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Bookmark Manager Chrome extension download
Bookmark Manager Bookmark Manager

bookmarks, google, search, chrome, images, sync, bookmark, policy, privacy, agree, service, terms, intl, quickly, find

Site Pages Chrome extension download
Site Pages Search for all pages for this site that are indexed by Google

site, pages, extension, indexed, check, quot, enables, find, quickly, googlethis, chrome, search, simply, navigate, google

Spaces Chrome extension download
Spaces Small group sharing for everything in life

spaces, space, share, find, group, google, photos, chrome, invite, quickly, app, search, create, apps, quick

Google Font Previewer for Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Font Previewer for Chrome Lets you choose a font from the Google Font directory with a few text styling options, and preview them on the current tab.

font, directory, lets, chrome, google, quickly, page, find, star, quick, preview, options, entire, fonts, styling

Ranko Chrome extension download
Ranko Find the Alexa ranking for this site

extension, alexa, find, ranking, quot, simply, sitethis, enables, quickly, ranko, site, chrome, click

View Ranking Chrome extension download
View Ranking Shows you the Alexa ranking of the site you are viewing

ranking, extension, alexa, site, quot, context, menu, chrome, enables, find, quickly, viewingthis, shows, simply, view

Compete Chrome extension download
Compete Shows ranking for the site being viewed

compete, extension, site, context, menu, ranking, viewedthis, find, enables, quickly, simply, quot, chrome, shows, select

Watch It Stream Chrome extension download
Watch It Stream The best way to find Movies and TV Shows online.

tv, find, price, search, online, streaming, chrome, show, movies, watch, watchitstream, extension, display, built, quickly

Acronym Finder Chrome extension download
Acronym Finder Quickly find acronyms from

find, extension, select, quickly, text, viewing, quot, acronyms, finder, context, menu, chrome, enables, page, acronym

Tab Extract Chrome extension download
Tab Extract A simple & lightweight tool to reduce tab clutter, using just the address bar.

tabs, tab, window, quot, extract, keywords, option, organize, keyword, auto, enter, search, find, chrome, remove

Flight Multi Search Chrome extension download
Flight Multi Search Search multiple flights, analyze routes and find cheapest fares through bing in just one click. Save hours on your flight searches.

searches, search, flights, airports, flight, routes, find, multiple, bing, history, trips, work, cheapest, filters, check

Baboom.Audio Beta Chrome extension download
Baboom.Audio Beta Listen to live radio stations directly from your browser while surfing the web with Baboom

baboom, live, listen, browser, extension, stations, radio, world, surfing, web, artists, favorite, page, player, songs

Fast Tabs Chrome extension download
Fast Tabs Save time, improve work efficiency! 'Fast Tabs' can help you quickly find a specific page when you have many tabs open.

tabs, time, extension, quickly, fast, page, save, chrome, mention, features, bird, improve, opened, custom, themes

Kelley Blue Book for Craigslist Chrome extension download
Kelley Blue Book for Craigslist Kelley Blue Book for Craigslist allows you to quickly find the true KBB value for cars on Craigslist so you can find a good deal

craigslist, error, kbb, find, kelley, blue, book, fixed, bug, good, cars, extension, added, fix, language

Quick Extension Manager Chrome extension download
Quick Extension Manager A simple chrome extension that makes it quick and easy to turn your chrome extensions on and off

extension, extensions, chrome, quick, manager, turn, easy, box, column, quickly, find, installed, free, handy, designed

FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder Chrome extension download
FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder Quickly and Easily search for movies and TV series on Netflix using FindFlix to see Netflix's hidden categories.

netflix, extension, categories, quickly, search, chrome, secret, hanks, tom, easily, findflix, read, improvements, requirement, removes

DevDocs Chrome extension download
DevDocs Quickly find DevDocs without wasting a tab

devdocs, tab, quickly, extension, great, access, easy, connection, open, developer, wasting, find, tabthis, io, removes

amazon hot deals Chrome extension download
amazon hot deals Find the hidden discounts on amazon Get discounts like Black Friday.

amazon, find, discounts, deals, hot, money, quickly, page, products, extension, chrome, hidden, powerful, time, save

Super Focus Tabs Chrome extension download
Super Focus Tabs Quickly find out tab/page. Reduce much more time while working with multiple tabs/pages.

tabs, support, quickly, page, closing, tab, pages, chrome, time, view, history, find, working, shortcut, reduce

Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Chrome extension download
Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Lets you choose a free hi-resolution photo from the blog and preview them on the current tab.

free, lets, preview, resolution, choose, page, unsplash, entire, quickly, photo, find, blog, chrome, previewer, photos

Craigslist Garage Sale Helper Chrome extension download
Craigslist Garage Sale Helper This extension allows you to quickly find the addresses within the garage sale section of Craigslist.

sale, garage, extension, find, addresses, helper, quickly, craigslist, section, chrome

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