Best Screen Chrome Extension Alternatives

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ScreenMaker Chrome extension download
ScreenMaker Application for creating screenshots!

screen captures, easy work shotami screen, screen screenshot, visible part, extension screenmaker, quick view screen shots, convenient unique program, free extension screenmaker, screen image, whole screen, expansion screenmaker, ready screenshots

Screen Size Chrome extension download
Screen Size Calculate screen size and resolution.

enter screen size, calculate screen size, inch cm, ui designers, engineers, handy tool, resolution, common screen sizes, screen size

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder The best screen recorder and screen capture & screenshot tool to record screen.

save recordings, screen capture screenshot, local screen recorder, screen recorder, screen capture, specific application window, part entire screen, awesome screen recorder screenshot, awesome screenshot account, download screenshot, save share screenshot, local image, local screen recorder cloud screen recorder, capture screenshot, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, quick customer support, choose awesome screen recorder screenshot, capture tab, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, annotate screenshot, awesome screenshot, screenshot web pages, entire screen, screen recordings, save screenshot, selected area, share recordings, choose video dimensions, share recording video

Screen Reader Chrome extension download
Screen Reader A web-powered screen reader

maintenance mode, screen reader, chrome browser, web technologies, mac jaws nvda, chrome screen reader extension, screen readers, please note, google terms, webpowered screen reader, chrome os

*Split Screen* Chrome extension download
*Split Screen* Split Screen displays two or more websites in one tab! Watch videos & surf or make notes while studying!

watch videos surf, split screen displays, adjustable options page, split screen, google chrome, make notes, google chrome extension, default webpages, use split screen, split screen great, another webpage, drag bookmark

Screen Resolution Tester Chrome extension download
Screen Resolution Tester Select a screen resolution and this extension changes the browser size to match it.

extension changes, browser size, screen resolution, custom screen resolution, predefined list, screen resolutions, different screen resolutions, browser window, screen resolution tester resizes

Vedantu Screen Share Chrome extension download
Vedantu Screen Share Screensharing utility for Vedantu learning sessions

vedantu learning sessions, screen right, chrome browser, create knowledge network, constant need, quality education accessible, onetime installation, online live, seamlessly anytime, vedantu screen share lets, screen share, vedantu teachers, vedantu screen share, share videos

AirClass Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
AirClass Screen Sharing This extension is used by AirClass to enable screen sharing in Chrome browsers.

airclass screen, chrome browsers, airclass screen sharing extension, present information, entire desktop, sharing audio video, virtual classroom setting, teachers present, specific application, enable screen, screen sharing, collaborative learning environment airclass extends

Responsive View Chrome extension download
Responsive View To view the page in different device screen sizes, just by a click

different device screen sizes, mobile larger screen, view, various screens sizes, screens sizes, screen sizes, scroll vertically, different screen sizes, device screen sizes, tablet landscape, screen, tablet portrait, page, extension icon

Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr Chrome extension download
Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr The Easiest All-In-One Screenshot & Screen Recorder

toprated chrome app, optional webcam, lines circles, capture part, full webpage, hd video, add shapes, screenshot screen, screen recorder, link saved, allinone screenshot screen recorder, screen recording, personal droplr cloud account, adding text

Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Record your screen and camera with one click. Share that content in an instant with a link.

google search index, video communication platform, record share, add time, rich visual context, file multiple patents, video message thread, loom video, screen camera, google meet recordings, another standup meeting, loom videos, screen record, screen recording, screen share, next weekly update, share videos

Serious Chrome extension download
Serious An awesome GIF in every new tab, and more!

nsfw content, every time, chrome apps screen, every new tab, new tab, apps screen, top right corner, random full screen, bell icon, full screen animated gif, apps link

VonageConnect for Office 365 Chrome extension download
VonageConnect for Office 365 A cloud-based solution for Office 365 and VonageConnect users.

features account wide, call screen pop, open call log window, vonageconnect users, progress screen pop, incoming outbound screen pop incoming screen pop, missed calls, open call log window options, account wide features, screen pop, outbound calls, call log, missed call screen pop, voip service provider, minimum character limits, google chrome browser, incomingoutbound screen pop

Currently Chrome extension download
Currently Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.

checkout , new tab screen, new tab, simple extension, current time, development checkout, screen, weather, replaces, tab screen

qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Chrome extension download
qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Get more out of your screen captures! Free - Cross Browser - Multiple Page Screen Capture - Rich Annotation - Awesome!

screen captures, snapped captures, screen capture, crossplatform screen capture tool, fix permission issue, full page edit image captures, various bug fixes, multiple page screen capture, multiple screen, multiple captures, file free, captures share, capture single, inline note boxes, capture qsnap, share file, browser multiple page screen capture rich annotation, free hosting service, click snap, sensitive information create

WebRTC Desktop Sharing Chrome extension download
WebRTC Desktop Sharing WebRTC P2P HQ/HD screen-sharing. Share camera, microphone, speakers, full-screen, or software's screens.

share camera, shares screen, frame rates, extension supports, peer screen, screen e, extension supports webrtc, compatible browsers, chrome extensions, privacy url, either peertopeer, manage frameratesbitrates, webrtc p2p, master desktopcapture p2p, microphone speakers full screen, private room url, high quality peertopeer screen, master desktopcapture p2p privacy

Huzza Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Huzza Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is developed for It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.

, extension allows, developed, huzza livestream, huzza live stream, capture content, screen, anything, screen share

Firetalk Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Firetalk Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is developed for Firetalk. It allows a broadcaster to optionally share their screen with viewers.

firetalk allows, desktop screen, firetalk, required screen sharing permissions, optionally share, screensharing permissions, chrome, screen, allows

RecordRTC Chrome extension download
RecordRTC Record screen activity, camera, mic, tab, speakers in 4K HD video format (using RecordRTC)

saved locally, khan chrome extensions, tab, record screen, khan chrome extensions tree master screen, record cam, camera mic tab speakers, mic, screen, recordrtc record cam mic screen speakers tab, camera, manage recordings, record screen activity, hd video format

 CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording Chrome extension download
CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording CaptureCast Chrome is a free screen recording and lecture capture extension designed for educators to empower video in the classroom

recording video, management system, management system users, capturecast chrome, google drive, learning management, free screen, screen capture video, youtube vimeo, desktop screen, educators learning management, free video screen capture app, screen recording, learning engine, lecture capture, video screen capture, screen capture video tutorials, upload work, lecture capture extension, video learning engine

Animated Gif Capture Chrome extension download
Animated Gif Capture Capture visible content of a tab, desktop screen, or selected application window as a animated GIF image.

application window, extension icon, visible content, desktop screen, animated gif, convert screen capture, browser action, tab desktop screen, animated gif capture, animated gif image, options page, screen capture, chrome extension helps, mouse button

SSSnip! Chrome extension download
SSSnip! Simple Screen Snip! Click and drag to take a snapshot of the screen.

simple screen snip, screen snip, much cluttering functionality, preview panel, screen selection easier, minor bug fixes, screen shots, stays simple, cluttering functionality, user interface, new user interface, click scissor icon

PongScreen Chrome extension download
PongScreen Pong start screen

pong start screen, new tab screen, extension changes, fun game, pong, tab screen

Panel View for Keep Chrome extension download
Panel View for Keep Panelized extension for Keep

youll find, add note, blog posts, android app, extension buy, share note screen, collapsed view, new note, new link, note screen, list settings screen, share screen, panel view, note area, keeps sidebar

Full Screen for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Full Screen for Google Chrome Go full screen with one click on the full screen button. That includes also the full screen movies such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

web full screen, video player, html5 video player, browser extension auto, current playing html5 video, full screen website mode, lights browser extension auto dim feature, full screen, web browser, browser extension, auto full screen feature auto, full screen button, full screen menu, full screen web page, full screen mode, screen browser, html5 video, web browser account, web browser context menu, web page, current html5 video

VonageConnect for Google Apps Chrome extension download
VonageConnect for Google Apps A cloud-based solution for Google for Work and VonageConnect users.

vonage business users, call screen pop, open call log window, features account wide, progress screen pop, incoming outbound screen pop incoming screen pop, account wide features, vonage business, google chrome browser, screen pop, call note, outbound calls, call log, vonage business number, minimum character limits, open call log window options, incomingoutbound screen pop

Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Chrome extension download
Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Share your screen while recording or streaming.

, active screen sharing, extension record, desktop, screen sharing extension record, active screen, screen, share, specific application, connected camera, stream

Ideatory Test Integrity Checker Chrome extension download
Ideatory Test Integrity Checker Extension to authorize screen recording on Ideatory during test taking.

business client opts, objective tests, authorize screen recording, ideatory, test taking, added security, start screen, screen, ideatory website

Screen Capturing for WebRTC Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing for WebRTC Screen Capturing for WebRTC

backend agent, unique feature, customer support, video chat voice, customer screen, screen sharing extension work, video chat, customer service, live chat software, voice call, main reason, text chat screen sharing, small plugin

Pluralsight screen sharing Chrome extension download
Pluralsight screen sharing Share the screen of your computer.

screen sharing functionality, add, share, computer, screen, hackhands websites, allows, functionality, built

Screen Capturing_my Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing_my This WebRTC screen capturing extension can be used within any WebRTC library/application! Use getScreenId.js!

webrtc screen capturing extension, js, webrtc screen, webrtc library application, webrtc libraryapplication, use getscreenid

Resize Window Chrome extension download
Resize Window Restores window size and position after changing screen resolution.

restores, extension allows, moved automatically, screen resolution, browser window size, large screen, changing screen resolution, browser, size, screen, window size, docked laptop, easily restore, save desired browser window size

Dead Simple Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Dead Simple Screen Sharing This extension will allow the users to share their screen with anyone

mobile devices, unique url, awesome app, multiple audiences, dead simple screen, major browsers, single person, screen sharing, extension icon

InstaVC Screensharing Chrome extension download
InstaVC Screensharing Extension to allow screen sharing in InstaVC applications.

screen share plugin, instavc applications, instavc, screen, screen sharing

Screen Width Chrome extension download
Screen Width View information about the screen width

width, anser, screen width, view information, screen, anser simply click screen width

Roy Screen Chrome extension download
Roy Screen This WebRTC screen capturing extension can be used within any WebRTC library/application! Use getScreenId.js!

webrtc screen capturing extension, js, webrtc screen, webrtc library application, webrtc libraryapplication, use getscreenid

OCR Screen Chrome extension download
OCR Screen OCR for web browser screen

web browser screen, ocr screen, click osc icon, trim parts, browser, click, ocr, open page

Screenleap Chrome extension download
Screenleap All-in-one tool for sharing your screen and taking screenshots

browser window, screen capture utility, free web services, easily share, web page, screenleap extension, super easy way, allinone tool, screen capture, whole browser window, screen sharing, screen share, screenleap extension allows, screenleap simplifies, screenleap offers

Screen sharing for Chrome extension download
Screen sharing for Allow screen sharing in the WebRTC visio conference app

im webrtc visio conference app, vroom reference implementation, screen, tiny extension, screen sharing, vroom

TopScroll Chrome extension download
TopScroll Click on the left border of any page for scroll to the top.

increase clickable area width, precious screen space, work feel free, chrome extensions, web pages, clickable area width, possible places, tricky page layouts, screen edge, fullscreen mode, shoot bug, left screen

WikiTweaks Chrome extension download
WikiTweaks A restyling of Wikipedia that saves screen space and adds on-hover previews.

avoid congesting, extension button, adds drop, screen space, full restyling, wikipedia tabs, wikitweaks goal, onhover previews, viewed wikipedia, much screen space, saves screen space, nobody looks

BroadcasterPro Chrome extension download
BroadcasterPro Avoid the awkward slow downs that come with reading live comments on your tiny phone screen.

previous comments, slow downs, periscope live, chrome browser, recent comments, tiny phone screen, second screen, viewer count, live comments, phone screen, recording area

CommercialTribe Screen Recording for Chrome Chrome extension download
CommercialTribe Screen Recording for Chrome CommercialTribe Screen Recording for Chrome.

commercialtribe platform, application, application open, commercialtribe screen recording, commercialtribe, coordinate meeting, practice product demonstrations, use screen, screen recording, commercialtribe web application, commercialtribe screen, practice product demonstrations training, chrome brings, computer including

Screen Capturing For Instawize Live Session Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing For Instawize Live Session This WebRTC screen capturing extension can be used within any WebRTC library/application! Use getScreenId.js!

webrtc screen capturing extension, js, webrtc screen, webrtc library application, webrtc libraryapplication, use getscreenid

Linkello Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Linkello Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen

linkello, don forget, extension allows, feature, share, screen sharing feature, install, screen, conference page, plugin

Screen Capturing Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing Capture full-screen or specific application's screen on any HTTPs domain!

webrtc screen capturing extension, extension doesnt, html pages, youre advance user, tree master getscreenid, tree master screen capturing, use screen stream, entire extension code, khanchromeextensionstreemasterdesktopcapture use getscreenid, html pages khan chrome, capture screen, tree master, https domain, chrome extension doesnt, screen capturing, extension code, khan chrome, screen capturing khan webrtc, webrtc applications

gUnify Google Apps Connector Chrome extension download
gUnify Google Apps Connector A cloud-based solution for Google users who's hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform.

google users, open call log window, progress screen pop, incoming outbound screen pop incoming screen pop, missed calls, screen pop, call log, open call log window options, call note, voip service provider, features account wide, account wide features, outbound calls, missed call screen pop, incomingoutbound screen pop, voip provider, hosted voip provider supports, voip provider runs, minimum character limits

Capture Print Screen (Screenshot) Chrome extension download
Capture Print Screen (Screenshot) Screen capture area or full page. Post fast to Blogger, Facebook or Twitter(more than 140 characters)

full page, facebook twitter blogger, capture screen, facebook, social media capture screen videos text images, blogger, post fast, twitter, blogger facebook, posts simultaneously, screen capture area, web content direct, social media

Image Inverter Chrome extension download
Image Inverter This extension inverts all images on a website. This is meant to be used together with screen inverting that comes with OS X

inverted images effectively, preferences accessibility, plugin aims, screen inverting, os x screen, extension inverts, invert colors invert images, whole screen system preferences accessibility, google chrome plugin aims, browsing websites, os screen inverting, os x, global keyboard shortcut, lowlight settings, invert colors

Reluminate Chrome extension download
Reluminate De-invert the luminance of entire pages or only images in Chrome for your already inverted screen.

interactive tabbed interface, entire pages, inverted screen, reluminate deluminate, additional options page, entire screen inversion software, entire screen, work including, entire screen inversion, white text, improved scheme rule, inversion schemes, deluminate including, apply domain rules, scheme setting rules

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