Best Page Action Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total page action plugins - 6
Facebook - Delete All Messages Chrome extension download
Facebook - Delete All Messages Adds a page action in Facebook Messages tab in order to delete them all.

facebook, extension, messages, delete, instructions, quot, page, free, troubleshooting, liable, damage, loss, v5, logo, tool

Request Maker Chrome extension download
Request Maker Log, edit and send HTTP requests

request, requests, extension, url, page, maker, http, tab, bookmark, xhr, log, html, headers, issues, chrome

Full Screen Chrome extension download
Full Screen Go full screen with one click on the button.

screen, full, video, web, youtube, extension, browser, page, option, auto, lights, html5, chrome, feature, project

The Missing JSON Inspector Chrome extension download
The Missing JSON Inspector Inspect JSON in your browser.

json, api, key, amp, inspector, documents, artist, http, inspect, features, keyboard, tree, include, extension, data

WebCast Chrome extension download
WebCast Finds videos in the web page you're on and allows to send them to Chromecast.

video, page, extension, played, file, chrome, device, chromecast, detects, opens, action, finds, videos, player, website

Web2PttChrome Chrome extension download
Web2PttChrome Open the PTT Web article in PttChrome.

article, ptt, pttchrome, web, extension, menu, site, click, context, page, fixing, bugs, action, side, installed

Helper for Google+ Chrome extension download
Helper for Google+ Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts with TTS (Text To Speech). Share Posts via twitter.…

google, posts, chrome, extension, notification, icon, update, box, omnibox, tts, page, search, link, twitter, type

GWT Super Dev Button Chrome extension download
GWT Super Dev Button Extension for GWT super dev mode developers

fixed, modules, bug, module, extension, button, url, compile, chrome, dev, gwt, super, code, quot, mode

AngularJS Inspect Watchers Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspect Watchers Inspect the scope watchers of an Angular app

extension, angular, watchers, app, angularjs, page, action, inspect, number, debug, scope, navigate, info, performance, web

Stopify Chrome extension download
Stopify Redirects links on web pages to skip loading the 'Spotify Web Player' and go directly to the official desktop app.

web, spotify, links, player, quot, page, icon, app, redirects, parameters, preventing, urls, unnecessary, attribute, perform

Polymer Ready Chrome extension download
Polymer Ready Show an icon in the address bar when it detects some Polymer and Custom components.

page, polymer, show, extension, chrome, https, background, icon, elements, custom, jake, johnson, toggleable, items, event

iciba Chrome extension download
iciba A simple dictionary widget copy from iciba....

iciba, howler, bug, https, gmail, neekey, simple, dictionary, extension, widget, page, action, github, problem, fix

Tab Reloader Chrome extension download
Tab Reloader Reload a Tab on a regular basis.

tab, reload, action, active, page, extension, scheduled, icon, domain, reset, reloader, webpage, user, configuration, menu

SVN Browser Chrome extension download
SVN Browser Shows the SVN content.

svn, view, changeset, jsdiff, repository, resource, browser, previous, revision, requests, address, analyze, action, headers, asf

tf2outpost price integration Chrome extension download
tf2outpost price integration Grabs prices of items from and adds them to

fixed, prices, bug, version, added, items, tf2outpost, price, page, users, display, removed, quot, load, paint

Letterboxd Movie Assistant Chrome extension download
Letterboxd Movie Assistant Shows a page action for imdb/rotten tomatoes film pages to go to the letterboxd equivalant

letterboxd, rotten, extension, icon, page, tomatoes, imdb, film, pages, big, team, chrome, assistant, shows, tab

Highlights+ Chrome extension download
Highlights+ Up-to-the-minute video highlights for your fantasy team.

yahoo, stats, advanced, fixed, espn, added, extension, page, players, league, issue, highlights, video, load, stat

LinkAnalysis Chrome extension download
LinkAnalysis Analyses the links in a page

links, page, domain, extension, level, version, external, linkanalysis, analysis, functionality, icon, address, clicks, bar, updated

Tutorialize Chrome extension download
Tutorialize Chrome extension for Tutorialize (

added, tooltips, tutorialize, fix, page, change, bug, tutorial, ability, extension, tutorials, action, issue, longer, tooltip

Watchsync Extension Chrome extension download
Watchsync Extension Watchsync Extension

supported, video, extension, addition, friends, operator, page, action, service, button, features, youtube, vimeo, play, time

MapMyRun GPX Exporter Chrome extension download
MapMyRun GPX Exporter Adds a button to MapMyRun workouts to export as a GPX file

gpx, workout, mapmyrun, extension, action, button, adds, page, file, hike, walk, ride, fitness, bar, export

Something Awful Last Read Redux Button Chrome extension download
Something Awful Last Read Redux Button Replaces the page action feature of SALR for Chrome with a global browser action button

chrome, action, button, read, redux, page, browser, extension, replaces, salr, feature, global, awful, requires, buttonreplaces

Just Save Image Chrome extension download
Just Save Image Just saves original images + special support for known sites

images, original, save, shortcuts, count, icon, page, action, inoreader, feedly, aggregators, ninja, keyboard, urls, updated

To Caret, From Github Chrome extension download
To Caret, From Github A demo plugin that sends Github source to a new Caret tab.

caret, github, source, command, extension, icon, open, chrome, magic, ball, messing, prediction, bar, status, apis

Find RegExp Chrome extension download
Find RegExp Find texts with regular expressions.

find, button, click, hit, extension, pattern, texts, characters, chrome, pages, regexp, enter, jump, bar, focus

Source Quicklinks Chrome extension download
Source Quicklinks Allows quick jumping between Chrome, Blink, WebKit, V8, etc. source links

source, chromium, blink, webkit, v8, logs, search, chrome, code, revisions, org, contents, annotations, repositories, searches

UK NOTAM Map extension Chrome extension download
UK NOTAM Map extension Generates a Google Map representation of an AIS NOTAM Brief

notam, extension, ais, website, uk, notams, chrome, map, page, derived, issue, provide, tree, view, plotting

Push-To-Kodi Chrome extension download
Push-To-Kodi Push media on the page to Kodi

page, kodi, ru, push, instance, seasonvar, plugin, extension, action, captured, media, button, play, videos, player

Payback Shop Reminder Chrome extension download
Payback Shop Reminder Shows a page action reminder for Payback shops.

payback, online, shop, page, reminder, shops, icon, chrome, ralph, purchasing, points, browsing, punkte, sammeln, shows

Reddit Rage Spree Chrome extension download
Reddit Rage Spree Open all the rage comics from a page in new tabs with one simple click! Browse f7u12 like never before

reddit, open, icon, rage, page, browsing, links, changed, tabs, subreddit, extension, f7u12, action, spree, comics

JWPepper Downloader Chrome extension download
JWPepper Downloader Download JWPepper song previews as MP3s.

jwpepper, page, song, button, action, previews, chrome, extension, download, shows, preview, mp3s, downloads, downloader, bookmarks

Font blocker Chrome extension download
Font blocker Blocks the fonts you want to block.

font, added, action, page, blocking, fonts, bug, options, website, click, custom, chrome, block, annoying, sync

RWeb Chrome extension download
RWeb Simple tool for customizing websites by adding your own CSS & JS.

added, sync, css, sites, google, auto, page, site, ui, import, online, options, bug, stats, extension

Tumblr Single User Dash Chrome extension download
Tumblr Single User Dash Tumblr Single User Dash - Making tumblr readable

tumblr, dash, single, omnibox, user, bring, button, extension, page, current, blog, joe, github, issues, guess

Super FaceInvite Chrome extension download
Super FaceInvite Beta Version. Allow user to invite all friends to a facebook event.

added, page, event, invite, facebook, people, endorse, beta, blacklist, chrome, mom, extension, great, nice, submit

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