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New Tab Quot Chrome Extensions | New Tab Quot for Google chrome

Best New Tab Quot Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total new tab quot plugins - 0
Currently Chrome extension download
Currently Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.

extension, checkout, current, tab, screen, blog, weather, replace, time, http, development, date, replaces, simple, quot

New Tab - Winter Animation Chrome extension download
New Tab - Winter Animation Replaces the default New Tab with an animated winter theme.

extension, chrome, tab, winter, bar, search, remove, google, animated, click, replaces, default, select, content, display

Tab for a Cause Chrome extension download
Tab for a Cause Donate to a cause you care about just by surfing the web!

tab, page, charity, privacy, donate, collect, information, widgets, data, extension, ads, policy, partners, surfing, open

Benchwarmer : Dribbble New tab extension Chrome extension download
Benchwarmer : Dribbble New tab extension Hands down the best Dribbble chrome extensions. Show shots everytime you open up a new tab in Chrome

added, bug, dribbble, shots, tab, extension, larger, update, username, image, api, feed, open, latest, window

Open Frame Chrome extension download
Open Frame Adds context menu items to open a frame (or iframe) in the current tab, a new tab, new window, or incognito window.

extension, tab, frame, open, quot, chrome, window, context, access, menu, urls, adds, updated, items, iframe

Image-Toolbar Chrome extension download
Image-Toolbar Shows a customizable toolbar on images. The contained buttons can perform actions like downloading an image to a custom path.

image, toolbar, buttons, quot, heithe, introduction, extension, page, options, save, website, settings, button, show, http

Zen tab: Beautiful, simple new tab Chrome extension download
Zen tab: Beautiful, simple new tab Change your default new tab for a new one with widgets and landscapes based on your local weather. Simple, beautiful, useful.

tab, landscapes, quick, simple, weather, based, change, widgets, default, optional, forecast, save, rain, bookmarks, effect

New Tab Reloaded Chrome extension download
New Tab Reloaded Restore the previous new tab page for Chrome 33+.

chrome, app, page, fix, apps, quot, extension, add, pages, visited, support, tab, features, options, browser

Hide Most Visited Pages Chrome extension download
Hide Most Visited Pages Hides the "Most Visited" page link section in the New Tabs window.

page, chrome, visited, tab, quot, extension, tabs, note, section, google, permission, links, hides, break, update

Mercury Extension Chrome extension download
Mercury Extension With Mercury Extension, you can sync bookmarks and tabs, send webpages and more directly to your mobile devices.

users, mercury, devices, speed, extension, browser, tab, sync, read, reading, list, experience, app, send, connect

Open in New Tab Chrome extension download
Open in New Tab Open link in new tab.

link, tab, open, extension, page, click, icon, hassle, opne, chrome, quot, easily

Pin Tab Chrome extension download
Pin Tab A browser action to pin a tab

tabs, tab, pin, rules, multiple, unpinned, moving, quot, taba, extension, automatically, action, browser, chrome, ability

Beautab Productivity Dashboard Chrome extension download
Beautab Productivity Dashboard Replace your 'New Tab' page with a beautiful productivity enhancement dashboard.

productivity, goals, dashboard, inspire, day, beautiful, manage, beautab, waste, mindless, popular, chrome, websites, reduce, quot

Archdaily Architecture Daily Chrome extension download
Archdaily Architecture Daily Features Architecture works of prominent architects and analyzes them. Also announcements and architectural competitions.

chrome, architecture, archdaily, extension, tab, prominent, works, daily, features, announcements, competitions, analyzes, webstore, detail, architects

LongClick New Tab Chrome extension download
LongClick New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding for a half second.

click, tab, links, bug, sites, opening, open, background, link, performance, issue, improvement, extension, reader, memory

Calm - style your new tab Chrome extension download
Calm - style your new tab Design your own "new tab" - site with individual favorite pictures and expand it with innovative widgets.

calm, pictures, perfect, site, design, clock, quot, upload, tab, personal, create, unique, opportunity, www, convincing

Planet View Chrome extension download
Planet View Planet View displays a beautiful satellite image from Planet every time you open a new tab.

image, planet, extension, chrome, view, globe, title, navigate, viewing, history, tab, time, beautiful, satellite, displays

Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab (Unofficial) Change your new tab's background to a random photo from Dota 2 Wallpapers collection.

tab, dota, photos, wallpaper, settings, chrome, nh, collection, wallpapers, ui, performance, album, https, optimize, synced

Real-Time Tab Sync Chrome extension download
Real-Time Tab Sync Keeps the same tabs on all your machines. Tab changes are applied in real time on all of your devices.

tabs, chrome, extension, quot, tab, synchronization, sync, extensions, devices, check, real, time, device, computers, change

Original New Tab Chrome extension download
Original New Tab Opens the original Chrome™ "New Tab"

tab, chrome, extension, original, licensed, kylander, authors, creative, robin, overrides, actual, flaticon, www, extensions, installed

New Tab Wallpaper Chrome extension download
New Tab Wallpaper Removes everything from the "New Tab" page and shows the image of your choice instead. Settings include image size and position.

image, chrome, extension, shows, size, choice, include, settings, tab, quot, wallpaper, removes, position, page

Instagram Image URL Chrome extension download
Instagram Image URL Get url of insta image easily and in well-known way.

image, instagram, url, extension, open, quot, chrome, client, clicking, web, insta, pics, mouse, tab, source

Image Background Color Chrome extension download
Image Background Color Set background color for viewing image files

image, viewing, background, color, images, extension, view, default, eyes, bask, solution, nonsense, serves, lightweight, purpose

Spanish Immersion Homepage Chrome extension download
Spanish Immersion Homepage Turn your New Tab page Spanish to cultivate a productive web-browsing habit and learn faster.

spanish, web, page, email, tab, steve, chrome, extension, version, favorite, customize, homepage, turn, websites, adding

Barry's Image Zoom Chrome extension download
Barry's Image Zoom Zoom in on any image in your browser.

image, zoom, browser, images, click, works, web, window, png, hold, shift, quot, page, fit, mouse

Tumblr Load HiRes Images Chrome extension download
Tumblr Load HiRes Images When you open a tumblr image into a new tab or window, this extension auto-loads a larger image version if it's available.

image, extension, tumblr, version, load, images, tab, larger, open, easily, click, view, quot, large, auto

Middle Click To Go Back Chrome extension download
Middle Click To Go Back Go back with your middle mouse button.

quot, added, middle, click, firefox, tab, page, windows, close, linux, overcome, mouseup, button, www, onclick

New Tab Notepad Chrome extension download
New Tab Notepad A persistent notepad on the "New Tab" page

notepad, persistent, chrome, tab, quot, extension, pagea, page

New Tab Page reImagined Chrome extension download
New Tab Page reImagined New 'New Tab' Page. Weather, News, Search, recently closed tabs and apps in one place.

design, page, v0, github, google, bug, weather, tab, search, fixes, reimagined, russian, fix, translation, dutch

View background image Chrome extension download
View background image Adds a "open background image in new tab" menu item. Finds closest element to the clicked area that has a background image.

image, background, item, chrome, source, open, menu, extension, quot, element, adds, closest, clicked, extensions, function

Tabs Timer Chrome extension download
Tabs Timer Tab overdose? Tabs Timer allows users to configure a countdown timer after which tabs are automatically closed.

tabs, timer, tab, permanent, extension, chrome, enabled, title, options, configurable, global, apply, windows, starts, button

Leap Motion Integration (Beta) Chrome extension download
Leap Motion Integration (Beta) Enables hand gestures with LeapMotion™ for browsing the web.

extension, chrome, hand, leapmotion, tab, page, move, quot, gestures, open, left, integration, device, beta, finger

SDFC Dev Console Data Exporter Chrome extension download
SDFC Dev Console Data Exporter Export data from the Developer Console

data, console, extension, developer, user, click, export, csv, tools, quot, chrome, popup, window, download, access

Game of Thrones Quotes Chrome extension download
Game of Thrones Quotes Random Game of Thrones quotes on every new tab, quite fantastic!

tab, quotes, chrome, quot, hesitate, contact, quote, extension, thrones, game, page, hope, questions, picks, stock

New Tab Start Page Pro Chrome extension download
New Tab Start Page Pro Customize New Tab, Start Page + More!

click, open, page, text, tab, url, chrome, youtube, extension, search, translation, automatically, plain, version, force

Tell me time Chrome extension download
Tell me time An elegant clock that shows words instead of digits in your 'New Tab' page.

clock, time, extension, elegant, screensaver, digits, words, live, fullscreen, home, screen, choose, highlight, shown, favorite

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