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Popular Websites Chrome Extensions | Popular Websites for Google chrome

Best Popular Websites Chrome Extension Alternatives

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High Contrast Chrome extension download
High Contrast Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.

settings, change, pages, extension, quot, invert, web, filters, color, extensions, contrast, page, chrome, browse, high

Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Chrome extension download
Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Customize the style, layout, and functionality of popular websites using a powerful new set of tools in one simple menu.

add, websites, options, facebook, menu, simple, popular, program, layout, set, background, hundreds, custom, button, chrome

tabSent Chrome extension download
tabSent Quick links to popular websites and search with Yahoo directly from the New Tab page via tabSent.com website

tabsent, search, popular, web, tab, yahoo, page, extension, quick, links, easy, access, box, websites, perform

Shut Up Chrome extension download
Shut Up Toggles the comments section on many popular websites.

comments, wasteland, free, show, css, frank, section, stevenf, read, time, http, page, shut, toggles, extension

ShinySearch Chrome extension download
ShinySearch Personalized Homepage for your new-tab

extension, links, personalized, search, web, homepage, tabpersonalize, built, tab, backgrounds, beautiful, chrome, popular, shinysearch, websites

Beautab Productivity Dashboard Chrome extension download
Beautab Productivity Dashboard Replace your 'New Tab' page with a beautiful productivity enhancement dashboard.

productivity, goals, dashboard, inspire, day, beautiful, manage, beautab, waste, mindless, popular, chrome, websites, reduce, quot

CATS Extension Chrome extension download
CATS Extension Easily add candidates and contacts from popular websites directly into the CATS applicant tracking system.

cats, add, click, candidates, websites, applicant, contacts, powerful, learn, incredibly, days, extension, information, contact, free

Contyf New Tab Chrome extension download
Contyf New Tab Easy access to popular websites and quickly search with Yahoo directly from the New Tab page via www.contyf.com website

tab, search, page, access, yahoo, popular, web, speed, configured, website, contyf, pre, easily, chrome, box

Bestntab Chrome extension download
Bestntab Access popular websites and Yahoo search directly from the New Tab page via bestntab.com website

bestntab, extension, tab, access, search, popular, yahoo, websites, chrome, page, website

AdBlocker Lite Chrome extension download
AdBlocker Lite Block ads seamlessly on popular websites

lite, ads, block, websites, mode, css, adblock, extension, full, rules, filtering, note, memory, list, cpu

go quickly to popular websites Chrome extension download
go quickly to popular websites search and quickly to popular websites with icons sliding from this homepage is easy and accessed from all world without login

world, search, accessed, popular, websites, easy, homepage, quickly, engine, ebay, loginsearch, facebook, amazon, yahoo, aol

Negative - Revert Web Colors (High Contrast) Chrome extension download
Negative - Revert Web Colors (High Contrast) Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.

settings, contrast, extension, quot, change, web, high, color, pages, default, colors, webpages, scheme, invert, filters

Main Page Chrome extension download
Main Page Main Page - This is a collection of popular websites, which helps everyone to find the desired website

page, helps, websites, desired, popular, find, site, main, dial, speed, website, collection, catalog, websitemain, people

Quick Search Selected Text Chrome extension download
Quick Search Selected Text Quick search selected text on: Youtube, Download.com, Facebook, Wikipedia, The Pirate Bay, Twitter, ebay, IMDB, Google Translator

text, search, quick, google, selected, twitter, ebay, imdb, wikipedia, facebook, download, youtube, mouse, translate, pirate

Quick Links Chrome extension download
Quick Links One-click visit the Useful Websites.

extension, access, click, websites, chrome, music, sns, news, visit, popular, internet, convenient, easy, video, links

Right Click Search Chrome extension download
Right Click Search Search at top most popular websites with right click!

extension, search, google, websites, ads, website, click, current, additional, banners, omit, add, twitter, amazon, maps

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