Best Mustsee List Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Search By MovixMuze Chrome extension download
Search By MovixMuze Search By MovixMuze

improved search experience, powerful search engine, favorites movie, watch trailers, use privacy policy, search engine, movixmuze search, movixmuze extension, favorite movies, trailers find showtimes browse photos track, movies trailers showtimes, tv shows, browse photos, mustsee list

Search By goMovix Chrome extension download
Search By goMovix Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows

find showtimes watch trailers browse photos track, gomovix extension brings, gomovix extension, powerful search engine, watch trailers, celebrity content, extension works, favorite movies, convenient place, movies trailers showtimes, browse photos, mustsee list

Search By MovixHub Chrome extension download
Search By MovixHub Search By MovixHub

find showtimes watch trailers browse photos track, movixhub extension, improved search experience, powerful search engine, favorites movie, watch trailers, policy policy, favorite movies, movies trailers showtimes, use privacy policy policy, tv shows, browse photos, mustsee list

Kanbanello for Trello Chrome extension download
Kanbanello for Trello Shows card count in every list, adds limit for Kanban WIP and allows to combine two lists together

left list title, kanban wip, support list joining, shows card count, set limit, add wip limit, divider cards, list adds limit, every list, list name, characters, square brackets, right list

List Goal Chrome extension download
List Goal List Goal finds simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitors your email list performance.

list goal finds simple ways, list health monitoring, email list, many email lists, realtime list health monitoring, use list goal, list tracking track, new subs today, email lists, fresh coat, email subscribers, list goal, email list performance, subs today, list size goal, major email service providers, new dashboard

Explore nearby places for Airbnb Chrome extension download
Explore nearby places for Airbnb Explore must-see places around your Airbnb listing, see exact distance with a short description of popular attractions.

centrally located, short description, create custom lists, daily travels, iphone android apps, mustsee places, yapq plugin, feature airbnb, city center, offered years, exact distance, airbnb listing, popular attractions

Magic Mirror List for Trello Chrome extension download
Magic Mirror List for Trello Mirror the list of one board on another

trello, drag card, trello allows, mirrored list, mirror, list, fixes problem, mirror list, magic mirror list, changed styles, create list, oauth dialog

Explore nearby places for Chrome extension download
Explore nearby places for Explore must-see places around your hotel, see exact distance with a short description of popular attractions.

centrally located, short description, yapq online facebook twitter support, daily travels, yapq iphone, mustsee places, ease create custom lists, iphone android apps yapq, city center, exact distance, hotels plan, popular attractions

List Builder for Twitter Chrome extension download
List Builder for Twitter Quickly build Twitter lists from any timeline view.

timeline view, people tweeting hashtag, list builder, select individual tweets, twitter list, build twitter lists, build list, screen, twitter lists, lists, twitter list tools

8comic - link generator Chrome extension download
8comic - link generator Generate links to comic images on for batch download.

curl list textbox, list, plugin, curl k, curl aria2 list, aria2 rpc, aria2 rpc server, aria2 rpc server, aria2 script file, aria2 , aria2, rpc rpc, , aria2c, aria2c rpc server, list , download list list

Allerto: Simple notifications for Trello Chrome extension download
Allerto: Simple notifications for Trello Notifications from Trello boards on your extensions bar

extensions bar, trello api, native list, trello tab, little hotfix, minor modifications, open tab, phantom notifications version, list show list, show list, trello boards, brandnew name

Secure Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Secure Bookmarks Adds a password-protected bookmark list

password protected, request extra features, hard drive, information safely, separate list, ten second set, minor bug fixes, create bookmarks, password protected bookmarks list, context menu item, list safely encrypted, secure bookmarks, passwordprotected bookmarks list, passwordprotected bookmark list

Handy Pages Chrome extension download
Handy Pages Provides an easy-way navigation to configurable list of URLs on server.

current tab, easyway navigation, different servers, configure list, export import, key features, particular urls, opened url, configurable list, passing parameters, new url, easy configurable list

Checkvist TimeCalc Chrome extension download
Checkvist TimeCalc Time calculation for Checkvist list item tags.

extension icon, generate tags, tag format, use checkvist, create tags, list tree, chrome tool bar, parent list items, create project estimates, checkvist list item tags, received reports, list item

Regex Crossword Goodies Chrome extension download
Regex Crossword Goodies Provides additional functionality on the website: valid clue indicators, load/save puzzles

valid clue indicators, entire puzzle list, puzzle list filter, filter toggle, hexagonal puzzles, loadsave puzzles, player puzzle list filter, puzzle list, current solution, unsolved unambiguous puzzles, textual representation, additional functionality

Kanban WIP for Trello Chrome extension download
Kanban WIP for Trello Adds work-in-progress limits to Trello lists supporting a Kanban workflow.

kanban wip, progress limit, qa list, list title, feature requests, trello list, list qa, feature requests bug, kanban workflow, install kanban wip, workinprogress limits, qa list exceeds, bug fixes, trello lists supporting kanban, chrome web store, progress limits

Copy URLs Chrome extension download
Copy URLs Copy all URLs to clipboard

pages title, csv etc, open pages, specific url list, formats simple url list, several formats, current window, javascript array, generate specific url list, simple url list, xls table, xls table ready

Wait For Savings List Chrome extension download
Wait For Savings List Add to your Wait For Savings List

google chrome browser start shopping, savings extension, savings lists, savings list extension, savings list button, savings list making, savings list, savings terms, google chrome browser

cTouch r5 (external) Chrome extension download
cTouch r5 (external) You can browse smartphone websites. Configuration is saved to external CGI.

update ctouchinner, browse smartphone websites, chrome 2036 support, fixed ua list, updated internal structure, generated iframe, ua list, updated ua list, update ua list url, official touch event detection, ctouch option, touch event, touch event initialization, javascript properties

cTouch r5 (filesystem) Chrome extension download
cTouch r5 (filesystem) You can browse smartphone websites. Configuration is saved to HTML5 filesystem.

update ctouchinner, browse smartphone websites, chrome 2036 support, fixed ua list, updated internal structure, generated iframe, ua list, updated ua list, update ua list url, official touch event detection, ctouch option, touch event, touch event initialization, javascript properties

A Bit Better RTM Chrome extension download
A Bit Better RTM Small improvements for Remember The Milk interface

fixed bug, lists shift, move tasks, display list tabs, task list, draganddrop list reordering, manifest file, xxx dev build, fixed broken shift, shift j k, focus search box, milk interface, workaround chrome issue, original greasemonkey script, drag drop, drop list, display tasks count, drop move tasks

TagProFriends Chrome extension download
TagProFriends Friends list for TagPro

front page, endorsed supported, tagpro, friends list, tagpro access, friends, list feature, lets, officially affiliated, official product, extension adds friends list feature

To Do List Chrome extension download
To Do List To Do List - Chrome extension enables you organize your tasks effectively right from your browser.

use hashtags, chrome extension enables, drop items, list management extension, hashtag work, clean user interface, feature requests, highlight keywords, free list management extension, color schemes, themes white, highlight individual tasks

Trello List Filter Chrome extension download
Trello List Filter Help manage the horizontal sprawl of trello lists on a single board.

changed titles, trello list filter, match lists, trello dom changes, match list titles, trello html structure, list filter, pull request listfilter, filter query input, common use cases, trello lists, changed filter, list titles, old js code, highlights search expression, trello html, match trello lists font

Show Tab List Chrome extension download
Show Tab List Show all sites in the current page

press ctrl shift, view, list, sites, current page, view list, press ctrlshift, show

PSDLE Chrome extension download
PSDLE Improving everyone's favorite online download list, one loop at a time.

certain features, firefox add, old store, options shown, favorite online download list, online download list, new store, list, assure stability, reflect current features, scee scei

Indian Rail App Chrome extension download
Indian Rail App This app provides enhanced user experience for

train, indian railways, fare information, destination station, features search train list, enhanced user experience, access train list, search train list, get availability

TabRover - focus on one tab, control others Chrome extension download
TabRover - focus on one tab, control others TabRover - focus on one tab, control others

click fav list access, setup save, vertical list, favorites list, closes idle tabs, tabs manually, open tabs, main functions, close doesnt close, freeze list, freeze list , control others, tabs doesnt close, click switch, idle tab manually, automatic way, tabrover focus, setup time

Reading list Chrome extension download
Reading list Save articles, videos, and other content for later use

save articles, reading list, settings customize extension, google chrome, don necessarily, context menu, add multiple pages, multiple items, list backup, web pages, multiple pages, undo recent changes

Stop Ads - Full Ad Blocking Chrome extension download
Stop Ads - Full Ad Blocking The free ad blocker that blocks ALL annoying ads, speeds up your browsing and protects your privacy.

stop ads adblock, install stop ads, new special filterrules, module auto, prevent user access, blocking ad, special extended web filter list, web filter list, universal ad blockers, plugin work, special web filter list, special filter, special webfilter list, ads speeds, open software adblock, extension stop ads, ad blocking, free ad blocker

List Progress Bar for Trello Chrome extension download
List Progress Bar for Trello Shows various insights about trello board , at individual card list level as well as board level

trello board, individual cards, individual card weights, card distribution pie chart, different statistical data, todo weight, board change, individual card list level, trello list, recent trello codebase change, pie chart, trello home page, individual todo, card distribution, card list, individual card, overall project status, individual card list, filter change events, extensions preference pane

AGE (a9lh guide enhancement) Chrome extension download
AGE (a9lh guide enhancement) This extension adds extra features for easier tracking of Plailect's arm9loaderhax guide.

list items added keyboard, basic option panel, keyboard shortcut g, keyboard shortcuts, extra features, list items, page easier, completeuncomplete list items, updated page links, minor bug fixes features, added keyboard shortcuts, continue guide, automatic index builder, features list

Snap - Clear the downloads list automatically Chrome extension download
Snap - Clear the downloads list automatically Clear your downloads list automatically after a specified amount of time.

amount, option, time, downloads list automatically, choose, timer, google chrome extension, clear downloads, downloads list

Task Tracker Chrome extension download
Task Tracker This extension built to make your to do list easier, keep track of your current todo list directly from your google chrome

todo list, chrome extensions, google chrome, click add icon, current todo list, type anything, lightweight chrome extensions, click delete, , time tracking, please request, additional features, list easier

Easy Chrome extension download
Easy Send links to download on

fix option, new default folders parameters, transfer tab button v2, search tab v2, pirate bay api, tab v2, transfer list, enhancement put, button v2, fix fix file list, downloads number, fix v1, file button, io fix v1, transfer list v1, search tab, badge fix v2, list enhancement, badge fix v1, fix v2, search tab button, file v2, last folder memorization v2, io v2, transfer list fix, fix error notification v1, default search, pirate bay api update v2, fix download issue v2, last search category memorization v2, enhancement v2, old pb api v2

My Reading List Chrome extension download
My Reading List Maintain a reading list for leisurely reading

please register, green icon, red tick mark, torrent search, extensions options page, read list, reading list, username password, web page, login credentials, new users, stored locally, options page, browser local, live twitter search

APNG Chrome extension download
APNG Animated PNG support for WebKit/Blink browsers

imageslist style images, google chrome, partial reddit emotes support, detect captcha images, google maps images, extension animates, css background list, animates background images list style images, animatedgifcaptcha images support, css styles, incorrect captcha images, captcha images support, captcha images, fixed bug, white list mode, list style images, css images support, black list mode, apng animated

Amazon Wish List Total Chrome extension download
Amazon Wish List Total Keeps a running total of all the items it's seen in the current Amazon wish list.

fix itemsnan total, current amazon, list total, running total, fix items, full change log, total price, change log, amazon wish lists, wish list, report issues, reduce resource usage, se english language urls

Gmail Attachment Manager Chrome extension download
Gmail Attachment Manager With this, you can list all the attachments in your Gmail, and download them in a batch, or add them into your latest DRAFT.

attachments files, past messages, bug bug, authorizing page, different keywords, bug, bug v1, list, address bar, file list, bugalert v1

YouTube List View Chrome extension download
YouTube List View This extension displays your youtube subscription in the list view.

youtube fixes, youtube subscription, youtube subscriptions, means meant, youtube subscriptions grid view, provide temporary solution, extension displays, replace youtubes previous list view, list view, temporary solution, finally fixed, temporary fix, previous list view

GGBlocker Chrome extension download
GGBlocker Redirects GamerGate boycott websites to the versions.

boycott list, fetch fresher page, added tool, personal boycott list, tweaked tool button sizes, vivian replication glitch, boycott websites, basic update message functionality, added tool section, archive button, default archive, default filter list, tool button, affect new installs, filter list, quick archive button

cTouch r5 (browserUA) Chrome extension download
cTouch r5 (browserUA) You can browse smartphone websites. No configuration screens; command line --user-agent value is used.

command line useragent value, chrome 2036 support, fixed ua list, smartphone websites, useragent command line, updated internal structure, generated iframe, updated ua list, ua list, update ua list url, official touch event detection, ctouch option, touch event, tool gear icon user agent, touch event initialization, user agent

Friends Removal 2016 - Unfriend all at once Chrome extension download
Friends Removal 2016 - Unfriend all at once Friend Remover deletes inactive FB friends in your Facebook friends list. Fast & easy unfriend a few or remove all in one click.

fb friends, send request, removal app cannot load, inactive friends removal, app inactive friends removal, facebook friends list, friends list, developed browser, inactive friends, delete inactive friends, inactive fb friends, friends removal, facebook friend list friends removal, inactive friends removal app, facebook friend list, removal toolbar button, open friends list

Console script logger Chrome extension download
Console script logger Show domain's list of loaded scripts on page

show domains list, show domain, page, loaded scripts, list, scripts, show domain list, show

Vulcun Remove Lag Chrome extension download
Vulcun Remove Lag An extension made for mods on Vulcun to remove the lag from the page.

entire list, loading preventing lag, banned users, lag, list, vulcun, script, page, mods

Read This Later Chrome extension download
Read This Later Save a list of pages to read later.

bookmarks, time, mark articles, list, pages, read, avoid cluttering, save list, chrome devices

WME Favorites Chrome extension download
WME Favorites Waze Map Editor script that creates a list of favorite places next to the search field.

creates list, waze map editor script, search field, list, creates, favorite places

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad This is a bare-bones in browser notepad, with a couple of convenient shortcut keys. For example, by typing "control+shift+z", a new…

content type control shift, browser notepad, blank tab, new blank tab, control shift, text click control, list click control shift, convenient shortcut keys, list type control shift, content type, list item click control shift, list item click, text click, list click, new list type

No History Chrome extension download
No History Stop Chrome from recording your browsing history.

white black list, whiteblack list, video bfeye4zseu, history extension, many people, state reset bug, bug, good feature, change log

TheNextTask NewTab Chrome extension download
TheNextTask NewTab The ultimate Productivity & ToDo list add-on,designed to personalize your browser experience while search the web from your NewTab

chrome click, new tab page, user license agreement, productivity dashboard, task list, horizontal lines icon, top right hand corner, task list productivity, browser experience, upper righthand corner, gorgeous photography backgrounds, browser add, browsing experience, list add, background image personalization, chrome permissions, record usage metrics

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