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Report Bugs Chrome Extensions | Report Bugs for Google chrome

Best Report Bugs Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Debugger Prints useful information to the JavaScript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript.

analytics, chrome, extension, javascript, google, press, tracking, messages, gallery, version, icon, debug, console, bugs, extensions

Open Tweet Filter Chrome extension download
Open Tweet Filter Filter tweets in Twitter web site.

filter, tweets, quot, support, twitter, reviews, bookmarklet, features, extension, tweet, source, code, open, note, respect

Night Mode Pro Chrome extension download
Night Mode Pro switch to night mode and the display is much easier on your eyes!

night, mode, page, dark, extension, report, list, day, text, screen, colors, order, note, brightness, eyes

Hide Fedora Chrome extension download
Hide Fedora Removes fedora Youtube commenters.

report, fedora, reddit, chrome, youtube, extension, comments, bugs, regularly, hidefedora, annoying, removes, code, https, le

BetterTweetDeck 3 Chrome extension download
BetterTweetDeck 3 Emojis, thumbnails and advanced features for http://tweetdeck.twitter.com !

tweets, tweetdeck, thumbnails, hide, columns, bettertweetdeck, twitter, https, emojis, news, features, nicer, customize, experience, add

Flash Block Plus Chrome extension download
Flash Block Plus Provides control over Flash contents

flash, frame, extension, report, block, toolbar, white, contents, mybrowseraddon, bug, bugs, video, list, games, popup

JWT Debugger Chrome extension download
JWT Debugger The JWT.io debugger as a Chrome extension

jwts, chrome, extension, debugger, github, support, signatures, jwt, debug, easily, io, cookies, tab, current, hmac

Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito Window Chrome extension download
Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito Window Open NSFW links on reddit.com in an Incognito window. Inspired by Autonito, called for by Rustyfist.

software, links, open, nsfw, window, copyright, extension, reddit, incognito, including, copy, copies, chrome, permission, rustyfist

Marker: Bug Reports for Trello, JIRA, GitHub Chrome extension download
Marker: Bug Reports for Trello, JIRA, GitHub Blazing-fast bug reporting. Take screenshots right from your browser, add annotations and send them to your favorite apps in 1 click

trello, marker, jira, bug, developers, bugs, managers, agencies, product, github, add, clients, support, card, screenshots

Stickies - Chrome's Post-it Notes Chrome extension download
Stickies - Chrome's Post-it Notes Add post-it notes on any web page and access them whenever you visit those web pages again.

stickies, add, notes, sticker, page, web, chrome, extension, webpage, browser, physical, access, stickie, requests, icon

Atavi - change new tab Chrome extension download
Atavi - change new tab Easy-to-use extension allows you to replace classic Chrome new tab page with Atavi bookmark manager quick access panel

bookmarks, tab, atavi, bookmark, chrome, themes, favorite, access, display, websites, tabs, extension, grouping, questions, quick

Video Tape Chrome extension download
Video Tape Allows you to tape most videos to the window so you can scroll around or read on while the video plays on screen.

video, tape, position, videos, flash, screen, pages, videotape, extension, fixed, dom, structure, scroll, quot, pause

Bitcoin Mining Monitor Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Mining Monitor Watch your mining progress in the Chrome - deepbit.net, mining.bitcoin.cz, btcguild.com, btcmine.com, bitclockers.com, polmine.pl,…

mining, monitor, progress, workers, chrome, easily, btcguild, tokens, logged, cz, mikebranski, simplecoin, deepbit, notifications, pl

Email Notifier Chrome extension download
Email Notifier Email Notifier is a notification extension that works with Gmail™, Yahoo!, Live, iCloud, Mail.com and GMX

email, mail, access, free, report, extension, service, global, storage, notifications, modern, gmail, notifier, web, yahoo

FlatCal Chrome extension download
FlatCal A themeable calculator for your Browser

calculator, themes, users, chrome, extension, bugs, report, ui, features, free, suggest, google, downloading, material, stuff

Double-click Image Downloader Chrome extension download
Double-click Image Downloader Double-click any image to download it quickly and quietly, or use the Single-click feature.

download, image, images, firefox, extension, click, chrome, double, https, addon, downloader, button, marnick, url, access

Lean Testing instant bug report Chrome extension download
Lean Testing instant bug report Use the Lean Testing extension to instantly take screenshots, make annotations and report bugs.

bug, testing, chrome, web, report, bugs, lean, extension, complete, process, reports, https, software, clicks, screenshots

Crowdsourced Testing instant bug report Chrome extension download
Crowdsourced Testing instant bug report Use the Crowdsourced Testing extension to instantly take screenshots, make annotations and report bugs.

report, extension, testing, annotations, instantly, screenshots, instant, bug, crowdsourced, chrome, bugs

Mini Hype Machine Chrome extension download
Mini Hype Machine Pause, skip, favorite, and read about each song on Hypem.com without ever having to find the tab!

extension, dunphtastic, favorite, hype, machine, email, pause, v2, hypem, open, add, arrow, issues, read, feel

Flip Off Chrome extension download
Flip Off Flip any website with a click

flipper, flip, chrome, website, fools, shikhar, srivastava, awesome, app, beautiful, suggest, bugs, hejpfkbgdacbcjfpdigeobmllafojhgk, report, mindf

Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Tab Manager Quickly and conveniently manage your open tabs

extension, open, github, manager, search, code, requests, source, tabsmanipulate, feature, bugs, manage, report, tab, conveniently

Beautiful new tab Chrome extension download
Beautiful new tab Get a new and beautiful tab experience, Clean Ui, Quick shortcuts for search. and ofcourse. Beautiful.

beautiful, search, experience, tab, shortcuts, surfing, quick, homepage, thumbnails, bugs, photographers, backgrounds, weather, straight, save

Bugtags Clipper Chrome extension download
Bugtags Clipper Bugtags Clipper - the easiest way to report bugs on the web to Bugtags.

bugtags, clipper, report, bugs, easiest, chrome, extension, web, sdk, app, bug

HTML Content Blocker (JS, CSS, IMG, etc) Chrome extension download
HTML Content Blocker (JS, CSS, IMG, etc) Blocks desired HTML contents (script, style, image, object, media)

html, desired, toolbar, number, report, badge, img, items, script, block, media, css, style, contents, simply

Constant Contact Chrome extension download
Constant Contact Quick links for ease of using Constant Contact.

constant, quick, contact, support, developer, site, chat, chrome, visit, feedback, leave, independently, supports, issue, customer

TrackMyPeers Chrome extension download
TrackMyPeers Target your peers easily

update, peers, searchbox, bugs, status, reloaded, cached, extension, founder, target, easilythe, link, send, github, requests

Kromia Vortaro Chrome extension download
Kromia Vortaro Kromia Vortaro is a multilingual Esperanto dictionary that searches the Lernu! portal databases.

esperanto, direction, kromia, vortaro, supports, language, databases, propose, address, features, bugs, report, dictionary, reverse, multilingual

Privacy Protector Plus Chrome extension download
Privacy Protector Plus removes all forms of tracking including web-bugs, tracking-scripts and information-collectors, plus protects your personal data.

list, privacy, extension, page, tracking, bugs, website, protects, options, report, icon, forms, blocked, text, reload

Gmail Filter Enhancements Chrome extension download
Gmail Filter Enhancements Make Gmail filter management easier.

gmail, filter, extension, works, screenshots, bugs, suggestions, create, questions, quot, enhancements, chrome, features, email, automatically

Copy Selected Links Chrome extension download
Copy Selected Links Right-click selected text to copy the URL of any links it contains.

firefox, copy, links, chrome, selected, click, https, extension, text, addon, marnick, problems, donate, bugs, downvotes

Custom UserAgent String Chrome extension download
Custom UserAgent String Add a custom useragent string for desired URLs or domains.

string, agent, user, list, report, addon, custom, url, change, domain, options, sample, add, extension, serves

Pardus Sweetener Chrome extension download
Pardus Sweetener User interface enhancements for the online game Pardus

pardus, game, user, nav, extension, sweetener, online, screen, page, alarm, combat, personal, alliance, links, project

Flinger.co Remote Chrome extension download
Flinger.co Remote Fling videos to any screen with Flinger.co

fling, flinger, youtube, videos, screen, extension, integration, share, feel, version, free, slideshare, url, report, built

Gitter Helper for GitHub Chrome extension download
Gitter Helper for GitHub This extension makes it easy to see if a GitHub project has a Gitter room.

gitter, github, room, extension, project, chrome, icon, open, easy, issues, report, bugs, https, clicking, omnibox

Fast Image Blocker Chrome extension download
Fast Image Blocker Blocks all images and visual contents on desired websites

images, image, report, extension, blocker, contents, block, remove, websites, white, visual, add, bugs, toolbar, bug

ZenHub Scrum Point Counter Chrome extension download
ZenHub Scrum Point Counter Helps you keep track of scrum points on ZenHub

zenhub, scrum, https, extension, counter, issues, point, github, demo, add, numeric, track, helps, chrome, code

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