Security Related Chrome Extensions

Total security related plugins - 23
Isabel Security Components add-on Chrome extension download
Isabel Security Components add-on Use the Isabel Security Components, enabling secure access and signing.
Swagger Inspector Extension Chrome extension download
Swagger Inspector Extension Allows the Swagger Inspector and AlertSite to bypass CORS and security-scheme related browser-restrictions for API inspection
SEO Profesional Toolbar Chrome extension download
SEO Profesional Toolbar Offers many SEO-related tools in one place. PageRank, S-Rank, Link Counts with history, SEO Links...
PeckShieldAlert Chrome extension download
PeckShieldAlert Realtime scam tokens and phishing sites detection
Booly Shopping Chrome extension download
Booly Shopping Automatically compare prices and find coupon codes when you shop online
Xframe Assassin Chrome extension download
Xframe Assassin Kills Content Security, Xframe, Sniffing headers. Unlocks the Internet. 10Mil+ users since 2004!
CSP Unblock Chrome extension download
CSP Unblock No more Content-Security-Policy limitations. This extension removes all CSP-related headers during website testing.
TheSSLStore Chrome extension download
TheSSLStore TheSSLStore: Wide range of SSL Certificates from Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo & RapidSSL at cheap prices.
Scam Alert Internet security Chrome extension download
Scam Alert Internet security Searches different scam websites and alerts user about the domain age and various other security aspects of webpages
SF Click by CCCINFOTECH Chrome extension download
SF Click by CCCINFOTECH Lets you login with 1 click.
Stop Cookies Popup Alerts Chrome extension download
Stop Cookies Popup Alerts Because of EU guidelines and expanded consciousness of online security, each site should get the client's consent prior to…
FungyProof Chrome extension download
FungyProof Check the technical quality of NFTs while browsing OpenSea.
Easy Notes Chrome extension download
Easy Notes Extension to display activities related to current page.
Read the Effing Article Chrome extension download
Read the Effing Article Read the effing article! RTFA prevents reading the comments before the article on HackerNews and Reddit.
Just Web World Chrome extension download
Just Web World FootPrints of the Internet
Nervatura Touch Chrome extension download
Nervatura Touch Business Management Application
8PASS - Security Tools Chrome extension download
8PASS - Security Tools 8PASS, Tools related to secure encryption and storage of sensitive information.
Selectamander Chrome extension download
Selectamander Watches a css selector for the number of matching elements.
Dev Headers Chrome extension download
Dev Headers Adds a header for dev websites.
Ashiyane Notification Chrome extension download
Ashiyane Notification Ashiyane Notification extension is a google chrome add-on for reporting new posts of Ashiyane Digital Security Team Forums. This…
Best Secure cam sites review Chrome extension download
Best Secure cam sites review The Best Secure Cam Sites Review…
PDFChef Chrome extension download
PDFChef PDFChef lets you take care of routine PDF-related tasks without risking the security of the user’s information.
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