Best Right Click Gt Chrome Extension Alternatives

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My Browser Version Chrome extension download
My Browser Version Check your browser version

version, browser, chrome, extension, check, click, gt, displays

Resize Images Chrome extension download
Resize Images Resizing your images with b.i.r.m.e

image, resizing, tool, resize, excellent, save, images, chrome, web, click, extension, app, gt, enavigate

LongClick New Tab Chrome extension download
LongClick New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding for a half second.

click, tab, links, bug, sites, opening, open, background, link, performance, issue, improvement, extension, reader, memory

Right Click to YouTube Chrome extension download
Right Click to YouTube Search YouTube for highlighted text via right-click menu.

text, click, youtube, search, chrome, highlighted, videos, topics, instantly, find, select, menu, extension, highlighting, gt

Inter-tab history Chrome extension download
Inter-tab history Ever wonder: 'How did I get to this tab?'

tab, history, click, extension, remembers, find, issues, appreciated, bugs, free, selected, banish, confusion, feedback, browsing

Drag Design Plus Chrome extension download
Drag Design Plus This extension allows you to drag each element of your website around individually to help you get your site just right.

drag, website, change, extension, edit, element, web, click, elements, design, page, copy, individual, author, tool

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