Best Route Builder Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total route builder plugins - 110
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Chrome extension download
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Additions to Strava website to provide helpful links and features for VeloViewer.

explorer tiles, segment details page, unexplored tile kml download, strava route builder, new strava page structure, top level veloviewer menu, veloviewer explorer tiles, route builder explorer tiles, activities links, explorer tile bordersbackground set, veloviewer menu, handle change, explorer tile, veloviewer segment details page, new strava route builder, route builder, links added

WME Route Checker Chrome extension download
WME Route Checker Add route checking to the Waze map editor

check, livemap navigation script, map editors, route, features, selected segments emulating, waze map editors, segments, add route checking, old livemap navigation script, waze map editor, allows

Salesforce Schema Builder Expander Chrome extension download
Salesforce Schema Builder Expander Expands Salesforce schema builder to have more real estate to visualise

extension additionally hides, machine resources, schema, salesforce schema builder, sits quiet, schema builder, top header section, top header section giving, extra 12 inches, real estate, full screen mode, salesforce schema builder page

AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Chrome extension download
AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Drag-and-drop to quickly prototype your mobile app User Interface. Export the generated HTML/CSS/JS. It's that simple!

opensource rib project, export readytouse code, jquery mobile, app builder, windows mac, jquery mobile properties, jquery mobile app builder drag, mobile website, drop html, mobile widgets, mobile app, internet connection, source rib project, import custom jquery mobile themes, lite html5jquery mobile app builder

Grid Builder Chrome extension download
Grid Builder Grid Builder extension applies a grid to current web page.

web site, grid builder, developers browser, grid, grid builder extension applies grid, tool built, frontend developers, grid builder extension applies, current web page, every frontend developers

NS Train Journey advice Chrome extension download
NS Train Journey advice Quickly plan a train trip from your toolbar! Nederlandse Spoorwegen is a railway operator. Plugin by Jeroen, data by NS and Hemmo…

altijd de, ook geschikt voor het plannen van, deze extensie heb je wel altijd, wil je snel, deze plugin, route plannen, daar op klikt kun je, je snel, de ns website, snel zien, de extensie, storingen werkzaamheden, deze informatie wordt, de route plannen, deze extensie kun je, welke geplande werkzaamheden nog komen, gebruik dan deze plugin, de informatie, maar zonder gedoe, een route plannen met de ns, er storingen, met deze extensie, snel je ns

Google Analytics URL Builder Chrome extension download
Google Analytics URL Builder This extension is a hyper version of Google Analytics URL Builder and tag URL's to be tracked in Google Analytics Campaign reports.

google analytics campaign reports, utm set, client etc, url builder, fully track, tagging data, tag url, dynamic sync, presets hub, campaigns performance, google analytics url, google analytics, utm parameters

uCoz - Safe authorization Chrome extension download
uCoz - Safe authorization Safe authorization in a single click at uCoz websites. More than a million websites support this system of authorization.

full html, free ucoz website builder support, support uid, ucoz website builder, ucoz safe authorization, uid websites, application allows, support ucoz safe authorization, safe login allows, ucoz websites, website builder, another uid websites, ucoz safe authorization application, websites support, create website, users account, free ucoz website builder allows, ucoz website builder support uid authorization, safe authorization, safe login

WebTop - Quick login tool Chrome extension download
WebTop - Quick login tool Quick authorization in a single click for WebTop. WebTop is online desktop with a collection of applications.

website manager, desktoplike appearance, webtop application, management system, quick authorization, maximal level, single click, free website builder ucoz, online desktop, webos prototype, website builder ucoz, online applications

Books and Audiobooks Quick Serch Chrome extension download
Books and Audiobooks Quick Serch Quick serch for Your favourite books and audiobooks

sole discretion, widget builder, preview songs, favourite books, quick serch, book search widget, tv show, blog site, widget builder tool, search widget, find albums

Appcues Builder Chrome extension download
Appcues Builder Build Appcues experiences and events while on your website.

build appcues experiences, appcues, create edit, events, publish experiences, appcues builder, install, experiences, create, website

GTM Variable Builder Chrome extension download
GTM Variable Builder Highlight elements on a website and get the JavaScript code for retrieval - shown in Chrome Developer Console.

variable builder, chrome developer console, generated javascript, custom javascript, google tag manager, highlighted copy, generated function, retrieval shown, website text, javascript code, product id, extension icon, js console, custom javascript variable - Google Analytics URL Builder Chrome extension download - Google Analytics URL Builder Quickly create UTMs to track your content across the web

build google analytics tracking urls, create utm templates, google analytics, utm extension, digital marketing campaigns, create links, google analytics tracking links, utm campaigns, domain link shortener, utm templates, cloud storage integration, create utms, utm templates solving, utm builder extension, online marketing campaigns, utm tracking codes, simple chrome extension, utm tracking, build utms, utm builder extension features

McGill Enhanced Chrome extension download
McGill Enhanced Enhance the functionality of

minerva registration visual schedule builder, chrome menu bar, crowdsourced class averages, montreal quebec canada, gnu general public license, mercury course evaluations, archived lecture recordings, menu bar, quick links menu, visual schedule builder, course overview page, gnu general, mcgill enhanced

List Builder for Twitter Chrome extension download
List Builder for Twitter Quickly build Twitter lists from any timeline view.

timeline view, people tweeting hashtag, list builder, select individual tweets, twitter list, build twitter lists, build list, screen, twitter lists, lists, twitter list tools

FormGet Online Form Builder Chrome extension download
FormGet Online Form Builder Easily create contact form, Feedback form, Helpdesk form, Booking form, Consultation service, Survey form Online orders form etc.

contact form, contact form builder, form fields, create contact form, easy online, create multiple fields, real estate application form, easy online drag, create multiple agents, single contact form, online contact form, captcha field, contact form fields, unlimited contact form entries, multiple contact form, contact form ticket, online order form etc, multiple contact forms, customizable contact form fields label, form online, contact forms, job application form, drop contact form builder tool

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension Chrome extension download
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension This extension adds cool features to Salesforce Marketing Cloud interface

inserting code blocks, code editor, builder support, amp script support, added ga account, content editor, added audience builder support, email edit page, salesforce marketing cloud interface, syntax error warning, chrome extension replaces, salesforce marketing, disabled content editor

STRAVA IBP Chrome extension download
STRAVA IBP Measure the difficulty of any activity from STRAVA and download it

extension enables, high altitude, official sports federations, ramps parameters, activity running, button present, international level, sportive associations, route information, sports, sports federations clubs, ibpindex system

GPX Downloader Chrome extension download
GPX Downloader This extension adds a GPX download button for the courses.

file bug report, bug report, gpx download button, download courses, modern view, small button, gpx format, garmin connect, com courses, etrex device, natively supported, created route

Project Compass Chrome extension download
Project Compass Project Compass Extension to compare and analyse all new projects across all major real estate portals.

project analysis similar projects, project analysis user, compare similar projects, price comparison, compare similar projects user, various real estate portals, real estate portals, research team captures, ratings analysis, multiple data points, various online brokerage firms, account builder project, major real estate portals, projects user, major real estate portals today, comparison analysis, account builder project category

Garmin Connect IBP Chrome extension download
Garmin Connect IBP Measure the difficulty of any activity from Garmin Connect and download it without logging in

extension enables, high altitude, official sports federations, ramps parameters, activity running, button present, international level, sportive associations, garmin connect, route information, sports federations clubs, ibpindex system

Download Router Chrome extension download
Download Router Allows you to route your downloads to custom target folders.

download items, internet searchable, basic functionality, custom directories, minor bug fixes, google web store, download router, edit existing route, custom target folders, allow replacement tokens, replacement token

Gmail email templates & newsletters Chrome extension download
Gmail email templates & newsletters Start creating, sending, and tracking responsive HTML email templates from your Gmail inbox.

merge salesforce email, performing subject, sales software, professionallydesigned email templates, email templates, communications software, draganddrop email template builder, rate open, open rate, salesforce email integration, salesforce email templates, tracking responsive html email templates, email template builder, email tracking email, email tracking, salesforce email, sales templates, responsive html emails, gmail inbox, responsive html email templates, sales email tracking, powerful internal communications software, full salesforce email integration

MapsEverywhere Chrome extension download
MapsEverywhere A one-stop toolbar for all your maps, direction and traffic needs!

weather report, maps direction, onestop toolbar, toolbar, point b, includes accessibility functions, traffic needs, efficient route, accessibility functions, local live weather report, stop toolbar, point

Tatkal Autofill Chrome extension download
Tatkal Autofill To auto fill the IRCTC Forms and keep them saved in the Chrome extension. Save the Form and use it when required.

route details, details passenger forms, train list, irctc website, irctc forms, login details, train search result, tatkal autofill, auto fill

BreezoMeter - Air Quality Chrome extension download
BreezoMeter - Air Quality BreezoMeter widget shows what you breathe in a simple, intuitive and actionable way, just like weather. US, UK, China and Israel.

outdoor air quality levels, breezometer widget shows, outdoor air quality, intuitive professional way, outdoor sport activities, google chrome, outdoor air, exercise route planning trip, actionable personalized health recommendations, outdoor air pollution, simple intuitive, air quality platform, time outdoor air quality, air quality

RexPath Chrome extension download
RexPath King of the xPath generators!

search xml build, generator generates, custom xpaths, new xpath, selenium web automation, xpath generators, select find search, query builder, generate variety, specific attributes

Zinger Chrome extension download
Zinger Learn vocabulary with minimum effort

vocabulary builder, several bug fixes, previous searched words, minimum effort, particular word, learning cards, history improved ui, new words, minimum efforts, delete words, learn vocabulary

UK NOTAM Map extension Chrome extension download
UK NOTAM Map extension Generates a Google Map representation of an AIS NOTAM Brief

ais website, individual notam identifiers, uk ais, tree view, uk ais website, textmode notam reporting tools, page action icon, map plotting, ais notam brief, ais notam, adds page, chrome notam map extension, narrow route brief waypoint ew issue, browser extension adds, arbitrary fir reports, notam plotting, google chrome notam map extension, google map representation Chrome extension download The social lead builder

use search engines, social records, search engines, social professional network, public available data, single click, build lists, safe way, email phone, social lead builder, targeted leads including, social records sell

UTM Tracking Url Builder for Google Analytics Chrome extension download
UTM Tracking Url Builder for Google Analytics Add utm_medium, utm_source and other tracking parameters to your links

select medium, current tab activate, content quickselect, medium source, parameters copy, enter key, social media referrals partner sites banner ads marketing campaigns newsletters, inofficial chrome extension, set terms, clipboard button tag, utm medium utm source, google analytics

myTips Visual Builder Chrome extension download
myTips Visual Builder Create on-screen tooltips and product tutorials without coding.

start building, product tutorials, onscreen tooltips, mytips visual point, step tutorials, way, mytips, screen tooltips, click editor, visual point, deploy stepbystep tutorials

Export Scoutbook Chrome extension download
Export Scoutbook Exports Scoutbook reports as an Excel file

use promo code, spreadsheet program, cub scout advancement, eliminate multiple downloads, downloaded excel file, page icon, scoutbook reports, page refresh, bower preen, excel file, report builder reports, favorite spreadsheet program

iorad - the tutorial builder Chrome extension download
iorad - the tutorial builder Tutorial creation made easy. Instantly make guided, step-by-step directions for any website. Directly in the browser.

stepbystep directions, step tutorial, easiest tutorial, step iorad, tutorial creation, star rating, tutorial creator, nobs experience, gdpr compliant, every action, step iorad captures, ve designed great, stepbystep tutorial, browse click, zendesk freshdesk salesforce, video editing

Strava Enhancement Suite Chrome extension download
Strava Enhancement Suite Handy tools and improvements to

social networking buttons, route feed entries, goalrelated feed entris, average power, show running, related feed, goal feed entries, links show links, dashboard feed, aggregate segment data, activity upload, segments show, challengerelated feed entries, hover show, related feed entries, dashboard entries, segments efforts, feed entries hide, feed entries hide training, clubrelated feed entries, links hide links, club feed entries

Appcues Content Builder Chrome extension download
Appcues Content Builder Preview your site in the Appcues content building interface.

preview, appcues content building interface, appcues, site, building interface

Jotform Notifier Chrome extension download
Jotform Notifier Get JotForm form submission notifications on your browser instantly.

chrome app, form templates creating forms, received submissions, form submissions, drop form, online form builder, submissions quickly, red number, jotform form submission notifications, jotform users, drop form editor, readytouse form, form submissions instantly, jotform notifier

Itineraire - Offres shopping Chrome extension download
Itineraire - Offres shopping Itineraire vous propose des bons plans personnalisés durant votre shopping.

itineraire vous, des bons plans vous, navigation sur, vous fera faire des conomies, sur la, votre navigation sur les sites marchands, des bons plans personnalis durant votre, s durant votre shopping, route des bons plans, sites marchands, vous propose des bons plans, produits similaires, des conomies en affichant automatiquement les codes, affichant automatiquement les codes

APEX Developer Addon Chrome extension download
APEX Developer Addon The APEX Developer Addon is a helper Addon for the Oracle APEX Application Builder.

search box, apex application builder, keyboard shortcuts, navigation shortcuts, sql pl sql html xml, oracle apex application, syntax highlighting, many little improvements, quick navigation shortcuts, helper addon, shortcuts f10, new functionality, apex developer addon brings, apex developer addon

Datananas - B2B Prospects List Builder Chrome extension download
Datananas - B2B Prospects List Builder Create targeted lists of B2B prospects from professional social networks

chrome addon find, professional social networks, linkedin viadeo, guess corporate nominative email, guess corporate nominative email adresses phone numbers, b2b prospects, professionnal social networks, add prospects, crm salesforce sugarcrm, social networks, phone numbers

GA URL Builder & Shortener Chrome extension download
GA URL Builder & Shortener Quickly create Google Analytics URL and shorten it using Bitly if given.

access token, shorten urls, next features, create ga tracking urls, google analytics ga, tracking url, create google analytics url, ga, bitly access token, options page, create ga, google analytics, short version, shorten

AGE (a9lh guide enhancement) Chrome extension download
AGE (a9lh guide enhancement) This extension adds extra features for easier tracking of Plailect's arm9loaderhax guide.

list items added keyboard, basic option panel, keyboard shortcut g, keyboard shortcuts, extra features, list items, page easier, completeuncomplete list items, updated page links, minor bug fixes features, added keyboard shortcuts, continue guide, automatic index builder, features list

FOEX Developer Addon Chrome extension download
FOEX Developer Addon The FOEX Developer Addon (FDA) is a free browser extension designed to enhance the Oracle APEX Application Builder IDE.

apex page designer, keyboard shortcuts, oracle apex, bulk duplicate page items, set condition, many new wizards, page items, apex application builder ide, foex plugin framework, javascript code validation, free browser extension, oracle apex developer, foex developer addon fda, page designer functionality

comScore Digital Analytix Campaign URLs Chrome extension download
comScore Digital Analytix Campaign URLs Digital Analytix Campaign URL Builder

digital analytix campaign, landing pages, link shortener service, url builder, emails social media banner ads, banner ads, created url, campaign tracking links, digital analytix campaign url, comscore digital analytix, digital analytix, marketing activity, construct campaign, social media

Form+ Chrome extension download
Form+ Form+ is a simple, friendly form builder that allows file uploads in forms and responses are collected in your Google Drive

manage event registrations, form builder, workshop registration form, survey data, event registration form, form survey form, analyse survey data trends, online donation form etc, receive email notifications, google drive, create form, form event, next office retreat, receive email, job application form, create forms

Grateful Goose Chrome extension download
Grateful Goose Create a list of the gifts you’d love to receive for any occasion.

online wishlist, grateful goose browser extension allows, youd love, birthdays weddings baby, online wishlist builder, gift icon, giftgiving occasions, baby showers, browser, grateful goose, online retailer, gift giving occasions, grateful goose browser

GreenRope Chrome extension download
GreenRope The GreenRope Gmail Gadget is an extension that you can use while working in Gmail.

email marketing, customizable crm activities, outbound call management, website tracking, customer relationship management, crm activities, logic custom, social collaboration, social collaboration dashboard, custom field entry, case management system, integrated platform, contact management, greenrope crm, full website cms, contact information, detailed email tracking, website form builder, greenrope gmail Enhanced Formula Editor Chrome extension download Enhanced Formula Editor Enhances Salesforce formulas with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, formatting, field analysis, and syntax checking.

license key subscription, latest formula functions, free 14day trial, salesforce formulas, formula field compile sizes, added button, added field, visit salesforce formula, field details, latest api, added support, support tab, font family dropdown, formulas formula fields, salesforce formula, functions latest api, salesforce formula edit page, field details button, validation rule formulas, formula field, bottom right corner, process builder formulas

Legendary Guides Chrome extension download
Legendary Guides Top League of Legends Guides and Counters.

fixed probuilds, added champion, left click probuilds, click lol, fixed probuilds links, left click champion, lol builder guides, reksai links, legends guides, updated icons, icons updated, simian peter shepard, ingame portrait art exists, updated tristana added champion, lol king guides, anivias icon update, icon art, viktor icon update, icon update, minor text fixes, added reksai, left click lol

Quick Playlist Chrome extension download
Quick Playlist Quick Play List (QPL) for YouTube allows you to create a quick play list from your favourite YouTube videos

local playlist, multiple youtube tabs, quick play list, clear entire playlist, light weight, temporary play, open multiple tabs, multiple tabs, youtube videos, save youtube videos, quick playlist qpl, quick playlist, simple lightweight nofrill local playlist builder, autoplay next video feature, temporary play list, temporary playlist, quick play, nofrill light weight product

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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