Best Productivity Enhancements Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total productivity enhancements plugins - 322
Toggl - Productivity Pack Chrome extension download
Toggl - Productivity Pack Productivity enhancements for Toggl time tracking

select, none links, toggl productivity pack, productivity enhancements, toggl time, tag report filters, toggl time tracking, toggl time tracking service, person project, service, enhancements

Ultidash - New Tab Chrome extension download
Ultidash - New Tab The ultimate productivity dashboard for your new tab.

sell trade, ultimate productivity dashboard, happiness inspires productivity, last chrome productivity extension, every new tab, new tab, productivity dashboard, productive day, productivity extension, daily productivity goals, powerful dashboard, every hour

Breezee Productivity Dashboard Chrome extension download
Breezee Productivity Dashboard Switch between projects, quickly accessing the corresponding links, notes and todos.

links keyboard shortcuts easily, release date july, signinsignup link accessibility, tasks improved shortcuts, quick tour layer, mental muscles enhancements, view hide, tasks added, release date june enhancements, eye candy images, links notes, notes save notes, keyboard enter key, release date october, save web

Track your productivity Chrome extension download
Track your productivity Keep track of your productivity.

day, start working, total productive time, simple tool, measure, productivity, use reset, track, task add, hit enter, day productivity

Beautab Productivity Dashboard Chrome extension download
Beautab Productivity Dashboard Replace your 'New Tab' page with a beautiful productivity enhancement dashboard.

beautiful productivityenhancing tools, tab page, devices import, beautiful productivity enhancement dashboard, custom wallpapers turn, new tab, beautiful productivity, list countdown, mindless browsing adapt, inspirational quote, important deadlines inspire, different beautiful wallpaper

Tabtics Chrome extension download
Tabtics Tabtics helps you improve on health & productivity and gets you beautiful images everytime you open up a new tab in your browser.

personal tips, relevant tips, helpful health productivity tips, new wallpaper twice, new tab, health productivity, improve tabtics, beautiful images, continue based, health productivity tips

Tracking Time | Button Chrome extension download
Tracking Time | Button Enhance your preferred web project manager with the Time Tracker Button and get automatic timesheets.

time right, productivity tools, preferred web project manager, trackingtime account, time tracker button, trackingtime button, trackingtime button allows, tracking task, time tracking, favorite productivity apps, popular productivity tools, productivity apps, web project, running company wide

Ecquire Chrome extension download
Ecquire Ecquire is a sales productivity tool that lets you update your CRM without leaving your workflow.

favorite web apps, workflow productivity tool, redpoint ventures, salesforce highrise mailchimp linkedin twitter hootsuite, timothy ericson get, sales productivity tool, smart bug media, easy 15second setup, web services

Get Your Ass Back to Work! Chrome extension download
Get Your Ass Back to Work! The productivity app that kicks your ass into shape with insults and tough love.

youtube twitter, productivity app, watching cat, damn productivity extension, spent seconds, cat videos, ruthlessly close, usp sharing, wasting chrome, tough love, chrome notification, timewasting chrome tabs

Lichess Enhancements Chrome extension download
Lichess Enhancements Go back and view earlier moves during the game, see a relative score based on captured pieces, and more.

features ability, extensions options page, portable game notation, particular move, relative score, game played, captured pieces, move list, move history, complete move history, correct promotion piece, moves played, navigate move history, various performance enhancements, view score

TFS Enhancements Chrome extension download
TFS Enhancements This extension enhances Team Foundation Service sites

task board, enhancements, tfs project, server side setup, enhances team foundation service sites, creating tfs, red left border, extension enhances team foundation service sites, blocked tasks, serverside setup, team foundation services, description textboxes

Todoist for Gmail Chrome extension download
Todoist for Gmail Stay on top of emails with Todoist for Gmail

due dates reminders, app integrations, inbox zero, lasting habits, list right, organize work, organize tasks, priority levels, every monday, google drive dropbox, switch tools, personalized productivity, due dates, productivity trends

CPC View web edition Chrome extension download
CPC View web edition View and print image files in CPC, multi-page TIFF, CALS, JEDMICS C4 and portable anymap formats

configurable toolbar, portable anymap formats, support cpc batch printing, cpc multi page, multi page, ui enhancements, ui enhancements, cpc view, view files, new scrollpad control, hypercompressed cpc format, printing improvements, print image files, support cpc batch downloading

Next Step for Trello Chrome extension download
Next Step for Trello Check tasks directly from your Trello boards

weekly daily planning, trello, time, tasks, productivity add, useful productivity add, trello releases, check tasks, change log, close cards, trello boards

PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Chrome extension download
PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Make your PlentyOfFish browsing experience better with these enhancements.

transform photos, features transform photos, scrolling gallery, add small, useful features, features, full sized photos, browsing plentyoffish, plentyoffish browsing experience, new enhancements, enhancements, fullsized photos

Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

favorite productivity tools, web tools, simple online timer, million productive, toggl track timer, toggl button, tools start tracking time, online time management tool, toggl track overview, toggl track extension, toggl track time, toggl track, start timer, online time, productivity tools, time online, web tool, toggl track button browser extension, toggl track extension works, ultimate simple online timer, time tracking, quick real time productivity, use toggl track, time productivity tracking

Simple Speed Dial Chrome extension download
Simple Speed Dial A speed dial functionally similar to the one used in Opera.

dial chrome, description , general code maintenance, performance enhancements, thumbnail generation service, largescale code rewrite, centering bug, external service, speed dial, vertical centering bug, minor enhancements, added vertical centering option, release notes, git repository , centering option, minor code

Goodbye,! - bypass links Chrome extension download
Goodbye,! - bypass links This extension lets you skip any links. It will speed up your daily Twitter productivity -- if there is such a thing.

support tweetdeck web ui, daily twitter productivity, twitter productivity, twitter web ui, twitter end user experience, web ui, twitter profile, co shortlink services, profile card links, twitter span hack, bug fix release, ultimate destination

AMT Tools Chrome extension download
AMT Tools This extension provides a set of helper tools for Amazon Mechanical Turk that helps in increasing productivity.

mechanical turk, increasing productivity, productivity, amazon mechanical turk, helps, helper tools, set

Rivals Board Enhancements Chrome extension download
Rivals Board Enhancements This extension adds a number of enhancements to the new rivals message board

compact view removes, compact view removes lot, white space, extra user, user details, rivals message board, max height width, compact forum view, forum view, board enhancements, message boards, max heightwidth, mobile avatars, thread view

Productivity Pet Chrome extension download
Productivity Pet Take care of a digital pet by getting work done.

work break, todo list, digital pet, completing todos, break timers, website blocker, discipline happiness, coins earned, options page websites, open source, options page, pet users, pet happiness, productivity pet, many features, work time

Micro Breaks Chrome extension download
Micro Breaks Schedule break reminders and increase your productivity.

muscle pain, desktop notification, break reminders, long hours, good workday, schedule break reminders, increase productivity, productivity relieve joint, spends long, easily turned, relieve joint, active green icon, overall alertness

Project Axeman Chrome extension download
Project Axeman Travian 4 extension that adds some 'missing' features to the game.

easy fields, easy build, granary capacity indicator, change page, google chrome built, change page content, travian game, project axeman, fields buildings, website layout customization, upgrade indicator marketplace enhancements report enhancements, easy build desktop notifications, come village selector, open source project, travian extension, travian website

Warp World Cookie Book Chrome extension download
Warp World Cookie Book Provides numerous enhancements connected with Warp World

link, world, watching super mario maker streamers, super mario maker streamers, super mario maker bookmark cookie, numerous enhancements, warp, additional features, warp world, enhancements connected

Lanes | Accomplish your goals, beautifully. Chrome extension download
Lanes | Accomplish your goals, beautifully. A simple, useful todo app with built in Pomodoro timer and weekview.

popular features, features built, productivity app, audio notifications, pomodoro timer, favorite productivity app, new tab, procrastination sucks, task review decide, detailed charts showing, love lanes love, useful todo app, built todo app, todo app

WAVE Evaluation Tool Chrome extension download
WAVE Evaluation Tool Evaluate web accessibility within your browser.

several minor bugs, including fixes, improved contrast checking, select wave, accessible name computations, lang attribute value, sensitive web pages, improved color contrast checking including, web accessibility evaluation tool, web accessibility, includes performance enhancements, fixes improved accessibility, contrast checking, test rule enhancements, complex color definitions, web content accessibility guidelines

Focus Mode Chrome extension download
Focus Mode A mode to keep you focused at work !

future productivity, mode, focus mode, feel free, source code, open source, productivity decreasing, distracting websites, distracting websites facebook, block predefined list, quick addremove action, much distractions, customizable list

Rebump for Gmail Chrome extension download
Rebump for Gmail Rebump - Automated Email Follow-up for Gmail and Googe Workspace

email messages, bump messages, popular productivity apps, gmail productivity, hubspot sales boomerang yesware streak crm, customizable bump messages, favorite gmail productivity extension, sidekick hubspot sales, rebump email, email follow, multiple follow, powerful rebump email tools, automated emails, multiple bump sequences, alternate email address, rebump automated email follow, multiple bump, customizable bump intervals

Crossover Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Crossover Chrome Extension Crossover Chrome Extension to get URL from active tab

active tab, contractors working, fetch url, crossover, productivity, crossover productivity tool, chrome, crossover chrome extension, helper extension

TheNextTask NewTab Chrome extension download
TheNextTask NewTab The ultimate Productivity & ToDo list add-on,designed to personalize your browser experience while search the web from your NewTab

chrome click, new tab page, user license agreement, productivity dashboard, task list, horizontal lines icon, top right hand corner, task list productivity, browser experience, upper righthand corner, gorgeous photography backgrounds, browser add, browsing experience, list add, background image personalization, chrome permissions, record usage metrics

Folio - Gmail Organization & Productivity Chrome extension download
Folio - Gmail Organization & Productivity Folio by Amitree helps busy professionals organize and manage work without leaving their inbox.

customizable image background, personal data privacy, emails organized, email inbox, security privacy, business communication, new contacts database, tasks straight, private professional services firm, powerful business organizer, shareable projecttimeline tracker, massive email productivity problem, smart folders, common business communication tool, google contacts integration

Productivity Owl Chrome extension download
Productivity Owl Want to be productive? Let the Productivity Owl guide you to accomplishment.

owl respect, psychological exercises, earn break time, consistent work, new boss, complete tasks, owl psychological exercises, allowed blocked, work time, schedule work time, schedule freetime, productivity owl guide, break time

Decreased Productivity Chrome extension download
Decreased Productivity Discreetly surf the web! Control exactly how you want web pages to look like.

page background text, tab domain, page icons, options dp, productivity dp, hide page icons, browsing text page background, options page, address bar icon, control image opacity, add custom css code, leave page fonts, textpage background colours, replace page titles, cloaked pages, table border colours

Forest sounds Chrome extension download
Forest sounds Background noise to improve productivity.

higher abstract level, noise enhances creativity compared, moderate level, productivity, improve productivity, abstract level, exhibit higher creativity, background noise, moderate background noise induces distraction, noise, high levels, encourages individuals

WebSecurity Chrome extension download
WebSecurity This extension is installed via the Administrator of the computer so that web browsing follows the policies in place for the ATI.

monitoring software, block access, awareness technologies software, chrome browser, blocked website, productivity monitoring software, google chrome extension, monitoring software package, productivity monitoring software package, web browsing, web content, awareness technologies

WebSecurity for mac Chrome extension download
WebSecurity for mac This extension is installed via the Administrator of the computer so that web browsing follows the policies in place for the ATI.

monitoring software, block access, awareness technologies software, chrome browser, blocked website, productivity monitoring software, google chrome extension, monitoring software package, productivity monitoring software package, web browsing, web content, awareness technologies

RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail Chrome extension download
RocketBolt: Email Tracking for Gmail Know when emails are opened and links are clicked with RocketBolt's FREE email tracking for Gmail.

email tracking, email tracking don, additional contact info, browser notifications, free email tracking, contact info, contact management, pricing rocketbolt email tracking, pricing www, many popular productivity apps, notifications don, email productivity, gmail email tracking email productivity contact, rocketbolt email tracking, rocketbolt free email tracking

Mail2Cloud for Chrome | Revolutionizing Email Chrome extension download
Mail2Cloud for Chrome | Revolutionizing Email Email + Gmail | Attachment management, schedule emails, privately share files, use reply timeout and get read receipts and reminders

keep group bcc, track track, salespeople job seekers, busy email account, reply timeout, email delivery, total track track clicks, save share, total track remind, users save share, email gmail, great product soooo, extension users, tools save share, email productivity, particular email doesnt get, every email productivity power feature, opened track

MyLive Enhancements 2 Chrome extension download
MyLive Enhancements 2 Enhancements to

popup login login popup login chat, username live tag tag, mylive, cursor thumbnail username live tag tag, cursor thumbnail video preview live, cursor thumbnail, cursor thumbnail video preview, popup login login popup login, emoticon cursor, emoticon cursor index, enhancements, option settings extension

Tinybeest Image Optimizer Chrome extension download
Tinybeest Image Optimizer Tinybeest makes it ridiculously simple to convert, resize, and optimize images

web image, file size, extension features, web tinybeest image compression, google chrome image extension, image compression tool supports, free photo editing tools, quickly optimize images, site speed, image extension, compress png, current page need compression, optimize images, social world runs, file extension, productivity features, seo web, productivity tool, desktop image compression app, page image seo analysis, image seo, tinybeest pro, image size, image compression tool, image compression, beneficial site migration features

Enhancements for Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Enhancements for Bookmarks Makes Google Bookmarks more convenient to use.

convenient, major overhaul, adds small link, quickly add, relevant bookmarks, bookmark label, remove labels, google bookmarks, small link, current page, easilly add, add button

LatLong Chrome extension download
LatLong An application to convert addresses into Geographic coordinates and also convert the coordinates to addresses. Plus export to csv.

latlong chrome extension, bootstrap css, easy input, visual enhancements, coordinates latitude, numbers reducing, update v1, longitude point coordinates, internet connection, country name, valid address, performance improvements, table data, valid addresses

OCFM plus Chrome extension download
OCFM plus Enhances with updates to the styling and layout

podcast overview, moves saved podcasts, visit overcast, updates podcast player, minor styling tweaks, styling tweaks, column layout, usability enhancements, layout, addon icon, artwork position, enhances

QuickGUID Extension Chrome extension download
QuickGUID Extension Create a GUID Quickly.

bug fixes version, urls version, select copy, minor internal enhancements, true offline app, new extension permission, web content integration, user interface improvements vers, packaged app, jquery map file issue, interface improvements

Amateur Voat Enhancements Chrome extension download
Amateur Voat Enhancements AVE is a light Enhancement suite for

images videos, quote automatically, light enhancement suite, ignore users, show chains, header list, new functionalities, tag users, user info, automatically quote, share link, sharealink overlay, hideshow chains

DeskTime url fetcher Chrome extension download
DeskTime url fetcher This extension allows DeskTime client to read current url.

desktop applications, productive unproductive, separate website, desktime client, evaluate productivity, desktime app, different websites, extension accompanies, different internet

Hackage-Fu Chrome extension download
Hackage-Fu Productivity Tools for HackageDB

hackagedb, productivity tools, add buttons, add buttons allowing, recent version, hackage, navigate, module, page

Trudi Chrome extension download
Trudi Trudi Productivity Tools

trudi productivity tools

Chrome Better History Chrome extension download
Chrome Better History Replace the default Chrome history with this better history plugin.

extension bar, chrome history, history day, fix buggy scroll v3, history viewer, last entries, default chrome history, history plugin, extension button, general performances enhancements, history replaces

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