Best Segment Details Page Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total segment details page plugins - 9138
WME JNF Chrome extension download
WME JNF WME Junction Node Fixer

connected segments, wme junction node, empty street name, junction roundabout, sets segment name, loop segment, connected segment, keyboard pan amount, middle segment, segments connected, persists turn, segment directionality, roundabout segment type, several operations, junction loop, roundabout type, closed loop segment, segment nonjunction loop, wme junction node fixer

VeloViewer Strava Plugin Chrome extension download
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Additions to Strava website to provide helpful links and features for VeloViewer.

explorer tiles, segment details page, unexplored tile kml download, strava route builder, new strava page structure, top level veloviewer menu, veloviewer explorer tiles, route builder explorer tiles, activities links, explorer tile bordersbackground set, veloviewer menu, handle change, explorer tile, veloviewer segment details page, new strava route builder, route builder, links added

GTT Segment Filtering Chrome extension download
GTT Segment Filtering Minimalistic toolbar for filtering segment types in GTT. Just open a GTT document.

open gtt document, filtering segment types, segment type, toolbar, differently colored buttons, adds toolbar, minimalistic toolbar, segment types, show hide, differentlycolored buttons, translation document, target segments, gtt document

Lingotek In-Context Workbench Chrome extension download
Lingotek In-Context Workbench A powerful, in-context translation and review tool that changes the way companies distribute content to a global audience.

access project tasks, live nativeenvironment translation, new application offers, live view, instant email notifications, powerful tools, segment status term highlighting, multilingual content, google chrome extension, context translation, realtime segment status, view segment, review tool, efficient keyboard shortcuts, innovative tool immerses project managers, context workbench

iStock File Page Fixes Chrome extension download
iStock File Page Fixes Fix various contributor-related elements on an iStock file details page.

istock file details, details fixed, file title, contributors admin pages, istock file details pages, various contributorrelated elements, istock file details page, much quicker, download details, contributor related fixes, contributor related, contributorrelated fixes, istock urls

StraTistiX with aRPEe Score for Strava Chrome extension download
StraTistiX with aRPEe Score for Strava Add lots of features to Strava website (forked from StravistiX plugin and enhanced with additional goodies and tweaks)

added segment, strava mapbox, mapbox maps, searchable common settings, graphic arpee zones, segment time, low pass filter, activity maps, dynamic sampling period, new graphic arpee zones, analysis data, data analysis, strava activity, detailed statistical analysis, chrome web store, interactive bar charts, speed statistics

Admin UI Tweaks for Canvas Chrome extension download
Admin UI Tweaks for Canvas Admin UI Tweaks for the busy Canvas LMS Admin

add term sis id, ui tweaks, admin ui tweaks, add sis, add account sis id, subaccount listing pages, canvas lms, add sis import details utility, busy canvas lms, contact canvas support, section details page, account listing, details page, listed add text, canvas support, canvas lms admin, listing page, sis id

Unbounce Page Lookup Chrome extension download
Unbounce Page Lookup Detect any Unbounce page, Popup, or Sticky Bar & get quick access to details, stats, & debug information without leaving your page.

page overview, quick access, reveal details stats, sticky bar get, unbounce page, details stats debug information, edit screens, unbounce page popup, debug information, address bar, direct link, sticky bar

Travian 4+ Chrome extension download
Travian 4+ This extension will improve the experience of playing Travian4.

hero details, extension fixed, added send troops icon, details page, user details page, every village overview, send troops, reports page, troop version, help question mark, reports hide, change default attack, added resources, page added, visit hero profile, servers version, clean home interface, troop icon, change default alliance view, travian servers version

JavaScript Errors Notifier Chrome extension download
JavaScript Errors Notifier Notifies JavaScript errors by icon in toolbar bar or notification popup

javascript error, notification popup show errors, stackoverflow search copy errors details, show errors, show error icon, userdefined error handler handle console, errors error, notification icon error source, errors details, right page corner show errors details, errors ignores, show errors details, page features, clickable show errors details, error source, error handler handle, handle missing, github test page features, change extension icon color, notification popup, javascript errors, notification icon error source url

Stash Extension Chrome extension download
Stash Extension Allow to add group of reviewers for pull request in stash + other features

pull request details page add, add sticker, start jenkin, pull request creation page, pr list add, pull request details page, serverextensiohlagecmhpppmpfdifmigdglnhcpnohib please visit, add button, branch overview page, use bitbucket server, stash server version, header toolbar add filters, old stash server version please use, version reviewers, pull request, extension server, pr editor note, reviewers add, add link

Better Livescore Chrome extension download
Better Livescore Make better. Show the match details in the same page instead of pop-up.

change, page, match details, livescore, pop, displaying match details, com, version add country flag restore, show, add country flag

Oberlo - Product Importer Chrome extension download
Oberlo - Product Importer Import and sync products from AliExpress to your Shopify store

page place, com product page, import order details, automatically filled, order page, epacket delivery option, shopify store, import list, place orders, shopify oberlo app features add products, checkout form sort, com order page, oberlo app features, epacket delivery option import order details

Tatkal Autofill Chrome extension download
Tatkal Autofill To auto fill the IRCTC Forms and keep them saved in the Chrome extension. Save the Form and use it when required.

route details, details passenger forms, train list, irctc website, irctc forms, login details, train search result, tatkal autofill, auto fill

iStock my_uploads fixes Chrome extension download
iStock my_uploads fixes Makes usability improvements to the iStock my_uploads page for contributors.

show details, load additional pages, latest sale rcs, latest sales, uploads page, show sort, download history pages, calculate daily totals, unfinished upload management, istocks collection changes, pages change, istock contributors, latest sale loupe, latest sale, sales details, grey photo canister, approvaldate sort order, sale details, toolbar loupe, show collection, collection analysis graph

Passpy Chrome extension download
Passpy Password Spy is a light-weight key-logger that logs username, emailid and password used in webpages into client(browser) database

logs view, lightweight keylogger, new accounts, records login details, every time, username password, login details, avoid resetting passwords, delete logs, personal use, login details username password, pass code, logs username

Made in USA on Amazon Chrome extension download
Made in USA on Amazon Make sure your purchases are made in the USA! Get notified if a product is American made while browsing Amazon. Buy local, patriot!

amazon thats, extension identifies products, buy locally, products, send feedback, amazon, buy local, right choice, extension details, incorrectly identified, browsing amazon, extension details page, buy products

UA Fare Construction Details Chrome extension download
UA Fare Construction Details Make it easy to see your fare construction from the receipt page on the UA site

eticket receipt page, ua site layout, full details, ua site layout caused, fare components ticketing points, saudia airlines website, receipt url, saudia airlines, receipt page, fare construction, ua site, properly parses

Magnet Job Tracker by CareerJSM Chrome extension download
Magnet Job Tracker by CareerJSM Track applications across the web with this plugin.

contact details, comprehensive job management tool, comprehensive job, relevant employer contact details, save job, research opportunities, copy paste, relevant details, save relevant, job postings, long list, magnet job tracker, keeping track, job tracker

Server Details Chrome extension download
Server Details Check what server software is powering a website.

yahoo traffic server, centos red, server details, server software, google web server, server details uses, netscape enterprise sever, outdated version, software versions, paste wsgi server, w3 total cache, http server, oracle iplanet web server, open source edition, oracle application server, outdated software, web server, panels cpanel, enterprise linux

Car Hire Aid Chrome extension download
Car Hire Aid Easier form filling

hire, pre populate, filling forms, prepopulates hire details, filling locations, hire details, various sites, sites, sites fields, form filling, details

Wrike Extension for Easier Task Management Chrome extension download
Wrike Extension for Easier Task Management Wrike helps you keep your projects on track, sync team efforts, and get more work done together in the cloud.

extra status updates, task details, wrike task, google shopping express, page youre browsing, web tool, discuss update, sync team efforts, next time youre, real time, discuss details, update tasks, great candidate, wrike extension

Grey Tab Chrome extension download
Grey Tab A small but growing collection of neat tricks for debugging applications.

github projects issues page, id param, record details, issues page, standard sfdc record view page, open source, form viewstate data, current orgid, record view page, api enabled, neat tricks, suggest improvements please use

Google Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension download
Google Publisher Toolbar View data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.

multiple adexchange accounts, including link, account overview, google ads block, google ads, ad details, adexchange publishers adexchange publishers, single downloadable html file, google publisher toolbar, adexchange accounts, publishers ads, account overview pop, ad details pop, accessible account overview, estimated account earnings summary, summary including, ad including, google publisher toolbar icon generates, export ad details, ad details view, analytics integration functionality

IRCTC Tatkal AutoFill Form-Plugin & Extension Chrome extension download
IRCTC Tatkal AutoFill Form-Plugin & Extension This extension will help to book tatkal ticket

login irctc details travel details passenger forms, travel details, tatkal ticket, autofill irctc forms, website provide fastest, train list, irctc website, login irctc details, simple tatkal, book tatkal ticket www, passenger forms, auto fill, auto fill irctc forms

Scrabulizer Importer Chrome extension download
Scrabulizer Importer Imports Lexulous, Words With Friends and Wordscraper games into Scrabulizer.

scrabulizer importer extension, chrome click, game details, chrome extensions, change data, extension requests, lexulous email games, extension works, friends wordscraper, read details, url matches, lexulous words, similar games, wordscraper games, friends games, page url

Easy Tatkaal Chrome extension download
Easy Tatkaal Automate ticket buying on IRCTC

login details passenger details mobile number, crazy err everytime, irctc filling, automate ticket buying, payment gateway, mobile number, crazy err, buying tickets, click submit sit, login details, automate buying tickets, click submit

Image Downloader Plus Chrome extension download
Image Downloader Plus Download and scrap photos from the web in one click!

selected images, web page scrap photo, feedback page details, feedback page, type download, scrap photos, specific folder download, web filter, zip file upload, google drive save

Analyze Page Performance Chrome extension download
Analyze Page Performance This extension helps in measuring page load time and other relevant details

related details, minor bug fix, web page, current version1, page load time, empty img src calculation, obfuscation bug, empty img, important performance, spent time, browser extension, developers business analysts pms, pie chart

Internet Archive Enhancer Chrome extension download
Internet Archive Enhancer Enhance with inline metadata editing and a black and white UI.

inline metadata editing, enhance archive, org details, inline metadata, item button, reddit integration, org details pages, org, white ui, add file, embeded bookreader, text items

Image-Details Chrome extension download
Image-Details Adds a context menu entry to open a popup window with some image details.

css backgroundimage property, img html tag, image viewer lets, page natural width natural height, context menu entry, popup window, feature request, menu entry, little save icon, file type extension, feature request please, width height, image details, natural width , width height

Email Print Page Cleaner Chrome extension download
Email Print Page Cleaner Removes some things from the Email print pages (ie: Gmail, to make them cleaner

email print pages, print jhvisser, different method, gmail support, work properly, print page cleaner, email print, com print page, logo removal, options page, google apps, gmail access, permissions problem, chrome warns, print page, sender details, gmail mail

AJAX Debugger Chrome extension download
AJAX Debugger Logs all AJAX activity to the Dev Tools Console, allowing inspection of AJAX calls, and open calls in new tab with all the inputs.

http status response time, chromes developer tools, response status response time response size ajax, lowlevel request details, logo promo design, promo design, tools console, response time, http header information, toplevel request info, tab including, open calls, response details response content, response status response time response size ajax source link, level request, ajax activity, ajax calls, response details response, level request details including Email Finder and Open Tracker Chrome extension download Email Finder and Open Tracker Find Email Addresses & Mobile Numbers While Researching on the Web

contact details, gmail click, linkedin sales navigator, extract contact details, people open, crm build lists, email open, find contact details, salesforce email, receive leadsmonth forever, reveal additional research, salesforce email logging, ideal customer profile, linkedin email, linkedin profile, datafirst engagement platform, linkedin gmail salesforce, find email

EXIF Viewer Pro Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Pro Quick access to EXIF data of any image you view

process content right, additional camera support, preview image details, image details, exif data, camera picture details, exif information, image issue, css breaking, image exif information, breaking issue, js issue, new exif attributes, camera support, pdfs issue, please share detailslinks, exif information display, rgb color refactors

System Info Chrome extension download
System Info Adds a toolbar button that displays information about the device's CPU and RAM.

small style changes, highlevel ram details, unsuspecting public, shiny new icon, little extension displays information, device cpu, cpu activity table colours, small fixes, toolbar button, displays information, fixed bug, high level ram details, cpu activity

Wecora Chrome extension download
Wecora Capture images or links from any website to add to Wecora

select multiple button, individual item details, capture images, individual images, full details, wecora button, individual image, quick tip, select add, please note, top right, enter individual item details, multiple images, select multiple

Capsule CRM Extras by Refractiv Chrome extension download
Capsule CRM Extras by Refractiv Extending Capsule CRM with various goodies and utilities

utilities, mailchimp history, capsule team, showing create, updated dates, various goodies, key contact details, mailchimp history notes, opportunity lists, puts key contact details, capsule crm

Font Picker Chrome extension download
Font Picker A simple helper to identify font details from any website

font details, personally inspect, simple tool, font picker, source code, simple helper, details, website, font

Falcon Chrome extension download
Falcon Learn about anyone, anywhere.

email addresses, foursquare quora meetup soundcloud angellist, rich contact details, glen cathey, drees brilliant, falcon grants, great tool, anyones complete details, discover peoples, social networks, free social discovery tool, free social

WebRank Whois Lookup Chrome extension download
WebRank Whois Lookup Check WHOIS details including nameservers, contact information, registration details as well as creation and expiration dates.

whois database, website hosting, check whois details, personal contact information, website registration details hosting, whois listing, whois information, domain registrar, whois database listing, whois details including nameservers contact information registration details, domain name expiration date, chrome extension queries, public whois database listing, personal contact information including, private whois database listing, webrank whois lookup, domain including nameservers, contact information, whois search tool

Colour Extractor Chrome extension download
Colour Extractor This extension pulls colors from the current web page and lets you make a palette from them.

colors details, named color, create palette, extension pulls colors, new palette, com palette, new page, color swatch icon, current web page, extension load, create palette button, reload page

Companybook Insider Chrome extension download
Companybook Insider Add a panel containing insights about companies to your browser and Gmail

contact details, url bar, contact details social networks decision makers latest news, insider plugin, support millions, click install, social networks, reveal information, decision makers

Search Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Search Bookmarks Enables searching your bookmarks from Omnibox

enter feedback, click send feedback, feature requests, new feature requests, details page, type bm, omnibox, chrome omnibox, page Enhanced Formula Editor Chrome extension download Enhanced Formula Editor Enhances Salesforce formulas with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, formatting, field analysis, and syntax checking.

license key subscription, latest formula functions, free 14day trial, salesforce formulas, formula field compile sizes, added button, added field, visit salesforce formula, field details, latest api, added support, support tab, font family dropdown, formulas formula fields, salesforce formula, functions latest api, salesforce formula edit page, field details button, validation rule formulas, formula field, bottom right corner, process builder formulas

Datanyze Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Datanyze Chrome Extension Access contact and company data directly from LinkedIn

direct dial, linkedin datanyze, datanyze google chrome extension, contact data, million direct dial numbers, capture data, free trial today, receive b2b contact details, capture details, b2b contact details, b2b sales prospects, datanyze today, sales pipeline, direct dial numbers, hot contact data, company data

S(u)ave Chrome extension download
S(u)ave Simple way to handle your digital stuff. The first ever intuitive solution to save and manage anything you find on the web.

google map directions, contact details, intuitive solution, relevant tweet, manage anything, simple way, simple click, cheeky text, digital stuff, find relevant, snapshot google map directions contact details article cheeky text design video

Whitepages Pro Identity Check for CyberSource Chrome extension download
Whitepages Pro Identity Check for CyberSource Provides links within Case Management Details screens, which users can click to verify billing and shipping info using Whitepages.

whitepages pro, manually copy, click links, paste inputs, verify billing, cybersource case management details screens, case management details screens, ip address, plugin inserts links, manual review efficiency, identity check

My IP Details Chrome extension download
My IP Details A simple extension for you to achieve your computer IP address and IP details just by one click.

metro code, ip country region city latitude longitude metro code, ip details, extension doesnt, extension doesnt open, new tab, computer ip address, ip address, computer ip, simple extension, area code

PHP Search Chrome extension download
PHP Search Search PHP documentation in the Omnibox.

feature suggestions, omnibox type php, bug reports, clicking details send, phpsearch allows, press space, extension page, php, omnibox, suggested items, search php documentation

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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