Best Release Gt Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total release gt plugins - 488
GTA V Next Gen Countdown Chrome extension download
GTA V Next Gen Countdown A countdown to the release of Rockstar's GTA V for PC. Previously supported next gen consoles - The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

playstation whats, support gta v pc, support date added, pre order, release date, support whats, pre order whats, handy grand theft auto, v pc minimum specifications, support gta pc, release whats, added gta pc, added support, gta v logo, daily push notification, v pc release date, pc release date, release pc, updated lowest, incorrect countdown display issue, gta pc release date, new release date set, countdown extension

GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Chrome extension download
GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Easily schedule GoToMeeting sessions from your Google Calendar.

configured time zone, fix release meeting, uppercase email address issue, calendar settings, automatically scheduled, fix release plugin, old google calendar url, fix release, g suite marketplace, new google calendar url, fix release fix settings button, handle google calendar changes, gotomeeting free, country selection dialog, fix release fix, meeting button, local system time zone, google calendar, calendar event, fix release meetings

Games Release Chrome extension download
Games Release Don't miss any game release for your favorite platform ever again! With Game Release you will always know the release dates of all…

miss, release dates, dont miss, android market, playstation ps3 playstation ps4 wii wiiu nintendo3ds, app store, favorite platform, game release, favorite videogames, pc xbox

Tab Aligner Chrome extension download
Tab Aligner Simple and powerful Tab organizing extension

release note, initial public release version, existing tab, clicking tab aligner, multiple tabs, public release, bug fix, automatic reload feature, pain point, multiple windows, tab aligner addresses, tab aligner icon

Manga Chrome extension download
Manga ????????

fix meta charset, release log, release log , popup,

Page Modifier Chrome extension download
Page Modifier Modifies specified page by your own JavaScript/jQuery script.

follow manifest verison, initial release options page, define domain, local computer, options page, verison changes, newedit script field, support page, define scripts, release options page, previous release syntax error, cz script

Breezee Productivity Dashboard Chrome extension download
Breezee Productivity Dashboard Switch between projects, quickly accessing the corresponding links, notes and todos.

links keyboard shortcuts easily, release date july, signinsignup link accessibility, tasks improved shortcuts, quick tour layer, mental muscles enhancements, view hide, tasks added, release date june enhancements, eye candy images, links notes, notes save notes, keyboard enter key, release date october, save web

Trello-Office Chrome extension download
Trello-Office project management and time tracking based on trello

time estimations, bugfix release, bugfix release fixed, start button, start logging, initial public release, new save dialog, add time estimations, start time log, time log entry, saverecord dialog, log time, time logging, time log

NiconicoAutoplay Chrome extension download
NiconicoAutoplay ?????????????????

bug fix v1, qzero v1, bit chrome50, chrome50, flashplayerapiapi54 v1, v1, beta, windows10, release note v1, release note v1

Omnibug Chrome extension download
Omnibug Omnibug is a browser extension to decode and display outgoing digital marketing tool requests.

major analytics ux testing platforms, release notes, recent release notes, match occurs, devtools panel, browser extension, csv file, digital marketing tool requests, glassbox rtb house zemanta, marketing technologies, outgoing request

ServePHP Chrome extension download
ServePHP Get your PHP on

features multiple editor themes, good online php testers, php release, php version, online php, php code tester right, multiple editor themes, click submit use f11, full screen, php code, bug fix v, release php version, php release v, devtools click, full screen mode, servephp menu

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Downloader Download any video from Facebook in either SD or HD resolution

fixed video, previous release sorry, news ticker, sponsored section, ui update, click download, next release, minor bugfixes, bug fix, fixed minor bug, eyes peeled, either sd, video preview images, hd resolution

TooManyTabs for Chrome Chrome extension download
TooManyTabs for Chrome Manage your tabs, improve your browsing, and maintain your sanity when you have many tabs open.

creation time, chrome local storage, closed tabs, eye view, instant tab search, release notes, memory organize, optional permission, full release notes, closed tab, freshstart session manager, tab content require, custom columns

Churnalism Chrome extension download
Churnalism Check news articles for press release influence.

press release influence, minute tutorial, another story, news story, news article, news articles, real journalism, press release

Center'd - Center the new YT Chrome extension download
Center'd - Center the new YT Center the new YouTube layout!

new layout, channel bug, official release version, x screen resolution, release notes, new youtube layout, px resolution, release version, resolutions added support, new youtube, youtube layout, minor alignment bugs, alignment bugs added support

Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] A metro style clock for Awesome New Tab Page. [ANTP]

tab page, awesome new tab page metroclock, current version, requires awesome, awesome new tab page, minor js updates, non release version, tab page metroclock, initial release, metro style clock, hours time formats, release version, added ability, awesome metro style widget

GitHub Notifier Chrome extension download
GitHub Notifier Chrome notifications for GitHub

pull requestissuerelease, raised pull request issue release ability, watch multiple github projects, github web endpoints, new release, desktop notifications, tokens open, raised desktop notifications, github projects, chrome notifications, mit licence, new pull request, pull request, application simply, supports public, open pull issue release, new issue

Facebook Voice Chrome extension download
Facebook Voice Control facebook with your voice.

control facebook, entire facebook experience, voice recognition technology isnt accurate, feel free, facebook voice, addon uses, early bird release, future versions, alpha release, public information, addon uses cookies, speech api

Bluefin Chrome extension download
Bluefin Eases the management of large installations of targets and projects in Octopus Deploy

step template, disable resultant, step template usage, dashboard project filter feature, dashboard project collapser, collapser showing, machine status search, release deployment process, projects natively, template usage, release deployment, project filter, octopus deploy installations, view resultant, step natively, view natively, high level steps, project collapser, view release deployment process, octopus deploy, dashboard project filter, view release deployment, small chrome extension, json showing

Do Not Track Chrome extension download
Do Not Track Adds the Do Not Track header (DNT: 1) to all requests.

call registry, successfully install, default release, release build, policy proposal, please note, analytics services, track header, advertising networks, analytics services advertising networks, social platforms, tracking opt, third parties

Passwds ninja Chrome extension download
Passwds ninja Generates pronounceable random passwords, very secure yet easy to remember

20151026 v2, release pretty, 20100705 v1, website click, random passwords, passwordgenerator pull, website password generation, source code, appearance updated, new icon, password generation, new style, 20091211 first public release, pronounceable random passwords

Z3X Free Downloads Chrome extension download
Z3X Free Downloads This extension allow to download free files from support

packed state chrome don, com support, free files, release notes, download torrentfiles, z3x team, initial release, download free files, faster list loading, footer typo, download, z3xteam server, search added, download torrent files

Temperature Chrome extension download
Temperature The temperature outside.

forecast location, temperature, choose, initial release permissions, toolbar, temperature right, want, units, initial release permissions forecast, formulas editable Scrobbler YouTube Canary Chrome extension download Scrobbler YouTube Canary Scrobble music all around the web! (beta)

enable desktop notifications, fm scrobbler, official release, question mark icon, new tab opens, many music video sites, developer preview version, fm server confirms, extension preview, status icon, fm server, check differences, scrobbler icon, official release refer

IP Address Tool Chrome extension download
IP Address Tool Check your IP Address, Proxy IP, Proxy Host and see some more other additional information.

blog release, browse chrome extensions, design updated, new tab page, current ip address, added short, 8i download hub, proxy ip proxy, new download hub revamp, browse extension store, full release, ip address tool, new green theme, developers blog

Selector Assistant Chrome extension download
Selector Assistant Description

release note, change name, element, jquery css xpath selector, web element, css xpath selector, meal release note, jquerycssxpath selector, extension icon, add css xpath selector, update name

Tor's Backloggery enhancements Chrome extension download
Tor's Backloggery enhancements Adds pie charts and other enhancements to

presentation features, details tab, completion status, various new presentation features, release years, shows release years, adds pie charts, game digital distribution, bar chart, playing lists, digital distribution, digital distribution services, support link, pie charts

Easy Button Chrome extension download
Easy Button A fun extension that plays the "That was easy" sound from the Staples Easy Button.

easy sound, fun extension, flat icon, initial release author, version, new flat icon, initial release author created, changelog version, code cleanup version, minor fixes, staples easy button, diljot garcha

Pokemon Countdown Timer Chrome extension download
Pokemon Countdown Timer This is a fan-made extension that allows anyone to quickly check how soon the new Pokemon games will be released!

icon badge countdown, icon tweaks, pokemon brilliant diamond, release date, correct release dates, quickly check, countdown timer, violet support, simple countdown timer, toggle rss feed, pokemon violet, pokemon franchise, match pokemon violet, font scaling, new pokemon games

Google Similar Pages Chrome extension download
Google Similar Pages Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing.

similar pages button, google similar pages, privacy policy, version number, chrome version number, discover webpages, early beta release, similar pages, many aspects, hard time, beta release, similarpages extension google

Proxxy Chrome extension download
Proxxy Simply the best proxy interface for chrome.

initial github release, russian translation update, chinese translation, proxy settings, google page, inclusion exclusion, host inclusionexclusion rules, web store release, translation update, proxy interface, options page, updated manifest, initial attempt, override connection settings, chinese translation update, turkish translation update, open options page

Lorem Fill Chrome extension download
Lorem Fill A webpage form filler that populates context specific random test data into forms elements.

test data, react material ui, multiple open windows, configure fixed test, change events, specific random test data, fill random test data, webpage form filler, new app icon release, performance improvements release, change event, change event post filling, attribute supporting, supporting angular, forms elements, form filler

RDFa Triples Lister Chrome extension download
RDFa Triples Lister This extension lists all RDF triples on a Website that are embedded in RDFa format.

another associate tag, amazon brand name, working group, rdfa working group, amazon associate tag, turtle rdfa, present free version, green turtle rdfa extension, turtle rdfa extension, next release, bug fix release, version rewrites, rdfa api, proper rdfa parser

Bullhorn Accelerator Chrome extension download
Bullhorn Accelerator Source candidates, contacts and jobs from the web using your browser. Performance-optimized for European users.

web information, candidate contact, source candidates, recruiters efficiency, google chrome, easily create, reduce clicks, european users, clicks recruiters, browser easily, capture information, click bullhorn accelerator, bullhorn accelerator, free google chrome extension, capture web information, update records, release users, bullhorn release

MiShareExtension Chrome extension download
MiShareExtension Mitel MiCollab MiShare Extension to share application / screens and collaborate with other MiCollab AWV users in meeting.

micollab awv users, web, share application screens, micollab release, share application screens, web sharing requires micollab release, mitel micollab mishare extension, mitel micollab awv web users, micollab share application

Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Extension for "Anything" on Namie Amuro's new album "_genic" (Release date: June 5, 2015).

music video, release date, album genic release, google chrome, special namie amuro, album genic, new album, normal version, open google chrome, unsolved riddle, watch music videos, namie amuro, special homepage

WME Validator Chrome extension download
WME Validator Validates a map area in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues and generates a very detailed report with wiki references and solutions

update latest, fixed custom checks, public open source release, sec startup delay, settings about available checks, davidakachaos fix checks, updated segment, fix check, please use custom checks, fix wmech integration bug, new custom template variables, davidakachaos fix speed, add greasyfork release script, davidakachaos fix check, davidakachaos fix, custom checks, davidakachaos updated wiki, unverified speed limits, add custom check, fixed wiki, davidakachaos add, davidakachaos added

Reddit Mini Chrome extension download
Reddit Mini Get a quick snapshot of your favorite subreddits

full markdown parsing, startup bug, reddit mini, reddit comments, favorite subreddit, images v0, memory usage, viewed subreddit, reddit mini doesnt, auto expand, reddit mini doesnt require, autoexpand nsfw images, devredditmini release notes, reddit mini lets, view images, view comments, reddit mini release, lightweight reddit client, chromes memory usage

Xplug for APEX Page Designer Chrome extension download
Xplug for APEX Page Designer Enhance the APEX 5.0 Page Designer with some features currently unavailable in the official release (switch panes, ...)

apex page designer, previous page , page designer, change page designer theme, official release, official release switch panes, apex page designer switch panes, next page buttons, change page designer theme including night mode theme enhanced messages search, nightmode theme, disable tooltips possibility

Grid overlay Chrome extension download
Grid overlay Just the basic grid overlay, no frills.

ctrl k right, basic grid overlay, grid overlay, grid, ctrl j, release customizable grid color horizontal, next release, grid left ctrl, ctrl coming, good grid overlay extension, nothing fancy, customizable grid color horizontal

Open in Spotify desktop client Chrome extension download
Open in Spotify desktop client Instead of opening links in the browser they will always be opened in Spotify

embedded links, google chrome web store storeurl, analytics log links, embed links, spotify web, spotify client, chrome web, implementation release, touch analyticslog links, small simple extension, native es6 modules, open spotify link, spotify analytics, open spotify, spotify web player, es6 modules extension, newly opened, bug report robin h, embed embedded playlists, es6 modules, technical implementation release

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Countdown Chrome extension download
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Countdown Countdown to the long-awaited release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

long awaited release, force, official star wars, force awakens, countdown, force awakens website asia, star wars, local cinema tickets trailers galleries, website asia, local cinema tickets, longawaited release

Creative Commons Laser Highlighter Chrome extension download
Creative Commons Laser Highlighter This extension highlights any Creative Commons license RDFa mark-up using a laser effect.

another associate tag, amazon brand name, working group, rdfa working group, laser effect, amazon associate tag, amazon associate, present free version, initial release, creative commons license rdfa mark, present free version rewrites, bug fix release, fixed bug, rdfa api, creative commons

M*Modal Fluency Direct Web Connector Chrome extension download
M*Modal Fluency Direct Web Connector Enables level 3 support for many web applications.

web applications, modal fluency direct web connector, fluency direct versions, modal, installed automatically, direct web connector, release notes release notes browser, handled automatically, many web applications, enables, fluency, supporting documentation, modal fluency, support, level support, direct versions

MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer Chrome extension download
MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status

android app, chrome web store review page, excessive internet connection error popups, web app text notification, android phone number, android phone, text messages, receive sms text messages, text message, chrome web, sms app, phone number, blank popup notif bug, sms notifications, web app beta release, mightytext chrome, upgradetonewweb app text notification, text messages notification, popup notifications, popup notification, sms text messages, mightytext name image file, android notifications, fixed bug, android app notifications, web app release, sms notification, web app

Live Video Plus Chrome extension download
Live Video Plus Enhance your web video experience. View live videos from YouTube and Twitch, and filter your YouYube subscriptions based on groups.

popup ui, filter videos, fix release, live video popup redesign, added twitch, youtube subscription page, extra help text, filter youtube subscriptions page based, bug fix, update filter logic, fix release bugs, page ui, web video experience, live video, settings page redesign, youtube subscriptions page, subscriptions based, added groups, live video popup, live videos

Disapproval Look Chrome extension download
Disapproval Look Opens '' in a new tab.

opens www, website www, www, new tab, opens, initial release, disapprovallook, com, many different emoticons

LP Gmail-Keep Importer Chrome extension download
LP Gmail-Keep Importer Allows you to import emails from Gmail into Google Keep as notes. Just type in the Gmail label you want to fetch.

import emails, public api, html layout, subsequent release, css classes, different names, github repository, website source code, different structure

Greentextify Chrome extension download
Greentextify Greentexts the whole internet, so >implying actually works.

colors everything, initial public release, mutationevent listeners, whole internet, version history, slight regex tweak, performance boost, image boards

Car Value Chrome extension download
Car Value Car Value for used cars from Kelly Blue Book (kbb) on sites like craigslist, autotrader ...

kbb page, blue book, source api, release history, sites matching, detect mileage, fix updated, experimental feature, trim based, bux fix, user selection, regular expression

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