Best Page Action Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total page action plugins - 9037
Request Maker Chrome extension download
Request Maker Log, edit and send HTTP requests

request maker, access bookmark, proper browser action support, html forms, url chrome, useless information, post data, options page, page action popup, page action feature, page action, web pages, url headers

Font blocker Chrome extension download
Font blocker Blocks the fonts you want to block.

font override order, added page action, unused message port, custom web font, added document type check, block fonts, click block custom font, inline css size, page action, options page, blocking fonts, annoying custom, fixed bug, action support, message port, font name case bug, show page action

Action Chrome extension download
Action A meeting task manager for Google Docs

automate custom emails, icon credits, use convenient keyboard shortcuts, great meetings, assign action items, team tasks, action item needs, individuals action items, screenshot icon, action items, task manager, manage tasks side

RWeb Chrome extension download
RWeb Simple tool for customizing websites by adding your own CSS & JS.

page action button, sync button, precise auto uploads, browser action button, added code search, refresh necessary anymore, much simpler ui, browser action contextmenu label, online storage, extension options page, auto sync, online optional, ui design skillz, options auto, sync optional, action button, google extension, slick dom element selector tool, added options, added sync, options ui, sites auto, css js, options page

Super FaceInvite Chrome extension download
Super FaceInvite Beta Version. Allow user to invite all friends to a facebook event.

facebook event page, added nice great, automatic submit, settings page, single click, facebook event, simple page action, page action, nice great feature, beta version

iciba Chrome extension download
iciba A simple dictionary widget copy from iciba....

buildsrc v1, iframe page action v1, page action v1, simple dictionary widget copy, howler doesnt work, update howler, iciba v2, https v2, bug v1, ni184775761 gmail, com bug issue

Penta Extension Chrome extension download
Penta Extension Now, you can send video to PentaTV from browser!

thai font ui, pentatvs ip, favorite video, action button, quick action button, penta extension let, youtube dailymotion, penta tv, queue action, adddelete pentatvs ipaddress, video detector performance, current visit page

Allow copy-paste action on websites. Chrome extension download
Allow copy-paste action on websites. Allow copy-paste action on websites.

websites including sites, blocking text selection, chinese websites, guys requested, version, text selection, copy action, websites, copy paste action, allow copypaste action, works, action, script works, blocking method

Tab Reloader Chrome extension download
Tab Reloader Reload a Tab on a regular basis.

specified time interval, active tab, regular basis, countdown starts, pageaction show, scheduled reload, tabs url, context menu, reload recurrently, active tab reloader, page action show, extra icon, reload tab, page action, domain changes

Tweepi Bulk Default Action (aka Select All) Chrome extension download
Tweepi Bulk Default Action (aka Select All) Performs 'Default Action' on all users on a Tweepi page. It'll help you get more followers quickly.

default action, followers quickly, select, performs, tweepi page, followers, help, plugin, performs default action, users

Just Save Image Chrome extension download
Just Save Image Just saves original images + special support for known sites

original images special, original images, page action icon , special support, keyboard ninja, instagram icon, page action icon updated, quality images, photo posts, rss aggregators, urls count

Luminate Online Page Editor Chrome extension download
Luminate Online Page Editor Edit Luminate Online pages with just one click.

api response document, editing open, fixed bug, top events top, editing api, editing donation, edit luminate online pages, action page edit link, viewing luminate online page, luminate online website, gift service center, luminate online, action page edit, open authentication settings, luminate online page, ecommerce confirmation page, urls beginning, edit pages

Play Action Games Online Chrome extension download
Play Action Games Online Play Action Games Online.

games added daily, free action online games, hundreds, free action online games updated regularly, play action games online, action games, new games

Watchsync Extension Chrome extension download
Watchsync Extension Watchsync Extension

m4a mp3 links rtmp streaming viewers, operator page action, youtube vimeo ustream, services youtube, page action button addition, supported service, soundcloud slideshare, context menus addition, direct mp4, mp3 links, vimeo ustream nicovideo, rtmp streaming

Tutorialize Chrome extension download
Tutorialize Chrome extension for Tutorialize (

added tutorialize, free day trial, blacklist luckyorange id, fix bug, added german translations, added support, tutorial list view, element target selectors, page action selectors, fix issue, add ability, bug fix, page action, weird css issues, interactive tutorial guides, minor german translation change, toolbox tooltip, added ability

Single Sign-on Assistant Chrome extension download
Single Sign-on Assistant A secure way for Access Manager, CloudAccess and SecureLogin users to automate web and app logins for a single sign-on experience.

list action, sso action, login credentials, white list action, web auth, add html auth disable, slnativehost version client, possible ssowizard action, single sign, add support regex, web auth request details, save login credentials, html authentication requests, securelogin administrator, html auth disable

UptimeRobot Monitor Chrome extension download
UptimeRobot Monitor This allows you to use the UptimeRobot 'monitor/account API keys' to monitor server statuses

server monitor, browser action popup, account api key, monitor server statuses, extension browser action, uptimerobot monitor account api keys, com control panel, group monitors, browser action icon notification, server statuses, disable background notification, day day, provide account api key, monitor api keys, account api keys, api key, browser action popup groups, extension browser action icon, uptimerobot api, chrome storage sync api, browser action, api keys

MapMyRun GPX Exporter Chrome extension download
MapMyRun GPX Exporter Adds a button to MapMyRun workouts to export as a GPX file

file, adds button, extension adds button, gpx, mapmyrun, simply creates gpx file, workout page action bar, workout, button, fitness ride walk hike workout page action bar titled export, mapmyrun workouts, gpx file

Omnibox Timer Chrome extension download
Omnibox Timer A simple timer built for Chrome

commands show, click send feedback, new options page, chrome settings page, timer commands, new feature requests, browser action icon, opens options page, omnibox timer suggests, omnibox timer, options page, icon chrome, timer commands lunch, omnibox timer icon, ui browser action, open options page

Download Manager Button Chrome extension download
Download Manager Button Browser Action Download Manager User Interface for Google Chrome

demo extension, downloads opening, total download progress, google chrome, browser action download manager user interface, browser action popup, new chrome, browser action button displays, browser action, downloads referrer removing, total download, pausing resuming canceling opening erasing retrying, dangerous downloads

WebCast Chrome extension download
WebCast Finds videos in the web page you're on and allows to send them to Chromecast.

add page action, extension detects, extension detects supported video file, mp4 format, web page, extension detects video, video player, chrome cast device, play video, webcast extension detects, video file, chromecast device, plugin opens video file, finds videos, page action

AngularJS Inspect Watchers Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspect Watchers Inspect the scope watchers of an Angular app

ngisolatescope css class names, address bar, address bar page action, digest cycle performance decreases, scope watchers, angular app, web page, angularjs app, effect performance, ng scope, angular watchers, enable debug info, run angular, page action, debug info, ng inspect watchers, user inspect, angular app increases

Something Awful Last Read Redux Button Chrome extension download
Something Awful Last Read Redux Button Replaces the page action feature of SALR for Chrome with a global browser action button

read redux, salr, global browser action button, chrome, page action feature, something, replaces, awful last read redux

Trello Tasks Chrome extension download
Trello Tasks This turns a Trello list into a tasklist

show correctly, added browser action, report error system, perboard toggling, browser action popout, initial build, report performance, browser action, trello tasks, version history , quick button, new report error system

Quick Translate Chrome extension download
Quick Translate This extension provides quick translation of selected texts

force translation source language, inputs textarea input, quick translation, destination language, added text, page translate, browser action button, google translate whenever, browser action, added ctrl, shift button, options page, source language, show translation, translation source language

GTM Sonar Chrome extension download
GTM Sonar Debug your page template to see if it works with Google Tag Manager's auto-event listeners.

page clicking, google tag manager, click event, event listeners, control debugger functions, browser action increases, real gtm listener, gtm listener, small badge icon, debugdl array, first release version, added switch, link click listener, click listener, click listener link click listener, gtm listeners, form submit listener, page debugdl, browser action, clicking switch

Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts) Chrome extension download
Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts) Custom keyboard shortcuts for your browser

current tab, key combos, open new tab, tab clear, action keys, custom keyboard shortcuts, current tab left, custom shortcuts, action key, special action keys, multiple key combos, run custom js, whitelist specific shortcuts, tribal wars players

Push-To-Kodi Chrome extension download
Push-To-Kodi Push media on the page to Kodi

ru page, open seasonvar, ru videos, video player, kodi instance, pushes seasonvar, push media, current page, page, click page action button

OGame Resources Extension Chrome extension download
OGame Resources Extension Resource distribution is the key

contact ogext team, new action, extension sum resources, action refresh, resource distribution, additional table, key, new features, translation suggestion, resources section

Reload All Tabs Chrome extension download
Reload All Tabs Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut (alt + shift + r), context menu, browser action button, or startup.

action button, content script permissions, keyboard shortcut alt shift context, context menus configurable, browser action button, alt shift r, action button top, reload tabs, read next section, top right, keyboard shortcut, extension bar top right, click choose reload, keyboard shortcut alt shift, blue arrow icon

Save to Google Drive Chrome extension download
Save to Google Drive Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

save pdf, google chrome, clicking saved folder, folder name displays, google drive, saved html, google drive browser action, save file, extension options page, chrome web, authentication page, pdf files, extension cannot capture chrome, convert microsoft office files, google drive document list, options page, chrome pixel retina displays, google drive chrome extension, browser action, different google drive account, save web content, chrome web store pages

tf2outpost price integration Chrome extension download
tf2outpost price integration Grabs prices of items from and adds them to

fixed bug, rewrote code base, display fixed bug, added page, added page action menu, advanced settings, crossorigin request permissions, items display, added ability, toggle buds, current page, next page, load version, prices fixed bug, infinite scrolling

Email this page (ver I. DUMAIRE) Chrome extension download
Email this page (ver I. DUMAIRE) This extension allow you to send the URL with the selected text by email or Gmail quickly.

action send, remove parameters, click shortcut, default email address, default email clientapplication, update integrate, default email, current page url quickly, email button, current page, new feature, selected text, page url

Image Alt Text Viewer Chrome extension download
Image Alt Text Viewer Replace images with their alt text.

current tab, images, adds browser action icon, browser action, testing sites, toolbar, icon, press, alt text, replaces, replace images

Quick Pin Chrome extension download
Quick Pin Load the add page inline and close the tab on finish.

code examples, page inline, open source code, add page inline, browser action, quick pin, loaded inline, support link, please use, site url, add page

Web2PttChrome Chrome extension download
Web2PttChrome Open the PTT Web article in PttChrome.

ptt web article, ptt web, bbs site, right side, ptt, read articles, context menu, fixing bugs, page action, pttchrome installed

Pure URL Chrome extension download
Pure URL Removes garbage like "utm_source" from URLs

d0, utm source, d0 d0 a0 d0 d0 a4 d0 d0 af d0, spyware field, google analytics, spyware fields, d0 a2, removes garbage, utm place, pure url pure url removes, garbage field, map action ref map spyware fields, d0 a5, a5 pure url, d0 a1 d0 a2, d0 d0, ref garbage field, map action, garbage fields, fb ref fb source action, garbage fields utm source utm, fb action, d0 a4, bigpictures d0

Ikariam Easy Chrome extension download
Ikariam Easy Make your Ikariam easy :).

tabs added movements tabs, added levels, spanish translation bt fede markievicz, trade movement tab, fixes bugfixes, movement tab, delete movement date, live max value, many action points youll, translation fixes, fixed movements tabs, translation bugfixes, fixed tab, added options movement tabs island action points, levels fixed, action points, movements tab added, military battles list, building added, list ikalogs, military movements tabs, building ikariam, many useful functions, sea chart archive, list added action points

Marty Developer Tools Chrome extension download
Marty Developer Tools Developer tools for Marty

stores action, stores, marty developer tools, chrome developer tools, marty, state, stores action handler, stores caused component, current state, stores actions, action, developer tools

Reddit Rage Spree Chrome extension download
Reddit Rage Spree Open all the rage comics from a page in new tabs with one simple click! Browse f7u12 like never before

extension bar, page action icon, browsing reddit, spree lets, browse f7u12, browser action, reddit rage spree, recommend f7u12, browsing rage comics, subreddit highly recommend f7u12, rage comics, reddit rage spree icon, reddit changed, new tabs, links open, different site

Yabumi for Chrome Chrome extension download
Yabumi for Chrome Speedy screen shot sharing via Yabumi

viewing page, fix notification message, click icon, context menu, area capture, default action, image element source, default duration option, speedy screen shot, fix option page, click yabumi icon, release mouse button, support data uri, options page, option page, area selecting, entire page capturing, capture share, send page title, fix area selecting

Tealium Tools Chrome extension download
Tealium Tools Enhance your Tealium implementations by evaluating your website data and tags through a variety of helpful tools.

realtime action engine, tag management rules, different visitor attributes, key data, tealium audiencestream, scan users, data distribution strategies, digital marketing action products, tealium iq, key web pages, key data elements, tag management, tag management system, awardwinning tag management solution

Wordpress Admin Bar Control Chrome extension download
Wordpress Admin Bar Control Hide & show the admin bar with one easy click!

added benefit, chrome storage api, frequent basis, easy click, admin bar control, want easy concealment, hide show, action icon, admin bar, admin bar display, high density displays, plugin action button, wordpress admin bar

No Referer Image Chrome extension download
No Referer Image No referer http header for image http request

http header referer, http header, request image, change referer, http referer header, inline page, referer http header, image http request, remove referer, add browser action icon, action icon, chinese http referer header http header referer, remove http header referer, image request, enable disable, html page

Simple_Tally Chrome extension download
Simple_Tally Create a tally and display results

browser action icon tally, current date, browser action popup, browser icon popup view, browser icon popup view section, current session session goal displays, day month view day displays, user current date session tally, session goal representing, session tally, tally extension, browser action icon, several useful bits, chrome extension allows, hour session representing, browser icon popup, month displays, hour day month, session goal, browser action icon displays, browser action, chrome extension documentation purpose

Chromium Buildbot Monitor Chrome extension download
Chromium Buildbot Monitor Displays the status of the Chromium buildbot in the toolbar. Click to see more detailed status in a popup.

detailed status, sync notification settings, update buildbot status, user try jobs, fixed login, active try job status, browser action popup, extension options, tree status changes, job status, browser action icon, chromium buildbot, buildbot status live

Web Essentials Chrome extension download
Web Essentials This extension demonstrates a browser action with kittens.

extension demonstrates browser action, kittens, extension demonstrates, browser action

Video Looper for Youtube/Dailymotion/others Chrome extension download
Video Looper for Youtube/Dailymotion/others This extension lets you automatically replay (loop) videos on Youtube, Dailymotion and other sites that use HTML5

action button, url bar, browser action button, automatically replay loop videos, click, youtube dailymotion, use html5, click twice, automatic replay, extension lets, toggle automatic replay

The Avengers Gallery Chrome extension download
The Avengers Gallery The Avengers Gallery includes photos about movie, team of super heroes and function add new image to gallery.

iron man, action films, super heroes, function add, website click, new image, click right mouse, black widow, marvel comics, action films captain america hulk iron man thor black widow, captain america

JWPepper Downloader Chrome extension download
JWPepper Downloader Download JWPepper song previews as MP3s.

music preview, downloads jwpepper song previews, download jwpepper song previews, page action button shows, page, mp3s, bookmarks button

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