Best Screen Share Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Vedantu Screen Share Chrome extension download
Vedantu Screen Share Screensharing utility for Vedantu learning sessions

vedantu learning sessions, screen right, chrome browser, create knowledge network, constant need, quality education accessible, onetime installation, online live, seamlessly anytime, vedantu screen share lets, screen share, vedantu teachers, vedantu screen share, share videos

Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Record your screen and camera with one click. Share that content in an instant with a link.

google search index, video communication platform, record share, add time, rich visual context, file multiple patents, video message thread, loom video, screen camera, google meet recordings, another standup meeting, loom videos, screen record, screen recording, screen share, next weekly update, share videos

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder The best screen recorder and screen capture & screenshot tool to record screen.

save recordings, screen capture screenshot, local screen recorder, screen recorder, screen capture, specific application window, part entire screen, awesome screen recorder screenshot, awesome screenshot account, download screenshot, save share screenshot, local image, local screen recorder cloud screen recorder, capture screenshot, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, quick customer support, choose awesome screen recorder screenshot, capture tab, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, annotate screenshot, awesome screenshot, screenshot web pages, entire screen, screen recordings, save screenshot, selected area, share recordings, choose video dimensions, share recording video

Springboard Screen Share Chrome extension download
Springboard Screen Share Screen sharing for Springboard’s weekly student/mentor calls.

requires webrtc compliant browser, share projects, springboard extension, weekly calls, springboard, weekly studentmentor calls, screen, share, webrtccompliant browser, screen sharing, share projects documents, springboard weekly student mentor calls

Panel View for Keep Chrome extension download
Panel View for Keep Panelized extension for Keep

youll find, add note, blog posts, android app, extension buy, share note screen, collapsed view, new note, new link, note screen, list settings screen, share screen, panel view, note area, keeps sidebar

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

share screen captures, use extension, web page, blackout others, camera icon, share screen, certain areas, capture click, screenshots download, select different screenshot options, tool allows, additional security

Screenleap Chrome extension download
Screenleap All-in-one tool for sharing your screen and taking screenshots

browser window, screen capture utility, free web services, easily share, web page, screenleap extension, super easy way, allinone tool, screen capture, whole browser window, screen sharing, screen share, screenleap extension allows, screenleap simplifies, screenleap offers

qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Chrome extension download
qSnap: Screen Capture, Screenshot, Annotation Get more out of your screen captures! Free - Cross Browser - Multiple Page Screen Capture - Rich Annotation - Awesome!

screen captures, snapped captures, screen capture, crossplatform screen capture tool, fix permission issue, full page edit image captures, various bug fixes, multiple page screen capture, multiple screen, multiple captures, file free, captures share, capture single, inline note boxes, capture qsnap, share file, browser multiple page screen capture rich annotation, free hosting service, click snap, sensitive information create

Comcast Desktop Share Chrome extension download
Comcast Desktop Share Webrtc screen sharing extension for Comcast Xfinity platform.

comcast xfinity platform, customers, desktop, webrtc screen, tv, share, x1 entertainment operating system, webrtc screen sharing extension

Desktop Capturing Plugin Chrome extension download
Desktop Capturing Plugin Required extension for desktop sharing

cloud project webconference screen share, cloud project web conference screen share, required extension, desktop sharing

BombBomb Video - Webcam & Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
BombBomb Video - Webcam & Screen Recorder Create, share, and track webcam and screen capture videos with the BombBomb Browser Extension.

bombbomb browser extension, credit card, bombbomb browser, create share, share video, customer success professionals, track emails, share video url, time activity, bombbomb chrome extension, video player pages, realtime activity feed, smartphone push notifications, screen capture videos, bombbomb video

Huzza Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Huzza Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is developed for It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.

, extension allows, developed, huzza livestream, huzza live stream, capture content, screen, anything, screen share

Sylaps - Screen-share Chrome extension download
Sylaps - Screen-share Share your screen from Sylaps Client using Chrome with this extension

share, chrome, sylaps client, screen

THE STUDNET - Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
THE STUDNET - Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is used to allow user to share his screen during classroom hangouts.

classroom hangouts, screen, share, user

Screenshot Extension Chrome extension download
Screenshot Extension Screen capture your current page to save or share it.

picture, current page, screen shot, screen capture, share

HackHands screen sharing Chrome extension download
HackHands screen sharing Share the screen of your computer.

computer, screen, share

Pluralsight screen sharing Chrome extension download
Pluralsight screen sharing Share the screen of your computer.

screen sharing functionality, add, share, computer, screen, hackhands websites, allows, functionality, built

Screen capture, screenshot share/save Chrome extension download
Screen capture, screenshot share/save Capture a region, visible content of a tab, or a horizontally/vertically scrollable page as a searchable image & bookmark it.

chrome browsers version, great research clippings, screen capture share, tumblr youtube, google street view screenshot, camera collection tool, view screenshot, screen capture, easy clipular, clipular chrome extension, facebook tumblr, market research tool, searchable image bookmark, dynamic stock graph screenshot, craigslist post screenshot

Firetalk Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Firetalk Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is developed for Firetalk. It allows a broadcaster to optionally share their screen with viewers.

firetalk allows, desktop screen, firetalk, required screen sharing permissions, optionally share, screensharing permissions, chrome, screen, allows

WebRTC Desktop Sharing Chrome extension download
WebRTC Desktop Sharing WebRTC P2P HQ/HD screen-sharing. Share camera, microphone, speakers, full-screen, or software's screens.

share camera, shares screen, frame rates, extension supports, peer screen, screen e, extension supports webrtc, compatible browsers, chrome extensions, privacy url, either peertopeer, manage frameratesbitrates, webrtc p2p, master desktopcapture p2p, microphone speakers full screen, private room url, high quality peertopeer screen, master desktopcapture p2p privacy

InstaVC Screensharing Chrome extension download
InstaVC Screensharing Extension to allow screen sharing in InstaVC applications.

screen share plugin, instavc applications, instavc, screen, screen sharing

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome extension download
Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts - record video from your screen.

capture screenshots, share online screenshots, capture edit, video screen, another active program, video recorder screen premium, screen capture, privacy compliance organization, video recorder, video recorder premium, video premium, upload video, family education rights privacy act, record video, background color change, record video screen, entire browser window, edit screenshots, screencasts record video screen, video recorder screen, powerful image editor, screenshot screen, screenshot capture, powerful capture editor combination, screencast record, screenshots capture, screencast recorder webcam feature, screencast recorder, video recorder screen recorder, online privacy, share screencasts, record screencasts record video, capture editor

HTML5 Virtual Classroom - Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
HTML5 Virtual Classroom - Screen Sharing Extension to enable Screen Sharing for BrainCert applications

share documents, multiple full hd participants, awardwinning virtual classroom, stream audiovideo files, hd share, html5 virtual classroom features, braincert braincert, computerbased training classes, equations draw, live virtual classroom session, based hd screen sharing, based session, virtual classroom, braincert virtual classroom, screen sharing, cloudbased allinone educational platform

Linkello Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Linkello Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen

linkello, don forget, extension allows, feature, share, screen sharing feature, install, screen, conference page, plugin

Denwa Share Chrome extension download
Denwa Share Share your screen in Denwa Desktop or Denwa Meeting.

denwa meeting allowing, denwa meeting, denwa share extension, youre, screen, share, denwa desktop, conference, participants

Circuit by Unify Chrome extension download
Circuit by Unify This extension allows Circuit web client users to share their screen

integrated communications solutions, web client users, screen share functionality, desktop application, communications solutions, product reliability innovation open, enterprise communicates, enhances business performance, solutions unify, screen share, services firms, communications software, client application, circuit web client

Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Chrome extension download
Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Share your screen while recording or streaming.

, active screen sharing, extension record, desktop, screen sharing extension record, active screen, screen, share, specific application, connected camera, stream

Bigmarker Screen Capturing Chrome extension download
Bigmarker Screen Capturing Bigmarker screen share plugin

bigmarker screen share plugin, chrome

Switchvox Screen Sharing for Switchboard Chrome extension download
Switchvox Screen Sharing for Switchboard Enables screen-sharing for chrome in the switchboard

switchvox users, switchboard, desktop computer screen, enables, chrome, enables screen sharing, share

Screen Sharing for Chrome extension download
Screen Sharing for Share your screen for service

screen, io, service comfort, share

Blab Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Blab Screen Sharing Blab Screensharing for chrome.

standard blab, blabs youre, edit photos, blabs youre host, presentation mode, share screens, multiple users, share share, standard blab square, play game edit photos, application youd, extension lets

Cambly Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Cambly Screen Sharing This Chrome extension allows tutors to share their screen while tutoring on Students don't need to use this extension.

need, students dont, students, students don, screen, share, com, tutors

Embrace Screensharing Utility Chrome extension download
Embrace Screensharing Utility Embrace Screensharing Utility

initial handshake, entire screen, webrtc, opened application, share screen, secure video, chrome extension allows, webrtc desktopcapturing api, webrtc desktop capturing api, chrome tab

Screen Share Application Chrome extension download
Screen Share Application Application Allows to share you screen

application allows, screen, share

Viber Chrome extension download
Viber Viber's share button allows 'Viber Desktop' users to easily share web sites, Photos and Text directly from the browser

download viber desktop, viber share, contacts click, viber icon, viber chrome extension, share quote, share button allows, viber desktop app, share link, share content, web easily, handy tool, viber desktop, share icon, share web sites, easily share web, latest version

Wimi - AirTime Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Wimi - AirTime Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen

airtime unlimited audio calls video calls, extension allows, audio, start video conferencing, invite participants, video, inviting participants, video calls, installation required, share link, account required, video calls start video conferencing, screen sharing share, audio calls call, screen sharing, unlimited audio calls, participants

LightCast Sender Chrome extension download
LightCast Sender Mirror your device to any computer screen any time

devices, device screen, lightcast, connected participants, infocus devices, wirelessly mirror, shared content, mirror, infocus lightcast, meeting rooms, screen, wirelessly share, infocus lightcast enabled devices, computer screen

ConnectMe Deskshare Chrome extension download
ConnectMe Deskshare Allows users to share their screen to other users

screen, users, share

Rocket.Chat Screen Share Chrome extension download
Rocket.Chat Screen Share Enable screen sharing for Rocket.Chat

enable screen sharing, enable screen, rocket, chat

Video & Screen Recorder for Work - Drift Chrome extension download
Video & Screen Recorder for Work - Drift Record video, screen, or both. Track views and chat live while they watch.

record video screen, audio capture, email tool, new screen recordings, policy policy, capture voice narration, drift video library, individual email addresses, chat live, hd quality videos, unlimited video storage, drift video, entire email domains, share videos

Meet Extension Chrome extension download
Meet Extension Collaborate with anyone, anywhere using Meet extension.

join video, date helps teams, meet extension, chrome users, google chrome, white board, moxtra meet extension, live share, voice conferences, collaboration companion, screen share anything screen sharing Chrome extension download screen sharing Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents.

share presentations photos, double click, show presentations, anyone right, install anything, multiple screensmonitors, shared screen, webrtc compliant browser, efficient online meetings, video conversation, video conversations, extension lets, presentations photos

ScreenMaker Chrome extension download
ScreenMaker Application for creating screenshots!

screen captures, easy work shotami screen, screen screenshot, visible part, extension screenmaker, quick view screen shots, convenient unique program, free extension screenmaker, screen image, whole screen, expansion screenmaker, ready screenshots Instant Screen Grabbing App Chrome extension download Instant Screen Grabbing App Share screenshots with your friends all over the world for free!

share screenshots, world, friends

ConnectMe Deskshare Chrome extension download
ConnectMe Deskshare Allows users to share their screen and to communicate with NativeApp

communicate, nativeapp, screen, share, users Screen Sharing Extension Chrome extension download Screen Sharing Extension This Chrome extension allows you to share your screen when using video conferencing.

share, tv video conferencing, chrome extension allows, expertise, screen, tv video

Screen Size Chrome extension download
Screen Size Calculate screen size and resolution.

enter screen size, calculate screen size, inch cm, ui designers, engineers, handy tool, resolution, common screen sizes, screen size

Google+ Stamina Chrome extension download
Google+ Stamina Easy way to share things found in the Internet via Google+.

easy way, share page, page, select share, way, share, important thing, interesting page, share things

Remove website paywall & overlays Chrome extension download
Remove website paywall & overlays extension by @dbashyal

social share toolbar, dbashyal, dont collect, share toolbar, removes, technology websites, tealdit share toolbar, share toolbar v0, browsing activity, selected news

RemoteMeeting ScreenShare & ScreenShot Chrome extension download
RemoteMeeting ScreenShare & ScreenShot ScreenShare & ScreenShot utility for RemoteMeeting

screenshare screenshot utility, screenshot utility, remotemeeting screen share, screenshare, screen share

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