Best Reddit Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total reddit plugins - 54
Reddit Enhancement Suite Chrome extension download
Reddit Enhancement Suite A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience

reddit, res, data, permissions, image, suite, imgur, tabs, page, sites, flickr, expand, account, history, permission

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

images, google, sites, zoom, specific, http, options, files, reddit, chrome, page, imgur, facebook, faq, pcmag Scrobbler Chrome extension download Scrobbler Scrobble music all around the web!

fm, music, radio, extension, player, scrobbler, youtube, shown, archive, chrome, firstly, amazon, github, ghostly, radioplayer

reddit companion Chrome extension download
reddit companion Turn your browser into a redditor's best friend.

reddit, companion, bar, browser, messages, notifications, happen, source, save, turn, view, integrated, comments, orangereds, posts

SHINE for reddit Chrome extension download
SHINE for reddit Experience reddit with new modern list and grid view interfaces that focus on bringing the content to you.

fixed, view, shine, grid, content, ve, list, issue, comments, added, updates, browser, extension, hover, part

Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Chrome extension download
Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Make voice notes and comments on any site!

voice, notes, extension, gmail, github, comments, lets, reddit, facebook, record, twitter, send, sites, wordpress, google

MLG-ifier Chrome extension download
MLG-ifier Le Reddit Armie is here to hand out fedoras and MLG pwn sum cheeky scrubs-m80s

mlg, chrome, fedora, extension, cheeky, ay, reddit, page, updoot, click, pepes, words, og, experience, memes

Hover Free Chrome extension download
Hover Free Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on over 100 sites and is totally free from shady updates, ads or 3rd party tracking.

hoverfree, images, sites, extension, free, reddit, http, specific, links, plugin, imgur, image, imagus, browsing, hoverzoom

APNG Chrome extension download
APNG Animated PNG support for WebKit/Blink browsers

images, extension, support, work, chrome, apng, list, captcha, animated, google, css, style, fixed, changed, styles

Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Chrome extension download
Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Beautiful dark themes for Facebook, Google and more

themes, darkness, pro, dark, website, facebook, strain, beautiful, fatigue, google, eye, annoying, glare, reddit, icon

Hide Fedora Chrome extension download
Hide Fedora Removes fedora Youtube commenters.

report, fedora, reddit, chrome, youtube, extension, comments, bugs, regularly, hidefedora, annoying, removes, code, https, le

Reddit Hover Text Chrome extension download
Reddit Hover Text Shows the content of a reddit text post when you hover on it's link.

text, fixes, reddit, hover, version, res, https, submissions, significantly, link, scroll, letter, links, starting, broke

Timewarp Chrome extension download
Timewarp Time Warp kindly reminds you not to procrastinate when you need to get things done.

time, site, timer, warp, quote, facebook, ve, timewarp, kindly, www, features, wormholes, turn, social, http

Essentials for KissAnime Chrome extension download
Essentials for KissAnime Adds the ability to toggle on/off certain elements on KissAnime such as Ads and Social Media buttons as well as adding new features.

kissanime, user, option, features, player, video, myanimelist, chrome, adds, extension, appears, homepage, information, added, stored

Reddit this! Chrome extension download
Reddit this! Submit a link to Reddit

submit, link, extension, enables, redditthis, quickly, click, simply, reddit, navigate, quot, chrome

Imgur to Gfycat Chrome extension download
Imgur to Gfycat Replaces animated gifs throughout the internet with gfycat optimized HTML5 videos.

gfycat, gifs, gif, v1, gfy, fixed, size, res, imgur, extension, original, videos, change, support, error

Player Card Chrome extension download
Player Card The simplest, fastest, and cleanest method of viewing athlete careers and statistics from within your tab.

players, nba, leagues, football, nfl, player, card, information, statistics, teams, soccer, features, articles, wikipedia, highlighted

GifMe Chrome extension download
GifMe GifMe makes saving, sharing & organizing gifs easier.

gifme, gifs, image, webm, simple, app, saving, sharing, library, chrome, gifmeapp, subreddit, accessed, sync, cloud

Moderator toolbox for reddit Chrome extension download
Moderator toolbox for reddit A set of tools to be used by moderators on reddit in order to make their jobs easier.

reddit, toolbox, user, mod, extension, notes, moderators, css, subreddit, highlighter, syntax, domain, comment, order, analyzer

Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito Window Chrome extension download
Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito Window Open NSFW links on in an Incognito window. Inspired by Autonito, called for by Rustyfist.

software, links, open, nsfw, window, copyright, extension, reddit, incognito, including, copy, copies, chrome, permission, rustyfist

GameofSpoils: Game of Thrones Spoiler Blocker Chrome extension download
GameofSpoils: Game of Thrones Spoiler Blocker A Game of Thrones spoiler blocking plugin for your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google News feeds.

support, game, blocking, twitter, google, thrones, project, news, spoiler, blocked, v1, facebook, added, reddit, giving

Crowdfire Chrome extension download
Crowdfire Crowdfire makes sharing to Twitter & Instagram through the web so intuitive, you’ll wonder how you ever shared content without it.

share, twitter, web, post, crowdfire, time, sharing, specific, posts, content, instagram, accounts, link, instantly, reddit

Photo Screen Saver Chrome extension download
Photo Screen Saver A screensaver with multiple photo sources

photo, photos, display, chrome, screensaver, show, time, screen, users, extension, saver, privacy, displays, optionally, https

Reddit Hide Sidebar Chrome extension download
Reddit Hide Sidebar Provides an option to hide the reddit sidebar.

extension, sidebar, reddit, automatically, v0, hide, show, distractions, saves, small, hidden, pages, click, chrome, option

Open External Links in New Tab Chrome extension download
Open External Links in New Tab Always open external links in a new tab.

tab, link, google, page, open, wanted, closed, external, accidentally, surfing, extension, contact, http, haydenjameslee, results

Reddit Infinite Scrolling Chrome extension download
Reddit Infinite Scrolling Infinite Scrolling for Reddit.

page, appended, items, latest, loaded, infinite, scrolling, extension, add, reddit, view, dribbble, extensions, github, similar

Reddit Notifier Chrome extension download
Reddit Notifier Get reddit notifications in chrome

notifier, reddit, check, messages, page, added, interval, notification, pull, support, enable, replies, extension, notifications, https

DestinyDB Reddit Enhancer Chrome extension download
DestinyDB Reddit Enhancer Powers up your Reddit experience with Destiny tooltips from

destinydb, tooltips, links, reddit, experience, destinythegame, link, position, adjusting, properly, icons, party, supported, fireteams, detailed

Reddit Trading Flair Linker Enhanced Chrome extension download
Reddit Trading Flair Linker Enhanced Adds additional functionality to flair on trade subreddits (SteamGameSwap, tf2trade, and Dota2Trade)

trade, offer, flair, user, extension, send, functionality, game, license, add, mit, reddit, subreddits, support, dota2trade

Reddit PGN viewer. Chrome extension download
Reddit PGN viewer. Puts a board in all Reddit pages with PGNs marked by [pgn][/pgn]

pgn, pgns, pages, puts, reddit, board, extension, viewer, chess, place, assumed, denoted, chrome, automatically, marked

Kahoot Crashing Notifier Chrome extension download
Kahoot Crashing Notifier idk

extension, kahoot, posts, chrome, notifier, idkwhenever, kahootcrashing, reddit, code, crashing, notify

Reddit Preload GIFs Chrome extension download
Reddit Preload GIFs Finds GIFs on Reddit and preloads them so that you do not need to wait when you view them

reddit, gifs, view, chrome, finds, wait, preloads, themfinds, enhancement, works, extension, preload, neverending, feature, suites

Readr for Reddit Chrome extension download
Readr for Reddit This extension adds a beautiful & clutter free reading mode for reddit.

extension, comments, reddit, button, mode, view, readr, comment, reading, development, open, posts, font, page, version

Reddit Link Opener Chrome extension download
Reddit Link Opener This extension will open all links in tabs on Reddit and all Subreddits

links, open, reddit, link, tabs, page, quot, works, extension, visited, default, changed, opener, debug, shortcut Chrome extension download Photos of our planet from various subreddits, including /r/earthporn and others

photos, image, tab, earthporn, subreddits, photo, planet, title, feature, requested, computer, shown, information, asks, optionally

Reddit Check Chrome extension download
Reddit Check Check if current URL is submitted on reddit. Submit link or join the discussion.

reddit, check, link, extension, http, github, quot, update, url, feedback, page, blacklist, https, submitted, comments

Reddit Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Reddit Widget [ANTP] Reddit 'Quick-Subreddit' widget for Awesome New Tab Page. [ANTP]

quot, reddit, subreddit, images, added, widget, fixed, header, tile, wide, chrome, changed, antp, great, bug

Really unexpected jihad and cena! Chrome extension download
Really unexpected jihad and cena! This extension changes the subreddit name on the frontpage to make it unexpected!

frontpage, unexpected, extension, safely, unaware, jihad, subreddit, cena, browse, chrome

synccit for reddit Chrome extension download
synccit for reddit synccit syncs visited links and viewed comments syncing across browsers and devices

account, synccit, device, reddit, browsers, viewed, links, installed, plugin, enter, install, username, add, extension, code

Tabbie - Material New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Tabbie - Material New Tab Page A material, customizable, and hackable new tab extension.

columns, tabbie, material, customizable, chrome, frontpage, tab, extension, page, design, sites, decentralized, hackernews, designer, settings

Reddit Liquid Streams Chrome extension download
Reddit Liquid Streams Reddit and Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)

streams, set, reddit, extension, number, liquid, list, team, starcraft, notification, preset, stream, subreddits, alert, visit

Say No To Karma! Chrome extension download
Say No To Karma! Tired of Karmapoints?Use this extension for a karma free Reddit experience.

karma, extension, tired, points, experience, system, wont, free, posts, note, voting, reddit, comments, karmapoints, chrome

OttoPlay Chrome extension download
OttoPlay OttoPlay: watch Netflix, Hulu & YouTube in channels, like TV! Step 1: Download OttoPlay Step 2: Log into Netflix Step 3: Click…

ottoplay, netflix, step, tv, follow, click, watch, reddit, btc, bzsbyk1v5w2fwm5raygpmsjbqqfwck6d, watching, unavailable, extension, otto, hulu

Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype Chrome extension download
Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype New default tab with access to popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, VK)

facebook, vk, messenger, youtube, feed, gmail, skype, default, chrome, extension, whatsapp, send, slack, tab, simply

Reddit Comment Collapser Chrome extension download
Reddit Comment Collapser A more elegant solution for collapsing reddit comment trees

comment, reddit, collapse, column, comments, suite, quot, loaded, enhancement, depending, middle, huge, colour, elegant, extension

Bring Pushbullet Notifications Back to Chrome Chrome extension download
Bring Pushbullet Notifications Back to Chrome Allows the Pushbullet browser extension to show phone notifications, even if the desktop app is also installed.

pushbullet, notifications, extension, browser, desktop, github, option, installed, show, app, chrome, reddit, request, android, turn

companion for reddit Chrome extension download
companion for reddit Turn your browser into a redditor's best friend.

companion, reddit, https, notifications, version, extension, support, chrome, work, gradients, shadows, moderator, moderation, turn, suited

Group Reddit Saved Links Chrome extension download
Group Reddit Saved Links Group all of your Reddit Saved Links by subReddit. Automatically loads all saved links in one page.

saved, links, page, subreddit, reddit, sorted, loaded, extension, group, chrome, easy, alphabetical, order, automatically, loads

Reddit Inbox Revamp Chrome extension download
Reddit Inbox Revamp Revamps the reddit inbox

reddit, messages, view, private, inbox, computer, great, stored, user, database, interface, local, revamps, chrome, extension

Work Mode - Block ALL Social Media Chrome extension download
Work Mode - Block ALL Social Media Block ALL Time-Wasting Websites When You're On the Clock. Auto-Shut-Down of All Social Media Sites While On. By Shreyas Tallamraju.

social, mode, media, block, websites, work, chrome, auto, extension, time, google, contact, facebook, www, http

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