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Qmee Chrome extension download
Qmee Qmee rewards you for the searches you do everyday.

search, app, qmee, data, limited, rewards, privacy, interest, terms, result, results, major, promise, sends, send

Context Menu Search Chrome extension download
Context Menu Search Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines

search, extension, options, tab, chrome, menu, added, option, fixed, engines, user, removed, needed, page, context

SearchBar Chrome extension download
SearchBar The most efficient way to use your favourite search engines. Search selected text, use customizable hotkeys and much more.

searchbar, search, quot, extension, page, features, chrome, hotkey, click, data, reports, text, google, www, toolbar

Buzzdock Chrome extension download
Buzzdock Buzzdock enhances your web experience.

buzzdock, search, sites, results, extension, ads, terms, chrome, favorite, http, experience, flickr, multiple, open, twitter

MultiHighlighter Chrome extension download
MultiHighlighter MultiHighlighter allows multi-word searching/highlighting on almost any web page. Each term is highlighted with a unique color.

search, multihighlighter, chrome, extension, page, highlighting, ccdevgroup, text, terms, browser, web, post, highlighted, visit, pdf

OpenList Chrome extension download
OpenList Utilities to create and open lists of tabs.

lists, openlist, tabs, open, list, urls, terms, emailing, search, articles, extension, utilities, manage, create, web

LMGTFY Generator Chrome extension download
LMGTFY Generator Generates a URL to a "Let Me Google That For You" page.

search, lmgtfy, extension, url, page, asks, simple, button, enabled, assured, rest, capabilities, snooping, easy, websites

Xendo Chrome extension download
Xendo One search across multiple accounts. Save time and streamline your work.

search, google, xendo, services, updates, shift, top, pocket, work, individual, documents, techcrunch, qualys, featured, windows

search Chrome extension download
search for any eBay vinyl record, check prices on

popsike, click, ebay, record, vinyl, search, prices, details, listed, list, similar, website, check, terms, quick

ScareMail Chrome extension download
ScareMail Makes email "scary" in order to disrupt NSA surveillance

nsa, email, quot, search, generated, extension, disrupt, narrative, attempt, xkeyscore, avoid, collection, prism, programs, surveillancescaremail

DMOZ Chrome extension download
DMOZ Displays a DMOZ search for the current site on a floating popup, and also allows to enter different search terms.

search, extension, tito, dmoz, modify, pages, visited, searches, track, websites, enter, floating, popup, displays, site

Search Sniper Chrome extension download
Search Sniper Search Sniper allows the quick selection of additional search terms using a dynamic word cloud.

search, word, click, cloud, works, sniper, key, add, instant, cloudlet, results, narrowing, red, ssl, easy Chrome extension download This extension allows you to receive alerts when new offers are available.

chrome, extension, panel, add, remove, updated, net, offers, receive, alerts, notified, offer, control, terms, search

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