Best Net Input Method Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total net input method plugins - 512
AVIM - Vietnamese Input Method Chrome extension download
AVIM - Vietnamese Input Method An input method editor (IME) for Vietnamese, best choice for Chrome.

address bar, mistype password, custom method, vietnamese user type, new features, input areas, input method editor, chrome web store, input method, type something, hieu tran dang

Emoji Input by Chrome extension download
Emoji Input by Allows you to see and input emoji on any website. Can replace Twitter and Gmail style emoji with iPhone style emoji.

sites version, input emoji, change toolbar icon, new diverse skin tone emoji, smiley face icon, text cat, facebook method, added box, style emoji, shortcode hint box hints, bug fixes version, trademark symbol emojification, change google analytics, social media links version, gmail style emoji, method click, input method, typing version, hint box

Wikimedia Input Tools Chrome extension download
Wikimedia Input Tools Wikimedia Input Tools allows you to type in your native language from among 60+ languages.

facebook friends, wikimedia input tools allows, languages spoken, input method, asia pacific, google search, german friend, keyboard icon, input field, international phonetic alphabet, central kurdish

SKK Japanese Input Chrome extension download
SKK Japanese Input SKK implementation for ChromeOS Input Method API

skkjisyo, skk implementation, chromeos input method api, chromeosskkchromeos21ime, chromeosskkchromeos21ime skk jisyo

ARABEASY Keyboard type Arabic in English IME Chrome extension download
ARABEASY Keyboard type Arabic in English IME ARABEASY.NET input method 1:1 map. F2 toggle ON/OFF. Efficient, minimal/faster transliteration map, Farsi, Urdu

minimalfaster transliteration map, shadda version, optimalunivocal map enter, fathatan n fatha damma kasra, farsiurdu compatibility version, type double hyphen, spanish keyboard fathatan fatha, arabic input, taweel shadda, f2 toggle, map farsi urdu, net input method, farsi urdu, transliterator version, firefox users

FormFillr Chrome extension download
FormFillr Experiments in autofilling forms

autofill tool, select input elements, supports text input elements, visible descriptors, experimental approach, document object model, input elements, document object model dom, input, input element metadata

Google Input Tools Chrome extension download
Google Input Tools Input Tools lets you type in the language of your choice.

keyboards imes, toggle chinese, input tool, handwriting input select, chrome web store, transliteration type languages, next input tool, current input tool, use handwriting input, chinese input tools, input tools extension, space toggle, handwriting input, input tools, imes type, transliteration type, google input tools extension, chinese european language punctuation, extension click, select extension, language tool, press space, input tools lets, input tool click

SimpleLastTab Chrome extension download
SimpleLastTab Creates a New Tab when you are at your last tab to prevent the window from closing.

tab creation method, recent chrome versions, unclosable main chrome window, multiple new tabs, tabs show, changed deprecated, new tab locks, simple method, features event page, delay method, tabs opening, new tabs show, chrome window, chrome toolbox, close tabs, remove tabs

MyAzan by Masjidway Chrome extension download
MyAzan by Masjidway My Azan : Your prayer times and Ramadan fast breaking ... just a TAB away !

right calculation method, calculation method, ramadan fast breaking, islamic social network, prayer times, method user, union des organisations islamiques, organisations islamiques, different prayer times, egyptian general authority, muslim world league, islamic world

Check My Links Chrome extension download
Check My Links Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.

default request method, render multiple times, link check stats, chrome tools javascript console, http request type, valid links, link check, http method, web page, method links, chrome extensions screen, http response codes, empty href attributes, options page, check links, page checking, broken links

Input Cursor Focus Chrome extension download
Input Cursor Focus Focuses cursor in first text input if none is focused.

com cursor, none, immediately write, automatically focuses text input, text input, websites, e, websites allowing, mouse, search text input, focuses cursor

ICBCNewChromeExtension Chrome extension download
ICBCNewChromeExtension ICBC new chrome extension.

password input process, user password input process, security, safety password input ensure, safety password input, program, icbc internet banking, icbc new chrome extension, user

ProxyCheck Chrome extension download
ProxyCheck Provides an easy, instantly accessible method of determining if you are behind a proxy.

proxycheck stores, ui improvements, instantly accessible method, accessible method, external ip addresses, proxy proxycheck, ip addresses, ip, outside world, new versions, ip service

Resize Input Chrome extension download
Resize Input Allows you to resize input fields like you can with textareas.

html5 types, add license file, chrome right, singleline text input fields, implied warranties including, input fields, site functionality, joruffin gmail, binary form, implied warranties, im filing bugs

RestMan Chrome extension download
RestMan RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http requests.

new html preview, history dialog, http method, mouse click handling, major ui overhaul, restman history dialog, request headers, form body sections, main input field, view response headers, http requests, new dark theme, material design colors, form data body

Forest: stay focused, be present Chrome extension download
Forest: stay focused, be present Stay focused in a pleasant way.

method, stay focused, features, beat internet addiction, fully concentrate, interesting method, personal pattern, beat internet, pleasant way, stay, good use, time management

User JavaScript and CSS Chrome extension download
User JavaScript and CSS User JavaScript and CSS on any website

high priority css, avoid cors issues, css feature, css rules, manual cloud sync, new injection system, minor bug fixes, alternative method, old method injection, editor window opens, added feature, bug fixes, added option, fixed bug, added css

Wells Fargo - Autofocus login Chrome extension download
Wells Fargo - Autofocus login Autofocus login input fields at

usernamepassword input fields, site type, input fields, username password input fields, autofocus login input fields, press enter, initial upload, wells fargo, extension sought, page load, web team, long time, view code, remember username, wells fargo remember username

Pokemon Go All-In-One Tools Chrome extension download
Pokemon Go All-In-One Tools An extension included CP calculator, IV calculator, and Poke sniper

poke sniper update logs, changed cp calculator, cp calculator, empty cp input, functional iv calculator, khanh duc tran, iv calculator, mistakenly input, cp input, cp calculator developer khanh, cp calculator developer, panel button color, update input, poke sniper, correct amount, cp calculator iv calculator, update logs, select list

NoSpellCheck Chrome extension download
NoSpellCheck Enables spellchecking only inside of textarea elements, like Firefox.

firefox defaults, textarea fields, firefox spellchecking, singleline text input fields, manually enable, manually enable checking, singleline input fields, perfield basis, single line input fields, single line text input fields, input field, multiline textarea fields, spell checking options, disable spellchecking, textarea elements, text fields

TeX for Gmail Chrome extension download
TeX for Gmail Use LaTeX (a method for rendering mathematical formulas) with Gmail.

browsers including mobile, use gmail, gmail, rendering mathematical formulas, mail readers, typeset math, use latex, mobile ones, mathematical formulas, latex method, incoming messages, method, gmail installed

AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Chrome extension download
AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Autocorrects text while you type in most text fields. Still very experimental.

text input, bug fixes, delete word pairs, fast response time, time ability, fixed icon, list function, icon background transparency, create input fields, list bug, extension options, browser icon, fixed bug, popup bug fixes, text fields, input fields, menu tools extensions extension options, autocorrects text, text input boxes

Translator Chrome extension download
Translator Translate selected or entered text

yellow right part, translate web page method, required web page press, required text, translate web page, extensions button, extension button, translate foreign texts, autodetect source language, use translate toolbar, selected text, translate foreign, translate selected, web page, method press, default target language, translate text method, press translate, foreign web page, text selected text

Paste 'Lorem ipsum...' Chrome extension download
Paste 'Lorem ipsum...' Right click on a text field or textarea to insert the 'lorem ipsum' text.

email url number, input fields, drupal overlay, text field, example tinymce, html5 input, text, click, lorem ipsum, drupal overlay editing, html5 input types, doesn work

Click To Clear Text Field Chrome extension download
Click To Clear Text Field Clears text in the currently focused HTML input or textarea field without selecting it.

textarea field, selecting text, html input, contains text, red cross, text, dynamically shows button red cross, focus input element, clears text, field, focused html input

YouTube Repeater Chrome extension download
YouTube Repeater Adds a button to YouTube videos to toggle auto-repeat.

videos url, tooltip placement version, choose repeat start, youtube videos, startend input box, startend input, video version, time version, tooltip placement, set number, current time, loops input, repeat start, url version, new youtube interface, default value version, startendloops input

AutoComplete Chrome extension download
AutoComplete Provides the Autocomplete for the text input box.

presents words, item click, delete key, autocomplete click, input box click, search engines, esc key, text box, input box, press shift esc, text input box, search engines usage

Tagu Chrome extension download
Tagu Detect and font embed zawgyi and unicode. It's design for Chrome OS. May not working with gmail and yet.

fixed facebook, install zawgyi, slow code, support input type, fixed unicode, loaded load faster fixed facebook support input, fixed input version, chrome book, input version, font embed support, font embed zawgyi, slow code fast, loading version, chrome os

EME Call and Event Logger Chrome extension download
EME Call and Event Logger Logs all Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) method calls and events.

method calls, encrypted media extensions eme method calls, logs encrypted media extension eme events, premium media sites, privacy policy, media extensions, calls, source code, premium media, google terms, investigate issues, media extension

Oweb Voice Input Chrome extension download
Oweb Voice Input Input texts to website's text boxes by speaking.

boxes, ovi recognizes, text boxes, input texts, languages, languages including dialects, websites text boxes, websites, oweb voice input pro input texts, oweb voice input, ovi, website, website text boxes

WeBWorK Helper Chrome extension download
WeBWorK Helper Adds several features to WeBWorK

input boxes expand, course pages, lose track, highlights parentheses, add notes, revisit assignments, input boxes, problem set, time remaining, preview button

Ventuno Editorial Player Video Selection Chrome extension download
Ventuno Editorial Player Video Selection Ventuno Editorial Player video selection

select video, save time, ventuno platform publishers, selection, ventuno editorial player video selection, webpage, method, existing method

JsCIN Addon: Chewing Chinese Input Method Chrome extension download
JsCIN Addon: Chewing Chinese Input Method Chewing module for JsCIN (You have to install JsCIN first).

remove type extension, extension installed option jscin options window, enabled list, options list, right side, available list, option jscin options, previous versions, installed latest, jsscin option, drag chewing, option chewing type, left side, delete click, youve installed

Crawler Chrome extension download
Crawler This extension could be used to crawl all images of a website

local file system, good ui, input box, technical limitation, change list, change crawl site, manager page, automatically download, export data, url input box, add functions, lazy loading

gInfinity Chrome extension download
gInfinity Infinite scroll for Google search results and a lot of other improvements to your browser experience.

color picker, google logo, search results, new options page, show color picker, left thumbs, next input element, input element, input elements, favorite search engine google, added option, automatically added, disable ads, search result, add preview arrow, google search results

Skip Hulu Ads (Sort of) Chrome extension download
Skip Hulu Ads (Sort of) This extension warns you when Hulu ads are over

search box, every hulu, com page, add text input box, extension warns, right beside, seconds left, text input box, hit return, hulu ads

Quick Search on jQuery API Chrome extension download
Quick Search on jQuery API This handy extension helps you to search faster on the official jQuery API docs site.

jquery word, browsers address bar, official jquery api docs site, jquery insert, extension helps, official jquery api site, jquery method name, jquery method, random sentence, searched term, jquery, official jquery api, handy extension helps, press tab, jquery insert text, insert text

Search and Replace Chrome extension download
Search and Replace Search for text in on a webpage and replace it with different text.

current tab, extension allows, input fields, wrong information, multiple times, popup closing, regular expressions, match case regular expressions input fields, text onetwo search, restart chrome

JSONView Chrome extension download
JSONView Validate and view JSON documents

safe method costs, method json content, json documents, json content, jsonview extension, jsonp jsonp, view json documents, brackets site authors put, brackets site authors, gildas jsonview extension, extension displays, original readme, leading closing braces, original firefox extension, original version, json text, clientside javascript implementation, json documents jsonview

Fill The Gap  Chrome extension download
Fill The Gap Is a companion for chromes autofill, Use it when chrome can't work out what to put in a field. Usage: Activate by right clicking…

password input support, styling issues, input support, update inputs, github version, massive performance improvements, iframe support, partial shadow dom support, gap click, active element detection, massive performance improvements added, chrome cant work

Varnam Chrome extension download
Varnam Varnam is a transliteration based input system for indian languages. Varnam enables indic input on all the webpages

reasonable steps, understands users concerns, personal identification information, statistical model, indic input, regular basis, privacy policy, collect personal identification information, based transliteration, indian languages, supports malayalam, transliteration based input, ease typing

Utime Chrome extension download
Utime Converts UNIX timestamps to human-readable dates and vice versa.

selected timezone, pesky side effect, timestamp date, convert timestamps dates, added input date, utime pop, digit year variants, input type, unnecessary javascript assets, format dates, timezone timestamp, format defaults, format options, selected timestamp, timezone defaults, available shorthand date formats, additional date output format options, multiple timestampdate pairs, chrome omnibox, convert unix epoch timestamps, extension pop, input date, convert timestamps, excellent datejs library

Clean Calculator Extension Chrome extension download
Clean Calculator Extension A clean and simple calculator

chrome app, functional size, basic calculating needs, number pad input, singleline history log, simple functionality clean calculator, memory functions, line history, simple calculator, simple functionality, calculate enter, keyboard input

SuperGenPass with Shortcut Keys Chrome extension download
SuperGenPass with Shortcut Keys SuperGenPass for Google Chrome supports KEYBOARD SHORTCUT. It's a super secure and reliable small extension.

use popup option, supergenpass supergenpass, google chrome, reliable small extension, master password, click bookmarklet, popup input, input box popup, secure popup, bookmarklet press, strong secured password, use custom input box popup, know supergenpass supergenpass, reliable password, reliable password generator, keyboard shortcut, password box, popup option, use secure popup, supergenpass bookmarklet, google chrome doesnt support

Polynesian Keyboard Chrome extension download
Polynesian Keyboard Type poynesian characters (w/macrons) into web pages

polynesian text extension, web input, glottal stop character, uppercase vowel wmacron, hitting vowel, characters macrons, type hawaiian polynesian characters, web input controls, shift shift, web pages, alt vowel key, alt vowel key combination, vowel wmacron, alt

Online speech recognition Chrome extension download
Online speech recognition Speech to text on any web site and in Windows and Linux applications

web site, text entry field, select speech pad, speech input, chrome shortcut menu, text field, editable field, voice input, sensitive user data, select language, handle personal, select speech, multi language support, option page

Autosave Text Chrome extension download
Autosave Text Save edited text fields to sync storage (available in syncing chrome installations), except for input type password.

last autosave length, chrome installations, input type password, summary translation, automatically saved, syncing chrome installations, cleartext account numbers, sync storage, timeout period, saved automatically, input text fields, text fields

rot13 decoder Chrome extension download
rot13 decoder In-place rot13 decoder.

translation appears, formatting including paragraph breaks text, decode rot13, paragraph breaks, inplace rot13 decoder, input field select, encrypt text, choose rot13, web pages, input field, click menu, text styles

Chatwork Quick Info Input Chrome extension download
Chatwork Quick Info Input Chatworkの[info][/info]を素早く入力する拡張機能

info info , title info code qt hr, quick info input, ctrli ctrl, info code, chatwork info, , chatwork , title , hr , chatwork info info, code , info info, info input, info , kddi, mac fluid, fluid , qt hr

JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chrome extension download
JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chinese Input Methods (XCIN/GCIN compatible) for Google ChromeOS™

extension jscin options, chinese input methods, jscin , shift , r28 r28, chrome, extension imes, cin gcin, jscin jscin, , extension, extension , gtab gtab

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