Best Remote Control Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total remote control plugins - 6
Remoku Chrome extension download
Remoku Control your Roku with a web app.

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Smart TV Remote Controller Chrome extension download
Smart TV Remote Controller This extension provides remote controller for LG Smart TVs.

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Kassi - Kodi/XBMC Remote Control Chrome extension download
Kassi - Kodi/XBMC Remote Control Kassi is a Kodi/XBMC Remote Control for Chrome

quot, issue, remote, xbmc, control, extension, port, options, keyboard, tcp, connect, password, shortcuts, default, connects

Deemote Chrome extension download
Deemote This extension lets you control Deezer in Chrome from your android device.

deemote, extension, control, chrome, app, deezer, phone, google, browser, forum, remote, http, device, www, free

Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension for persistent group chat, screen sharing, remote control and co-browsing

openfire, control, extension, desktop, remote, meetings, www, source, visit, org, open, licensed, server, high, license

NetSupport Manager Client Chrome extension download
NetSupport Manager Client NetSupport Manager delivers the very latest in remote PC support and desktop management capabilities. Flexibility is key in the…

control, chrome, client, netsupport, os, remote, mode, clients, manager, screen, support, remotely, installed, pin, running - Website Remote Control Chrome extension download - Website Remote Control Control the sites you love remotely with

mote, io, control, youtube, extension, vimeo, rdio, hype, machine, tunein, google, play, music, web, spotify

Timote web Chrome extension download
Timote web This extension lets you control Spotify in Chrome from your android device.

timote, extension, control, app, chrome, phone, spotify, browser, forum, http, device, www, remote, pair, free

N-Central ScreenConnect extension Chrome extension download
N-Central ScreenConnect extension Inserts ScreenConnect remote control icons into N-Central pages and provides a popup ScreenConnect iframe.

screenconnect, central, extension, popup, inserts, icons, remote, pages, control, chrome, iframe

Zattoo Remote Control Chrome extension download
Zattoo Remote Control Control zattoo remotely with your mobile

zattoo, tv, works, control, channels, android, apptitude, https, iphone, remote, extension, chrome, app, store, remotely

Gamepad for Plex Web Chrome extension download
Gamepad for Plex Web Control from the comfort of your couch with this gamepad extension!

support, gamepad, plex, controller, extension, screen, web, control, browser, pressing, main, purpose, browse, blow, episode

Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Chrome extension download
Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Invite friends to chat and watch videos with you - LIVE!

remote, invite, couch, friends, chat, kalisi, person, videos, watch, coming, hulu, youku, vevo, soundcloud, viki

Netflix Player Controls Chrome extension download
Netflix Player Controls Adds configurable keyboard controls to video playback on netflix.

keyboard, controls, quot, mouse, hide, keys, show, netflix, actions, chrome, turns, press, reload, close, extension

Play Music Remote - Client Chrome extension download
Play Music Remote - Client Client script that connects to an external server, allowing control of Google Play Music(TM).

google, music, control, gmail, play, version, quot, tm, url, library, chrome, remote, https, client, paid

Crosstec Remote Control Client Chrome extension download
Crosstec Remote Control Client CrossTec is now adding to the product's existing multi-platform support capabilities and you can now remotely manage any Google…

control, chrome, screen, remote, client, crosstec, mode, os, running, google, time, platform, real, support, shown

Boxee Remote Chrome extension download
Boxee Remote A remote control for the Boxee Box

boxee, remote, contribute, control, extension, project, source, open, gplv3, find, apps, code, https, github, losing

Easy Music VK Remote Control Chrome extension download
Easy Music VK Remote Control ?????????? ???????????????? ?????? VK, ?????????? ??????

vk, control, remote, chrome, music, extension, easy

Video remote Chrome extension download
Video remote remotely controlled playing of video, Use your cell phone as a remote control!

video, phone, remote, qr, controlled, code, cell, remotely, extension, playing, chrome, scan, simply, playback, mobile

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