Best Much Tweets Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total much tweets plugins - 198
LiberTweet - Make Longer Tweets Chrome extension download
LiberTweet - Make Longer Tweets Seamlessly write longer tweets from inside with @LiberTweet_com

attached images, images, longer tweets, twitter, libertweetcom, tweets, seamlessly write longer tweets, android, long tweets, com

Twitter Autoload Chrome extension download
Twitter Autoload Automatically loads new tweets to whatever feed you are watching

text area incase, initial release source, clutter twitter decides, timeline tweets area, many simultaneous requests, trigger updates, twitter feed, frequently update, new tweets, new punchline, tweets area, new tweets bar

Twitter-Deleter Chrome extension download
Twitter-Deleter This extension created for cleaning your twitter account after a hack. Just click on the icon next to the right side of url field…

extension created, right side, tweets, twitter account, cleaning, older tweets, url field, hack, much tweets

Unmask Tweets Chrome extension download
Unmask Tweets View blocked tweets and blocked accounts while logged-in.

performance issues, twitter helpunmask, blocked tweets, view, happy trolling, tweets, tweet, blocked accounts, tweet stream

shush! Chrome extension download
shush! For blocking out tweets on certain topics

blocked word tweets, avoid tweets, certain topics, avoid twitter, user experience, different computer, blocking muting, avoid twitter entirely, persistent memory, hidden tweets, student project, unfollowing people, certain subjects

Infinitweet Chrome Chrome extension download
Infinitweet Chrome Infinitweet lets you write infinitely long tweets.

write message, highlight text, infinitweet chrome, post multiple tweets infinitweet chrome, copyright second half technolologies, multiple tweets, write infinitely, goodbye, infinitweet lets, long tweets, write, character limits

Twitter Sports Filter Chrome extension download
Twitter Sports Filter Hides NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS tweets from your twitter feed. Made for @pmarca in return for the amazing stuff he writes.

lakings coyotes yotes, hides, won show, mls afc, nba, wanna suggest, tweets, mlb, twitter feed, mls tweets, nba mlb, mls

Clarion - Facebook & Twitter Filter Chrome extension download
Clarion - Facebook & Twitter Filter Remove friends without unfollowing them. Remove unwanted and promoted tweets. Remove ads on Facebook.

keywords topics remove tweets, remove ads, metacert experts, facebook filter remove ads, facebook account, remove ads remove, mobile security, filter tweets based, facebook ads, web categorization filtering, twitter filter remove tweets based, facebook filter, contain hastags, open web, twitter filter, filter tweets, web categorization filtering

FactPopUp Chrome extension download
FactPopUp Creates notifications for fact-checking tweets.

fact checking tweets, whenever theres, creates notifications, factchecking tweets, source code, new fact check, extension notifies, fact check

CustomBlocker Chrome extension download
CustomBlocker Filter any element on any web site with any condition with XPath and RegExp

web site, specific users, create custom filters, specific apps, offensive words, block tweets, css selectors, hide tweets, create rules, google search results, specific hashtags

Twitter Refresher Chrome extension download
Twitter Refresher Loads new Tweets on Twitter if you are at the top of the page. Will not load new tweets if you are below the 'new tweets' link.

link, tweets link, loads, load link, automatically click, extensions, twitter, top, page, new tweets

MelaniaTrumpSays Chrome extension download
MelaniaTrumpSays Shows you what Meliana Trump has said ;) (Changes everyone's tweets to Melania Trumps every five seconds.)

changes everyones tweets, meliana trumps, michelle obamas speech, early stages, meliana trumps alleged plagiarism, extension panel, everyones tweets, changes everyone, political statement, meliana trump, melania trumps

Tweets Counter for Twitter Chrome extension download
Tweets Counter for Twitter Shows tweets for current url and stats for facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other share services.

share services, api usage add stats, update fix, share current page, current url, shows tweets, update add stats, topsy links, shows retweets, update remove twitter, bar icon, latest retweet, graph api, add stats, update add, hide duplicate tweets, facebook google, update remove topsy, topsy api, current page, support topsy api key

Diablo 3 (tm) Toolbox Chrome extension download
Diablo 3 (tm) Toolbox Diablo 3 Status Checker and Feed Reader

gamelogin messages, support tweets, game login, display notification, diablo status checker, com news reader, news feeds, server status game, server status, diablo status, server status tweets, twitter api update, new game login messages, diablo 3related information, diablo related, feed reader, customer support tweets, display game login

Twitter Follower Chrome extension download
Twitter Follower Multi-follow (or unfollow) users on twitter

several tweets, new subscription service, bulk followunfollow users, follow rules, stop working, visit twitter, public tweets, details watch, layout changes, follow unfollow, free trial, subscription service, nonofficial twitter tool, public follow

Twean Chrome extension download
Twean Can hide images, videos, promoted or liked tweets from Twitter timeline. But also «Who To Follow», «Trends», «Video Live» modules.

images, follow trends video live modules, promoted promoted tweets pushed, twitter timeline, tweets tweets, main dashboard, hide images, follow module, live module, hide images videos promoted, video live module, live modules, optionnaly hide, timeline, trends module

Tareem Extender Chrome extension download
Tareem Extender More Features to AKA 'Twitter Extender'

twitter user profile, hide mentions, arabic v3, 4 url shorten service, long tweets v2, ly account mention color, tweet v3, 5 hide mentions, features arabic, 1 old school retweet style v1, old extension, tweets v2, tweet translation v3, retweet tweet, retweet style v1, 2 direct message

Hash Tab Chrome extension download
Hash Tab Hash Tab

feedback send, hash brings, topical stories, global events, stories people, popular tweets, hello thehash, aggregating popular tweets, visual way, hash tab, topical stories hash, simple visual Chrome extension download Send and receive free sms from google chrome!

receive free sms, facebook account, receive free sms way, uptodate system architecture, sms communication, date system, sms send tweets, facebook sms status update, programming techniques, receive sms, house engineers, facebook sms status update connect, sms api, free tweets

Refresh for Twitter Chrome extension download
Refresh for Twitter Refresh the Timeline automatically when there are new tweets.

needless methods v2, native new tweets, broken release sorry, reduced memory consumption bugreports, suggestion page v2, support thangs, small script bug, twitter page, fixed script, problem v2, fixed jquery problem removed, removed needless jquery, page v2, new tweets, https problem v2

Twitter Follow Helper Chrome extension download
Twitter Follow Helper Display several informations about the twitter profile your looking at to help you decide wether or not s/he's worth following

many common followers, social graph convergence, tweepl post, person youre, profile page, twitter follow, decide wether, twitter profile, tweets day, twitter api, common followers friends, tweepl search score, many tweets, tweepl klout score, common followers

Emoji Extension for Twitter Chrome extension download
Emoji Extension for Twitter Convert emojicons to actual pictures on Twitter

background, converts blank squares, writing emojis, twitter, convert emojicons, extension runs, actual pictures, com, new tweets

Buffer Status Chrome extension download
Buffer Status Yet another extension for Buffer app.

easily add tweets facebook status, insert current tab url, bit, url, buffer app, ly, tweetsfacebook status, bufferapp, another extension

Retweet with comment - Rt+C Chrome extension download
Retweet with comment - Rt+C This extension allows make a retweet with a comment in Twitter web page

extension allows, allow retweet, comment, twitter web page, chrome plugin, retweets, filter promoted tweets, retweets optional, auto message, retweet

Granblue Tweetdeck Copier Chrome extension download
Granblue Tweetdeck Copier Copies clicked granblue tweet id

copy id, search window, english tweets, copies clicked granblue tweet id, granblue multibattle id, report problems, granblue tweet id, click tweet, copies

Twivo Chrome extension download
Twivo Tivo for Twitter - prevent spoilers and save tweets for later

hit record, live tweeting, tvnext hackathon, app tivo, show hit, prevent spoilers, ex game, hate spoilers, nifty app, previosly hidden tweets, favorite tv shows, favorite show, twitter prevent spoilers, fees free

Open Tweet Filter Chrome extension download
Open Tweet Filter Filter tweets in Twitter web site.

twitter web site, spyware viruses, twitter versions, usage details, report bugs, open twitter filter, regular expressions, source code, browser local, twitter filter, certain topic, filter tweets

Unspoiler Chrome extension download
Unspoiler Don't let the internet spoil your TV! Block headlines, tweets, facebook posts and everything with Unspoiler.

headlines tweets facebook posts, browser bar, unspoil show name, warning label, internet spoil, new version, read spoilers, spoiler warning label, white list, blocked headlines, facebook posts, plugin button

Rapportive Chrome extension download
Rapportive Shows LinkedIn profiles in your Gmail

lifehacker gmail, shows linkedin, rapportive shows, imagine relationship management built, rapportive replaces, next web stop, readwriteweb use, rapportive mailchimp, linkedin twitter, slick social crm tool, linkedin profile, rahul rapportive, recent tweets, store thoughts, mention shared interests

Fix Twitter Chrome extension download
Fix Twitter Swaps right and left columns over so tweets are on the left /by @andydavies

lefthand column, new profile page, profile pages, profile page, corrected header alignment, fix issue, swaps, columns, tweets, left columns, header alignment

babelbar Chrome extension download
babelbar Chrome TTS.

web site, audio text, great research, facebook twitter includes, chrome tts, new way, full audio text, hear web sites, status updates, updates tweets chats, hear web, facebook twitter, many abbreviations

Silver Bird Chrome extension download
Silver Bird Silver Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

awesome twitter client extension, preview image links, real time timeline updates, create custom search queries, google chrome, tweets arrive, silver bird, twitter extension, new rightclick context menu, original tweet replies, track read , inline user actions

Tweet More Chrome extension download
Tweet More This extension allows you to tweet more than 140 characters on

extension allows, tweet longer, external sites, send longer tweets, original twitter, long text including, happy tweeting, extension converts, hashtags mentions, com result, com install, readable image create, links send, characters tweet, image attached

CopBot Chrome extension download
CopBot Always cop your kicks.

link, kicks, early link, nike tweets, refresh nikes, link page, constantly refresh, sneakerbot works, cop, constantly refresh nikes twitter feed, shoes sell, nike

FF15 Internet Car Driving Chrome extension download
FF15 Internet Car Driving Car riding simulator 2014

car, simulator, extension shows, ff15, collage uses, browse internet world, ff15 official tweets, car riding simulator, ff15 car driving guys, cardriving guys

Twitter Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Twitter Widget [ANTP] An awesome Twitter widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]

awesome twitter widget, api rate limit, autoloading new tweets, awesome new tab page, api limits, google chrome, notable features, implementing oauth, multi placeable, sizable multi placeable, couple nights, chrome extension awesome, scrollable beware

Larry Filter for Twitter Chrome extension download
Larry Filter for Twitter Larry Filter will hide tweets containing a list of words, #hashtags, @usernames or advertising on!

words, usernames, hashtags, words hashtags usernames, twitter, advertising, list, hide tweets, larry filter

Mindcrack Notifier Chrome extension download
Mindcrack Notifier This extension is for instant notification of mindcracker uploads.

auto expiring, instant notification, icon option, enable autoexpiring updates, light icon option, youtube tweets, dark chrome styles, mindcracker uploads, red number, disable update notifications, new video, update notifications, youtube notifications, videos number, mindcrack lp group, uploaded videos

List Builder for Twitter Chrome extension download
List Builder for Twitter Quickly build Twitter lists from any timeline view.

timeline view, people tweeting hashtag, list builder, select individual tweets, twitter list, build twitter lists, build list, screen, twitter lists, lists, twitter list tools

Twitter Star Chrome extension download
Twitter Star Return of the Twitter Tweet Star

tweets, return, new heart icon, twitter star icon, display, heart icon, twitter tweet star

NCapture Chrome extension download
NCapture NCapture for NVivo

free web, nvivo mac, pdfs twitter tweets, free day trial, nvivo windows, youtube videos, mac content ncapture ncapture, content ncapture ncapture, capture content, twitter content captured, facebook wall posts, mixed methods researchers, free webbrowser extension, web pages, facebook posts, support facebook

Notifications for Twitter, Facebook, ... Chrome extension download
Notifications for Twitter, Facebook, ... Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn included. More are coming! Claim a social network in 5-star review.

5star review, new videos, developer wips, messages twitter including, messages linkedin notifications youtube, twitter facebook youtube, love wips, developer enthusiastic, hear new ideas, social networks, facebook including notifications, new tweets, social network, mozilla addons

BuzzFeed Chrome extension download
BuzzFeed Easily include images, videos, and tweets in posts on

images, easily include images videos, posts, extensions allows, tweets, buzzfeed posts, buzzfeed, videos, buzzfeed account, easily add images videos

Get Followers Tool for Twitter Chrome extension download
Get Followers Tool for Twitter Get Followers Tool is a new Wantant plugin that helps you get new followers on twitter.

followers tool, new followers, wantant licensed technology, users recommended, don follow, get followers, twitter, wantant plugins including, shows tweets, wantant plugin, twitter plugin, wantant, wantant plugins, new wantant plugin

Emojis / Lenny Faces / Unicode / Dingbats Chrome extension download
Emojis / Lenny Faces / Unicode / Dingbats Simply copy/paste emojis, unicode, and lenny faces to add to your emails, posts, statuses!

extension allows, removed useless, copy paste emojis unicode, tweets calendar events git commit messages online postcards, emojis, search functionality, emails statuses, useless permissions, calendar events, copypaste emojis, git commit messages, online postcards, lenny faces

Like and Share for Facebook by Skipity Chrome extension download
Like and Share for Facebook by Skipity Handy thumbs up button to share links with the world on Facebook. Mouse over includes Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets and InShares.

share links, handy facebook thumbs, facebook, includes likes shares comments tweets, easily share, count share count fb comments, fb comments, linkedin shares, handy thumbs, share, share count

Hide Twitter Guff Chrome extension download
Hide Twitter Guff Optionally hides all the useless guff on the twitter website (who to follow, trends, promotions, definitions).

promotional ads, twitter guff, twitter website, follow suggestions, tools extensions, twitter promotions, follow trends promotions definitions, extensions hide twitter guff options, promoted tweets, optionally turned, useless guff, optionally hides, useless guff twitter, twitter trends

Twitter Quote Button Chrome extension download
Twitter Quote Button This extension allows you to cite tweets ("quote retweet") from the Twitter website.

dialog box, extension allows, twitter website, tweet dialog box, simple google chrome extension, quote retweet, twitter flawyte, twitters website, extension please, twitter website lacks, quote button, profile status pages, twitter dialog box, tweets quote retweet, twitter dialog box quote retweet, dont leave

Tailored Audiences ( Twitter ) Extractor Chrome extension download
Tailored Audiences ( Twitter ) Extractor Tailored Audiences ( Twitter ) Extractor

twitter targeting, twitter campaigns, super fast, tailored audiences twitter, powerful tool, super targeted, get penny clicks, powerful scraping technology, recent advance, new customers, twitter ads campaigns, twitter ads, promote tweets, tailored advertising, global phenomenon, twitter advertising, super targeted users ids, tailored audiences, short introduction twitter, twitter tailored audiences, audience targeting, twitter search screen Chrome extension download Chrome Extension

add tweets, scoopit topic, tweet action deep integration, navigation bar twitter, chrome extension scoop, official scoopit, add videos, tweet action, youtube button, deep integration, official scoopit inc, button add scoop, youtube button deep integration

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