Best Photo Section Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total photo section plugins - 666
Photo Rules Chrome extension download
Photo Rules This extension draws guide lines on images. It is usefull to study photo composition.

single photo view, extension draws, single photo, new tab, minor bugfix, draws guide lines, map error, jquery min, study photo composition, golden section

Fotor Extension Chrome extension download
Fotor Extension Grab images from web page and edit them in Fotor Photo Editor

photo effects, chrome extension lets, click edit, photo editing, web page, free photo editing features, chrome browser, photo cards, photo frames, photo collage photo, fun photo, fotor chrome, photo effects color splash tilt shift clip arts text photo cards, fotor photo editor

A View From My Seat on StubHub! Chrome extension download
A View From My Seat on StubHub! Adds photos to the StubHub ticket page, so you can see the view before buying tickets.

seat, view, stubhub ticket page, seat rating, ticket page, buying tickets, automatically add photo section, photos, photo section, stubhub, include seat rating, purchasing tickets

A View From My Seat for Chrome extension download
A View From My Seat for Adds photos to the ticket pages so you can see the view before buying tickets.

seat, seat rating, ticketmaster, buying tickets, automatically add photo section, include seat rating, photos, uses ticketmaster, photo section, ticket pages, ticketmaster ticket pages, com ticket pages, purchasing tickets

Mousehunt Tractor Chrome extension download
Mousehunt Tractor A must have tool for hardworking farmer

remove unnecessary, tournament scoreboard, area free, special section, solve kr, unnecessary buttons information , photo autozoom , good night sleep miniscript, trap selector section, larry personal note auto bot, full library tasks, good night sleep miniscript, seasonal garden clock, game interface redesigned remove

Clip It Good Chrome extension download
Clip It Good Save images and GIFs from webpages to Google+ Photo Albums

gifs save, photo album, panda photo ccbysa2, single time, webpage screenshots, google account, panda photo, google photo albums, save images, common uses, google photo album, archive website ui

Photo Editor Chrome extension download
Photo Editor free online photo editor makes your photos beautiful with easy and powerful editing tools !

free online photo, fun free online photo editor add, filters sepia crop rotate, photo collages, fun easy effects, effects filters add, free online image editor, powerful editing tools, free online photo editor, online photo, edit facebook photos, text collages edit, online photo editing photo editing photo, free online photo editing, image editor, photo editor

G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Chrome extension download
G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Opens Google Plus photos in a new tab with resolution up to 2048px!

mouse button click, extension allows, tragic g redesign, photo click, photo previews, new tab, another testing release, right click functionality, open fullsize image, extension fails, photo site, adress bar, existing extensions

Craigslist Peek Chrome extension download
Craigslist Peek Inline Image Preview on Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, facebook, 58同城. Multiple cities. Suggestions in cars and motorcycle list.

craigslist extension, craigslist discussion forums, listing multiple cities listing, inline image preview, show listings, fast internet connection, listings page, craigslist minimum model year, ad photo gallery suggestions, current year range, multiple cities listing, gallery suggestions, motorcycle list, cars motorcycle section, multiple cities, craigslist facebook marketplace, motorcycle section, facebook marketplace, auto refresh listing, cars section, fold expand list

My Photo Tab Chrome extension download
My Photo Tab See your social and other photos on your browser's new tab page.

tab page, photo tab extension, new tab page, user license agreement, easy web search, random high quality, high quality professional photos, sites high quality professional photo gallery, photo tab, professional photo gallery, photo tab uses, facebook users, sites gallery

Slidely Photo Remix Chrome extension download
Slidely Photo Remix Instantly apply beautiful text, quotes and badges on your favorite photos and share stunning creative remixes on the fly

creative self expression platform, apply beautiful, mashable venture beat techcrunch, slidely photo, photo editing, online image, apply beautiful text quotes, beautiful creative ways, photo remix allows, beautiful text, beautiful custom photo, creative remixes, text photo quotes, many creatives

The Hobbit series Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
The Hobbit series Photo Gallery The Hobbit series Photo Gallery includes pictures three fantasy adventure films and the function add your own image to gallery.

bilbo baggins, actual photo, photo click, fantasy adventure films, photo gallery, hobbit, unexpected journey, gallery, armies heroes bilbo baggins gandalf, new photos, hobbit series photo gallery

Photo Screen Saver Chrome extension download
Photo Screen Saver A screensaver with multiple photo sources

google photos albums, several photo subreddits, interval photo display mode, full screen chrome, display screensaver, screensaver display, users google photos, chrome os users, multiple photo sources, photo transition animations, screen saver, photo screen, extension displays screensaver, personal user data, photo sources, optionally show, photo screen saver chrome extension, full screen chrome window, photo display, displays optionally display, photo time, slide show, screen saver privacy

Wiz Khalifa Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Wiz Khalifa Photo Gallery Wiz Khalifa Photo Gallery brings his photos about rapping, music and function add new images.

rapping music, music, function add, wiz khalifa photo gallery, wiz khalifa photo gallery comprises images, actual pictures, gallery, music clips, new images, wiz khalifa photo gallery brings, singer songwriter music, facebook twitter, photo

Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Chrome extension download
Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Lets you choose a free hi-resolution photo from the blog and preview them on the current tab.

current tab, resolution photo, entire page, css selector, free image, lets, choose photo, choose free, quickly find free image, photo, designing website, com blog, free hiresolution photo

PhotoMania Chrome extension download
PhotoMania Create amazing effects and edit any online photo!

photo effects cards, easytouse photo effects, privacy policy, selected websites, bring photos, web application, free service, browser extension, online photo, visual art, amazing effects

National Geographic - Photo of the day Chrome extension download
National Geographic - Photo of the day Top photo every day, one click far

national geographic chrome extension, favorite photo, national geographic, clean ui, download photo, please post, top photo, national geographic website, bug fixes, national geographic chrome extension photo, view download photo

Photo Zoom for Twitter Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Twitter Adds large size preview images to your Twitter web.

photo zoom clean, fix support zoom, sidebar lists, large size preview images, new twitter, photo position, support zoom, twitterer twitter photo zoom, images ver, twitter photo zoom, size preview images, ultrafast support endless scroll photo position auto fit, new twitter support, twitter support, screen work, user name caption, main page ver

Supernatural Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Supernatural Photo Gallery Supernatural Photo Gallery brings images about new episodes, videos, the main characters.

supernatural photo gallery, supernatural contain photo, photo episodes videos jared padalecki sam winchester jensen, website click, add actual pictures, main characters, click right mouse, dean winchester, supernatural photo gallery brings images, sam winchester, facebook twitter g, jensen ackles, episodes videos

Downloads Video and Photo Chrome extension download
Downloads Video and Photo Download Facebook,

media content, download facebook, fot photo, hard drive, download videos, rtmp protocol, photo isnt, please note, facebook vkontakte odnoklassniki, dont give bad rating, either sd, downloaded please dont, hd resolution

fossBytes Chrome extension download
fossBytes fresh bytes of technology and more

new research work, fresh bytes, fossbytes fresh bytes, latest technology news, tiny hearing aid, latest technology news section, official chrome extension, world section, news section, new gadgets, indian technology website, technology news, car apps, indian news, technology news section focuses, indian technology websiteblog, science news section, trending science, news trending information

Photo Viewer Chrome extension download
Photo Viewer Displaying photos of Pinkbike's and IBC's albums and threads in a clean layout

albums pinkbike forum threads ibc forum threads, single photo pages, pinkbike albums, ibc threads bugfix, ibc forum, photo threads, ibc forum thread, album page, bugfix extension, pinbike pod list, ibc albums, photo pages, photo viewer, albums user albums, supported pages, viewport width feature, photo albums, forum threads, ibc foto website, pinkbike user albums pinkbike

Photo Sphere viewer Chrome extension download
Photo Sphere viewer Browse and view any Photo Spheres a user has in a public Google+ album.

popup html, public google album, gpl version, photo spheres, updated icon, view photo spheres, photo spheres user, public google, open source, chrome store, icon tweaked popup html, full screen version

Photo Editing Services Chrome extension download
Photo Editing Services Photo Editing Services provided by real artists who have many years of experience.

photos provide design, provide great customer service, unlimited free revisions, ian parker, real artists, choose fotodesigners photo services, shawn read, great customer service, fantastic work, many years, photo services, customer service, incredibly fast, photo editing services

Quora Photo Zoom Chrome extension download
Quora Photo Zoom Hover over any image on quora to dynamically zoom it beautifully!

photo zoom, image images, dynamically zoom, zoom, image, small profile pictures, photo zoom feature, left side, hover, full size image, toggle button

Photo Booth - The New Yorker Chrome extension download
Photo Booth - The New Yorker The best of The New Yorker's photo blog, each time you open a tab.

staff writers, photo blog, code change, version number, public release, photo feed, version history, correct image feed, new yorker, booth publishes, arresting images

chipopo Chrome extension download
chipopo chipopo - Find Your Style

every photo, beautiful hd photo, every photo wallpaper, full mode, new tab, perfect wallpapers, share beautiful photos, beautiful pictures, screen resolutions, beautiful wallpapers, hd quality, chipopo lots

Photo Zoom for Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Facebook The best way to view photos on Facebook!

faceobok photo zoom, facebook photo zoom, photo zoom, popular facebook extensions, fb photo zoom, google chrome, popular extension, google chrome web store, chrome store, bad advertisement websites, facebook image

Harry Potter Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Harry Potter Photo Gallery Harry Potter Photo Gallery brings images about series of fantasy films and function for add new photos.

movies adventures, friends ronald weasley, add picture, function add, harry potter, potter photo, click right mouse, harry potter photo gallery, young wizard, hermione granger, emma watson, new photos, fantasy films

Despicable Me films Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Despicable Me films Photo Gallery Despicable Me films Photo Gallery brings images about movie series, Felonious Gru and Minions.

films photo gallery brings images, movie series, films photo gallery, contain photo gallery, website click, add actual pictures, movie series felonious gru, photo gallery, computeranimated comedy films, click right mouse, felonious gru, comedy films felonious gru supervillain minions, gallery brings images, facebook twitter g

Tumblr Collage Chrome extension download
Tumblr Collage A revolutionary way to browse Tumblr photo blogs

tumblr dashboard, browsing feature, tumblr collage, fixed issue, likes page, photo post, collage icon, tumblr blog, blog photos, photo collage, browse tumblr photo blogs, noticeable difference w lots, tumblr collage tab, new tab displaying, previous post, tumblr photo, icon click, empty address bar, options page, likes blog posts, slow loading tumblr blogs, left arrow key, beautiful interactive photo collage, simple click displays, tumblr collage icon, collage tab

TagKick Chrome extension download
TagKick Untag Facebook photos with one click

photo youre tagged, tag icon, facebook photos, single photo, happy untagging, untag facebook photos, top right corner, source code, untagging photos, photo youre

Reactions for Facebook Chrome extension download
Reactions for Facebook Post Funny Reactions on your friends posts in Facebook. Also allows you to tag and save other reactions.

facebook important note, funny photo comments, selecting photo hit enter, hit enter key, facebook tag, please contact, friends posts, funny reactions, sample images, save photo comments, photo comments, important note

The Big Bang Theory Gallery Chrome extension download
The Big Bang Theory Gallery The Big Bang Theory app brings photo gallery about comedy sitcom and the option: Add new Image.

app brings photo gallery, photo click, option add, photo gallery, big bang theory, rajesh ramayan koothrappali, howard joel wolowitz kunal nayyar, penny simon helberg, big bang theory gallery thanks, phd jim parsons, howard joel wolowitz, big bang theory gallery, new photo, image gallery

A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool Chrome extension download
A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool A Photo Slider for Facebook , lets you watch any photos album on Facebook as a slide show, just like a screen-saver.

photo slides, facebook photos albums, photos album, photo slider, photos albums, album links, photo slide show, facebook lets, facebook photos albums lets, facebook automatically, photo, slide show, photo slide show right

Oddshot to Youtube on Reddit Chrome extension download
Oddshot to Youtube on Reddit Modifys Oddshot urls in Reddit posts to be Youtube urls if the OddshotBot commented.

oddshot urls, oddshot bot, modifys oddshot urls, oddshotbot api expandos, added caching, modify oddshot urls, top section, oddshotbot commented, comment section top section, oddshotbot api, reddit, oddshot bot commented, original oddshot link, reddit posts, comment section, youtube urls

Exposure New Tab Chrome extension download
Exposure New Tab Get a beautiful photo from Exposure every time you open a new tab.

beautiful photo, every time, discover, new tab, community exposure, beautiful curated photo, photo, beautiful, exposure

EasyPhotoEdit Chrome extension download
EasyPhotoEdit Enjoy multiple ways to edit photos, import and export photos easily and much more.

chrome click, new tab page, user license agreement, photos share, chrome browser, click add, easyphotoedit extension, toolbar extension, upper righthand corner, create photo collages, cool photo editing tools, top right hand corner, free photo editing tools, record usage metrics

animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Chrome extension download
animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Discover a new gif every time you open a new tab. Never miss a gif again!

tab page, new design, previous gif functionality, times gifv, new tab, gifv webm support, new gifs, new search section, awesome gif, work mode, new faq section, gif captions, tab open, favorite gifs, new gif

Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab (Unofficial) Change your new tab's background to a random photo from Dota 2 Wallpapers collection.

random photo wallpaper, nh m t h nh b t k, u t p dota loading screens, settings settings, settings reset settings, photo multiple times, h tr, dota loading, tab tr nh, nh n n, a tr nh duy t th, photo multiple, random photo, tab background, dota loading screens, ch s i, nh nh

Linkin Park Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Linkin Park Photo Gallery Linkin Park Photo Gallery contains image about American rock band.

linkin park, videos clips, photo galley, share application, linkin park photo gallery, american rock band, music band videos clips chester bennington rob bourdon, chester bennington, music band, hybrid theory, linkin park photo gallery click

MakeItLookBetter Chrome extension download
MakeItLookBetter No more blank 'has Photo' images on

images, co, trademe, blank, nz, install, photo, photo images

Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Chrome extension download
Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Professionally edit any photo on the internet with one click.

tech writers, edit button, image copyright, extension respects images, elegant edit button, extension works, proper sourcesrcset tags, google image search yelp, polarr photo, facebook tumblr, css background image attributes, rich media sites, edit button opens, polarr photo editor

no most visited Chrome extension download
no most visited Hide the "most visited" section from the new New Tab Page. Note that this does not work on the local fallback.

tab page, visited section, work, new new tab page, section, local fallback, hide, note

Forum Preview Chrome extension download
Forum Preview Inline Last Post, Image Preview and Gallery on vBulletin, XenForo, IP Board, phpBB, Joomla, Reddit, Discussion forum.

certain thread titles, threads photo, quick peek, youtube news, vbulletin experimental, vbulletin phpbb, post image preview, photo gallery, vbulletin phpbb experimental, post vbulletin, phpbb reddit quick, sticky threads photo album, create custom photo gallery, fold hide posts, image preview, ubisoft game http, bhp, forum preview extension, forum preview extension shows, install click peace icon, forum vbulletin

Crossfit WOD Chrome extension download
Crossfit WOD Crossfit Workout of the Day

train harder, crossfit workout, simple extension, custom photo, jpegpng url, copying pasting jpeg, work harder, instafbtwitter etc, background photo

Friends+Me Chrome extension download
Friends+Me The easiest way to share to ANYWHERE including Google+ profiles, pages, circles, communities and collections.

fix google collections, occasional double posting v1, posts v0, google v1, fix fixed publishing, google api v0, fix fixed photo, api v0, fix google, fix fixed link, old google ui v1, fix centered photo share, new google post v0, link preview routine v0, fix link, fix extension, google posts, extension options, fix communication, minor publishing bug v1, publishing v1, google fix, fix fixed communication, link share v0, new google ui, photo share button v0, photo v0, fix fixed, new google api v0

Ritual Chrome extension download
Ritual Replaces your new tab page with a new beautiful photo every day.

day, tab page, beautiful photo, new tab page, new beautiful photo, every day, new photo, replaces, beautiful

Big Hero 6 Photo Gallery Chrome extension download
Big Hero 6 Photo Gallery Big Hero 6 Photo Gallery includes images about popular 3D animated superhero film, Hiro Hamada, Baymax...

hiro hamada, ero photo gallery, photo gallery, animated superhero film, click right mouse, animated superhero, walt disney animation studios baymax hiro hamada, photo gallery includes, animated superhero film hiro hamada baymax, film produced, walt disney animation studios, big , big hero photo gallery, superhero action comedy film

Flickr Notifications Chrome extension download
Flickr Notifications This extension notifies you when new posts are available in Flickr groups, photo pages, new photos in a photostream, ...

favorite groups, unread posts, photo pages, new posts, flickr groups photo pages, pages notifies, regular flickrmail icon, photo pages notifies, extension notifies, group members notifies, flickr groups, current flickr site, detailed user manual, discussion pages notifies, new photos

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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