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Mafia Demon Chrome extension download
Mafia Demon Mafia Demon Loader

visit, mafia, free, chrome, extension, demon, facebook, http, gold, version, remember, bronze, page, game, supports

VkDown - VKontakte download button Chrome extension download
VkDown - VKontakte download button The plugin creates a link to download next to the PLAY button in the musical composition.

vkontakte, vk, download, chrome, button, plugin, social, play, network, expansion, quot, send, personal, leave, updates

Meme Dump (Old Version) Chrome extension download
Meme Dump (Old Version) This extension is no longer being updated.

app, extension, dump, updated, chrome, meme, frequently, version, link, playback, anymore, background, webstore, faster, detail

Boss Key and Button Chrome extension download
Boss Key and Button Press F9 or the right mouse button to hide browser.

chrome, key, f9, extension, button, boss, version, windows, versions, choose, f12, browser, hide, mouse, num

Cloud to Butt Redux Chrome extension download
Cloud to Butt Redux Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts.

version, extension, butt, cloud, replace, longer, github, chrome, redux, improvements, previous, replaces, textarea, contents, hank

Kotnet Login (support for New Toledo) Chrome extension download
Kotnet Login (support for New Toledo) Kotnet Login is a browser extension that provides automatic login for websites of the KULeuven such as Kotnet, Toledo...

toledo, extension, version, login, kotnet, people, kind, environment, works, https, credits, github, automatic, create, chrome

FollowRush Basic Chrome extension download
FollowRush Basic Automatic script for following people on twitter. Limited edition.

twitter, extension, quot, automatically, version, followrush, info, infosmarkmedia, responsible, web, chrome, competence, automatic, follow, script

Support for the "blink" tag Chrome extension download
Support for the "blink" tag Oh, looky there, what is that? It's text... And it blinks. It's blinking text! Hooray!

tag, text, quot, browser, blink, netscape, standard, support, extension, chrome, versions, adds, looky, firefox, blinks

Original Hangouts Chrome extension download
Original Hangouts Use the original video hangouts by default.

hangouts, permissions, video, simply, default, original, extension, restrictive, version, chrome, v1, changed

Hide gsw_hoops from WarriorsWorld Politics Chrome extension download
Hide gsw_hoops from WarriorsWorld Politics Hide all posts by gsw_hoops on the politics forum of Hides responses, too, b/c any response to him is a waste.

settings, time, chrome, extension, hoops, hiding, gsw, net, responses, warriorsworld, quot, life, politics, posts, world

Gminus Chrome extension download
Gminus Reverts Google Plus' favicon to the old one.

extension, retina, replaces, icon, chrome, reverts, style, version, displays, google, gminus, updated, favicon

Auto Wifigo Chrome extension download
Auto Wifigo Auto Wifigo - Auto submit wifigo agreement page.

wifigo, page, extension, agreement, auto, manually, confirm, updated, longer, minutes, login, chrome, submit, update, v2

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