Best Convert Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total convert plugins - 24
Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension download
Adobe Acrobat Convert current web page to an Adobe PDF file (Windows only)

adobe, acrobat, files, convert, pages, web, pdf, extension, dc, chrome, windows, page, www, html, http

FromDocToPDF Chrome extension download
FromDocToPDF Now enjoy immediate access to a FREE PDF converter, a MS Word® converter, translations, Wikipedia®, dictionary look-up and more!

free, extension, click, fromdoctopdf, http, chrome, uninstall, browser, eula, quot, privacy, convert, myway, converter, files

VideoDownloadConverter Chrome extension download
VideoDownloadConverter Watch video clips, movie trailers, music videos and more.

extension, click, videos, videodownloadconverter, http, free, chrome, uninstall, browser, eula, quot, privacy, myway, clips, support

Save to Google Drive Chrome extension download
Save to Google Drive Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

chrome, google, save, page, drive, file, clicking, extension, options, content, saved, version, web, authentication, pages

Adguard AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Adguard AdBlocker Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

adguard, fixed, ads, adblocker, adblock, extension, quot, tracking, advertising, websites, enhancement, blocks, optional, web, media

Allin1Convert Chrome extension download
Allin1Convert Access the tools you need to easily convert video, audio and document files -- all from one FREE & convenient spot!

extension, click, chrome, allin1convert, http, uninstall, free, browser, quot, eula, privacy, myway, convert, homepage, file

LoungeDestroyer Chrome extension download
LoungeDestroyer Improves the experience of CS:GO Lounge and DOTA2 Lounge

trade, match, item, loungedestroyer, market, trades, offers, items, inventory, page, steam, notifications, support, lounge, inventories

MyImageConverter Chrome extension download
MyImageConverter Access the tools you need to easily convert images -- all from one FREE & convenient spot!

extension, chrome, click, myimageconverter, http, uninstall, quot, free, browser, eula, privacy, files, image, myway, convert

AudioToAudio Chrome extension download
AudioToAudio Access the tools you need to easily convert audio files -- all from one FREE & convenient spot!

extension, chrome, click, audiotoaudio, http, uninstall, quot, browser, files, audio, eula, privacy, free, myway, convert

New Tong Wen Tang Chrome extension download
New Tong Wen Tang Traditional and Simplified Chinese Converter

chrome, conversion, chinese, simplified, issue, badge, background, tang, source, based, converter, extension, traditional, url, add

Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Currency Converter Real-time multiple currency converter powered by Yahoo! Finance

currency, yahoo, converter, currencies, chrome, finance, fixes, bug, fixed, change, support, issue, minor, feature, paste

Chrome Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Chrome Currency Converter Automatically convert in-page prices to the selected currency using current rates.

prices, extension, currency, convert, converter, page, price, automatically, conversions, formats, works, icon, rates, http, safari

Notepad Chrome extension download
Notepad A very simple notepad for Chrome with sync functionality.

syncing, chrome, http, sync, notes, ly, bit, scroll, notepad, extensions, position, bsync, bookmark, folder, extension

Currency converter Chrome extension download
Currency converter Converts prices from any to any currency

currency, converter, chrome, extension, converts, prices, currencysimple, easy

Page Refresh Chrome extension download
Page Refresh Auto-refresh (reload) pages, if they are idle, on a selected interval.

http, chrome, press, refresh, page, extensions, reload, bit, auto, interval, extension, click, tab, quot, shift

TickTick - Todo & Task List Chrome extension download
TickTick - Todo & Task List Your wonderful to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organized.

tasks, ticktick, google, amp, chrome, list, https, life, task, permissions, tick, time, instant, apps, extension

Document and Image Converter Toolbox Chrome extension download
Document and Image Converter Toolbox Document Processor and Image Converter Toolbox.

pdf, converts, extension, image, word, postscript, chrome, ps, document, online, pages, text, major, files, latex

PDF Converter Start Chrome extension download
PDF Converter Start PDF Converter

pdf, convert, converter, file, extension, format, online, chrome, tab, list, start, view, search, site, shopping

Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools Chrome extension download
Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools The script for the browser game Grepolis. Converts reports, records the city wall and many other useful features, unavailable in…

grepolis, raport, tylko, quot, na, ze, wall, polecenie, rozkaz, wsparciem, city, mocy, stan, oferuje, records

Simple Dictation Chrome extension download
Simple Dictation Convert your speech to text.

speech, text, click, search, chrome, providers, extension, takes, convert, transform, compose, dictation, google, technology, microphone

Download VideoConverter Chrome extension download
Download VideoConverter Download VideoConverter

videoconverter, extension, convert, download, uninstall, video, browser, chrome, find, support, click, files, quot, privacy, info

iWeb2x - URL to PDF & Image Chrome extension download
iWeb2x - URL to PDF & Image Convert web page to printer friendly PDF, image snapshot, or high resolution wallpaper

image, page, web, pdf, size, service, control, online, convert, color, jpg, resolution, support, png, high

Utime Chrome extension download
Utime Converts UNIX timestamps to human-readable dates and vice versa.

quot, timestamp, date, dates, convert, input, format, timestamps, chrome, defaults, v3, click, github, utime, view

Taskforce Chrome extension download
Taskforce Convert emails into tasks and become radically productive.

tasks, lists, inbox, time, stay, convert, emails, colleagues, questions, support, email, taskforceapp, taskforce, losing, www

GifMe Chrome extension download
GifMe GifMe makes saving, sharing & organizing gifs easier.

gifme, gifs, image, webm, simple, app, saving, sharing, library, chrome, gifmeapp, subreddit, accessed, sync, cloud

autoConvert - Auto Currency & Unit Converter Chrome extension download
autoConvert - Auto Currency & Unit Converter Automatically converts units and currencies on web pages to familiar values, so you don't have to find that calculator again.

units, currency, autoconvert, values, google, currencies, unit, conversions, pages, automatically, added, updates, dollar, bug, chrome

COPY URL Chrome extension download
COPY URL Extension for the correct copying of URL address. COPY URL allows to copy URL addresses containing characters of national alphabets

url, copy, update, added, address, extension, links, copying, context, languages, characters, browser, national, chrome, menu

Save Webpage As Word Document Chrome extension download
Save Webpage As Word Document Create Microsoft Word document from complete or selected content of multiple web pages.

extension, chrome, document, pages, web, word, page, selected, urls, local, html, tabs, fonts, update, converted

Convert PDF to Word - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Convert PDF to Word - PDFfiller Instantly convert PDF to Word online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

pdffiller, pdf, save, word, convert, document, documents, extension, email, search, button, click, edit, free, edited

Ugoira2GIF Chrome extension download
Ugoira2GIF Convert pixiv Ugoira to GIF

ugoira, ugoira2gif, pixiv, download, redistribution, visit, favorite, extension, convert, usage, gif, artists, work, prohibited, page

Animated Gif Capture Chrome extension download
Animated Gif Capture Capture visible content of a tab, desktop screen, or selected application window as a animated GIF image.

capture, extension, icon, screen, gif, animated, demouth, image, page, github, conversion, options, remaining, net, modified

Simple Units Converter Chrome extension download
Simple Units Converter Simple Units Converter is a general-use units conversion calculator good for converting from one set of units to another.

units, heat, radiation, electric, volume, molar, density, temperature, energy, conductivity, viscosity, magnetic, mass, flow, flux

Convertisseur - Offres shopping Chrome extension download
Convertisseur - Offres shopping Convertisseur vous propose des bons plans personnalisés durant votre shopping.

les, convertisseur, des, votre, shopping, de, plans, bons, vous, extension, disponibles, codes, automatiquement, affichant, sur

Emoji Extension for Twitter Chrome extension download
Emoji Extension for Twitter Convert emojicons to actual pictures on Twitter

extension, squares, actual, twitter, emojis, pictures, ran, textarea, runs, convert, twitterthis, loaded, emojicons, writing, page

Currency converter Chrome extension download
Currency converter Currency converter, Easily convert foreign currency (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY etc)!

currency, usd, easily, eur, jpy, gbp, rate, supported, exchange, converter, convert, rates, updated, daily, lets

CloudCodes Attachable Chrome extension download
CloudCodes Attachable Attachable convert messages to pdf and load to drive

attachable, copy, paste, email, gmail, extension, users, compose, button, problem, common, cloudcodes, attaching, pdf, solve

UniverseView Extension Chrome extension download
UniverseView Extension UniverseView is a fast and fun OGame add-on. Find planets everywhere and make the way you play OGame more efficient and effective!

page, universeview, galaxy, targets, planets, extension, combat, save, spreading, ogame, view, reports, button, target, players

Headlinr Chrome extension download
Headlinr A really simple subject and headline creator extension.

headlines, subject, simple, headline, headlinr, pro, users, extension, included, version, social, post, blog, salescopy, creating

Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time Chrome extension download
Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time Time zone and local time converter. Compare and convert time between many locations at a time.

time, converter, version, fix, zone, instantly, compare, locations, performance, support, format, times, type, converts, savvy

Domain to IP Chrome extension download
Domain to IP Converts domain name to ip address in single click. The same can be used to convert URL to IP too.

ip, url, address, domain, extension, chrome, extensions, convert, access, http, tab, opens, locator, resource, uniform

Pubmed2Endnote Chrome extension download
Pubmed2Endnote Converting selected PMID to Endnote

pubmed, download, extension, selected, endnote, citations, pubmed2endnote, v1, convert, converting, reference, feature, pmid, endnotehow, search

Steam Price Comparison - Unpowered edition Chrome extension download
Steam Price Comparison - Unpowered edition Displays prices from all regions in the Steam store and convert them to your local currency

steam, prices, store, script, extension, unpowered, currency, local, works, comparison, eur, rub, brl, jpy, idr

Youtube to MP3 Converter Chrome extension download
Youtube to MP3 Converter The Best Youtube to MP3 converter online now supports several other sites and different conversion formats

conversion, youtube, extension, converter, mp3, waste, internet, speed, page, dont, music, quick, website, service, typing

Teamleader Integrations Chrome extension download
Teamleader Integrations This extension implements Teamleader functionality into other services such as Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn.

emails, teamleader, add, extension, gmail, services, functionality, tickets, task, linkedin, outlook, contacts, track, convert, integrations

ShoreTel Web Dialer Chrome extension download
ShoreTel Web Dialer Converts web page phone numbers to dialable links

web, page, phone, numbers, dialer, displayed, appearing, dial, user, converts, shoretel, chrome, extension, linksshoretel, dialable

DPI Calculator Chrome extension download
DPI Calculator A DPI calculator for Android developers and designers

dpi, extension, local, storage, calculator, calculate, quot, android, developers, automatically, saved, accidentally, convert, fill, density

Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/XLS* Chrome extension download
Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/XLS* Allows to export Chrome history and bookmarks into JSON file, which can be converted to XLS/XLSX file at

json, xls, file, bookmarks, format, history, http, chrome, extension, date, xlsx, tab, notice, page, json2xls

Mi Talking Angela Chrome extension download
Mi Talking Angela Mi Talking Angela es una pagina de los fans de este bonito juego

de, la, con, una, ella, tu, es, podr, angela, por, muy, su, le, ser, tambi

Persian Jalali Calendar Chrome extension download
Persian Jalali Calendar Persian Jalali Calendar, with date converter

date, persian, calendar, jalali, facebook, format, events, official, page, months, yyyy, mm, previous, information, button

RMail for Gmail Chrome extension download
RMail for Gmail Track email opens, prove email delivery, encrypt private email, and get documents signed electronically -- all from within Gmail.

email, rmail, gmail, services, documents, encryption, sign, enjoy, users, privacy, electronic, options, delivery, proof, easy

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