Best Opera Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total opera plugins - 13
ZenMate VPN - Best Cyber Security & Unblock Chrome extension download
ZenMate VPN - Best Cyber Security & Unblock ZenMate VPN - the best cyber security solution. Encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily.

zenmate, vpn, speed, locations, security, secure, access, ip, service, unblock, protect, premium, strongly, privacy, stay

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Tells the Google Analytics JavaScript not to send information to Google Analytics.

google, chrome, extension, analytics, browser, opt, en, intl, https, information, web, add, service, terms, js

CryptoPro Extension for CAdES Browser Plug-in Chrome extension download
CryptoPro Extension for CAdES Browser Plug-in ?????? ?????????? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ????????? ??? Browser plug-in ? ????????? ?? ?????? Chromium (Google Chrome,…

cades, chrome, plug, browser, extension, cryptopro, quot, csp, google, products, ru, www, https, chromium, opera

DownAlbum Chrome extension download
DownAlbum Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album.

download, album, page, save, facebook, photos, load, amp, chrome, zip, https, http, opera, fancybox, instagram

Video Blocker Chrome extension download
Video Blocker Hide annoying videos on YouTube from any channel you want!

video, extension, videos, hide, blocker, adding, channels, details, youtube, page, firefox, list, block, problem, section

IP Address and Domain Information Chrome extension download
IP Address and Domain Information The Ultimate online investigation tool! See detailed information about every IP Address, Domain Name and Provider.

information, info, ip, domain, extension, subnets, whois, address, ranking, data, firefox, en, hosted, investigation, online

McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing Search and browse safer online.

site, trustedsite, secure, safe, mcafee, ratings, ssl, reviews, valid, browse, attacks, search, phishing, extension, chrome

Allow Right-Click Chrome extension download
Allow Right-Click Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu on sites that overrides it.

extension, youtube, sites, click, chrome, supported, report, menu, context, bug, site, flickr, behaviour, pretending, firefox

Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension download
Zoom Scheduler Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar

zoom, meetings, video, meeting, cloud, mobile, sharing, schedule, screen, free, audio, online, calendar, google, desktop

Downloads - Your Download Box Chrome extension download
Downloads - Your Download Box Manage your downloads directly from your browser's toolbar. Forget the fat download shelf for good.

downloads, chrome, download, extension, open, downloading, internet, item, canceled, retry, folder, operation, ongoing, cancel, top

PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

facebook, photolive, albums, http, photos, large, bulky, extension, download, iphotolive, simply, www, compromize, account, information

Table Capture Chrome extension download
Table Capture Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or creates a Google Doc from them.

tables, table, support, clipboard, extension, html, page, google, mouse, easily, copy, copies, courtesy, test, tab

Validity Chrome extension download
Validity Click the icon in the address bar or press Alt+Shift+V to validate the current page. Results can be seen in Chrome's JS console.

validator, validity, default, w3c, page, options, quot, bug, validate, https, instance, error, github, html, document

SurfEasy VPN - Security, Privacy, Unblock Chrome extension download
SurfEasy VPN - Security, Privacy, Unblock Unblock websites. Secure yourself from online threats. Hide your real IP. Easy to use.

privacy, surfeasy, secure, online, websites, vpn, free, data, information, ip, browse, service, don, product, facebook

Blue Jeans for Hangouts Scheduler Chrome extension download
Blue Jeans for Hangouts Scheduler Enable Google hangouts participants to join video meetings via room systems and PSTN

hangouts, video, jeans, google, room, systems, blue, meetings, connect, extension, join, pstn, enable, based, users

Shoptimate : automatic price comparison Chrome extension download
Shoptimate : automatic price comparison Shoptimate compares prices automatically for you. We provide coupons and price alerts.

shoptimate, fr, amazon, firefox, price, addons, prices, du, noble, rue, target, usa, merchants, pixmania, commerce

Beebs - Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad Chrome extension download
Beebs - Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad A simple extension that will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

bbc, iplayer, extension, watch, beebs, simple, germany, usa, information, order, proxy, unblock, acts, chrome, world

Click to Speech Chrome extension download
Click to Speech Click on a text and Click to Speech reads it out to you.

tts, speech, click, voice, text, built, speed, ispeech, switches, os, google, engines, extension, operating, number

GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Chrome extension download
GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Run Unity games through your browser in local application. (Windows only)

unity, games, run, extension, windows, gameload, chrome, app, browser, systems, operation, chromebooks, flash, link, external

G.lux Chrome extension download
G.lux Changes the color temperature of websites.

color, lux, chrome, settings, time, extension, page, temperature, screen, intensity, change, browser, monitor, websites, refresh

NoPlugin (previously QuickChrome) Chrome extension download
NoPlugin (previously QuickChrome) Play QuickTime, RealPlayer, and Windows Media content in your browser without plugins.

noplugin, chrome, plugin, browser, play, plugins, embedded, content, open, access, code, player, video, extension, download

VkButton Chrome extension download
VkButton ? ????? ????????? ?? ???? ? ?? ??????? ;)

chrome, mozilla, vkbutton, extension, google, firefox, opera

Print Edit WE Chrome extension download
Print Edit WE Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.

edit, print, page, web, firefox, edited, toolbar, editing, text, elements, button, feature, disabled, main, chrome

Fast Bookmark Scanner Chrome extension download
Fast Bookmark Scanner Scan your bookmarks and show duplicated links, duplicated folders and empty folders.

extension, duplicated, https, remove, urls, empty, folder, operations, google, chrome, click, bookmark, detail, folders, bookmarks

eHistory Chrome extension download
eHistory Enhanced History

search, history, remember, delete, kind, time, chrome, coffee, ehistory, bugs, situation, issues, article, times, features

Scroll To Top Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Scroll to top and vice versa in a window.

top, gl, scrolling, scroll, http, page, version, mouse, key, keyboard, goo, bar, home, tiring, experience

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad Make notes and sync them. What could be more simple?

note, notes, simple, notepad, create, copy, manually, sync, chrome, click, installations, menu, bookmarks, list, layout

Font Rendering Enhancer Chrome extension download
Font Rendering Enhancer Font Rendering Enhancer for Chrome. Darker and clearer text on the pages (http and https).

font, rendering, text, anti, css3, browsers, https, opera, mac, osx, modified, http, render, chrome, panel

The RSS Aggregator Chrome extension download
The RSS Aggregator RIP Opera

add, quot, turkish, articles, rss, ukrainian, number, slovak, clicking, double, redesigned, interface, german, translation, items

AliExpress Shopping and Cash Back Chrome extension download
AliExpress Shopping and Cash Back AliExpress Helper: Compare price; Track product price trends; Price-drop reminder; Find similar products; Search goods by image.

aliexpress, shopping, price, product, receive, rebate, plug, questions, cash, assistant, browsing, save, chance, deals99, friends

Scroll To Top Button Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Button Adds a scroll to top or bottom button.

top, button, scroll, long, infinite, pages, opera, viewing, twitter, facebook, adds, jump, extension, chrome, page

Simple Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Simple Bookmarks Simple Bookmarks

bookmarks, shift, ctrl, click, chrome, tidy, window, left, tab, disable, tabs, attention, tree, collapse, alt

Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) Chrome extension download
Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on chrome startup

extension, chrome, password, opera, set, users, lock, browser, startup, user, collecting, en, exiting, queries, contact

utf-8 and unicode characters Chrome extension download
utf-8 and unicode characters utf-8 characters

http, fonts, unicode, characters, utf, extension, www, code2000, org, firefox, html, chrome, han, wazu, gallery

Ad Guarded Plus Premium Chrome extension download
Ad Guarded Plus Premium Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

quot, extension, facebook, operation, guarded, advertising, premium, chrome, fixed, configuration, installation, problem, websites, youtube, ads

Auto refresh page Chrome extension download
Auto refresh page Auto refresh page:This extension can automatically refresh the page, you can set different time intervals specified page refresh.…

page, refresh, time, brush, refreshes, online, extension, set, recommend, favorite, current, intervals, operate, normal, operation

Image blocker Chrome extension download
Image blocker Chrome extension for comfortable image blocking.

images, imageblocker, extension, image, chrome, click, traffic, opera, true, fly, context, menu, item, icon, bar

Secure Downloader Chrome extension download
Secure Downloader Secure downloads by scanning with more than 40 Antivirus engines for free. Analyze suspicious context files with a full scan report

downloader, secure, scan, free, files, extension, context, download, computer, file, continue, privacy, security, downloadable, report

DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from within your browser with the click of a button

added, torrent, tv, duckietv, shows, browser, search, v0, download, chrome, mirror, calendar, netflix, standalone, episodes

GeoEdge Toolbar Chrome extension download
GeoEdge Toolbar View geo-specific content easily using GeoEdge.

content, view, geo, mobile, targeted, servers, locations, proxy, location, reliable, campaigns, fastest, world, premium, toolbar

Feedbro Chrome extension download
Feedbro Advanced Feed Reader - Read news & blogs or any RSS/Atom/RDF source.

feeds, article, support, read, feed, reader, view, items, full, chrome, google, style, rss, easy, extension

DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from your browser's new tab page

added, torrent, tv, duckietv, search, shows, chrome, download, v0, browser, mirror, calendar, netflix, standalone, episodes

FOP2 Extension Chrome extension download
FOP2 Extension Chrome Extension for FOP2.

click, panel, dial, context, call, display, extension, extensions, fop2, popup, chrome, numbers, shows, configurable, desktop

Melanto Calculator Extension Chrome extension download
Melanto Calculator Extension One different calculator (pop-up version) ...

operation, app, keyboard, extension, works, quot, operand, calculator, devices, versions, keys, version, browser, chrome, unusual

Random User-Agent Chrome extension download
Random User-Agent Automatically change the User-Agent after specified period of time to a randomly selected one, thus hiding your real user agent

user, agent, extension, mac, automatically, browser, strings, information, exploits, identity, hide, selected, time, period, system

Save as Shortcut Chrome extension download
Save as Shortcut Saves the current page as an Internet shortcut file on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

shortcut, save, links, extension, chrome, simply, quot, browser, file, operating, open, url, internet, isf, system

PriceSparrow Chrome extension download
PriceSparrow PriceSparrow is an app which finds the best deal. If you shop online, the app helps you to find the best offers for your wanted…

app, pricesparrow, offers, chrome, data, personalized, save, internet, sites, opera, visible, shopping, firefox, google, mozilla

No Per-Script Font! Chrome extension download
No Per-Script Font! Making Chinese Look Better by Turning Off Per-Script Font in Chinese Locales

font, chinese, chrome, fonts, script, extension, zh, install, scripts, lang, github, tw, specifically, means, auto

MultiLookup Chrome extension download
MultiLookup This extension lets you select text to search from multiple sources and displays the results in a single pop-up screen.

search, text, extension, sites, results, multilookup, site, display, select, web, keyboard, menu, shortcut, click, jimo1001

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher Quickly and easily switch between popular user-agent strings.

os, ua, mobile, build, user, browser, ui, panel, report, switcher, agent, current, devices, microsoft, toolbar

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