Best Person Project Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total person project plugins - 929
Texas Bible - 2nd Person Plural Y'all Chrome extension download
Texas Bible - 2nd Person Plural Y'all Converts all second person plural pronouns and verbs to regional English versions (i.e. y'all, yinz, you guys, youse guys).

person plural, several popular bible website, gods temple, gods spirit dwells, modern bible translations, original languages greek, small caps lord, plural pronouns, good fun, lord plans, original languages, regional english versions, bible hebrew, second person

Qwilr Sherlock - Email Finder Chrome extension download
Qwilr Sherlock - Email Finder Find an email almost anyone and produce a proposal, in under a minute.

sherlock, email, sales person, product team, social outreach, influencer contacts, produce proposal, qwilrs sherlock generates permutations, content person

InteractiveFics Chrome extension download
InteractiveFics Replaces Y/N & other variables in Reader Insert/second person fics with words of your choice.

oleg gert, unrelated words, words, reader insertsecond person fics, person fics, online story, another thing, online story reading experience, interactive fiction, special expression, reader insert

Projects for Trello Chrome extension download
Projects for Trello Adds project labels to your Trello Boards

case insensitive labels improved, project labels, marcel duin, multiple labels, card project, adding project labels, handle special characters, trello html restructure, label colours, multiple projects, card projects, new label bugs, label matching regex, add project labels, fix labels, adds project labels, handle project labels

A User Finder for Facebook tool Chrome extension download
A User Finder for Facebook tool Find Facebook user by Facebook profile picture or photo.

working great, person facebook account, find person facebook account, find facebook, facebook games profile pictures, facebook dating profile pictures, facebook profile avatar picture, profile pictures, member groups, facebook person, facebook profile picture, facebook groups profile pictures, facebook profile account, box navigate

Ghosted: Hide Annoying People on Facebook Chrome extension download
Ghosted: Hide Annoying People on Facebook Makes annoying people vanish.

annoying people vanish, people, jilted lovers, lightweight chrome extension, facebook, blocked person, use, heavyhanded solution, heavy handed, full visibility, ghosted person, annoying people, hides, embarrassing relatives frenemies

Elements - Preview Chrome extension download
Elements - Preview Adds personalization and overview to Visual Studio Online and TFS 2013

entire team, dashboard, project collections, add charts, project home page, automatic update functionality ensures, share pinned items, visual studio online, project dashboard

Readable Project Gutenberg Chrome extension download
Readable Project Gutenberg Makes the regular .html books on Project Gutenberg easier to read.

project, html books, read, project gutenberg easier

CursorStuck Chrome extension download
CursorStuck Get a cool new cursor for your browser.

need, feel cool, cool new cursor, cool person, youre cool person, browser, cool cursor, youre, download

Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Chrome extension download
Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Yanado turns your Gmail into powerful collaboration tool. Create tasks and turn emails into tasks within seconds.

manage project, create custom statuses, powerful collaboration tool, receive project, project management, manage yanado, single click, create tasks, breakdown complex task, perfect tool, manage project progress, real time notifications

Criptext for Gmail Chrome extension download
Criptext for Gmail Unsend emails in Gmail. Send encrypted emails, track opens and attach super large files on Gmail.

attach super large, expiration timer, track opens, wrong person, send secure, emails track opens, unsend emails, super large files, timesensitive material, person recall, secure attachments, sending time, secure emails, criptext supercharges

Tick Time Tracking Chrome extension download
Tick Time Tracking Simple time tracking software that helps you hit your budgets.

online project, online project management software, budget feedback, easy time entry, time budget, post project discussions, project budget, online meeting, tick timecard, time tracking, time tracking software, project details, instant budget feedback, key project details

Contextinator Chrome extension download
Contextinator Browse the Internets around your projects

project window, visit project, web browsing sessions, project window belong, big picture, tasks contextinator, bookmarks people, browser tabs, visit gmail, web browsing, gmail label belongs, open project, single page, unread gmail, unread gmail messages, unread email

Braid Chrome extension download
Braid Team and Project Alignment built into Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack

important information, use status tools, google calendar, add notes, project alignment built, braid projects, client deliverables, meeting notes, status tools, project management software, gmail google, project teams, important emails, share important, project alignment

Breeze: Task and Project management Chrome extension download
Breeze: Task and Project management Breeze is a simple tool for project management.

simple tool, google drive integration, project management, unlimited file storage, breeze google, simply add, handy breeze google chrome plugin, agile project management, blog posts, main organization tool, simple project management tool, intuitive user interface

Notifier for Chrome extension download
Notifier for Brings new Freelancer project notifications to Chrome - You'll never miss any project from!

new project notifications, privacy policy, sensitive personal information, freelancer project notifications, new freelancer project notifications, new projects, privacy policy describes, instantly faster, account details, personal information, third parties, project notifications, api meaning

Harvest Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Harvest Time Tracker Track time from Chrome, Edge, Firefox and within popular project management tools.

visual reports, popular web, insightful harvest reports, popular project management tools, web basecamp trello github, accurate project budget reports, project budgets, creative professionals, track time, online meeting, time tracking, tracking time, staff reports, popular web apps, start timers, popular project, harvest reports

Toggl - Productivity Pack Chrome extension download
Toggl - Productivity Pack Productivity enhancements for Toggl time tracking

select, none links, toggl productivity pack, productivity enhancements, toggl time, tag report filters, toggl time tracking, toggl time tracking service, person project, service, enhancements

JIRA Issue Opener Chrome extension download
JIRA Issue Opener Extension opens JIRA issue in new tab

project prefix, open extension insert key, latest browser, open jira issue, insert key, extensions page chrome, new tab, options page options, jira project, extensions jira issue, inserted key, jira issue, define url, jira url, issue key, dead project, default project

Redbooth for Chrome Chrome extension download
Redbooth for Chrome Manage your projects from Chrome, create tasks and review your dashboard in real-time.

redbooth free, real time project management, software cloud, realtime project management, manage tasks, chrome extension simplifies, online collaboration solution, redbooth tasks, projects tasks, redbooth cloud, real time, create free, chrome requests access, new startstop timer, stevie award winner, redbooth free works, redbooth chrome, project management, chrome create tasks, project management software, project management software industry

Project Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Project Tab Manager Project Tab Manager is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you focus on a single project.

single project, different devices, synchronize projects, project tab manager, window close button, google chrome, chrome profile, preserve window status, close button, close tabs

CheckSbisUser Chrome extension download
CheckSbisUser This extension tell you when person enter the building

building, extension tell, person enter

Drupal Project Lookup Chrome extension download
Drupal Project Lookup Adds support to the omnibox to quick lookup Drupal projects.

quick lookup drupal, chrome address bar, drupal project page, project name, quick lookup, drupal project, dpl alias, drupal projects, address bar, omnibox address bar type dpl, drupal project lookup chrome extension enable, chrome extension enable

Qt Project Support Chrome extension download
Qt Project Support Extension to ease the use of Qt Project forums and API docs.

screw icon tools, search results, qt api documentation search shortcut, certain thread topic, qt version, regular forum listings, qt developer network ressources, extension adds, qt project, thread topic, thread read, api docs, qt project forums, posts active, screw icon, adds qt api

Spincles Chrome extension download
Spincles Glitch Art Code intervention in the Web Browsing sites

ios app, interactive project, chrome browser, orignal project design, art code intervention, acess spincles, web browsing sites, app store, processing

Project Compass Chrome extension download
Project Compass Project Compass Extension to compare and analyse all new projects across all major real estate portals.

project analysis similar projects, project analysis user, compare similar projects, price comparison, compare similar projects user, various real estate portals, real estate portals, research team captures, ratings analysis, multiple data points, various online brokerage firms, account builder project, major real estate portals, projects user, major real estate portals today, comparison analysis, account builder project category

Reload CSS Chrome extension download
Reload CSS Reload your css without refreshing the page

fresh css, tiny front, extensions options page, opensource project, tiny frontend style change, css reloader, slow web app, customizable keystroke, open source project

Bookmarks to Basecamp Chrome extension download
Bookmarks to Basecamp 'Boo2Ba' or Bookmarks to Basecamp lets you save bookmarks directly into any Basecamp project, using CTRL-SHIFT-Y.

project knowledge, seperate chrome extension, true cloud storage, bookmarks note, save bookmarks, chrome installation, initially set, project knowledge basecamp, chrome installation permitted, find pages, keyboard shortcut, basecamp project, wait bookmarks, setup, setup instructions, mac osx, ctrl shift

Wyzant Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Wyzant Screen Sharing This Chrome extension enables screen sharing for the Wyzant online tutoring platform.

platform, wyzant connects students parents, chrome extension enables, visit wyzant, person learning, parents, chrome extension enables screen sharing, facilitates seamless person, facilitates, tutors, wyzant connects students, wyzant online, wyzant online tutoring platform

2cloud Chrome extension download
2cloud The Chrome extension for the 2cloud Project. Send links from Chrome to your Android device.

email android, need help, server downtime, twitter account, policy changes, cloud project supports, cloud project, send links, android device

The Adblocker Project Chrome extension download
The Adblocker Project A powerful ad blocker that blocks ALL ads but ads from publishers who shares revenues with targets YOU choose.

donate revenues, adblocking extension, blocks, ads, adblocker project, targets, powerful ad blocker, publishers, shares revenues

DebugMe Chrome extension download
DebugMe This extension is the official free to use extension for DebugMe.

project management tool, developers designers, visual feedback giving, visual feedback, language debugme translates, project management, giving feedback, jira capture, screenshot screen capture, web designers, highlight hide areas, atlassian jira bonfire, atlassian jira capture, bug tracker applications, bugs capture bugs, project management solution, web developers project, web applications

Bluefin Chrome extension download
Bluefin Eases the management of large installations of targets and projects in Octopus Deploy

step template, disable resultant, step template usage, dashboard project filter feature, dashboard project collapser, collapser showing, machine status search, release deployment process, projects natively, template usage, release deployment, project filter, octopus deploy installations, view resultant, step natively, view natively, high level steps, project collapser, view release deployment process, octopus deploy, dashboard project filter, view release deployment, small chrome extension, json showing

TrackDuck tool for visual feedback Chrome extension download
TrackDuck tool for visual feedback Simple way to leave visual feedback on any webpage

design issues, trackduck web app, screen resolution etc, screen capture, design file integrate trackduck, design leave comment trackduck, popular project management platforms, integrate trackduck, leave feedback, trackduck web, feedback bug, track web, favorite project management, track web site feedback, team collaboration tools, task management tools, project management, project management bug, issues trackduck tasks, record browser version, capture screen capture

fb-flo Chrome extension download
fb-flo Modify running web apps without reloading

github project page, build system, dev environment, project page, web apps, javascript css images, modify running, documentation flo, build step, live edit javascript, static resource

TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App Chrome extension download
TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App Simple time tracking extension which helps you be more productive, complete projects in time and bill your clients correctly.

transparent pto calculations, financial reports help, zero time waste, clear reports, complete projects, time tracking app, accurate attendance management, team management, paid time, project management, tmetric set project, projects clients, pto calculations, time tracking, pto tracking clear time, flexible billing system, set project budgets, track development costs

Zoho Projects Chrome extension download
Zoho Projects Project Management software that lets you manage projects and tasks online. Collaboration with your team is now easier than ever.

cloudbased project management software, quickly view, zoho projects, android mobile apps, google chrome, project management, rich collaboration options, important projects modules, easily manage, new chrome extension keeps, task management, browser extension, project management software, manage projects, zoho apps

SpeedRunsLive Stream Viewer Chrome extension download
SpeedRunsLive Stream Viewer For easily viewing the streams on

favorite runners, please contact, julianjocquesrlextension gmail, project page, project, open source, speed runners, julianjocque srlextension gmail, bugs questions feature suggestions, bugsquestionsfeature suggestions, tv okiyama

Project Axeman Chrome extension download
Project Axeman Travian 4 extension that adds some 'missing' features to the game.

easy fields, easy build, granary capacity indicator, change page, google chrome built, change page content, travian game, project axeman, fields buildings, website layout customization, upgrade indicator marketplace enhancements report enhancements, easy build desktop notifications, come village selector, open source project, travian extension, travian website

FPC Notifier Chrome extension download
FPC Notifier Displays the current, next and following FPCs on

dedicated team, page curators, home page, curators, uptodate information, project, lifelong kindergarten group, fully open, projects curated, hear sorry, awesome project, mit media lab, front page curators

Pivotal Faster Chrome extension download
Pivotal Faster Faster Pivotal Tracker. No more waiting for Pivotal Tracker to load your whole project when following story links!

entire project, maintain single tab, stories constantly, pivotal tracker, single tab, whole project, stories doesnt constantly, clicking story link, pivotal story search, story links, long time, pivotal tracker tab, pivotal tracker project, email threads, search pane, story link

BackerTracker by BackerKit Chrome extension download
BackerTracker by BackerKit Show BackerTracker on Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects

trend projection, projection model, track crowdfunding campaigns, kickstarter project, similar projects, indiegogo campaign, kickstarter project pages, kickstarter indiegogo projects, kickstarterindiegogo projects, projection model compares, indiegogo campaign page, project funding, similar performance, projection trend, model finds

ER-help Extension Chrome extension download
ER-help Extension Extension for

online games, process, online games ereality supplement approved, project, interface built, search process guides, notifications simplifying, ereality, administration project, update simplifies

Fetchnotes Chrome extension download
Fetchnotes Ridiculously easy way to add notes to Fetchnotes.

project restaurants, capture links, travel plans, fetchnotes todo lists, day life music, fetchnotes web, youre bookmarking, project travel plans, fetchnotes easy, cool article, organize information

Goodness Chrome extension download
Goodness Goodness is a customizable filter that helps you be a better person.

pornography addiction, help people, person, extension doesnt aim, customizable filter, helps, stay safer online, goodness

Project Naptha Chrome extension download
Project Naptha Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web.

computer vision algorithms, image edit, project naptha, document scans, live demo, translate text, second type, charts diagrams, intuitive experience, second class experience, public high quality transcription, semitransparent blue box highlights, copy edit

Juntoo Chrome extension download
Juntoo Use Juntoo to annotate anything on any webpage

unique juntoo link, web project stakeholders, comments added, design annotations, web projects, juntoo saves, juntoo simply, provide project, detailed design research lets, web pages, juntoo icon, link icon, feedback works great, add feedback, web project, great responsive websites, juntoo link, added comments, works great, time lets

Mogul Project 2 Chrome extension download
Mogul Project 2 Mogul Project is the best way to earn subscribers in erepublik! It's simple and easy to use.

earn subscribers, erepublik, browser game, mogul project, sub sub, way, erepublik browser game, helpful extension, virtual newspaper subscriber count

ApSIC Xbench Extension Chrome extension download
ApSIC Xbench Extension Instantly run QA with ApSIC Xbench on cloud-based CAT tools

run qa, apsic xbench, memsource project, transifex project, matecat online editor, matecat memsource transifex smartcat, apsic xbench chrome extension, cloudbased cat tools, press ctrle, edit file, smartcat document, matecat project, matecat editor, address bar, edit document, open matecat, translation issue

Pic Grabber Chrome extension download
Pic Grabber An extension to download images from websites, locally. It can be annoying to have to "right click, save image as" on many files.…

downloading multiple, side project, simply clicking, download images, little side project, chrome browser, many files, click save image, multiple copies, certain size, appropriate button, download multiple images

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