Best New Design Features Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total new design features plugins - 2160
Asana Plus Chrome extension download
Asana Plus Enhance Asana with extra features: upload images by pasting, desktop notifications, shortcuts & more.

extra features upload images, extra features, desktop notifications, area tab, upload images, design ctrl enter, new design, new inbox item, ctrl enter, tab ability, favicon displays number, tasks follow, indicate today items, tasks inbox, special style rules, pasting desktop notifications, unofficial asana extension, shift ctrl, area ability

Logout 4 All Chrome extension download
Logout 4 All Making sure you logout from every one of your account when you're in a hurry is one tedious job. Well the solution for this is here.

tedious job, download history, exclude accounts, social networking sites, layout updated, design credits, day logging, clear cache history, clear cache, design credits codrops icons, settings page layout, additional features

Design Float this! Chrome extension download
Design Float this! Sumbit your links for web news and tips to Design Float

extension enables, design float account, link, simply navigate, design float, web news, tips, quickly save link, sumbit, click design float, links

Chromarks Plus - Chrome Bookmarks Manager Chrome extension download
Chromarks Plus - Chrome Bookmarks Manager Chrookmarks Plus - Popup bookmarks manager. Easy and fast management of your bookmarks

wide range, bookmarks history downloads, minimalist design, font size popup size, popup bookmarks manager, fast management, comfortable work, chromarks chrome bookmarks manager, updated features, minimalist design combined updated features, popup size, chrome bookmarks manager

Design Hunt Chrome extension download
Design Hunt Design Hunt is a daily collection of the best products, news, and inspiration for all creatives.

endless supply, every time, super excited, new tab, products news, attention design hunt, current top curated inspiration, daily design inspiration, daily design inspiration right, daily collection, default tab, design hunt, current top

now - new tab Chrome extension download
now - new tab now - simple new tab

fresh youll love, open new tab, features, simple new tab, new tab, downloads background, gmail calendar checker, login weather, new version, current location, youll love, thanks share, current weather, easy access, features beautiful design

FlatCal Chrome extension download
FlatCal A themeable calculator for your Browser

suggest features, report bugs, flat ui, old developer, themeable calculator, google material design trends, suggest features report bugs, versatile calculator

Material Freebox OS Chrome extension download
Material Freebox OS Redesign de l'interface de Freebox OS

est open source sitez pas, se base sur, material freebox os, material design, de freebox os, puis acc dez freebox os, freebox os, liorez le design, le design de freebox os, es par android, impl ment es par, sur les, extension puis acc dez freebox os comme, design pur, freebox os gr, un design pur, h sitez pas contribuer

MY OWN DESIGN Chrome extension download
MY OWN DESIGN My own design. With blackjack and hookers.

context menu icon, configuration expansion, blackjack, sites google access, design, address tape, icon, icon appears, alternative design, additional functionality

Block Sender Chrome extension download
Block Sender Block annoying emails in Gmail™. Say goodbye to unwanted newsletters, individuals, and other uninvited email senders.

free blocks, additional blocking features, blocked email, error email message, email senders, blocking features, fake email block features, blocked senders, social media services, send fake error message, new clean design, new fake email block features, block sender, upgraded onetime free blocks, error message, error messages, free block, automatic error email message, additional tutorial help options, support email, enjoy premium features

PlanetSide 2 Alerts Chrome extension download
PlanetSide 2 Alerts Easy overview over PlanetSide2 Alerts in Chrome.

alert starts reminds xmin, features modern design displays running alerts details displays server status notifies, alerts details, displays server status, alert starts, modern design, displays, planetside2 alerts, code repository, easy overview

Lagom Chrome extension download
Lagom A simple new tab page for your browser. Not too much, not too little. Date, Time, Weather, Search – all in a fresh design everyday.

tab page, new design, date time weather type, date time weather search, new tab page, daily fresh design, time date, simple new tab page, current time date accurate, design everyday type, internet explorer, fresh design everyday, lagom l gohm, bare essentials date, support love letters, fresh design

Dribbble New Tab Chrome extension download
Dribbble New Tab Hands down the best Dribbble Chrome extension. Get the best shots from Dribbble every time you open a new tab in Chrome

dribbble new tab, shots published, every time, popular dribbble shots, new tab, dribbble chrome extension, daily dose, design related, miss anything design, recent shots, design inspiration

Design Grid Overlay Chrome extension download
Design Grid Overlay This extension displays grid and measurement overlays for a design grid system. It is configurable to fit many design scenarios

css media, css media queries, large grid, content width labels, fit many design scenarios, content width, grid system, maximum sizing, large grid toggle button, display grid guides, design grid system, visual media, recent chrome browser update, design grid, ensure proper minimum

The Top Fives Chrome extension download
The Top Fives Top product, design and technology news from your favourite sites in a clean simple dashboard

twitter thetopfives, sources product, favourite sources, clean simple dashboard, inspirations easily, design news, top right section, share icon allows, sources easily, echojs design news, pocket please note, design inspirations, disable , news product, top news, top fives, top product design, default tab, interesting news, right arrow keys, little big details

New Tab Page reImagined Chrome extension download
New Tab Page reImagined New 'New Tab' Page. Weather, News, Search, recently closed tabs and apps in one place.

tab page, new tab page, bug fixes v0, dutch translation, memory use v0, new tab, site search fix contribute, background page stops, search fix, huge performance improvements, bug fixes, ploup design v0, various design changes, easily change, design v0

Old Design VK Chrome extension download
Old Design VK The extension, which brings back old design of VK

old design, active development, brings, functions, errors, vk

RoboForm Lite Password Manager Chrome extension download
RoboForm Lite Password Manager RoboForm Lite Password Manager. Saves, fills in login info for web sites. Logins are stored on RoboForm Everywhere server, encrypted

password support, extension logins, roboform features, password option form filler, option added ver, improvements bug fixing ver, fields option, main screen new design, features roboform, roboform lite password manager, separate full roboform, form filler, added form filler, bug fixing ver, improvements bug fixing, features form filler improvements, important separate full roboform toolbar, form filler algorithm improvements, form filler algotithm improvements, features form filler, dual master password support, features full support, features identities, bug fixing, identities form filler, current document fields functionality, features add, change master password option, separate logins

Material Design Palette Chrome extension download
Material Design Palette Select a HTML element and change its colors based on this material design colors palette

material design colors palette, border color, text background, css code, material design palette, easytouse extension, real time, html element, html elements color changing, cssjquery selector, material design colors, html page, html elements color

DesignMantic Chrome extension download
DesignMantic The Best Logo Design Tool Available.

don forget, choose logo design, logo design tool today, logo design tool, pdf formats, use logo maker tool, work designmantic, create logo designs, beautiful logo designs, logo design, logo designs, designmantic offers

Material YouTube - dark Chrome extension download
Material YouTube - dark Change the appearance of YouTube in material design and in a dark theme

extension change, new design, material design, playlist reader, quickly view, watch page, youtube tab, dark theme, new youtube tab, design, extension icon

Feedcast - Escute os melhores podcasts Chrome extension download
Feedcast - Escute os melhores podcasts Ouça seu podcast favorito com o Feedcast - uma ferramenta prática com um design intuitivo.

o vai facilitar muito, na hora de voc, um podcast, se voc, um design discreto, pr tica, um design intuitivo, um podcast para ouvir, na hora de, a seu podcast favorito com, acessar nenhum site nem, a seus podcasts, podcasts favoritos, uma ferramenta pr tica com, o n o chama, um design

ClipTo | Notes, Highlights and Bookmarks Chrome extension download
ClipTo | Notes, Highlights and Bookmarks Simplifies online research with powerful highlights and notes features.

clip pages, cloud backup, next releases, notes features, clip highlights, highlights coming, powerful features, releases clip notes, powerful highlights, great user experience, new clean design, specific notebooks, specific notebooks share notebooks

Houzz Save Button Chrome extension download
Houzz Save Button Save any idea to Houzz

cozy living spaces, every time, houzz button, new tab, home design, houzz ideabook, gorgeous home design photo, dreamy spa bathrooms, gorgeous home design, ll view stunning kitchens dreamy spa bathrooms relaxing bedrooms cozy living spaces, beautiful home design

ProofMe for Canva Chrome extension download
ProofMe for Canva Create proofs from your designs without leaving Canva. Add the power of visual review to the world’s easiest design app.

easily review, design app, create professional quality designs, canva integration, free app, canva proofme, chrome youll, unlimited number, visual review, create professional, create proofs, graphic design app, world easiest design app

GIFs Saver Chrome extension download
GIFs Saver Chrome extension to save your GIFs.

priority concept v4, priority concept, ui enhancement v1, ui update issues, new design v2, open button optimizations, save image gif, add image, update design, storage v1, search gif, style improvement inline, giphy v2, new navigation bar v2, minor improvements v1, image search, bug fixes v1, design v2, fix bug v2, bug fixes v2

EasyHomeDecorating Chrome extension download
EasyHomeDecorating Now you can quickly find tons of decorating ideas for any room in your home - all in one FREE & convenient spot!

easyhomedecorating extension, chrome browser, decorating ideas, record usage metrics, chrome click, find free, free decorating, discover design accessories, find free design ideas, chrome new tab page, free design, upper righthand corner, top right hand corner, new tab page, user license agreement, toolbar extension, hand corner, popular design sites, free convenient

Responsive design tester Chrome extension download
Responsive design tester Test your websites responsivness

test responsive web site design, responsive design tester, test, webdesielmekokodcohlommfikpmojheggnbelo, websites, issues reported, websites responsivness, web desi elmekokodcohlommfikpmojheggnbelo, plugin, issues, plugin inspired, chrome crash

Simple Material Design Palette Chrome extension download
Simple Material Design Palette No-nonsense palette for Google's Material Design Colors

tab, rgba color models, hex rgb, nonsense palette, access right, google material design colors, browser, hex, nononsense palette, material design colors, google, github colors palette

tab packager by Chrome extension download
tab packager by turn your open tabs into one super short link!

bz launch v3, new link, open tabs, site design, new domain, tiny footprint, current chrome window, bz link, new site design v2, new site design, domain tab, added button, https support v4, tabs open, added evernote link

Design Mode Chrome extension download
Design Mode Allows you to make temporary edits to any page.

certain text length, hardcore development tool, change font style, html element editable, html editor, design mode, activate design mode, page layout breaks, development console, edit existing text, edit mode, standard keys, single html element, nice icon

Learn2Code Chrome extension download
Learn2Code Learn programming in a practical way without moving out from browser!

code editor, ace javascript editor, intuitive ui design, local file system, learn programming, ccjavapythonc perlrubyscalaclojurehaskellgoerlang, syntax highlighting, programming languages, pull request, major programming languages, features compile

.io Games! Chrome extension download
.io Games! All the best .io games at the click of a button!

new beta design underway, new beta design, web games, simple easy, beta design underway update, favourite web games, new web games, bug fixes, button bug fixes update, io games, underway update 3172016, beta design underway, simple box thats, space enjoy, new code submit button

GIF Scrubber Chrome extension download
GIF Scrubber GIF scrubber is like a movie player for animated GIFS. Play it fast, slow, backwards, or use the scrubber to go back and forth!

gif scrubber, new dark design, gfycat links, fast slow, open source, gif scubber option, movie player, gif image, dark design, new window

Instapaper Reloaded Chrome extension download
Instapaper Reloaded Some tweaks to

article text view, web site, site redesign, site design, sort order, press ctrl , unread articles, new site design, extension tweaks, ll bring

Flatbook Chrome extension download
Flatbook New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.

ads similar, quick access, allow quick access, beautiful new design, removes ads, new ideas, facebook works, facebook ads similar, increased readability, new facebook design, viral news suggestions, different news feeds, email roftentik, works faster cleaner, news suggestions, facebook design

Alarm Chrome extension download
Alarm This extension help you to remember yours appointments. That is simple. Give us your feedback for further improve.

simple alarm, snooze function, sound problem, every day, extension help, new features, design clean, alarm chrome extension, implemented version, configure alarm, many alarms, configure alarm options

Kanboard Quickmenu Chrome extension download
Kanboard Quickmenu A little extension to access Kanboard projects faster.

new settings, translatio de en, material design, update libaries, layout improvements, new material design, little extension, access kanboard projects, show swimlanes, activity stream, enable user api, tr translation

Fold Viewer Chrome extension download
Fold Viewer A tool for web designers to view the fold of a website in the most common screen resolutions.

web site, major design, website visitors, screen resolution, major conversion, major conversion areas, possible design flaws, high bounce rates, common screen resolutions, major design elements, euroweb group based, low conversion rates, conversion rates, common resolutions, web site describes

Link Revealer Chrome extension download
Link Revealer Show URLs when you hover over links into a webpage.

domain highlighter, modern browsers, next features, nice features, status bar, configurable position, google chrome, new nice features, seo tool, add support

As Noted Chrome extension download
As Noted A simple and powerful personal note taking environment.

new keyboard commands, new design, personal note, noted offers notebooks, smart phone, amazon kindle, powerful personal note, top features, chrome web store, android smart phone

Material Design Download Manager Chrome extension download
Material Design Download Manager A Material Design of Chrome Download Manager.

material design fork, material design, chrome download manager

Jurawa Design Wolf - New Tab Extension Chrome extension download
Jurawa Design Wolf - New Tab Extension Make new tabs display only the Jurawa Design Wolf background... no apps, recently viewed pages or any other muck.

tab page, every time, new tab page, jurawa design wolf, good ole motivational wolf, new tab, good ole, jurawa design wolf background, google chrome theme, chrome search bars apps, new tabs, intrusive chrome search bars

Soundcloud comment remover Chrome extension download
Soundcloud comment remover Hides the comments in the new Soundcloud design

comments, soundcloud design, new soundcloud design, hides

Material Design Theme for Chrome Devtools Chrome extension download
Material Design Theme for Chrome Devtools This is a theme inspired by Material Theme for sublime text, that brings the Material Design visual language to your Chrome…

enable custom themes, material design, sublime text, visual language, tools experiments, material design visual language, material theme, developer tools experiments, chrome devtools, smart highlights, gear icon, ui themes

Material Design Assistant Chrome extension download
Material Design Assistant HEX value of Material colors and CSS of Material shadows at your fingertips.

chrome app, kit tree material, color shadow, hex css, open source code, packaged chrome, open google design spec site, ai color palette, open source, material shadows, hex value, require chrome, material colors, design spec site ps ai color

Dragdis Chrome extension download
Dragdis Drag & drop anything anywhere.

design folder, drag drop anything, second dragdis search, visual bookmarking tool collect images, single time, interior industrial design subfolders, every single time, 2level folder system, dragdis search, design subfolders, simply drag drop, drag drop, collect content, clean white space

Print for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Print for Google Chrome Print the current page you see with one single click. That for all kinds of photo printing, poster printing, business cards, etc.

design print button, regular print button, photo printing, custom design print button, print current page menu, current page, web browser context menu, web page photo, touch screen, printing business, context menu action, print button, web browser, favorite print button, print button design, google cloud printers, google material design print button, print page

Reddit CSS Disabler Chrome extension download
Reddit CSS Disabler Automatically disables custom subreddit CSS sitewide.

web design language, subreddit cause, custom subreddit styles, css disabler, reddit css disabler disables, reddit css disabler, image flair, web design, disable image flair, custom subreddit css sitewide, style web pages, reddit css disabler disables custom css sitewide allowing, automatically disables custom subreddit css sitewide, custom subreddit styles ruining, ugly design, pure design

Google Docs Plus Chrome extension download
Google Docs Plus Additional simple features for improving Google Docs experience

navigation panel, simple additional features, improving google docs experience, wanted simple additional features, google documents, extension adds, formatting tables, features navigation panel, google docs experience, tables suggestions, features shortcuts, current features, big ones, easily navigate, additional simple features

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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