Best Privacy Policy Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total privacy policy plugins - 156
Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension download
Adobe Acrobat Convert current web page to an Adobe PDF file (Windows only)

adobe, acrobat, files, convert, pages, web, pdf, extension, dc, chrome, windows, page, www, html, http

Google Translate Chrome extension download
Google Translate View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.

translate, google, extension, highlight, click, https, icon, text, easily, translations, show, policies, translation, options, time

Share to Classroom Chrome extension download
Share to Classroom Get your class on the same (web)page, instantly.

classroom, google, extension, webpages, class, share, teacher, time, create, save, instantly, page, web, students, https

Search Manager Chrome extension download
Search Manager This extensions lets you to easily switch between search engines directly from the new tab page

search, eula, tab, engines, policy, easily, switch, http, page, extension, html, support, privacy, details, engine

IE Tab Chrome extension download
IE Tab Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and more. A "Top 10" extension since 2009!

tab, chrome, helper, support, extension, npapi, rendering, code, access, enterprise, activex, engine, executable, sharepoint, web

Video Downloader professional Chrome extension download
Video Downloader professional Download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

videos, video, download, play, website, list, professional, origin, sites, youtube, downloader, information, hard, send, collect

Search By WowMovix Chrome extension download
Search By WowMovix Search By WowMovix

search, extension, chrome, click, browser, wowmovix, movies, quot, reviews, php, find, icon, policy, features, privacy

Search By MovixHub Chrome extension download
Search By MovixHub Search By MovixHub

search, movixhub, movies, extension, showtimes, trailers, movie, favorites, http, policy, find, www, privacy, track, list

Bookmark Manager Chrome extension download
Bookmark Manager Bookmark Manager

bookmarks, google, search, chrome, images, sync, bookmark, policy, privacy, agree, service, terms, intl, quickly, find

Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Screen capture for all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

screenshot, capture, awesomescreenshot, image, features, chrome, page, specific, click, supports, screen, extension, awesome, comments, www

Search By mixMusic Chrome extension download
Search By mixMusic Search By mixMusic

extension, search, chrome, click, browser, music, quot, php, icon, policy, privacy, albums, features, http, web

GetFormsOnline Chrome extension download
GetFormsOnline Find essential government forms for taxation, healthcare, travel, immigration, power of attorney and more!

extension, click, chrome, getformsonline, http, browser, eula, quot, uninstall, myway, find, free, icon, support, privacy

Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy.

ads, stands, privacy, browsing, data, block, protect, web, pop, experience, blocking, users, adblock, page, tracking Deals + Cash Back Chrome extension download Deals + Cash Back Simplify your online shopping & get rewarded! Enjoy deal alerts, plus Cash Back, so you can save time & money everywhere you shop.

cash, extension, shopathome, deal, information, shopping, automatic, free, deals, online, policy, stores, www, shop, buy

Ebates Cash Back Chrome extension download
Ebates Cash Back Hot Deals, Top Stores, Your Account Information and Cash Back are all just one click away.

cash, ebates, chrome, click, button, store, start, searching, shopping, search, amounts, anytime, policy, alerts, bing

Tag Assistant (by Google) Chrome extension download
Tag Assistant (by Google) Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

google, tag, assistant, tags, analytics, troubleshoot, helps, implementation, page, policy, privacy, find, suggest, flow, website

Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension download
Inbox by Gmail Save links to web pages for later or share via email with one click.

google, chrome, extension, share, agree, save, pages, policy, links, web, privacy, terms, service, intl, gmail

Poper Blocker Chrome extension download
Poper Blocker Blocks popups and popunders no matter where you click on a page.

popups, blocking, chrome, collect, link, database, blocked, technology, notification, click, extension, privacy, solutions, page, data

Data Saver Chrome extension download
Data Saver Reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.

google, data, usage, chrome, https, visit, extension, pages, saver, servers, based, reduces, intl, android, connections

MovixHub Start Chrome extension download
MovixHub Start MovixHub Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick movies,trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.

quick, extension, movie, movixhub, click, chrome, search, experience, convenient, trailers, movies, links, tab, page, design

Speed Dial 2 Chrome extension download
Speed Dial 2 Speed dial 2 is ultimate replacement of new tab page with quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history.

favorite, websites, policy, privacy, bookmarks, dial, information, appstorm, makeuseof, browsing, history, speed, ultimate, transfer, replacement

MovixMuze Start Chrome extension download
MovixMuze Start MovixMuze Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick movies,trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.

movie, extension, click, search, chrome, convenient, terms, trailers, movies, page, tab, movixmuze, privacy, policy, www

Movie Search Chrome extension download
Movie Search Movie Search

search, extension, chrome, click, browser, movies, movie, quot, reviews, privacy, policy, icon, http, features, find

Google Tone Chrome extension download
Google Tone Broadcast any URL to computers within earshot.

google, tone, url, microphone, computers, including, extension, broadcast, computer, internet, privacy, earshot, receive, videos, recipes

Search By WowMusix Chrome extension download
Search By WowMusix Search By WowMusix

search, extension, chrome, music, wowmusix, click, browser, quot, albums, php, unlimited, icon, policy, privacy, videos

mixGames Search Chrome extension download
mixGames Search mixGames Search

search, extension, chrome, games, click, browser, quot, free, php, mixgames, icon, policy, privacy, http, hand

History Eraser Chrome extension download
History Eraser Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on the Eraser button!

click, history, eraser, clear, https, chrome, lightweight, extension, www, data, cookies, cache, http, browsing, download

mixMusic Start Chrome extension download
mixMusic Start mixMusic Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free.

extension, chrome, click, music, mixmusic, start, quot, albums, php, free, browser, quick, policy, privacy, icon

anonymoX Chrome extension download
anonymoX Easy anonymous web browsing

anonymox, premium, country, www, amp, proxy, servers, anonymization, network, net, add, functionality, website, web, internet

SwagButton Chrome extension download
SwagButton SwagButton - Extension

swagbutton, swagbucks, sb, earn, website, find, web, swag, watch, videos, eula, terms, codes, http, coupons

WowMovix Start Chrome extension download
WowMovix Start WowMovix Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick movies,trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.

extension, click, chrome, wowmovix, movies, start, quot, reviews, series, read, php, quick, browser, policy, icon

Fair Ads (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair Ads (by STANDS) Support websites & a cause you care about by adding a few fair ads which don't track you or slow you down - instead of blocked ads

ads, stands, ad, fair, don, privacy, data, page, web, users, designated, online, support, extension, browsing

myDownloads Search Chrome extension download
myDownloads Search Download Manager Search

search, extension, chrome, click, browser, features, quot, privacy, icon, policy, http, convenient, downloads, web, type

TunnelBear VPN Chrome extension download
TunnelBear VPN Rawwwr! Put a Bear in your browser and experience a more open and private Internet in seconds!

tunnelbear, browser, vpn, chrome, private, internet, windows, https, extension, websites, policy, applications, browse, privacy, public

eSpeedDownload Search Chrome extension download
eSpeedDownload Search Download Manager Search

search, extension, chrome, click, browser, features, quot, policy, privacy, http, icon, convenient, downloads, type, contact

eSpeedMusic Search Chrome extension download
eSpeedMusic Search eSpeedMusic Search

search, extension, music, chrome, click, browser, albums, quot, php, policy, privacy, http, espeedmusic, icon, features

Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status) Chrome extension download
Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status) Shows web rank and SEO stats of current web page, quick access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks, indexed pages and more.

shows, google, links, information, meta, stats, seo, web, alexa, page, site, pagerank, http, whois, extension

mixMovie Start Chrome extension download
mixMovie Start mixMovie Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick movies,trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.

extension, click, chrome, movies, start, quot, mixmovie, reviews, series, read, php, quick, browser, policy, privacy

WowMusix Start Chrome extension download
WowMusix Start WowMusix Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free.

extension, chrome, click, music, wowmusix, albums, start, quot, free, php, access, browser, quick, policy, icon

Desprotetor de Links Chrome extension download
Desprotetor de Links The Desprotetor Links allows you to dodge links protectors and other sites of its kind, with just one click.

extension, desprotetor, links, data, protectors, click, privacy, policy, terms, link, updates, website, page, visit, software

Search By goMusix Chrome extension download
Search By goMusix Search By goMusix

search, terms, http, gomusix, extension, privacy, music, query, page, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, needed

eSpeedMovie Search Chrome extension download
eSpeedMovie Search eSpeedMovie Search

search, extension, chrome, click, browser, movies, quot, reviews, php, policy, privacy, http, icon, features, find

Google+ Notifications Chrome extension download
Google+ Notifications View notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web.

google, extension, chrome, web, notifications, button, terms, circles, en, intl, privacy, information, notification, policies, service

myMovie Search Plus Chrome extension download
myMovie Search Plus myMovie Search Plus is a powerful search engine, offering you a variety of unique features and search tools.

search, extension, chrome, browser, mymovie, click, quot, privacy, find, engine, policy, icon, information, http, features

InvisibleHand Chrome extension download
InvisibleHand Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying

invisiblehand, money, price, automatically, http, quot, notifies, airlines, save, extension, firefox, en, travel, codes, hotels

Motorola Connect Chrome extension download
Motorola Connect This Chrome Extension has been retired. Please remove by clicking the trash can icon.

motorola, connect, phone, chrome, texts, computer, extension, droid, google, version, privacy, sms, support, kitkat, store

MyPlayCity Games Chrome extension download
MyPlayCity Games Provides wide opportunities for both entertainment and Internet browsing on the new tab.

games, myplaycity, free, extension, internet, tab, search, find, time, browser, access, enjoy, http, pages, game

Highlight to Search Chrome extension download
Highlight to Search Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.

search, keywords, google, extension, highlight, icon, en, chrome, box, intl, glass, easily, policy, http, html

mixGames Start Chrome extension download
mixGames Start mixGames Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick games click-and-visit experience, for free.

games, extension, chrome, click, free, quot, start, mixgames, php, top, quick, browser, policy, privacy, icon

Search By mixMovie Chrome extension download
Search By mixMovie Search By mixMovie

extension, chrome, click, browser, quot, search, php, icon, policy, privacy, http, hand, corner, keyboard, uninstall

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