Best Obsolete Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total obsolete plugins - 5
MyMenu Chrome extension download
MyMenu Your personal menu !

v1, chrome, panels, menu, enable, item, extension, customize, functions, quot, sync, fix, bugs, script, related

TYPO3 - Little Helper Chrome extension download
TYPO3 - Little Helper This chrome extension makes the work with TYPO3 6.x a little bit easier.

version, typo3, change, delete, extension, click, latest, versions, installtool, minor, extensions, searches, feedburner, google, search

Meme Dump (Old Version) Chrome extension download
Meme Dump (Old Version) This extension is no longer being updated.

app, extension, dump, updated, chrome, meme, frequently, version, link, playback, anymore, background, webstore, faster, detail

xPath Analyzer Chrome extension download
xPath Analyzer xPath Analyzer allows to evaluate xPath/XSLT expressions against the XML of the current browser tab.

xpath, analyzer, xml, evaluate, chrome, app, xslt, recall, xpaths, url, expressions, extension, current, press, enter

nopat Chrome extension download
nopat A more distilled version of Giant Bomb.

extension, giant, user, nopat, bomb, giantbomb, functionality, standard, part, distilled, version, filtering, content, improved, experience

Deuce AutoRefresh Chrome extension download
Deuce AutoRefresh Reload the Deuce automatically

set, quot, deuce, interval, updated, predefined, page, reload, chrome, extension, replies, posts, customize, times, obsolete

Edgenuity stelth Chrome extension download
Edgenuity stelth Provided by: Connor O'Hara |

extension, edgenuity, days, page, hate, sitting, change, staring, simply, boring, chrome, obsolete, themed, screen, kids

Stryker Forum Mods Chrome extension download
Stryker Forum Mods This extension makes forum content easier to browse

extension, forum, image, profile, posts, updated, quot, built, feature, lazy, easier, threads, interactions, experience, show

Track Back Chrome extension download
Track Back Track websites as easily as they track you! See what jurisdictions you're entering and exiting every day. This tool was created to…

data, jurisdiction, send, day, websites, track, geopolitical, virtual, knowing, ideas, puts, obsolete, expose, knowledge, instantaneously

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