files, linux

Cache Killer Chrome extension download
Cache Killer Automatically clear your browser cache before loading a page. Can be enabled/disabled with a single mouse click.

cache, killer, click, page, disable, enable, update, extension, browser, chrome, menu, icon, single, options, mentioned

VTchromizer Chrome extension download
VTchromizer Right-click on any link and scan the target with VirusTotal, free and easy.

virustotal, link, antivirus, suspicious, site, free, click, phishing, infections, avoid, extension, clicks, file, opinion, valuable

ChromeReloadPlus Chrome extension download
ChromeReloadPlus Automatically reload a page. Configure how often each page reloads and see a count-down until the next load.

key, reload, hot, code, page, v1, user, interval, default, extension, originated, chrome, logo, google, working

Youtube Playback Speed Control Chrome extension download
Youtube Playback Speed Control Control speed of the youtube playback using keyboard. Press '+' to increase and '-' to decrease the playback speed.

playback, speed, extension, youtube, rate, added, user, version, keyboard, player, fixed, control, time, embedded, bug

User-Agent Selector Chrome extension download
User-Agent Selector Allows per-tab switching of the User-Agent HTTP header. You can also add, edit, export and import your own User-Agents.

user, agent, chrome, add, extension, issues, http, tab, bug, fixed, icons, code, speed, updated, agents

Permanent clipboard Chrome extension download
Permanent clipboard Allows you to store and access multiple elements in clipboard

clipboard, store, browser, bank, forums, discussion, templates, answer, number, mouse, information, remember, click, hard, important

Select like a Boss Chrome extension download
Select like a Boss Select link's text just like a regular text (like in Opera'12 browser) - Select like a Boss ;)

fixed, selection, click, improved, link, select, google, text, extension, links, icon, preventing, added, fixes, chrome

IMG inspector Chrome extension download
IMG inspector Transforms any page with links to images in a gallery with thumbnails and lightbox viewer. Added Links Generator.

image, images, fixed, links, added, automatic, gallery, thumbnails, issues, generator, lg, quot, alt, interface, click - Who is hosting that website? Chrome extension download - Who is hosting that website? Find out who is hosting any website with 1 simple mouse click.

website, find, daily, information, ip, free, estimate, logo, click, extension, rank, w3bin, report, hosting, button

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

facebook, messages, message, process, delete, extension, deleting, chrome, chat, conversations, history, permanently, friends, easy, ve

Form Filler Chrome extension download
Form Filler Fills web forms for you.

forms, web, formfiller, form, mouse, filling, logins, double, fields, chrome, extension, fills, automatically, define, click

WebM Inline Player Chrome extension download
WebM Inline Player Automatically replaces links to WebM files with embedded videos

video, webm, player, automatically, extension, videos, embedded, links, replaces, inline, key, features, burn, cpu, work

Potplayer Youtube Shortcut Chrome extension download
Potplayer Youtube Shortcut Quickly play or add a Youtube video (playlist) to Potplayer using buttons on the site or context menu and also via middle-click

player, youtube, potplayer, video, quot, link, middle, click, open, install, menu, features, play, enable, context

Copy as Markdown Chrome extension download
Copy as Markdown Copy Link or Image as Markdown code

link, image, markdown, copy, issues, page, tab, copied, links, list, license, tabs, mit, code, source

Search Switch Chrome extension download
Search Switch Using a simple keystroke, you can transform into a search engine for Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Pintrest, and more!

mouse, click, google, search, switch, sites, scroll, amazon, control, ebay, shortcuts, options, trackpads, defined, searching

Fast Advanced Google Search Chrome extension download
Fast Advanced Google Search Get better search results in less time with this easy to use interface for Google's advanced search parameters.

search, extension, option, results, google, advanced, time, parameters, apps, required, opens, videos, means, images, perform

Simply Tabs Saver Chrome extension download
Simply Tabs Saver Quickly save or restore all tabs with just a click!

tabs, open, click, possibility, single, tab, group, links, opened, extension, save, saved, current, mouse, saver

Lightswitch Light for Philips Hue Chrome extension download
Lightswitch Light for Philips Hue Lightswitch Light allows control over digitally connected lightbulbs, such as Philips Hue.

lights, hue, philips, lightswitch, control, setup, light, extension, wifi, digitally, ly, bridge, ideas, bugs, city

Mouse Click Highlighter (mClick) Chrome extension download
Mouse Click Highlighter (mClick) This is an offline Google Chrome extention. This is extension will highlight your mouse cursor and your mouse clicks.

extension, mouse, click, cursor, licecap, recording, chrome, quot, note, options, sharex, screencasts, audience, gif, icon

Tinysong Grooveshark Extension Chrome extension download
Tinysong Grooveshark Extension Search for any song using the database and get the shortened urls to post. Songs play on Grooveshark.

search, extension, grooveshark, page, click, post, tinysong, chrome, saved, ve, songs, results, song, twitter, mouse

Sauce Launcher Chrome extension download
Sauce Launcher Launch Sauce Scout sessions in any browser you want with a single click!

sauce, chrome, single, devices, click, android, launch, opera, mouse, phone, session, browser, testing, manual, extension

Simple To-Do List Chrome extension download
Simple To-Do List Simple and easy to use To-Do list. Add, edit and delete tasks with a single mouse click.

tasks, list, click, add, browser, mouse, extension, design, pending, simple, favorite, delete, edit, number, productivity

Reading Chrome extension download
Reading Share what you're reading. Not what you like. Not what you find interesting. Just what you're reading.

reading, click, requested, mouse, context, support, menu, images, chrome, extension, find, interesting, http, goodness, posting

Clean Calculator Extension Chrome extension download
Clean Calculator Extension A clean and simple calculator

keyboard, quot, input, clean, shortcuts, calculator, chrome, simple, extension, log, history, line, memory, perfect, functions

CloseTab Chrome extension download
CloseTab Add a "Close tab" entry to the page context menu

page, close, key, click, mouse, extension, menu, quot, collides, default, chrome, case, context, item, customizable

GoUp Chrome extension download
GoUp Adds the button Go Up into the page site.

goup, added, button, hide, mouse, style, temporarily, compact, animation, adds, extension, bar, press, version, options

Strike Through Extension Chrome extension download
Strike Through Extension Allows the user to strike out all the selected items.

strike, data, extension, items, select, mouse, undesired, click, follow, steps, manually, parsing, open, users, huge

ripple Chrome extension download
ripple adds a ripple to your clicks so they can be recorded for demo purposes

ripple, extension, clicks, clicked, clear, video, record, purposeswhen, demo, adds, recorded, item, page, add, mouse

SR Proxy Chrome extension download
SR Proxy Plugin for glype proxy server.

proxy, glype, sr, url, list, server, surf, bookmark, save, mouse, click, starting, extension, plugin, chrome

Upshift Chrome extension download
Upshift Allows you to quickly navigate up levels in a web site address. Similar to the Uppity add-on for Firefox.

address, click, site, ctrl, upshift, addresses, open, list, access, permission, quickly, requires, navigate, extension, levels

Link Detector Chrome extension download
Link Detector Link Detector checks for legal citations to EU legislation and case law and establishes links to EuroCases online database

eu, links, user, legal, link, extension, detector, eurocases, law, bulgarian, act, database, legislation, license, documents

+FINSPI Chrome extension download
+FINSPI You can now add inspirations from all over the web to FINSPI - with just one click!

finspi, add, extension, words, user, engagement, web, click, content, friends, connection, origins, time, media, social

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