Best Person Contacts Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total person contacts plugins - 348
Qwilr Sherlock - Email Finder Chrome extension download
Qwilr Sherlock - Email Finder Find an email almost anyone and produce a proposal, in under a minute.

sherlock, email, sales person, product team, social outreach, influencer contacts, produce proposal, qwilrs sherlock generates permutations, content person

Contacts Sort  Chrome extension download
Contacts Sort Contacts Sort for Gmail.

view contacts added, oldest contact oldest, new design layout, contacts sort google, sort order, new chrome app, gmail contacts, contact photo, google contacts page, new filter options, date added, particular date range, business card layout, google contacts, authorization issue v2, contacts added, chrome browser extension, oldest contact, contacts sort, csv option, contact list, contacts view, view contacts, sort option sort

Texas Bible - 2nd Person Plural Y'all Chrome extension download
Texas Bible - 2nd Person Plural Y'all Converts all second person plural pronouns and verbs to regional English versions (i.e. y'all, yinz, you guys, youse guys).

person plural, several popular bible website, gods temple, gods spirit dwells, modern bible translations, original languages greek, small caps lord, plural pronouns, good fun, lord plans, original languages, regional english versions, bible hebrew, second person

FREE Email productivity for Gmail by Chrome extension download
FREE Email productivity for Gmail by provides the only email productivity tool for Gmail 100% free for single users and teams!

analytics team, social media accounts, group communication efforts, team easy, google contacts, google contacts list, edit google contacts details, analytics lets, gmail ready, google contacts groups, mail merge send, email templates, mail merge campaign analytics, future mail merge campaigns, mail merge, mail merge campaigns

TransferNow Chrome extension download
TransferNow Envoyer gratuitement tous types de documents à vos contacts jusqu'à 3GO par transfert.

qui se veut simple, un simple lien, par email vos contacts, tous types de documents vos contacts jusqu, vos contacts, vos contacts jusqu, vous permettra denvoyer jusqu, vous pourrez prot ger, documents de, tous types de, par transfert, web seaux sociaux, de fichiers, r seaux sociaux, simple rapide gratuit, types photos vid, de partage, de partage de fichiers

Contacts Chrome extension download
Contacts Bring Google Contacts front and center with this handy shortcut.

google contacts front, handy shortcut, third party software, google contacts, web page, crm relationship management tool, relationship management tool, audio messages, audio notes, vocal messages, automatically figures, audio message, audio data

InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver Chrome extension download
InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver Save unknown numbers & other data from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail to your phone instantly. Make phone call from web + much more!

universal contacts manager, phone call, intouchapp add, get enquiries, unknown numbers, every customer counts, phone contacts, whatsapp linkedin gmail, save unknown numbers, save time, private space, contact info, whatsapp web save profile, chrome connects, unknown contacts, gmail save, whatsapp gmail linkedin, linkedin gmail, whatsapp web save, phone contact, add contacts, save data, linkedin save contact, customer database, clean contact list

LinkedIn Connection Revealer Chrome extension download
LinkedIn Connection Revealer Reveal the actual number of connections your LinkedIn contacts have!

displayed conveniently, actual number, profile page, reveal, many connections, connections, contacts, want, linkedin contacts

Gmail Integration for Sage CRM Chrome extension download
Gmail Integration for Sage CRM Gmail Integration for Sage CRM

cloud sage crm, view sage crm contact information, sage crm, communications contacts, sync contacts, gmail google contacts, gmail integration, google calendar, greytrix delivers integration, file emails, google terms, sync emails, greytrix chrome extension, download installation guide

InteractiveFics Chrome extension download
InteractiveFics Replaces Y/N & other variables in Reader Insert/second person fics with words of your choice.

oleg gert, unrelated words, words, reader insertsecond person fics, person fics, online story, another thing, online story reading experience, interactive fiction, special expression, reader insert

Typeless Contacts for Gmail Chrome extension download
Typeless Contacts for Gmail Collaborate on contacts with people you trust.

right billing contacts everyone saving time, contact details, title job company email, right contact information, professional contact network, request contact details, title company emails phone numbers, right contact, gmail outlook, share contacts, complete contact profiles, colleagues share, personal data please visit, job title, phone numbers

Social Contact for Livespace CRM Chrome extension download
Social Contact for Livespace CRM Add new contacts to Livespace CRM from the most popular social networking websites

new livespace contacts, social networking site, sales crm, potential customer profile, popular social networking, new contacts, livespace crm, livespace contacts, open sales opportunities, social networking, popular social networking websites, popular social networks, linkedin facebook twitter

Find on XING Chrome extension download
Find on XING Find contacts fast and comfortably on XING.

people, companies, find selected people, click, find contacts fast, contacts, current page, new url

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

delete messages, dont forget, deleting conversations, message deleting, message permanently, facebook chat, extra settings, chat message, privacy problem, facebook messages, single mouse click, personal discussions, facebook youll, chat history, permanently delete, delete multiple messages, person contacts, deleting messages, undo message deletion

A User Finder for Facebook tool Chrome extension download
A User Finder for Facebook tool Find Facebook user by Facebook profile picture or photo.

working great, person facebook account, find person facebook account, find facebook, facebook games profile pictures, facebook dating profile pictures, facebook profile avatar picture, profile pictures, member groups, facebook person, facebook profile picture, facebook groups profile pictures, facebook profile account, box navigate

Ghosted: Hide Annoying People on Facebook Chrome extension download
Ghosted: Hide Annoying People on Facebook Makes annoying people vanish.

annoying people vanish, people, jilted lovers, lightweight chrome extension, facebook, blocked person, use, heavyhanded solution, heavy handed, full visibility, ghosted person, annoying people, hides, embarrassing relatives frenemies

Compact Density for Google Contacts Chrome extension download
Compact Density for Google Contacts Reduces the amount of unnecessary padding in the new Google Contacts manager to allow more space for content

new design, google contacts manager, unnecessary padding, new google bar, affects google apps users, google docs, new version, fixes organization logos, update fixes organization logos, unnecessary padding leaving, google reader, compact density, new google contacts manager

Mautic Helper Chrome extension download
Mautic Helper Mautic Helper Extension

gmail, sent, option, track emails, track, mautic helper extension, contacts, contacts timeline

Vixis Contact Parser Chrome extension download
Vixis Contact Parser Add to gmail contacts by highlighting a contact on a page

multiple gmail accounts, gmail contacts, multipleaccount support, vixis contact parser, contact parser, add multiple gmail, automatically assigns suggested categories phone address, contact fields, new contact, either create, contact information, outoftheway extension, merge information, add merge, contact list, existing contact, edit contacts, multiple account, existing contacts automatically

CursorStuck Chrome extension download
CursorStuck Get a cool new cursor for your browser.

need, feel cool, cool new cursor, cool person, youre cool person, browser, cool cursor, youre, download Chrome extension download Find out everything about that person you just met.

entrepreneurial drive, quickly assess business contacts technical aptitude, github crunchbase angellist, stop wasting, useful connections, assess business contacts, professional network, simple indicator, technical aptitude, professional relevance

Criptext for Gmail Chrome extension download
Criptext for Gmail Unsend emails in Gmail. Send encrypted emails, track opens and attach super large files on Gmail.

attach super large, expiration timer, track opens, wrong person, send secure, emails track opens, unsend emails, super large files, timesensitive material, person recall, secure attachments, sending time, secure emails, criptext supercharges

LinkedIn 1st Degree's Connection Search Chrome extension download
LinkedIn 1st Degree's Connection Search Allows to search connections of specific 1st degree LinkedIn contact and filter search results by specific shared connection.

degree contacts connections, linkedin search, youve spent hours, search connections, degree linkedin contact, filter search results, st degree linkedin, filter search, degree microsoft connections, connections list, linkedin network, new search box, linkedin search find, st degree contacts connections, whos offered, contacts connections, st degree connection

magicJack Voicemail for Gmail Chrome extension download
magicJack Voicemail for Gmail Add Caller ID to magicJack voicemails in Gmail using your Google Contacts.

caller id, email address, google contacts, phone number, magicjack voicemails, gmail inbox, google contacts show callers, area code location display, display caller details, phone numbers

Export To CRM Chrome extension download
Export To CRM Export LinkedIn profiles to CRM contacts in one click.

export profiles, profiles whats, export linkedin, linkedins search, leads contacts, contact lead description, export linkedin profiles, allow sales reps, contacts leads, merge linkedin profile info, salesforce lightning ui support, browser toolbar icon, linkedin profiles, linkedin profile, salesforce lightning ui, salesforce leads, lightning ui whats, salesforce contact, file size optimizations, custom domain login, contact data, export linkedin profile, preview linkedin profiles, crm contacts, zoominfo data sync

Namerizer Chrome extension download
Namerizer Rename your Facebook contacts!

friends share nicknames, share nicknames, new button, opensource project, nicknames, facebook profile, facebook contacts, reallife nicknames, contacts, open source project hosted, friend facebook profile, life nicknames

Folio - Gmail Organization & Productivity Chrome extension download
Folio - Gmail Organization & Productivity Folio by Amitree helps busy professionals organize and manage work without leaving their inbox.

customizable image background, personal data privacy, emails organized, email inbox, security privacy, business communication, new contacts database, tasks straight, private professional services firm, powerful business organizer, shareable projecttimeline tracker, massive email productivity problem, smart folders, common business communication tool, google contacts integration

Yellow Chrome extension download
Yellow Make plans with Yellow!

iphone yellow, yellow calendar, connect google contacts, adylitica cloud sync, top right cloud sync, make plans, everyday notes, free friends, android yellow, simple everyday, report due dates, cloud sync yellow, facebook contacts, package deliveries, simple everyday events

CheckSbisUser Chrome extension download
CheckSbisUser This extension tell you when person enter the building

building, extension tell, person enter

Ark Browser Plugin Chrome extension download
Ark Browser Plugin Make your email social. Ark Browser Plugin helps understand your contacts immediately, connect with others, and communicate better.

social network links, ark shows, social browser plugin, aol mail accounts, email social, contacts profiles, google apps yahoo mail, support ark, extensive social browser plugin, yahoo mail, ark browser plugin helps understand, essential information, contacts immediately, ark browser plugin

Agile CRM Chrome extension download
Agile CRM Sales & Marketing CRM for Small Businesses

free email templates, email tracking, sales marketing crm, drag drop marketing automation, service automation capabilities, realtime activity alerts, contact management, twoway email integration email tracking, enable email tracking, emails agile, agile crm, contacts tasks, extensive thirdparty integrations, contemporary email templates, tasks contacts leads

Discover Email from Any LinkedIn Profile Chrome extension download
Discover Email from Any LinkedIn Profile Save Linkedin® profiles to your Google Contacts- with full contact information including email addresses

email address, meaningful first impression, google contacts, contact information, recruitment marketing sales teams, save linkedin, full contact information, profile information, supplementary sources, google contacts page, youre forced, linkedin profile, sales teams, sales professionals click

Evercontact Chrome extension download
Evercontact Evercontact is the highest-rated Contact Management App on Google Apps. Grab contact details from ANYWHERE or let it happen…

increase data accuracy, grab contact details, address book, gmail service, google contacts, contact management app, contact management, data entry time, highestrated contact management app, daily productivity contact data management, jim bill, contact management application, contact data management, email signature contact info contact, address book google contacts salesforce

Gmail Contacts Card Updater Chrome extension download
Gmail Contacts Card Updater See useful contact information right in your Gmail!

bugs left, useful contact information right, extra contact, doesn load, contact information, google contacts, google voice users, email addresses phone, little card, extra contact info, extra information, include extra information, google voice, extension updates, phone numbers

iCloud Chrome extension download
iCloud Connect to your iCloud Service!

books, music, apps, store contacts, calendars, icloud service, photos, store contacts calendars photos music books apps, connect

Wyzant Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Wyzant Screen Sharing This Chrome extension enables screen sharing for the Wyzant online tutoring platform.

platform, wyzant connects students parents, chrome extension enables, visit wyzant, person learning, parents, chrome extension enables screen sharing, facilitates seamless person, facilitates, tutors, wyzant connects students, wyzant online, wyzant online tutoring platform

Crelate Talent Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Crelate Talent Chrome Extension Uses text from a web page to create a contact record inside of Crelate Talent

improve performance, chrome os users, update contacts, import profile, contact information, contact data, disable profile picture import, suitable profile picture, add support, add contacts, improve troubleshooting capability, disable automatic ownership, import profile pictures, crelate talent chrome extension, google chrome browser

DM Chat Chrome extension download
DM Chat Multiple send messages to contacts

dream marriage, dreammarriage, contacts, multiple send messages

Yathit: SuiteCRM for Gmail Chrome extension download
Yathit: SuiteCRM for Gmail Yathit SuiteCRM for Gmail is a secure delightful time-saving tool for SugarCRM users in Gmail.

show contacts lead accounts record, record detail panel, use sugarcrm email template, contacts lead accounts record, archive email message, sugarcrm suitecrm, sugarcrm email, crm record, delightful timesaving tool, show contactsleadaccounts record, cases including, editions including, edit crm record, secure delightful, gmail compose panel, new contactsleadaccounts record

Goodness Chrome extension download
Goodness Goodness is a customizable filter that helps you be a better person.

pornography addiction, help people, person, extension doesnt aim, customizable filter, helps, stay safer online, goodness

Telephone Number Detection Chrome extension download
Telephone Number Detection Automatically highlight phone numbers

phone icon, phone icon transparency, updated number, number invokes google, update page, fixed updated, number length, fixed issue, receive dial, google contacts, highlight phone numbers, updated chrome api, better google contacts support, icon invokes, minmax number length, select protocol type, multiple numbers, multiple nonnumeric found, numbers length, telephone numbers, disable double forwardslash, phone numbers

Teamleader Integrations Chrome extension download
Teamleader Integrations This extension implements Teamleader functionality into other services such as Gmail and LinkedIn.

tickets create task, create task, add companies, emails, track emails, track emails convert emails, add contacts, extension implements, extension implements teamleader functionality, emails add contacts add companies, functionality, convert emails

Girl, I LOVE you! Chrome extension download
Girl, I LOVE you! Remind you that you are a wonderful person!

true facts, wonderful person, baby, feel instantly wonderful, click, heart, way, wonderful, remind, german italiano

Cirrus Insight Legacy Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Legacy Cirrus Insight provides award-winning integration of Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

gmail sync google calendar, gmail users, google contacts, cirrus insight, google calendar, salesforce track email opens, salesforce cirrus insight, information cirrus insight, sync google calendar salesforce, free 14day trial, credit card installs, manage customer, sales information, gmail google calendar, information cirrus insight shows, salesforce sync salesforce contacts, salesforce track email, complete twoway sync Screen Sharing Chrome extension download Screen Sharing Extension that captures content of your screen.

another person, doxy, google chrome extension, captures content, screen, allows, user

Cisco Dialer Chrome extension download
Cisco Dialer Let your Cisco phone dial a number by the click of a button right within your Google Contacts.

cisco phone dial, open google, open google mail, phone number, dial number, cisco based ip phone, ip phones, cisco phone dial number, little phone icon, beta version, stable version, google contacts, ip phone, menu dial, context menu dial, cisco spa500 series ip phones, select contacts, cisco ip based phones, cisco ip, every phone number

LinkedIn zipCode Chrome extension download
LinkedIn zipCode Shows a zip code of a city where person lives.

zip code, city, shows, person lives, shows zip code

Finder Chrome extension download
Finder It's like Tinder, for Facebook

owe, facebook, person likes, finder, tinder, persons, tell, persons profile

Cisco Dialer (Beta) Chrome extension download
Cisco Dialer (Beta) Let your Cisco phone dial a number by the click of a button right within your Google Contacts or any site you visit.

cisco phone dial, open google, open google mail, cisco dialer, phone number, dial number, cisco based ip phone, ip phones, cisco phone dial number, little phone icon, google contacts, dial button, ip phone, cisco spa500 series ip phones, select contacts, cisco dialer extension, cisco ip based phones, cisco ip, every phone number

SEE Chrome extension download
SEE SEE lets you view the web as a user with a visual impairment might

marcel duin, complex cssdom models, q42 created, sighted person youll, certain websites, source code, johan q42, certain used css transformsfilters, pull request, visual impairment, johan huijkman, nl marcel q42

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