Best Real Time Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total real time plugins - 31
Cisco WebEx Extension Chrome extension download
Cisco WebEx Extension Join WebEx meetings using Google Chrome ™

video, meetings, webex, cisco, join, conferencing, web, chrome, system, making, relationships, projects, track, builds, collaborate

360 Internet Protection Chrome extension download
360 Internet Protection 360 Internet Protection

malicious, url, total, web, security, cloud, anti, protection, extension, chrome, www, website, http, version, official

Sumo Paint Chrome extension download
Sumo Paint Sumo Paint is a full featured painting and image editing application.

tools, image, color, effects, layers, tool, including, brushes, gradient, selections, detection, transform, sharpen, options, app

Gismeteo Chrome extension download
Gismeteo Gismeteo Weather Forecast. Real time weather and detailed forecast all round the world

forecast, time, weather, detailed, gismeteo, icon, set, icons, expansion, comments, suggestions, real, color, changing, design

BringMeSports Chrome extension download
BringMeSports Get real-time sports scores, sports news, live sporting event coverage, video highlights and more – all in one convenient spot!

extension, click, chrome, bringmesports, sports, http, uninstall, live, browser, coverage, eula, quot, privacy, myway, time

Yesware Email Tracking Chrome extension download
Yesware Email Tracking See who opens your emails and clicks on your links, with email tracking analytics and templates for Gmail.

email, yesware, tracking, templates, time, pixel, works, emails, gmail, close, send, opens, device, opened, open

Silver Bird Chrome extension download
Silver Bird Silver Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

extension, bird, tweets, silver, google, timeline, twitter, features, user, permissions, chrome, http, arrive, remember, faq

gScholar Chrome extension download
gScholar gScholar

extension, google, gscholar, marketplace, location, geo, real, link, time, device, tracking, web, alerts, enables, chrome

ng-inspector for AngularJS Chrome extension download
ng-inspector for AngularJS Inspector pane for AngularJS apps

inspector, scope, angularjs, extension, pane, github, suggestions, reports, model, console, address, angular, bar, button, logo

World forecast Chrome extension download
World forecast Extremely simple extension that allows to keep abreast of current weather conditions.

weather, extension, forecast, current, world, time, real, city, location, quick, intuitive, user, interface, unlimited, number

SPOTS - A better way to start Chrome extension download
SPOTS - A better way to start Give your homepage cool designs & awesome features - speed dial your favorites sites, text message from your computer, discover…

spots, cool, phone, web, computer, text, games, app, sites, favorites, start, features, chrome, websites, homepage

Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

toggl, time, button, google, timer, tracking, productivity, calendar, github, io, salesforce, online, web, extension, basecamp

gScholar Chrome extension download
gScholar gScholar

extension, google, gscholar, hand, chrome, marketplace, location, geo, tracking, real, time, web, device, questions, link

Virtru Email Encryption Chrome extension download
Virtru Email Encryption Easy to use client-side encryption for emails and attachments from Gmail and other platforms.

virtru, encryption, email, messages, emails, attachments, access, read, set, recipients, apps, free, easy, client, side

Accurate weather forecast Chrome extension download
Accurate weather forecast Wiki-Weather - extremely simple and convenient extension that allows to keep abreast of current weather conditions.

weather, extension, forecast, current, extremely, simple, time, real, city, location, intuitive, user, interface, unlimited, number

365Scores - Live Scores,Sports News & Alerts Chrome extension download
365Scores - Live Scores,Sports News & Alerts Live Scores, News and real time Notifications for your favorite sports - soccer, tennis, basketball, a. football and more!

sports, scores, live, soccer, extension, tennis, real, news, notifications, chrome, basketball, football, time, ensures, iphone

Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Currency Converter Real-time multiple currency converter powered by Yahoo! Finance

currency, yahoo, converter, currencies, chrome, finance, fixes, bug, fixed, change, support, issue, minor, feature, paste

IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating Chrome extension download
IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating Display Website Country Flag. Shows how many Visitors are visiting website. Website Reviews. Alexa. Norton Antivirus Site Adviser.

website, firefox, websites, information, visiting, whois, users, chinese, live, extension, flag, ip, address, hosting, rating

Emmet LiveStyle Chrome extension download
Emmet LiveStyle LiveStyle — the first bi-directional real-time edit tool for CSS, LESS and SCSS.

web, page, updates, real, edit, file, livestyle, time, scss, tool, device, view, creates, css, connect

WebRTC Network Limiter Chrome extension download
WebRTC Network Limiter Configures how WebRTC's network traffic is routed by changing Chrome's privacy settings.

webrtc, chrome, extension, traffic, default, network, addresses, udp, proxy, address, public, google, ip, m48, servers

Motivation Chrome extension download
Motivation Replace new tab page with Motivation

page, extension, showing, tab, counter, replace, time, chrome, current, real, motivation, age, motivationreplaces

Privacy Cleaner Chrome extension download
Privacy Cleaner Protect Your Personal Information - Get Real time alerts when apps access your information and files

apps, information, access, permissions, accounts, data, quot, control, personal, mypermissions, extension, privacy, revoke, give, approve

English dictionary translate pronunciation Chrome extension download
English dictionary translate pronunciation Best free online chrome app english dictionaries for translation selected word pronunciation loud language pronounce automatically

english, word, dictionary, pronunciation, based, icon, words, online, app, dictionaries, extension, click, language, time, quick

reword Chrome extension download
reword A tool that helps prevent online bullying behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time with a red line.

reword, people, extension, line, red, online, information, real, time, tool, personal, helps, accordance, privacy, mistakes

Insightly Sidebar for Gmail Chrome extension download
Insightly Sidebar for Gmail Insightly Sidebar for Gmail

insightly, sidebar, account, gmail, project, contacts, tasks, projects, emails, records, crm, business, close, opportunities, time

Knew Tab - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Knew Tab - New Tab Page A simple but powerful new tab enhancement for Google Chrome

options, tab, stock, weather, day, facebook, news, ads, extension, bug, ticker, theme, support, dark, fixes

Office: Excel,Word,Powerpoint... Extension Chrome extension download
Office: Excel,Word,Powerpoint... Extension Microsoft Office 2016 All applications for FREE.

office, online, collaborate, applications, desktop, installed, extension, real, authoring, time, documents, spreadsheets, word, powerpoint, excel

ToutApp for Chrome Chrome extension download
ToutApp for Chrome ToutApp for Chrome works with Gmail and Salesforce to help sales professionals quickly interact with prospects.

email, sales, quot, tracking, tout, toutapp, salesforce, templates, works, professionals, crm, time, gmail, prospects, click

160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Chrome extension download
160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Compare Prices, get the best deals and apply the right coupons across websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay and more, all…

prices, coupons, time, by2, online, deals, compare, websites, offering, active, easy, extension, shop, chrome, ebay

X New Tab Page(Extension) Chrome extension download
X New Tab Page(Extension) X New Tab Page offers several features such as speed dial,cloud addition,and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab.

tab, cloud, page, chrome, sites, users, dial, search, function, weather, visited, lots, top, wallpaper, plugins

Web Defender - Real-time Web Protection Chrome extension download
Web Defender - Real-time Web Protection Real-time protection for your browser from online threats like malicious or phishing websites. Take control of your online security.

phishing, websites, malicious, web, extension, protection, browser, work, defender, online, chrome, quot, begins, personal, financial

ContactMonkey Email Analytics for Gmail Chrome extension download
ContactMonkey Email Analytics for Gmail ContactMonkey tracks email opens and link clicks and bring in your inbox. * Email Tracking - Know exactly when,…

salesforce, email, emails, time, link, gmail, contactmonkey, inbox, open, tracking, bring, making, outbound, money, great

Tris Chrome extension download
Tris Search any and see others searching same. Chat with other Searchers in real-time. Create Alerts to be notified when others search.

search, searching, millions, chat, connect, tris, rooms, time, users, real, widget, keyword, privacy, extension, alerts

NICE RTI chrome connector Chrome extension download
NICE RTI chrome connector RTI Client communication with chrome extension

chrome, customer, rti, time, real, contextual, decisioning, guidance, smart, process, representatives, automation, service, optimizing, extension

Quick Equations Chrome extension download
Quick Equations A fast, shortcut based equation editor with realtime preview and WolframAlpha support.

equation, equations, extension, wolframalpha, preview, fast, editor, quick, enabling, feature, bracket, quickly, mistyping, type, real

Barc Chrome extension download
Barc Barc is a free and simple tool that lets you chat with other people who are browsing the same website. Current Features: * Share…

chat, barc, permanently, private, people, log, visit, websites, free, features, simple, share, languages, pictures, rich

UC Sync Chrome extension download
UC Sync Sync bookmarks and opened tabs between your Chrome and UC Browser

sync, uc, browser, devices, bookmarks, cloud, pc, mobile, tabs, switch, data, chrome, english, index, opened

Gismeteo Tab Chrome extension download
Gismeteo Tab Gismeteo Weather Forecast. Real time weather and detailed forecast all round the world

weather, tab, forecast, chrome, extension, gismeteo, detailed, worldgismeteo, current, fullscreen, time, real, open

Gmail Label and Email Sharing Chrome extension download
Gmail Label and Email Sharing Email and label sharing plus real-time team collaboration and chat without ever leaving Gmail™

support, gmail, email, share, cloudhq, hiring, real, collaboration, emails, chrome, extension, sales, teams, sharing, net

Finance Toolbar Chrome extension download
Finance Toolbar Get real time stock market information about your favorite stocks. With mini-charts of the currency value.

toolbar, information, option, finance, google, yahoo, stocks, extension, chrome, stock, add, bar, browser, https, microsoft

AllQuakes Chrome extension download
AllQuakes All EMSC Earthquakes

earthquake, emsc, earthquakes, browser, latest, thumbnail, button, notified, proposes, shows, scientific, user, seismological, browsing, time

LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics Chrome extension download
LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics Automate your sales follow-up with email templates and group emails, to get engagement analytics based on your buyers' interests.

sales, email, livehive, analytics, engagement, prospects, prospect, content, follow, day, insights, interest, templates, qualified, documents

Tealium Tools Chrome extension download
Tealium Tools Enhance your Tealium implementations by evaluating your website data and tags through a variety of helpful tools.

tealium, data, tags, rules, key, users, pages, tag, web, evaluating, management, action, iq, attributes, managed

E*TRADE Browser Trading Chrome extension download
E*TRADE Browser Trading The E*TRADE Chrome Extension plugs the power of E*TRADE right into your browser.

orders, web, page, trade, browser, create, extension, chrome, investing, existing, day, change, symbols, view, time

91Mobiles Chrome extension download
91Mobiles Get Price Drop Alerts for products on your favourite stores.Compare prices across Flipkart, Amazon & major stores across categories.

price, drop, stores, flipkart, products, alerts, extension, time, amazon, prices, availability, compare, categories, instant, chrome

Redbooth for Chrome Chrome extension download
Redbooth for Chrome Manage your projects from Chrome, create tasks and review your dashboard in real-time.

redbooth, chrome, cloud, tasks, share, teams, extension, work, time, real, create, collaboration, project, projects, software

Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Chrome extension download
Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Yanado turns your Gmail into powerful collaboration tool. Create tasks and turn emails into tasks within seconds.

tasks, gmail, create, yanado, task, reminders, manage, project, emails, due, time, easily, projects, management, work

The CouponCabin Sidekick. Chrome extension download
The CouponCabin Sidekick. When it comes to promo codes, cash back and price comparisons, the The CouponCabin Sidekick by always has your back.

cash, couponcabin, sidekick, coupons, offers, store, search, online, price, add, ll, real, install, free, click

Wordtracker Scout Chrome extension download
Wordtracker Scout Uncover the true language of your market, in seconds

keyword, keywords, page, scout, tab, wordtracker, uncover, search, metric, save, account, relevance, competition, cloud, volumes

FxPro - Forex Tools for traders Chrome extension download
FxPro - Forex Tools for traders FxPro prides itself on providing you with the best forex trading tools in the industry.

forex, fxpro, time, trading, tools, fx, risk, trade, market, economic, chrome, extension, indicators, released, due

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