Best Print Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total print plugins - 31
uBlock Origin Chrome extension download
uBlock Origin Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, lists, filters, origin, hosts, site, ad, memory, footprint, tracking, https, github, list, efficiency, web

Search by Image (by Google) Chrome extension download
Search by Image (by Google) This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team.

image, extension, google, images, search, web, icon, select, learn, minor, camera, time, references, significantly, run

Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot Chrome extension download
Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot Take FULL webpage screenshots. Capture, edit and save them to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email.

capture, screenshot, fireshot, pdf, screenshots, full, save, areas, print, web, edit, google, chrome, clipboard, jpeg

The Great Suspender Chrome extension download
The Great Suspender Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources

tabs, suspend, memory, extension, chrome, unload, issues, page, tab, time, suspended, dark, theme, reduce, excessive

AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Chrome extension download
AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Share to Facebook, Twitter and over 300 other services with the most popular sharing tool in the world.

share, addthis, services, mail, facebook, google, print, easy, aol, tool, bookmark, twitter, popular, digg, orkut

HP Smart Print Chrome extension download
HP Smart Print Save ink. Save paper. Print only the web content you need.

print, smart, area, remove, selection, save, website, dragging, add, headers, content, find, extension, ink, edit

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension download
Print Friendly & PDF Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

print, pdf, images, pdfs, friendly, text, remove, printing, size, click, url, save, source, links, clickable

Bookshare Web Reader Chrome extension download
Bookshare Web Reader Installing this extension enables text-to-speech and word-level highlighting for the Bookshare Web Reader.

chrome, extension, english, female, text, speech, bookshare, web, os, qualified, people, content, copyrighted, reader, library

ScriptSafe Chrome extension download
ScriptSafe Regain control of the web and surf more securely.

prevent, options, fingerprinting, block, added, default, random, option, disabled, canvas, settings, page, list, api, users

Print Chrome extension download
Print Print the current page you see.

print, button, google, browser, page, option, design, https, web, project, chrome, night, video, focus, turn

Keep Shopping Chrome extension download
Keep Shopping Keep It button for

amazing, love, discover, products, pinterest, shop, ve, easy, favorite, shopping, win, purchase, find, finds, community

SEO & Website Analysis Chrome extension download
SEO & Website Analysis SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank provides a deep SEO analysis covering SEO, Mobile, Local and Usability.

seo, analysis, google, website, rank, keywords, usability, traffic, optimization, mobile, backlinks, page, ip, speed, twitter

Print or PDF with CleanPrint  Chrome extension download
Print or PDF with CleanPrint Print or PDF only what you want with CleanPrint

cleanprint, content, print, page, pdf, google, tools, add, text, article, saving, ink, quot, images, feedback

Website IP Chrome extension download
Website IP Simple script which places the IP of the current website in the bottom right.

ip, extension, v1, current, chrome, github, websites, link, features, updated, return, left, simple, address, longer

Print Extension Chrome extension download
Print Extension Prints Pages in Chrome

chrome, print, ability, extension, added, users, payment, version, support, auto, prompt, upcoming, sick, hitting, ctrl

DjVu Viewer Extension Chrome extension download
DjVu Viewer Extension DjVu Viewer Extension for Google Chrome

djvu, fixes, extension, add, issues, error, viewer, toolbar, keyboard, sites, fix, page, supports, pages, direct

Free Government Forms Chrome extension download
Free Government Forms Access government forms from one place including: tax, DMV, citizenship, healthcare, and passport forms!

government, forms, extension, freegovernmentforms, access, tax, healthcare, chrome, print, search, resource, tab, links, multiple, official

CleanPrint  Chrome extension download
CleanPrint Print or PDF only what you want with CleanPrint

cleanprint, content, print, page, pdf, google, tools, add, text, article, saving, ink, quot, images, feedback

PrintWhatYouLike Chrome extension download
PrintWhatYouLike PrintWhatYouLike lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk.

print, remove, page, web, save, printwhatyoulike, backgrounds, lets, images, margins, skipping, good, type, isolate, size

Sprint Reader - Speed Reading Extension Chrome extension download
Sprint Reader - Speed Reading Extension Speed reading made easy, train yourself to read 1800+ words per minute. Rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) at its best!

reader, sprint, words, word, reading, text, improve, displayed, rsvp, adjustable, update, contribute, optimal, information, comprehension

EasyReader Chrome extension download
EasyReader EasyReader can customize and improve the readability of long web articles

content, easyreader, code, extension, css, images, page, segments, google, activated, bugfix, color, print, background, er

PrettyPrint Chrome extension download
PrettyPrint JavaScript and CSS formatter/syntax highlighter

extension, syntax, http, jsbeautifier, cssbeautify, javascript, highlighter, formatter, css, webkit, highlighterthis, based, senchalabs, org, chrome

Yumprint Chrome extension download
Yumprint Save recipes from anywhere

recipes, food, save, rating, friends, track, extension, blogs, share, favorite, anywhereyumprint, organize, love, create, sites

Moat Vote Chrome extension download
Moat Vote Follow presidential candidates across the web

ads, moat, candidates, vote, candidate, presidential, ad, chrome, intelligence, company, running, tools, brands, extension, publishers

Print Edit WE Chrome extension download
Print Edit WE Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.

edit, print, page, web, firefox, edited, toolbar, editing, text, elements, button, feature, disabled, main, chrome

Citable Chrome extension download
Citable Save citable quotes and notes from the web into Google spreadsheets.

notes, citable, google, quickly, spreadsheet, save, quotes, printing, docs, spreadsheets, version, collaboration, web, saves, url

CacheList Chrome extension download
CacheList CacheList is plugin for Geocaching. It makes it easy to create a printable list of caches and generating LOC, GPX, WPT, KML... files

cachelist, fix, cache, file, create, loc, gpx, easy, version, icon, map, geocaching, caches, chrome, wpt

Carbon Footprint Chrome extension download
Carbon Footprint Automatically estimates the CO2 emissions for driving on routes suggested by Google Maps™.

co2, extension, emissions, global, concentration, emission, driving, amp, earth, warming, carbon, improve, google, www, years

Copy as plain text - Chrome extension download
Copy as plain text - Quick and easy, the selected text without formatting, so as plain text, copy to the clipboard.

amaz, text, chrome, improvements, developer, de, quick, plain, easy, selected, criticism, suggestions, questions, impressum, mail

Print This Frame! Chrome extension download
Print This Frame! Right-click -> Print this frame... -> :-)

tab, chrome, click, close, print, frame, functionality, extension, avoid, callback, hell, july, automatically, auto, initial

Print and Save to the cloud with CleanSave  Chrome extension download
Print and Save to the cloud with CleanSave Edit and save web pages to your Kindle, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, PDF, or Print.

cleansave, content, google, print, page, article, quot, dropbox, pdf, box, add, save, text, tools, saves

iWeb2x - URL to PDF & Image Chrome extension download
iWeb2x - URL to PDF & Image Convert web page to printer friendly PDF, image snapshot, or high resolution wallpaper

image, page, web, pdf, size, service, control, online, convert, color, jpg, resolution, support, png, high

PrintME Chrome extension download
PrintME Need print customization before priting ? This extension is right for you!

extension, print, basis, world, fonts, save, colors, chrome, customization, wide, regular, customize, money, printme, priting

IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks Chrome extension download
IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks Adds direct IPP / CUPS printing support to Chrome and Chromebooks

printer, cups, printing, mfc, chrome, hl, printers, ipp, laserjet, google, extension, print, support, m2070, multiple

Click to Remove Element Chrome extension download
Click to Remove Element Remove annoying elements with a single click

remove, elements, element, menu, chrome, performance, footprint, animated, version, shortcuts, overly, ad, activation, transpose, image

Free Government Forms Chrome extension download
Free Government Forms Access government forms from one place including: tax, DMV, citizenship, healthcare, and passport forms!

government, forms, extension, freegovernmentforms, access, tax, healthcare, chrome, print, search, resource, tab, links, multiple, official

Instant Wireframe Chrome extension download
Instant Wireframe View any web page as a wireframe. Instantly!

wireframe, extension, view, version, screenshots, plugin, option, web, respective, framify, jquery, encounter, suggestions, affiliated, owners

Save the trees (print & screenshot) Chrome extension download
Save the trees (print & screenshot) Print of only what matters! Make quick selections on a page and print!

version, screenshot, print, facebook, page, trees, save, bugs, functionnality, disabled, chrome, sections, relevant, extension, potential

Board Printer for Trello Chrome extension download
Board Printer for Trello Print the cards from your Trello board for either use on a physical board or as a list.

hide, show, cards, list, board, options, trello, ability, extension, print, boards, easy, change, fix, feature

Earth Mode Chrome extension download
Earth Mode Switch to Carbon-Neutral Browsing

carbon, mode, plant, updating, streaming, footprint, calculate, browsing, energy, chrome, online, tracks, switch, extension, browsingearth

Mail Control Chrome extension download
Mail Control Toolbar control for Offline and Desktop Google Mail™. Launcher, mail search, mail checker and more...

mail, desktop, menu, search, messages, gmail, notification, unread, page, launcher, offline, show, disabled, enabled, control

Micro Focus iPrint Chrome extension download
Micro Focus iPrint Provides secure enterprise print services for Chrome users.

iprint, chrome, cloud, enabled, deployment, supports, data, services, extension, enterprise, print, secure, service, anytime, printing

PageXray Chrome extension download
PageXray This tool will show you the technologies used on any page.

page, app, chrome, extension, scan, wordpress, shows, v1, access, show, technologies, upcoming, scanners, technology, user

PrintMe Mobile Chrome extension download
PrintMe Mobile Print from Chrome

print, google, extension, chrome, toolbar, printing, mobile, required, warnings, files, server, printme, copies, sided, choose

Print email without logo Chrome extension download
Print email without logo Print email content without email service provider logo for Gmail™.

email, logo, chrome, gmail, removed, google, print, automatically, extension, printing, quot, procedure, devtools, trademark, sourced

CanvasFingerprintBlock Chrome extension download
CanvasFingerprintBlock Protect your privacy. Prevent webpages from tracking you by your browser's HTML canvas fingerprint.

canvas, websites, website, canvasfingerprintblock, fingerprint, functions, extension, data, details, frame, work, visitors, element, sites, fingerprinting

Find DMV Info Chrome extension download
Find DMV Info Access DMV information and forms, auto insurance quotes and loans from one place!

dmv, extension, quotes, insurance, forms, official, operated, owned, finddmvinfo, easily, info, quickly, government, chrome, access

GeoPrinter Chrome extension download
GeoPrinter Geocaching list from - export GPX, edit, print, map.

list, cache, print, map, geocaching, gpx, log, editable, output, listing, file, export, points, lists, save

Awesome Print Button Chrome extension download
Awesome Print Button Awesome button to open up the Chrome print page in a new tab or window.

window, chrome, print, tab, awesome, version, preview, extension, button, selected, open, longer, update, current, notes

uBlock Pro Chrome extension download
uBlock Pro Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, lists, blocker, blocking, system, addefend, sourcepoint, memory, powerful, filters, thousands, fairfilter, cpu, extension, enforce

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