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Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate Screen capture for all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

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Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

page, capture, image, pages, extension, permissions, images, chrome, bug, click, fix, fixed, screenshot, full, tab

WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

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Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast Chrome extension download
Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts - record video from your screen.

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Screen capture, screenshot share/save Chrome extension download
Screen capture, screenshot share/save Capture a region, visible content of a tab, or a horizontally/vertically scrollable page as a searchable image & bookmark it.

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Capture, Explain and Send Screenshots Chrome extension download
Capture, Explain and Send Screenshots Capture a screen, write text and arrows and share it safely. Does NOT require ANY crazy permissions like the other extensions!

image, permissions, data, snapshot, screen, send, share, quot, facebook, arrows, safer, extensions, read, quick, text

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

screenshot, share, easy, click, capture, page, web, image, extension, save, screenshots, works, highlight, sending, download

Joxi Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Joxi Full Page Screen Capture Rapid application screenshots in your browser! With page scrolling!

joxi, screenshots, screenshot, page, chrome, free, sovetnik, cloud, yandex, web, networks, entire, long, google, pages

 CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording Chrome extension download
CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording CaptureCast Chrome is a free screen recording and lecture capture extension designed for educators to empower video in the classroom

video, capture, learning, screen, youtube, designed, recording, upload, capturecast, chrome, drive, catturavideo, extension, camera, vimeo

Bulk Download Images(ZIG) Chrome extension download
Bulk Download Images(ZIG) ZIG = Mass Image/File Downloader(Bulk Download Pictures or URLs) + Screen Capturer + Photo Editor + Search Engine + More.

images, image, pictures, http, google, ctrl, alt, zig, filter, current, rules, zzllrr, download, tab, quick

qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Chrome extension download
qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Get more out of your screen captures! Free - Cross Browser - Multiple Page Screen Capture - Rich Annotation - Awesome!

captures, screen, capture, qsnap, multiple, chrome, annotation, browser, share, free, click, folder, snapped, version, rich

Smartshot: Screen capture, Annotate Chrome extension download
Smartshot: Screen capture, Annotate Smartshot gives you the easiest way to take screenshot and share it with one-click uploads.

screenshot, twitter, smartshot, share, annotate, crop, text, save, server, hide, sections, blur, area, dimensions, amp

HYFY Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
HYFY Screen Recorder Record your screen and voice. Share instantly. Keep videos private.

hyfy, video, recording, love, record, screen, capture, teams, share, videos, jira, sales, paste, version, details

Animated Gif Capture Chrome extension download
Animated Gif Capture Capture visible content of a tab, desktop screen, or selected application window as a animated GIF image.

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Grabilla Screenshot Chrome extension download
Grabilla Screenshot Capture screenshot of web page, full page or capture HTML!

capture, web, grabilla, page, extension, images, image, upload, chrome, screenshot, check, pages, part, context, share

TrackDuck tool for visual feedback Chrome extension download
TrackDuck tool for visual feedback Simple way to leave visual feedback on any webpage

trackduck, screen, comment, tasks, feedback, project, tools, website, task, issues, capture, screenshot, bug, management, design

sgSCREEN Chrome extension download
sgSCREEN sgSCREEN???????????

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Screen capture Chrome extension download
Screen capture Take a screenshot in the fastest possible way.

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ScreenShot Link Chrome extension download
ScreenShot Link Application for creating screenshots and instant uploading them to the server

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Screengrab! Chrome extension download
Screengrab! Screengrab! Saves or upload webpages as images.

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Web Clipper : Easy Screenshot Chrome extension download
Web Clipper : Easy Screenshot Easy Screenshot is an easy-to-use screen capturing tool from right-click context menu.

screenshot, screen, image, format, easy, page, capture, simply, click, capturing, select, extension, menu, context, items

Full page screen capture, visual annotations Chrome extension download
Full page screen capture, visual annotations Project management tool for visual feedback. Discuss web pages, upload designs & screenshots. Get to-dos done in collaborative way.

feedback, web, sharing, discuss, extension, page, chrome, codesign, board, share, pages, regular, view, capture, visual

Element Capture Chrome extension download
Element Capture Screen capture any element on a webpage.

capture, element, click, chrome, screen, image, url, icon, bar, selection, hover, html, open, camera, choosing

Targetprocess Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Targetprocess Screen Capture Capture and annotate screenshots and create entities in your Targetprocess account.

screenshots, targetprocess, version, add, capture, entity, images, api, attach, bugs, annotate, extension, edit, entities, png

SAGE2 Screen Capture Chrome extension download
SAGE2 Screen Capture This chrome extension is developed primarily for SAGE2. It captures the content of your screen to stream to SAGE2.

sage2, screen, chrome, extension, developed, capture, content, captures, stream, sagecommons, primarily, org

Standardized Screenshot Chrome extension download
Standardized Screenshot Takes standardized screenshots.

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Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Full Page Screen Capture Screen capture your current page in entirety and reliably!

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Snapshot Chrome extension download
Snapshot A screen capture and annotation tool

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Batch Image Download.Full Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Batch Image Download.Full Screen Capture An usefull tool for batch image download & full page screen capture

image, page, capture, screen, batch, download, chrome, full, extension, usefull, tool, web, images, wayixia, edit

3C-Cut Crop Capture Chrome extension download
3C-Cut Crop Capture Screen capture and edit you current page, the entire page, or only a selection of the page!

screen, capture, screenshot, current, page, entire, cropped, chrome, sections, edit, weight, tool, allowing, crop, extension

Fotteria Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Fotteria Screen Capture Fotteria Screen Capture

screen, fotteria, capture, chrome, extension, captureaddon, deprecated, stop

Web Page Photo Chrome extension download
Web Page Photo Makes a photo for full web page screen. Has a convenient control menu and photo gallery of made screenshots.

page, screenshots, photo, screenshot, capture, extension, web, screen, full, current, interface, key, easy, gallery, convenient

DebugMe Chrome extension download
DebugMe This extension is the official free to use extension for DebugMe.

feedback, debugme, developers, bug, management, project, web, time, jira, capture, giving, screenshot, screen, great, applications

kPoint Screen Capture Assistant Chrome extension download
kPoint Screen Capture Assistant The new kPoint extension allows you to capture your screen and also enhance the searchability of your kPoint videos.

kpoint, screen, extension, chrome, capture, enhance, plugin, searchability, record, browser, assistant, videos, install, sharing, domain Image and Screenshot Uploader Chrome extension download Image and Screenshot Uploader Upload images and screenshots to the free image hosting service.

phota, upload, image, extension, screenshot, changed, quot, uploaded, file, click, screen, capture, browser, uploads, v1

SnStar Screen Capture Chrome extension download
SnStar Screen Capture Page Screen Capture easily!

capture, screen, chrome, easily, file, move, place, web, captured, image, utility, extension, page, mouse, dragging

ScreenMaker Chrome extension download
ScreenMaker Application for creating screenshots!

screen, screenshot, screenshots, quality, screenmaker, quickly, windows, application, extension, expansion, fast, program, work, part, ready

IRCTC Alerter Chrome extension download
IRCTC Alerter A chrome extension to make IRCTC website less frustrating to use by alerting the user when the IRCTC page is completely loaded.

irctc, user, tab, extension, page, sound, icon, loaded, tabs, site, load, website, timed, session, video

Capture Print Screen (Screenshot) Chrome extension download
Capture Print Screen (Screenshot) Screen capture area or full page. Post fast to Blogger, Facebook or Twitter(more than 140 characters)

screen, capture, blogger, facebook, twitter, text, simultaneously, videos, tweets, area, web, favourits, share, content, direct

Screenshot Extension Chrome extension download
Screenshot Extension Screen capture your current page to save or share it.

screen, save, extension, page, capture, current, chrome, shot, share, screenshot, picture

MySQL-Reference-Manual-Version-Checker Chrome extension download
MySQL-Reference-Manual-Version-Checker Warn if referring version of MySQL reference manual is out of range

version, range, plugin, documentation, manual, referring, warns, reference, read, documentations, mistakes, installing, extension, chrome, warn

IceLink WebRTC Screen Capture Chrome extension download
IceLink WebRTC Screen Capture This extension allows IceLink WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

webrtc, icelink, applications, support, api, platforms, peer, video, screen, explorer, chrome, extension, connections, internet, mac

ToolUx Chrome extension download
ToolUx UX helper tool : Description The UX tool helper is a lightweight offline tool that help you to develop website. - It allow you…

add, tool, extension, offline, html, helper, screen, ux, capture, page, css, refresh, point, text, note

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